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  1. thats snufkin's zombie mod not his. his mod does have some of snufkin's zombies but i never saw the sirenhead one. is there a way to make zombies like the giant and RPG drop more than one loot bag? cause i feel like it would be cool if they could as it would truly feel like a boss level reward normally received from killing bosses as seen in countless other games.
  2. well heres something else interesting. when alpha 19 first came out with some of the new HD zombie models the feral variants had glowing WHITE eyes similar to disguised demons in ghost folklore before all of them had their eyes changed back to orange
  3. the white barf mist coming from the left reminds me of when older cartoons used to something heavily similar before 100% perfection (something thats impossible) became the standard expectation of modern cartoons (no wonder modern cartoons are either garbage or boring) but the nostalgia gave me some laughs
  4. nicht schlecht. ich benutze nur translate, weil ich noch viel üben muss, um deutsch in ganzen sätzen zu sprechen, aber ich kenne mehrere wörter. although similar to the Russian accent Germans when talking English often pronounce W words with a V sound which i find hilarious so get ready for lots of V pronounced W words Im sure all yall will get a good laugh outta that. if u remember the "soup nazi" from Seinfeld and how he said the little man (george the fatty) was pressing his luck. we may make a reference to that and im confident anyone who recognizes that as a seinfeld reference will burst into laughter far louder than any shotgun. actually while the lightening sparks in the original electric zombies eyes may be harder to do a good start would be copying and pasting the orange ferral zombie eyes then change the color to a nice plasma blue if possible.
  5. balls (PAUSE) of glowing plasma for eyes on the electric zombies was really cool also im glad u gave ErrorNull the green light to make an add-on version of your mod so robeloto zombies alongside snufkin zombies. cause the smaller giants from his mod can be common soldiers sorta-speak and your paul-bunyon looking giant can be a sergiant or something with khains behemoths being major officers of 2 different ranks due to the original A16 one and the radiated version and finally at the top is your new mutated giant which i can see being the major general of this klan of giants. such awesome stuff to come into me and my friends series. hopefully yall will be ready for loads and loads of NEINS and UNDS as we'll be playing 2 germans in america including the accent for @%$#s and giggles
  6. thanks for the approval hope yall like listening to a shotgun sounding like a cannon
  7. robeloto u better check this out. normally finds like this i keep top secret but this is the image i got (the only one i got mind u) which made my friend from high school whos mostly a movie nerd committed to getting the supplies he needs to join me in a coop 7days cinematic (movie style) series which your fun as hell mod will be featured along with harrys new calibers for bigger guns as well as snufkin's weapons for crossbows with magazines and railguns along with many others. when i first told my friend a movie style gameplay series for 7days (other games are also planned) would make his channel nuclear explode in popularity, this image of an obvious BLOCKBUSTER parody is what kickstarted his determination to make it happen. hopefully you approve of us using your mod but I swear our series will paint the best picture of your mod imaginable. on a side note the shotgun u see is a pure vanilla shotgun with the new model but following the capture of this image bobbylee finally updated his harrys new calibers mod thus my beloved 10 gauge shotgun is back and while it looks like the vanilla shotgun its gauge is easily noticed when it fires... sounding like a cannon. also "4ever" obviously means the fun pimps clearly miss blockbuster as much as the rest of us
  8. oh nice and if u didn't notice the new giant mutated zombie he recently added was actually influenced by a zombie I told him i created for my friends planned zombie TV show called the titan zombie. in a nutshell the titan zombie I created for my firends show robeloto liked it due to the attack on titan references and used my zombie idea as influence for what became his mutated giant zombie.
  9. I assume robeloto said no but since his mod and the snufkins mod both have the archon and scarecrow that would cause many bugs
  10. well at least these ideas are cool but time manipulating zombies i dont see being possible even with nuclear radiation but yeah i think it might be too annoying to many players but the vehicle stopper is a cool idea
  11. while I understand how video games often implement volume limits for all sounds due to hearing health reasons, an extremely loud roar for when the giants spot the player we can at least agree makes sense because giants even in the old legends often like to announce to their enemies that they've been spotted by making insanely loud noises. these sound volume limits are also why a guns in games are nowhere near as loud as guns in real life for instance the 10 Gauge shotgun (bigger than 12 gauge) from harrys new calibers mod available on nexus mods is nowhere near as loud as a 10 gauge in real life... I know this because I own a big black browning 10 gauge pump action in real life and HOLY @%$# bro ITS LOUD.
  12. nice. now I never said remove the fe fy fo fum due to the reference it imposes but adding more noises to the giant zombies along with other zombies would make things more interesting the new rad sounds made me laugh and as a reference to the original DOOM and DOOM2 the new giant roars would also make good noise scares to players by making these roars EXTREMELY LOUD to envoke fear in players which the loud battlecry from the greater demons in the original doom served the same purpose. Im telling you this cause im sure these giants could spot players from extremely far away.
  13. the Dragunov railgun looks awesome and the front ironsite sticking out the top is perfect as it looks in place
  14. Ok fun pimps alpha 20 on the 6th and alpha 20 stable less than a month later for Christmas BEST PRESENT EVER yall did a fantastic job putting all the work into it to make it happen
  15. Im glad you like the influx of new ideas however when i talk about the giant stick figures from the long obsolete SE the giants death noises were the coolest with how dramatic i remember them being but giants in movies that usually have extremely low pitched lion sounding roars were pretty cool so hopefully these give you some influence.
  16. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1777 https://7daystodiemods.com/snufkin-weapons-xpansion/ Ahoy again robeloto heres two weapon mods i use cause there a great help at taking down the tougher zombies your mod adds I'd like for you to check these mods out since its adds an M60 chambered in 7.92x57mm MAUSER and since I know how to edit codes I jacked up the 7.92 M60's fire rate to 1200 just like the MG42 has in real life and its a real giant killer but I cant wait to test them out against the mutated giant snufkin's weapons adds a railgun which I just crafted one in my current playthrough and I cant wait to test it against the giants. I found a waisteland where the giants are common but im currently building a road with cobblestone so i can drive my truck there rather than flying my slow as hell gyrocopter since theres a large hill in my way. but that aint gonna stop me from killing giants with a railgun. Also the fe fy fo fum is a nice sound as its a tribute to the classic stories from the old giants legends particularly the old story of jack the giant killer when he kills a 2 headed giant where the fe fy fo fum originated but i actually know some other games with giants that have some pretty cool sounds mostly loud roars or groans if your interested.
  17. arramus with the marxman rifle having been removed cant the handheld railgun also have the dragunov sniper rifle model cause a railgun built with a russian rifle would look pretty cool.
  18. oh man im excited to try out the new mutated giant excellent job with the new stuff.
  19. i forgot to mention the mod has the geist archon and scarecrow in it so it might interfere with your mod if i had your snufkin zombies addon as well.
  20. hopefully robelto's custom zombies mod wont interfere with this one.
  21. glad you like the idea and yeah attack on titan is awesome japan really knows their @%$# on fantasy and science fiction. as i said previously since this mod is not focusing on realism that gives us no restrictions on what new zombie ideas we can come up with. but most of the zombies in this mod are actually possible due to the games slowly developing story involving nuclear radiation which will be fully noticed when radiation poisoning is re-added to the waisteland burnt forrest in A21. another request for when you make the titan zombies is a radiated version as well which should only spawn in the wasteland or during hordes cause that makes the most sense while regular titans can be found anywhere. also more good news is my friend whos actually an old friend of mine from high school has given me approval to reveal another special infected zombie which we also have planned for our zombie TV show. now he said he will allow me to disclose the name of this zombie type which is elemental zombies but their abilities will remain classified but in this mode I would like to see earth, fire, water and air zombies fight players with an explosive twist. and merry Christmas to all yall too.
  22. Glad to hear your recovery. as of right now one zombie idea I have is a zombie I like to call the titan zombie pretty much a much tougher giant like a high ranking officer sort of speak and is a zombie me and a friend have planned for our own zombie TV show he will make in his movie career and the only zombie my friend will allow me to share with the public. the titan zombie is a reference to Attack On Titan but the zombies are not insanely large only ranging from 9 to 15 feet in height but they make up for their size with brute strength and toughness. in my friend planned zombie show my character is the one who informs the rest of the main group about these titan zombies as my character witnessed one literally tear his comrades arms clean off killing him in the process. however titan zombies have weakness in their low speed which is less than half the speed of normal zombies due to the added weight, and shotgun slugs or any bigger bullets can easily take them down with headshots but make sure u have some shotgun slugs or even large revolver bullets as .556 bullets from an M16 or 7.62 from an AK47 will not do anything. so... what do ya think? and on a plus note the new feral weight zombie would be the perfect model for the titan zombie.
  23. glad to keep you motivated to keep up work on this mod it really adds more challenge to the game and unironically most of these zombies might actually make sense in the apocalypse especially when nuclear radiation is involved. anyway i'd like to know what your current list of custom zombie plans for future updates cause the list along with other things can give me influence for my own zombie ideas that you may want to add to your list. let me know if you would like any new ideas.
  24. keep up the awesome work cant wait for completion.
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