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Guppy Mods - A21


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Hello Guppy.


A lot of your Zombies from pack 1 pass through vehicles and electric fences , is there a way to fix this ?

Also , a lot of them from pack 1 ( all maybe ? ) Run , stop , hit , instead of hitting while running , how can I fix this too ?


And to finish , I've edited some of your Zombies ( Pack 1 and 3 ) to give them more unique traits.

And edited the Entitygroup too to balance the difficulty ( Not finished ).

Changed their sound effects to have more diversity.




Pack 1


ZombieGuppyBob is now a feral ( since he was glowing eyes )

ZombieGuppyCloth is now a feral ( with Feral wight sound cause he is a proto feral wight (?) )

ZombieGuppyKennethClown is now on par with Fat Hawaian ( Explode like cops when low HP )

ZombieGuppyLucy screams like a screamer ( Proto screamer , she doesn't call zombies )

ZombieGuppyMeaty is now a boss only in bloodmoon ( 5000 HP , do as much damage as a demo , 0,1 spawnrate )

ZombieGuppyRadiated is now a radiated ( damage and HP to be on par with other radiated )

ZombieGuppyRiotGear is now armored against standard bullet (  lower spawnrate before GS 150+ )



Pack 3


All on par with standard zombies ( they still hit harder though )

GuppyZombieHeavy tank like a feral ( still moving slow )

GuppyZombieGiant is now some sort of boss for POI's


Maybe I can send you the changes and you decide if you want to add it or not to the current mod.

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Something wicked this way comes.





...mostly a Mumpfy mod, not that he mods anymore or anything, but you'll be able to collect male and female heads of zombies, add them to a cooler, and make an elixir that may nor may not be worth drinking.

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Can you add descriptions to what the mods do to OP? I found a video for your gupMumCards on page like 4 lol


On 1/30/2024 at 5:49 PM, Guppycur said:



Download Here


...adds a Bestiary to the game.  On startup, you will have an additional book.  As you kill beasts, entries will be added to the book.  See the above youtube link for an example.  Works faster than the video, and we fixed a few things. 😃


Much much MUCH thanks to Mumpfy, as he put way more work into this than I did.


Sirillion for the idea, Telric for some xml, Stallionsden for testing, and anyone else who helped along the way.





Like links to this video! Epic i must say awesome work


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Getting few warnings in the log

2024-02-13T11:14:40 177.307 WRN XML patch for "entitygroups.xml" from mod "gupA21-Zombies" did not apply: <csv xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='zombieBurntGroupGS1000']/text()" delim="\n" op="add"  (line 570 at pos 3)
2024-02-13T11:14:41 177.694 WRN XML patch for "entitygroups.xml" from mod "gupA21-Zombies" did not apply: <csv xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='sleeperHordeStageGS530']/text()" delim="\n" op="add"  (line 5143 at pos 3)
2024-02-13T11:14:41 177.841 WRN XML patch for "entitygroups.xml" from mod "gupA21-Zombies" did not apply: <csv xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='badassOnlyHordeStageGS500']/text()" delim="\n" op="add"  (line 5909 at pos 3)
2024-02-13T11:14:41 178.051 WRN XML patch for "entitygroups.xml" from mod "gupA21-Zombies" did not apply: <csv xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='scoutHordeStageGS800']/text()" delim="\n" op="add"  (line 7340 at pos 3)

Is NPCCore required for  image.png.f5467f06482546f104941d29edcf6cca.png

Edited by wolverine576 (see edit history)
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Any other mods?


Rename the entitygroups.xml to something else, and rename entitygroups.old to entitygroups.xml

11 hours ago, wolverine576 said:

Can you add descriptions to what the mods do to OP? I found a video for your gupMumCards on page like 4 lol


Like links to this video! Epic i must say awesome work


Done.  I need to add links to the page entries but that'll be a tomorrow problem. :)

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Hey @Guppycur, how do I change at what gamestage a zombie in your packs spawn? I figured out how to adjust their HP and added them back in after finishing a day 7 horde night. Unfortunately I logged out at 1am on day 8 and when i logged back in the Bloodmoon continued, and Meaty and the Radiated zombie spawned. It took me over 10 real world minutes to kill them because I'm doing melee only. 


Also, I brought Meaty's HP down to the same level as the Demo and it still took forever to kill him. Does he regenerate at a fast rate? I brought the Giant down maybe only a few hundred HP less than that and I killed him with 5 or less hits. I had to have hit Meaty over 30 times (and that's a conservative estimate) before he died. 

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56 minutes ago, Guppycur said:

Same file.  Entitygroups.  Move it up the list, add it to more groups, etc. 


I'd love to see a video of it in action during a real game. 

Thank you!


This was the first time we found a baby boomer, since then I've been trying to find it again but it seemed very rare because we haven't found it in about 10 in game days.
It's not a english video but legit reaction 🤣

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Hi there, I'm having some issues with the portal mod, hoping for a push in the right direction. 


1. When I place a portal, there is no connected/unconnect message:




2. After placing both, and editing the sign to have the same name, I AM able to teleport between them, but:

 a) there are no particle effects

b) the hover message continues to read "Teleport To..."

c) after placing, I am unable to teleport until I log out and log back in


The only mods installed are 0-SCore, 0-XNPCCore and gupSCorePortals


Thank you



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And to make sure, you're using the newest score?


Lastly, which portal XML are you using?


Each portal iirc is set up differently... One is a straight connection, one requires a keyboard, another hard coded...


I'm gonna ask pipermac to chime in, he uses them more than me. :)

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