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These POI's are removed on A20?


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They all have bunkers below. I havent encountered them myself yet, but i dont see why they would have been removed since i came across the house who has its bunker entrance in its adjacent garage (Glock made an episode stating it was one of the best POI for a horde base and had a Blood Moon in it).

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The top one is house_old_spanish_01 or something like that. Definitely still exists as they've updated it to fit the new sizing. 


Pretty sure I've seen all of them in the editor while updating my POIs. There just isn't as much repetition so you won't find them as easily. 

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Thanks y'all

Kyonshi and Mahnogard: I found the 3rd (bombshelter_md_01) browsing the POI's Teleporter, but the  2nd has probably been updated.

bdubyah:  I didn't know the name of this one. I'll search again.

unholyjoe:  Yeah, already found the two bomb shelter. I'll search to "old spanish" now.

Thanks y'all again. I'm very grateful. 

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