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  1. Cpt crunch if u have a link to something i can use to set predetermined biomes before generating the map in kinggen i'd like to check it out which reminds me I'm sure u know where all the biomes in your Texas map should be for real life accuracy and to be straightforward i think the texas map would be better suited for A20
  2. ErrorNull I know most of the zombies are influenced by the vanilla zombies such as the custom business zombies but have you ever thought of modeling more original zombies such as zombie politicians or grocery store zombies? those are just two ideas im sure i'll come up with more but let me know what you think about the idea.
  3. The military vehicle in the last image has what looks like a turret slide for a big machine gun like an M60 or a Browning 50cal. Hopefully vehicle turrets can become a thing soon... running over zombies then blasting bigger ones with the mounted machine gun will be so awesome. I've also seen belt fed grenade launching machine guns in real life if certain military vehicles use those for a turret then it would be mega fun to destroy government buildings. If yall didn't see it in the stream the new district system for POIs has a district simply called "government" for u guessed it government and politician buildings, and I know everyone including me will make it one of our priorities to loot those buildings then destroy them.
  4. The futuristc looking Humvee like vehicle in the 5th image and all the other military vehicles look fantastic the mod gets more amazing with every update.
  5. corona aint got @%$# on me cause IM BACK along with some new vehicle requests that I know people will enjoy for the nostalgia. The two vehicles are the scorpion gunship and DRAGON ship from avatar, don't get @%$#ed yes avatar sucked but at least those two flying vehicles were cool.
  6. well for starters the errors occur regardless of what im doing i could be walking around a town either scavenging or doing a trader quest and the errors will show up. the errors are mostly related to some kind of spawning issue or map loading issue as they often slap in my face whenever they show up but those are the only two errors i encountered feel free to check it out and of course let us know what you find. despite the issues this mod and its addons are fantastic as they really improve the game in many ways. WOW u have 112 posts while i have 212 what a coincidence
  7. What sucks Errornull is when i tried the snufkin zombies addon to this mod i got nothing but various null errors every 2 seconds and it sucks because the addon featured some really cool zombie slaughtering quests. hopefully it'll get fixed soon.
  8. hopefully this mod will be updated for A20 cause I'm highly considering trying it out.
  9. we probably will but until then king gen will keep us busy. yo captian crunch i know it may take until deep into A20 for that super cool Texas map to be ready but my only complaint is swamps will be missing as the game needs more biomes.
  10. I like the looks of this system so hopefully it gets updated for Alpha20 cause i love blowing stuff up
  11. I know im currently using one but what i meant was considering the huge sizes of new upcoming POIs we may need more than just 10k map sizes in vanilla game.
  12. good to know and appreiciate the compliment. also I was quiet again for days cause my corona made me throw up like crazy along with many other things but starting to finally recover.
  13. Kingslayer with the new custom map features coming to A20 as well as a new list of POIs in the hundreds, how will KingGen be updated to be compatable with A20? especially considering we will need maps larger than 10k to have lots of the new POIs in one map
  14. Haven't talked in a while. corona sickness sucks. But how have things been with the mod just curious?
  15. also capital brains if there already zombies but thats a good one Roland i got a good laugh outta that. yep and im sure jack left town because politicians dont do jack@%$# for us(army of darkness reference). which is why it'll be fun to destroy their buildings.
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