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  1. I have to ask what are the loot settings for this? I usually play with 25% loot abundance, finding wrench is hard job. Zombie difficulty cranked up and searching houses is slower. IHMO this is totally relative to game difficulty settings.
  2. Disable Anisotropic filtering from graphics cards settings for 7DtD, Unity game engine problem and causes lots of lag/slowdown in game. I had this problem, game felt like you where stuck in tar. Specially in city or town areas.
  3. One suggestion to fix problem: Got massive FPS drop also. Updated latest nvidia drivers and geforce experience. Problem was solved. This was about week or two ago.
  4. In latest A19.x game i have been close to starvation death. Need to eat animal fat to stay alive. We have disabled all trader missions, loot 25%, vending machines refresh every 7 days, higher zombie difficulty and always run. It was hard for first 7-14 days. Charred meat, grilled meat. Until get farm going, then its just those stew's. Food gameplay is somewhat weird that you dont even remember how to make coffee, or just about anything else. And you go from 0 to 100 instantly. Meaning when you get the cooking skill, you pretty much skip all other foods except those stew's.
  5. Yes, trying to limit coins. But also give little bit more incentive to do something else than just run between trader and mission. Mostly play with reduced loot amounts, and this has been easier way of players getting items they want. We have thought about that making prices higher, and or/and sell value less.
  6. Looked around traders.xml , quests.xml and others. And couldn't figure or find out can this be done. Infinite magic pool of duke coins the trader holds is little bit unfitting to survival game. Is there away to limit or / and make trader missions little bit more scarce. System like where you could set random chance does the trader generate quest for you. Maybe horde interval, every 7 days trader might have new jobs for you to earn some coins. Found dialogs.xml and removed all but 1 line for job offers. Is there way to use the probability functions in this xml file?
  7. Couple of things. 1. Worst thing, missions. Every day 5 missions. Just by running these missions and using vending machines you can skip half of the game elements. Crafting, food as example. By doing missions you achieve pretty much everything. Limit 5 missions every 7 days, or what ever horde interval is set. 2. Vending machines still resupply every day, making them cornucopia devices in the game. Same here, vending machines should not be filled every day, horde interval here also.
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