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  1. It must change something my mod looks for in some way. Could try changing its mod folder name and the mod name in the modinfo.xml and add a "Z" in front so it loads after my mod. It *might* fix it. Otherwise you'll have to compare between the mods and see what the issue is.
  2. I'd try downloading the mod again, just to be sure. I'll double check it when I get home to make sure something isn't missing. I just tested Pew Pew the other night when I added attachments to it and it was fine. But with some of the issues I've been fixing I'm starting to think I got some versions mixed up at some point. @sloggothNot sure really. You aren't spawning them near a trader are you? That's the only thing I could think of.
  3. Heh, I like the concussion nade's description. Good work.
  4. I'm not saying there isn't an issue, but I grabbed the current copy from Git, and it worked fine. So I just need to make sure there isn't anything wrong on your end.
  5. I haven't messed with those in a bit, and they seem fine on my end. Gonna need to see your output log to see what it might be. And that's gonna be a no on the oil filter. Would look pretty dumb having one hanging off of a laser or plasma weapon. Also not sure how much good having it fire more quietly when you're shooting a very visible red/green beam at something. Lol.
  6. Could take a look a V's mods: She has a DMT mod that allows adding in new terrain textures.
  7. Alright, pushed a small update to The Wasteland. Already on Git, will upload it to Nexus in the morning. The Wasteland (1.8) -Added missing Laser Shotgun recipe -Added the new books to the loot pool -Small tweaks to loot overall, mostly making Nukas a bit more rare
  8. From what I've read, they don't use the hub stuff anymore. It's all just by biome. Hopefully will change at some point though. Even MM has said he would like a way to control it. So maybe...
  9. Spawning.xml can control respawn rates per biome, but that's all I think you can do with simple xml.
  10. So is it only on P2P MP, or is it happening on a dedicated server as well? Post up both the host and a client log, if possible.
  11. No need to post the same question multiple times.... You had an answer here:
  12. Like Gazz said, you just need to edit the cntWoodFurnitureBlockVariantHelper block so that cntStorageGenericSigned is the first block listed under PlaceAltBlockValue, instead of the current cntStorageGeneric being first.
  13. He made another thread which I replied to. I have no idea of anything in my mod that would cause this to happen. I haven't touched anything related to the auger.
  14. I have no idea why that would be happening. I haven't added anything to do with the auger. I hopped on a game real quick and ran a few tanks of gas through an auger and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Any other mods installed? Tried a completely fresh game to double check? Only thing I could think of is go into dm mode, hit f3, and check the box in the upper left side that is "Ply" something. That'll open a box on the right side that shows any buffs you have. Then use the auger and when you get knocked down see what buff it is or of there is any othe
  15. Ah, yeah. I misunderstood. I thought you just wanted it to be able to be unlocked by either, not require both. I'm not sure if it's doable that way.
  16. Should work just fine. That line is just to show on the UI what an item is unlocked by. The schematic itself is what allows you to unlock the recipe to craft something. And to get a new item into loot, it needs to be added to whatever loot groups you'd like it to be found in. Check out loot.xml and search for schematics. Same with traders.xml.
  17. R in that case probably means reinforced. Sctr is side-centered.
  18. Couldn't just use the pinned thread...?
  19. They can see all of it, but this isn't really the place for suggestions. If only there was a section for that... Maybe you should look around before you post more.
  20. Why is this were you decided to post this?
  21. You can go into the world's save folder and find the regions. Just have to figure out which ones to delete. Lol.
  22. Looks like the game pooped itself. Could be a corrupt chunk. I'm not too familiar with that sort of stuff, but I think you could delete the chunk you were in and it might fix it. You'll have to search for how to do that and how to find what chunk you were in, which will just have to be a guess unless you know exactly where you were when it froze. No guarantees it will work, and everything in the chunk will be reset, so hopefully it wasn't near your base or anything. Doesn't seem to be mod related, but sorry it happened.
  23. Alright, here is a new version. Added another buff, so now you get one at 15 blocks with a small orange dot, and then at 5 blocks it changes over to a red zombie icon. Didn't do the animal one, but you can figure it out if needed. zAlert.zip
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