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  1. This will probably be the last update before a20, unless any big bugs are found. I will try and get it updated to a20 as quick as I can, but it will definitely not release before a20 is out of experimental. But my plan is to use the EXP time to make some of the bigger changes to loot and stuff, and I would like to overhaul perks/skills as well, but that will probably have to wait till later on in a20.
  2. The Wasteland Updated to 2.4, for A19.6 Download at Gitlab or Nexus -----FIXED/CHANGED----- -Added: A couple new various POIs, from arramus <3 -Added: Periodic screen effects when you have rad poisoning -Added: 2 new single shot shotguns -Added: Magnum Buckshot ammo -Added: 2 1911 pistol versions -Added: Thompson SMG -Added: Vector SMG -Added: .45 ACP ammo types -Added: Harpoon Gun, with Harpoon Bolt and Net ammo types (Gotta loot it from a specific zed...) -Added: Several new zeds, with multiple texture variants. Regular and Feral versions. Should spawn everywhere vanilla zeds do -Added: Mutant Dogs, spawn in all biomes, more in wasteland and desert -Added: Mutant Scorpions, spawn in desert and wasteland -Added: Hunters, can spawn everywhere -Added: Mosquitoes, can spawn everywhere -Added: Aliens...? -Added: Several new foods based on new creatures -Added: Two new magazines -Changed: Both Rad and Feral Ghouls will heal zeds and mutants that are within their buff range -Changed: Feral Ghouls now have a small health drain as part of their buff -Changed: Small changes to the Power Armor Stealth Crouch perk: Faster crouch walk, no stam use when crouch running, harder to detect when crouching -Changed: Removed crosshairs on most weapons when aiming -Changed: Updated POI list for KingGen 13.1 -Changed: Various loot tweaks -Fixed: Bull Rush perk being lost on death(will need to read the book again if you died since reading it the last time) -Fixed: Incorrect downgrade block on van wreck -Fixed: BAR iron sight offset -Fixed: Couple missing item unlock info On Git, the launcher and Nexus now.
  3. Listen, I don't wanna talk about it, alright? Lol. But seriously, I can't. M-word and all...;)
  4. Has there been any thought to tweak the status effect area of the hud? Maybe lock it so it'll only show maybe 3-5 effects at once? As it is currently the whole left side of the screen can easily turn into icons and timers pretty easily.
  5. And then you have the bulletproof glass, which looks like it was left in a room of children with greasy hands. Lol.
  6. I know you always seem to get the same order of stuff in the editor but I figure if you open enough you'd still get a bit of a feel for the probabilities. Another thing you can do is use your loot list in place of the normal zombie lootbag. Edit one zombie to always drop loot and spawn a bunch in and kill them and loot the bags. Still time consuming but will be exactly the same as how it would be in a real game. I did that for my raider/bandit loot.
  7. And I think I got the NREs sorted. Server is back up, freshly wiped with a Nitro map made by arramus. ❤️
  8. Who knew simplifying something would be so confusing? 🤣
  9. Just an update, I am having a few random NREs on the server, so beware of that. Still mostly playable, but I would avoid it until I figure them out and fix them. Also swapped to PREGEN02 as that map was just too big and had a few POI errors.
  10. I just go into the POI editor and place a whole bunch of whatever type of container I want to test. Then playtest it.
  11. Just gonna throw this out there for anyone who wants to join up. Bdub's Wasteland Server (TX,US): Wasteland_Balanced (made by arramus) 75 minute days 100% XP 100% Loot Mods: The Wasteland (using the version from the Testing repo, not the public version.) Bdub's Vehicles AIO 2x Biome Zombies EpicSpire's Trader Tier Reward System Khaine's Lockable Inv Slots Khaine's 60 slot backpack Just a chill server I'm going to play on to help test/balance my stuff. Planning on pushing this current test release here soon, then waiting till a20 for new updates other than important bug fixes. Will run through a20's release until I am ready to update my mods for the new alpha, then will likely reset.
  12. It is possible. Khzmusik has a "Book Icons" mod here: And the git repo is here: https://gitlab.com/karlgiesing/7d2d-a19-modlets/-/tree/master/khzmusik_Book_Icons It has a pretty in deph explanation at the bottom.
  13. Gonna need to see a log, not a neck breaking screenshot. Lol. Tell him to do a reinstall just to be safe.
  14. Not something I'm super familiar with, but maybe take a look at the top of the recipes.xml. Might need to add one of the <wildcard_forge_category /> lines for your item.
  15. Coming to a biome near you...
  16. Would be faster than walking, save stam/food, have storage, and could cross water much easier than swimming. And as stated, it is basically done. So why not?
  17. I mean...new RWG could have some good rivers and stuff...seems like a good time to debut a water vehicle....
  18. If it's just to test things and what not, go into the POI editor, make a flat patch and save it. Then playtest it. From then on you can go to Continue Game and load that. But if it's a whole map, I think maybe KG or Nitro can do that.
  19. So, I'm no watching any of the streams as I don't want to see all the new stuff beforehand, but with the new RWG did they show any roads and stuff? Are they improved over the jagged, mini-cliff mess that a19 has? As I've said before, the cities and stuff look great now, but they were already decent before. I'm more curious if the worse parts of RWG have gotten better.
  20. I'm not arguing, I would've preferred they keep all the different levels but just standardize the shapes and hp gains. I do like them doing away with downgrades though.
  21. No, using rebar frames means you go to reinforced concrete right off the bat. You don't upgrade it twice. That was the tradeoff, use more iron to skip the regular concrete step. Was just a mess currently due to rebar frames missing the majority of shapes.
  22. You won't like the other things I'm working on either, then. Lol.
  23. I am just not a fan of health bars. I just don't like the clutter. But I am also for being able to remove the XP popup on death as well. Lol. Working on getting these guys finished up, adding them all biomes, with a low spawn rate. Just gotta get their sounds sorted out.
  24. No mod requires the launcher. It's just usually suggested for certain mods, such as ones that use DMT as it can make it easier for people who don't know what they are doing. But it doesn't do any magic you cannot do yourself.
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