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  1. Haha yeah I was afraid of doing that in reverse. Simple math but super easy to screw up. I’ll help N O P E
  2. 200 (plus)K of ram out of an 8GB pool is insignificant. Someone check my math but sounds like 0.002% of total memory.
  3. Came here to say essentially the above. Steam is a digital rights management (DRM) tool but it has a very small footprint and barely takes any resources it also is very forgiving of internet connection as in there is an offline mode and even when online it doesn’t dial home all that frequently. If the game is running slow the problem is not steam the problem is something else. Check what is running on you PC when it slows do control-alt-delete, look for something using a huge amount of ram or cpu add more memory build/buy newer machine and retire your favorite to running a 7D2D server or other duties.
  4. I haven’t played single player in years. host a server for friends & I to play on. In the games current state throwing rocks has almost no value. Just remove it. If not removed at least allow bring on the turds and let us throw them at players.
  5. yes and the thrown rock or snowball mechanics should be dumped. Haven’t done it to distract a zombie ever. i have thrown stuff at players and that doesn’t work plus feels unsatisfying.
  6. Add some odd humor and it could be like Army of Darkness. I like this idea. Another I would like to see is ships. Space ships or wooden ships or battleships or steam punk ships doesn’t matter. Visit Islands to find gear & food or supplies. Upgrade your ship and fight players or AI ships. Allow friends to join your ship and man the guns or repel boarding parties. ships need to be HUGE with big chunks that can be blasted off.
  7. Appears this may happen with the “Senior Unreal Engine” job position that is posted https://thefunpimps.com/jobs/
  8. Excellent point how maybe a Mad Max kind of world where you explore new areas to avoid a chemical storm. Find and modify cars are you move around?
  9. Everyone let’s speculate. What type of game would you like the unannounced game to be. I would like: a survival aspect little tighter shooting than 7d2d I find shooting slightly clunky as of now Crafting/Base Building but not as many traps or turrets Exploring and procedural worlds Big POI that ideally are randomly generated like an underground bunker some game like Pulsar or Valheim where you can build bases but defending the base isn’t the main goal of the game Maybe a plot where you travel thru “Gates” to new worlds and that world is going to die in x hours but in during that time you need to find the next gate to escape and possible repair the gate I want serious consequences for death I want something that could be played single player but also could be played multiplayer again I think Valheim hits this point well I want a dead is dead option I want *in the escaping to a new world* there being unknown as to where you are going to bring oxygen and cold weather clothing Ideally I want food to spoil and calories to matter as in no eating the same thing over and over and over and getting the same result. However I don’t want to starve to death that often. Again Valheim handles this part well. What would you all like to see? @madmole wanna give us a hint as to what the unannounced game is/what game play would be like? We all know it could change so everyone don’t be turds. Be kind if Madmole gives us a hint
  10. I don’t get these threads. Who cares in its current state it is absolutely a finished $20 game. So consider it complete and be happy there are additions still being made to a $20 game.
  11. Personally I believe we will see an A20 experimental/highly unstable playable build by the end of August.
  12. I am sure it will however understand that the screen is not 1080, connecting to a higher resolution screen will likely impact performance. I do believe it has 16GB of ram which is a good thing for 7D2D. Pretty cool how you can connect a mouse & keyboard to it. I do have to say a regular desktop is probably a better choice even with the video card shortage if the portability isn’t something you want as in you are going to use the deck like a desktop.
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