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  1. I deleted all my mods and redownloaded the zombies and now they work. now I don't know if its possible but it would be cool if u can salvage parts from the hell flyer and shocker with a wrench after shooting them out of the sky
  2. i like the crimson red texture on this version alot better than the original yellow. Nice job
  3. I have a few other mods I may have to delete them and start over then redownload the mods I need the most. If your interested in any of the mods i have that you may want to put on your server let me know and ill list them.
  4. well that's odd because my game stage is over 150 and im a couple days away from day21, i increased the probability of my favorite zombies as well as the spawning and the zombies still aren't spawning. Or wait a minute i downloaded the mod when i already had a developed world maybe that may have something to do with it. I'm also on A19.4
  5. My world is an 8K size but i cant figure out why the custom zombies dont spawn roaming the area or in wandering hordes there must be some kind of bug or something because i remember fighting the zombies with big caliber guns (harry's new calibers) and it was fun because of the challenge the zombies gave
  6. i remember trying the non PLUS snufkin's mod and for some reason the entitygroups.XML was spawning only on BM hordes i wonder if theres something similar in this mod
  7. see lots of my world is opened up and i increased the probability in pine forest i also increased the spawning to 5 during the day and 7 during the night but still nothing seems to happen. but i just thought of something has this mod been updated lately because i downloaded the mod on 7DaysToDiemods.com
  8. ok my game stage is over 100 and im still not seeing the custom zombies i only encountered them during the horde
  9. just curious but what game stage level will the custom zombies start spawning. Also if any modders read this post let me know if yall are interested in my idea for a zombie
  10. i actually have an idea for a new zombie to add to this mod if your interested
  11. Ok. Well is there any other way I could establish contact with you guys whether its through a game convention or even a 15 minute zoom meeting because I have some ideas I want to tell you guys directly. I don't want to post my ideas in the pimp dreams section because I don't want someone else to steal them. I respect that you guys are really busy which is why 7DaysToDie is so good but if there is any other way I could contact you guys. Feel free to let me know. Thanks
  12. Well I know how to increase the spawn probability in the entitygroups.xml but I think the problem im having is I install the mod when my playthrough is still at a relatively low game stage therefore the zombies don't spawn as much. But if you can show me some instructions I would like to see them
  13. when i had an older version of the mod i really liked it when the zombies would randomly spawn and i liked the challenge they give when fighting them
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