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some guaranteed events for districts


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I remember seeing a district named "government" during the stream. obviously this means a large area with government buildings and im sure every single one of us will grab whatever good stuff we find in those buildings and then blow them up myself included. cause lets face it politicians wont be helping us in the zombie apocalypse as those @%$#s cant even help themselves.

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On 9/9/2021 at 8:36 PM, Darthjake said:

Just use it as a temp blood moon base, let the Z's do the work for you.

thats one idea. oh wait now that u said that  just have demolishers show up shoot their detonators and let them blow up the buildings. best middle finger for politicians ever.

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16 hours ago, Roland said:

Zombies: “Brains!”

Vegan Zombies: “Grains!”

Politicians: “Capital Gains!”

also capital brains if there already zombies but thats a good one Roland i got a good laugh outta that.

1 hour ago, Kyonshi said:

I can only assume that governmental buildings will be jam-packed with loads of Sleepers who dont do jack@%$# and dont react unless you make some noise.


Just like in real life governmental buildings.

yep and im sure jack left town because politicians dont do jack@%$# for us(army of darkness reference). which is why it'll be fun to destroy their buildings.

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