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  1. Yeah, I agree. What I meant is that, while it's not a promise, it doesn't mean that the TFP is "shouldering" for it.
  2. I want refund. I can't host the game on my PC because CGNAT prevents my friends from connecting. TFP's fault for not having a solution..
  3. "explicitly said that they will support this in the future." "hopefully optimizations will be robust enough for you guys to enjoy largerservers again." It means that, at least, they haven't put the idea to sleep. I don't see this as a promise, but I'm sure they plan for it in the future.
  4. My Gaming System CPU - AMD Ryzen5 1600AF MB - ASUS Prime B450M Gaming/BR RAM - XPG Spectrix D41 TUF 16gb DDR4 CL16 3200 Mhz OS Drive - XPG Spectrix S40G 512Gb M.2 2280 NVME Game Drive - SanDisk Plus 240Gb SSD SATA GPU - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 OC 6GB GDDR6 Works fine at 60Fps for me with a "old LCD monitor" 17" 4:3 60Hz in 1280x720 (fullscreen mode and V-Sync active) without stutter.
  5. Nice 🤘. I wish good luck to you 😀
  6. Yes, I write my text in portuguese in google translator, copy the result in english, then paste it in google translator to convert from english to portuguese (to ensure that my text is written correctly and expressing exactly what I intend to say. These language "traps" are sensational, and I totally understand how you feel. In Brazil we say "Rose Red" (flower > color), while in English you say "Red Rose". In Brazil, the only difference between question and answer is the grammatical punctuation (?) at the end of the sentence. In English the beginning of the sentence changes if it's a question (Can I?) or an affirmation/answer (I can). The portuguese of Portugal is very different from the brazilian portuguese. In Brazil, in some cities, the language is so peculiar that it seems to be another Country/Continent. Many people, including our natives, say that Brazilian Portuguese is one of the most difficult languages to learn, because of these "traps", slang and so on. Yesterday I read a post by @Pernicious: Portuguese citizens are literal, like the Engineer in the text above. Brazilian citizens "read between the lines" 😂. EG: "Do you know how to go to this store?" Portugal: "Yes, I know" Brazil: "Yes, you will walk to the end of the street, turn right, walk 2 more blocks, and you will reach your destination."
  7. For me, vanilla, pregen10k, default settings around loot/exp gain: only 2 acids in 9 days (at moment)
  8. Thanks for showing me this. I'm still new to making mods, your post helped me a lot, I'll research more and delve into the subject, to make my own mods @Boidster and @Roland: I think the same. I could write anything, but it would just be a wall of useless text. Thanks
  9. I try to use google translator (I speak Portuguese), and my language has some pitfalls. I'll try to cite an example, but I'm not sure if you can understand this in English. EG: In Brazil, we call bus stops of "point of bus" Anyway, Bus Stop is the correct one indeed, because "point of bus " should be "bus stop point" (in literal translation into English, saying "point" is unnecessary in this case), just say Bus Stop to understand). We can assume that "we speak wrong" in Brazil. For this reason, translation from English to Portuguese by Google seems strange. Likewise, I'm never sure if the portuguese to english translation is correct, even writing in good portuguese. PS: "point", in Brazil, has basically the "same" usage as dot, spot, point, score (depending on the context)... Quoting my Canadian friend, after a conversation on Discord, he mentioned this:. EG: Cool = cold, fresh, chill. Cool = good, nice, sweet.
  10. I try to spread the skills linearly with the first 4 initial points, eg: 1 point on Tyrannosaurus, 1 point on Dart, 1 point on Archery and 1 point on Iron Gut. Then I put the skills as needed PS: Sorry, my game uses the Portuguese language, I'm not sure which is the correct reference in English. Later I will change the language and correct this post.
  11. I love you, Khaine. Tested and approved, without any errors. Many thanks.
  12. I've seen forum posts a lot, and most of the "complaints" look the same because of this. I even mentioned this in another thread.
  13. Vanilla Default settings Pregen10K Find the Bomb_Shelter (Bart's Salvage). It's the place I use as a base. The hatch to the "bunker" has direct access to the kitchen, where I placed my fire and forge. If you want try/test, these are the circumstances I mentioned in my previous post, about not being detected.
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