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  1. such as an m60 on the back of the warthog? i actually like that idea more
  2. hey man xyth said he added this to the unity A21 a mod called 0-XCore thats supposed to allow for custom zombies without C# code try looking for it and see what happens when u have time of course
  3. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/2773 Ragsy i remember this mod having a vehicle that had the shift boost replaced by a custom mechanic when activated allowing the player in the open trunk seat to wield a weapon to shot passing zombies. do you guys have plans for something similar with the warthog?
  4. fantastic work i cant wait for the AA12
  5. i hope to see the old blue car and the smith dad chevvy get at least a repairable variant it'd be fun to drive them around
  6. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/3558 get yourself this mod by vedui42 it works with the serverside zombies it works for me
  7. now that i'm thinking about it Ragsy with TFP being as unpredictable as they are making the flatbed truck more useful will have to be done with more #c coding. i know its a tough process but with the direction TFP are going it may be you guys best bet
  8. man that sucks but keep up the good work, this mod has never failed to impress me and many others
  9. Ragsy tell me if i'm wrong or if someone already tried this but would one player need to be in a vehicle to keep the breaks active so it wont slide off the flatbed truck
  10. i cant wait to see what you made. i enjoyed this mod since A16 its an amazing work of art
  11. well all i had for now is giant zombies of various size made larger by the nuclear radiation though feel free to add whatever extra details you guys want to these giant zombies. this is just a base idea i had for yall to work with
  12. arramus if yall are accepting zombie ideas from fans let me know i have some ideas mostly simple ones
  13. they do spawn. traders usually spawn within the cities mainly at the corners or outskirts which happened on every map i made so far
  14. Wow fantastic job on the bolt cycling. to add to it the mosin nagant is one of my favoroite bolt action rifles
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