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  1. Ok so to reduce the chance of this goofy bouncing ill probably do a SizeScale of 3 for the regular behemoth and 4.5 to 5 for the radiated one.
  2. Does the health bar mod work with zombies from other mods as well?
  3. really like what i see. now dont get me wrong editing the height code in the architypes for the giants did work a little bit but if u can fix the SizeScale code so increasing it doesn't make the giants appear to float in mid air that would be fantastic because when i and most other people think of giants we think of these massive human like monsters that can do all kinds of damage to humans and other things. im saying this because i also have a mod that brings the old behemoth zombie back to the game so i was thinking of using the giants from this mod as the behemoths minions sort of speak while the behemoth is a more boss type version of the giants.
  4. Well there are cases in real life where the bolt on an M4 or M16 may be released forward when reloading thus u have to pull it back when reloading but then again all u gotta do in that case is pull back the bolt load a new mag then hit the release button and ur good to go. and yeah thats why i dont use optics on the AK47 but the AK is getting a new model (about time) in A20 so hopefully that'll fix it
  5. Actually matt from demolition ranch is the @%$# when it comes to 500 S$W cause he still flinches when he fires it while scott was always firing his without flinching, at least before his accident. the Harry's new calibers mod adds tons of new calibers to the vanilla guns with their own sounds including the 500 Magnum. the Harry's new calibers mod adds the 45-70 for both the hunting rifle and the revolver and its fun.
  6. Ok I didn't think a SizeScale of 7 for the regular behemoth and 15 for the radiated one would be that much of a problem what sizes would u recommend for both of them im open to ideas.
  7. Thats nice to hear and yeah everyone including myself are quite excited about A20 but i know this mod will be updated to A20 when the time comes and maybe then we can add features such as the destruction of mounted weapons on boss zombies.
  8. Also matt I posted in the general discussions section that the current load animation for the M60 is actually not correct. If u know alot about guns like I do u would know that the M60 is an open bolt weapon meaning when loading it u have to yank the @%$# back to pull back the locking bolt first so its out of the way when loading an ammo belt, the same applies to every belt fed machine gun in existence. currently the animation shows the player yanking the bolt back last when that's not right as the bolt would be in the way of any ammo belts u try to load with. in A18 the M60 had the proper loading animation so I don't know why they changed it in A19 but that's just something I noticed because I happen to know alot about all kinds of guns.
  9. Yes cannons will be linked to most likely demo expert since they should use explosive shells and can only be deployed at bases as they would be too large and heavy for any vehicle while heavy machine guns such as the browning 50 caliber which can be linked to the machine gun books (like the M60) and not the perk, can be mounted on large vehicles like u would see in real life. but yes the cannons will make craters with their explosive shells so players will have to plan ahead when designing a base with plans to arm it with cannons. and u also mentioned mortars which i actually like but these mortars will need the aiming ark line like u see in other games that have mortars otherwise it'll be impossible to aim with the mortars and since mortars fire HUGE explosive shells players bases will need heavy concrete or steel foundations all around their bases in order to not worry about big craters all over the place after fighting hordes but despite all the hardships with these heavy weapons the satisfaction of watching zombies get slaughtered by intense machinegun fire or being sent flying like rag dolls by cannon fire will make it all worth it. I also said that they can add 19th century cannons as well as modern ones well that can work to make a tier system for the cannons as the classic breach loading cannons from the 19th century can be the low tier while single shot or multi shot modern cannons can be the mid to high tier weapons of this class so classic cannons can be made with thick iron while advanced cannons are made with steel just like real life. but long story short these heavy machine guns and cannons would be a great addition as it would make fighting hordes more fun, especially for players who like blowing everything up.
  10. Its about time someone mentioned this idea and it would seriously be cool to have big heavy machine guns(50 cal) or artillery cannons with explosive shells for base defense now since artillery shells can blow up the ground players will need large concrete or steel foundations around their bases but it'll be tons of fun as players can send tons of zombies flyin like rag dolls. while heavy 50 cal machine guns can also be mounted on base walls as well as vehicles. the cannons can either be classic 19th century pieces with black powder shells or modern cannons with BIG BOOM shells. tell me what yall think
  11. If yall know alot about guns like I do, yall would know the M60 is an open bolt weapon which means when loading yall have to yank the lever to pull back the locking bolt first before you insert a bullet belt into the receiver in A18 the M60 had that kind of loading animation but now in A19 the animation shows the player pulling the bolt back last when it should be done first like every belt fed machine gun in existence.
  12. Before yall ask yeah I increased the sizescale of the behemoths but to me it looks like a bug that causes them to bounce around the map after being knocked down with headshots. they literally bounce around the map like a giant pin ball.
  13. Hey arramus I posted a topic about weapon and body part destruction on the boss zombies in the update request section for mods but my two questions are. Have u mentioned this idea to anyone else working on this mod? and just what are you guys thoughts on this idea?
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