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It's the zombie apocalypse and there aren't any Hostess Twinkies


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5 hours ago, Melange said:

Lol. On my first read, I pictured a happy little twinkie engine pulling a slew of wheeled carts filled with happy tourists who had just left the factory tour. At 2:00 AM? Oh, you mean the real railroad...shunting on the rails...and you wait and wait...not fun.

Nah the Factory was very 50s brutalist style. Mid sized boxy building with I think blue accents, large loading dock for trucks and a rail track going into the back of the building. They had a factory seconds shop but again it was very very basic. They sold cheap damaged boxes of twinkies or hoho’s or even crushed loaves of bread. Fun place to go as a kid but to my knowledge no tours were offered or given.

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12 hours ago, Melange said:

Another example is the brand name atop the large round plastic rubbish bins in the game. They say 'BRATE' instead of 'BRUTE' - a trade name for that kind of product.

Maybe close enough to the original to still be recognizable?  Actually could have sworn they did say BRUTE when first appearing in a previous Alpha though. Memory fails me.


Your memory is correct. I remember, because I was the one who sent in a bug report that they shouldn't call them BRUTE rubbish bins. :humble:


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18 hours ago, pApA^LeGBa said:

I was so dissapointed when i finally tried twinkies. Soooo much sugar. I couldn´t taste anything but sugar. Don´t get me wrong i like sweet things. But that was way too much. Guess as a european i am just not used to that much sugar.


Well, a brand called maytag explains my confusion. I always thought Maylag is a very weird way to refer to "Miele" washing machines.

What could even lead to more confusion: Immigrants to the US in the 1800's and early 1900's would often have the spelling of their family names changed by officials to look more 'American' - no umlauts  or other accents on letters. I'd be willing to wager that the name was originally 'Meitag', or very similar - meaning literally "Mowing day" in German -as with a scythe in the fields. Would have been pronounced more like 'my tawg', but it became Maytag.  TFP changed it further to May Lag. And so the English language evolves...



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