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  1. Option to make berries n nuts plantable in a plot and grow? Maybe make this plant with red looking berries a high drop rate? For your nuts n berries modlett....which i LOVE
  2. Anyone have a stand alone modlett that brings back old style farming where you use a Hoe to till soil?
  3. This is great, love the idea of crafting books, like researching
  4. @JaxTeller718 Are there any changes or mods you plan to add that would require a new world going forward?
  5. Cant get v1.8 to install on my rented server. The BepInEx n doent seem to install right.
  6. If i delete region files, will it generate caves?
  7. I remember a pallet mod in A19, any chance you can work this in. Made these and the blue ones with cement when u dig then lootable
  8. Did my first solo BM, went well zombies acted as expected, no issues. but.... -Zombie corpses now lootable thanks to Survagers Zombie Loot Modlet which can be found here. II found that i wasnt able to loot the corpses before they despawn, unlike the yellow loot bags. This might be intended to keep the ground from being covered in zombies, which would be cool but performance wise not sure Usually when that happens to be, the game loads part of the recipes, and stops after one that errors out....shrug
  9. I remember when they introduced modlets was huge advancement for us nerds
  10. Me and you Jax, have thought alot alike to a modded version of 7D2D, more realism, like sticks...when does the funpimps not do that lol. The meat being different per animal is great too.
  11. Think requiring workbench to make wood planks from logs would be a nice adjustment. Or would that hinder progression? I noticed also there is a slowing effect shooting a zombie with the pipe shotty.
  12. Vanila project is listed under A19 on mod launcher, but called A20 vanilla project
  13. Is the Vanilla project going to be seperate from Ravenhearst?
  14. I only see 2 Mods in the A20 section in the launcher, yours isnt list yet WishList is Lockable inventory slots, where you have your backpack open, hover over a slot, Press L and it the slot will be ignore during the pressing of the button that fills existing items in the container you have opened
  15. Any plans for the lootable pallets? Is this mod server side? Or do all clients need it to be installed? And original farming, where we till the soil with a Hoe
  16. Thank you for this information! It helped me lock things behind other perks too! 😀
  17. Whats the difference in the Green icon, shopping basket, and the green lock? If i understand it, you have to unlock, by doing the action, then buy with skill points?
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