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  1. I like the one that references another video game franchise.
  2. My seed is definitely not empty. I suspect the difference is that I'm in SP and your log is from a server.
  3. AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds\ then open the folder for the world and look for the GenerationInfo.txt. That contains the map seed. The seed doesn't populate in the output log. It always shows as blank in mine. It also doesn't show the correct world size, always says that it's an 8k map when I almost always play on 4k maps.
  4. I'm at gamestage 22 or so in my current playthrough and I've sold like 6 to the trader. But, I had to rush forge because I literally searched 15 kitchens and backyards and didn't get one cookpot or grill. The RNG gods are fickle.
  5. I've been getting them as loot in reinforced chests, even in low tier POIs.
  6. Even if they died their DaysAlive all the way back to 0, they should still be GS 120 at lvl 100.
  7. Yes, early and often. So often that I get giddy when I see a tree trunk that I haven't chopped yet, and I was crazy excited that on my most recent save, my closest trader is Jen. I try not to leave the house with less than 3 honey in my inventory. I'm playing melee and still need to get better at keeping an eye on my stamina while in active combat, so I'm getting smacked more often than I'd like.
  8. I use it a lot. Same with day length. I play with whatever settings suit my mood at the time. I kind of love the fact that if I push the game, it pushes back. 300% with 2 hr days, the gamestage increases exponentially as the days tick by. It feels like a nice cushion, but I have to make use of the extra time and levels or I'll be getting a whoopin' sooner than I'm ready for. Also, you can still only loot so much in one day, so even though the GS is enabling you to get better stuff faster, it's still up to luck and RNG whether you'll actually get the stuff you want before you actually need to u
  9. I feel like I've come out ahead in SP BS quests. Also, I need clay anyway, so I might as well get paid for doing it.
  10. I thought I would hate the candies because I've never liked consumables with timed buffs. I was wrong. I like them, a lot.
  11. Rule number 1 in any survival game - punch all the things. LOL Punching asphalt takes longer than a boulder or concrete, but that also works if nothing else can be found.
  12. This has not been my experience. Especially now that in A19, that trader will eventually send me to another trader and so on and so forth. I explore on my own regardless, but having the quests gives me an additional incentive (ie, I can set off in a given direction for 1km and know that there's something to find there, and get paid to do it) and the trade route quests gives me new purchase options and a new "hub" to operate from should I choose to hang out for a while. Now that I've played A19 for long enough, this is really only an early issue. Unless you are a chronic
  13. Farming was the same in A18. I'm doing more of it now, though! I've gotten very good at spotting gore piles, and making note of POIs that have harvestable corpse blocks in them. Never enough rotted flesh but I'm getting all I can. Just to add to your food tips - Locate all functioning vending machines in your vicinity and check them daily! Learn which recipes use canned foods and buy them whenever they show up. Running quests is great for making food money. I installed the beginnings of my rooftop garden today. Then I found a POI with a bunch of mushrooms in the baseme
  14. I would pay a few dollars for a themed clothing pack, for example, not only to support the game but also because dev-created content receives support and is a lot less likely to break with a patch. I don't really use mods much in 7DTD (I actually like the game the way it is so much that I rarely feel the need to change it), but I've been using mods for years in other games and it can be a crap shoot. Yes, at the moment we have some really awesome modders in this community that update and support their stuff even through massive game changes, but later when it's Gold and there's Workshop suppor
  15. Now that I've had some time to acclimate myself, I love it! I'm feeling that "I can't stop playing this game!" feeling again. It's running well for me too. I know that isn't the case for everyone, but I have no complaints on performance. I also like the random gen changes with regard to POI variety and distribution. Yes, I did experience one of those "Pass-n-Gas Avenue" things but... they were all different Pass-n-Gasses so I'm good with it. LOL
  16. That's been my experience too. I've spent the last few nights working on my roof (or rather, dismantling it - house flipping in the zombie apolcalypse). Some nights are nicely moonlit and others are overcast and quite dark.
  17. I have a question. In the forum on the Steam threads, one of the mods said that GS would disregard modded games. Does this include only those with actual mods installed in the mods folder, or does it also include those categorized as "modded" due to using non-vanilla game options (from the options screens, not manual XML edits)? I ask because I'm happy to have my data sent but I almost never use vanilla options when setting up a new game.
  18. This is exactly my experience - in co-op, it's a constant food hunt at the moment (will improve once the farm is producing decent amounts and perks offset food drain) but in single player my pantry is looking pretty sweet. I'll still need to pay attention to my food situation in SP more than in the past, and I have to invest the right perks to keep things comfortable, but it's not desperate like co-op is currently. Honestly, in co-op we'd probably already be dead if not for the 4 nearby vending machines. LOL My nightly duty is to make the vending run at 21:00. A few days ago, I was
  19. I'm strength-focused right now. Clubs are so much more satisfying in A19, Trex for melee and tool stam, cooking food is more important these days and that's in there too, and I've always loved base building so I will need some mining stuff as well. Plus it will set me up to move into shotguns if I decide to later. I scatter a few early-ish points elsewhere - Healing Factor, Living off the Land, The Huntsman and 1 in Advanced Engineering if I haven't found a working forge in the first few days or so. It's a big switch for me because I used to be very much a bow > rifl
  20. Awesome! I do want to say that of the towns / cities I've seen so far, I like how they are generating overall. In-town street layouts are nice, there seems to be a good POI distribution, and they feel good to run around in.
  21. If you hover over the padlock, it shows the level of the attribute needed to unlock the perk.
  22. It's not just a feeling - the small wooden chest holds less now. BUT I seem to loot enough nails that by the time I'm ready to hole up some where for a while, I can make a larger storage box or two so the pain was temporary. The stamina feels as bad as it looks. I'm adjusting to it but I'm breathing heavy a lot from running out and also burning through a ton of food in the process. I'm hoping things will get better as I progress in a save far enough to invest into stamina perks a bit.
  23. Maybe I've just been unlucky, but over the past few days in A19 I've rarely been able to get one under 1km. And the close ones were about two doors down from the trader. Most of the ones offered have been 1km - 1.5km. My gaming partner was in streamer weekend, so in between making videos with him, I played SP permadeath to give random gen a workout since I was going to wipe for this morning's update anyway. So I probably tried about 5 or 6 different world seeds out, all 4k size. I generally do long days (90 or 120 min) in SP so the distance doesn't bother me that much but having m
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