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  1. @madmole how about dropping some hints as to what unannounced game(s) you are working on during tonights stream.
  2. Dammit @faatal & other pimps. clickitty, click get punching in bug fixes and code so we can have streamer weekend 10/22/21 to 10/24/21 then experimental release 10/25/21. **notice how I included the year**
  3. That can be tricky when it is a different country. I think it can do with taxation of transferring the steam credit/gift card. I certainly am not an expert.
  4. I doubt 7D2D is region blocked. I agree with above purchase from the humble store and email the game key. Humble is like steam they are super easy about returns if it cannot be redeemed they will certainly give a refund. Also as mentioned the receiver could use nearly any vpn to change their ip address to whatever region they want
  5. I totally get that point. Not saying it is wrong. I have always felt heavy armor protects too well. My perfect world would be clothes and armor sort of like Rust. Wear pants or kilt or skirt or shorts or whatever, Add a top piece, gloves, hat, footwear and so on. Have tons of different choices/colors/styles, hell even do it like rust where you get steam card drops that translate to clothing or skins for stuff. Make armor so none fully encloses the wearer as in there is a chest plate but that plate doesn’t cover everything, same with the hats/helmets...well mostly some full helmets would be fun. All armor is generally pretty junky looking like recycled stop signs. All armors should protect less. Maybe light armors offer no protection but small running buffs or whatever.
  6. @any pimps will we have A20 streamer weekend or experimental release by the end of October 2021?
  7. I am going to second that request provided it can be done easily. I like how birch trees look very different than other trees and that would certainly add some variety.
  8. Exactly or not really. I delegate the Intelligence builds to friends. I used to like farming but since the need a plot to plant it became less fun plus it is wasted points after a few days of growing you have more than enough coffee, corn, potatoes and whatnot.
  9. I am a strength guy. I like smashing zombies with the sledge. I like blasting zombies with the shotguns. I like how (and I am sure it will get changed) the shotguns blast apart POIs while fighting the sleepers inside.
  10. Personally I would prefer less armor or less protective armor and a lot more clothing variety. Some of the found armor or clothes could have buffs, crafted stuff does not. I want to see everyone dressing differently and the occasional clipping that happens due to clothes or armor is perfectly fine imo.
  11. I would prefer bikes to he found. Like there are bikes on the sidewalk and use them.
  12. Agreed it has more utility however that utility is brief. Seems like it is too close to being able to make mini bikes which are superior.
  13. As I have said, yes I have thrown rocks no I don’t throw them in game for any particular reason. I do like throwing a rock down a mine shaft idea, I will try it out. I think throwing rocks to distract a zombie sounds good on paper but in reality it just isn’t fun. why did this post again??? I would love to know what the telemetry thing in A19 says about rock throwing & bike riding. Both are great ideas that just don’t translate into something useful in game.
  14. As I have said, yes I have thrown rocks no I don’t throw them in game for any particular reason. I do like throwing a rock down a mine shaft idea, I will try it out. I think throwing rocks to distract a zombie sounds good on paper but in reality it just isn’t fun.
  15. Gotta be honest as of now I don’t like the idea of a drone however my opinion could change once I try it out.
  16. That is exactly what I mean. How many throw the rocks for their intended purpose. I would love to clock one of my buddies in the head, I would love a snowball fight option, I would love throwing dye at someone to change their color scheme. Throwing rocks to distract zombies sounds great until you realize it is more fun to fight them.
  17. I would love to know how many players throw rocks. I always hear about these “stealth” players but the entire idea seems to defeat the purpose of playing.
  18. The “world” in L4D2 is a lot smaller. Physically and in computing power. you cannot destroy anything that isn’t meant to be destroyed nothing grows or changes you cannot did or collapse a building As a result of the above the game has far fewer things to keep track of and that extra power can be used to control more zombies.
  19. My two cents. The fact that people need to be reminded it exists sort of defeats the purpose....
  20. Someone please make a hitler complaining video before release.
  21. And that is cool, it has happened to me also. You now know Early Access isn’t your thing and that is fine.
  22. Yup sure is and it has been a great time. I assume you are waiting for it to be done correct?
  23. Yes but I forgot to say “I want a mini game where I can challenge bandits to arm wrestling and they bring their entire bandit clan to a colosseum we build together” God I have become so irritated by game addition requests. lets finish the game then talk about add on stuff.
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