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  1. Kingslayer with the new custom map features coming to A20 as well as a new list of POIs in the hundreds, how will KingGen be updated to be compatable with A20? especially considering we will need maps larger than 10k to have lots of the new POIs in one map
  2. Haven't talked in a while. corona sickness sucks. But how have things been with the mod just curious?
  3. also capital brains if there already zombies but thats a good one Roland i got a good laugh outta that. yep and im sure jack left town because politicians dont do jack@%$# for us(army of darkness reference). which is why it'll be fun to destroy their buildings.
  4. all good reasons to destroy their @%$# in the apocalypse
  5. thats one idea. oh wait now that u said that just have demolishers show up shoot their detonators and let them blow up the buildings. best middle finger for politicians ever.
  6. well that is good news and everything i saw in that mod looks really cool so when it gets updated for A20 i might consider checking it out.
  7. I see. well they can have items in the vanilla game on their sides kind of like how the goblins and giants have items in their hands but just like the goblins and giants the items seen on the sides of the wolves and kyoties are based on what items you would expect to see in whatever biome they are so for example the wolves in the forest goblin raid you can expect to see items common in the forest biome being carried by the wolves. now exactly what biome items the animals carry ill leave up to you.
  8. ErrorNull i was thinking about the ENwolves and cyoties and i thought it would be cool if they had some kind of symboles on them based on what biome there in or something like that. this is just a small idea i had but let me know what u think.
  9. arramus if yall ever update this mod again hopefully soon I have a idea for a new quest you guys may find interesting. let me know if your interested and ill reply with the details.
  10. With the new screamer looking like a more demonic version of the grudge it would be cool if you guys can find a recording of the throat click from the woman in the grudge and rework it to sound even more demonic and make that the new standard noise for the screamer before screaming.
  11. I remember seeing a district named "government" during the stream. obviously this means a large area with government buildings and im sure every single one of us will grab whatever good stuff we find in those buildings and then blow them up myself included. cause lets face it politicians wont be helping us in the zombie apocalypse as those @%$#s cant even help themselves.
  12. my biggest complaint is how every model for the smg looks like an MP5SD with its suppressor sawed off and the MP5SD has a tin can shaped front grip while the original MP5 doesn't. but the models for the other guns look awesome I cant wait to see the shotgun. One thing i would really like is while it may be a small addition it would look cool. I was thinking when you scroll to say an AK47 your character pulls back the cocking bolt every time you pull it out kinda like u do in CODMW.
  13. I'm sure yall are just as excited about the new gun models as i am I'm especially excited for the new AK47 model which was briefly seen in the first A20 stream. but hopefully they make this long wait worth it.
  14. right we would have to do some serious C# to pull it off, unless the fun pimps do something. speaking of which if you've seen the upcoming gasser zombie which i mentioned a few times I hope they add a mechanic to that guy where u can permanently eradicate his gas cloud (which i assume will heal him and nearby zombies) by shooting the giant gass bubbles all over his body that look like giant pus pockets. If they add that to that zombie then we can use that code to add weak-spots to our custom zombies especially the bosses. not to mention a zombie that can heal himself and other zombies is usually enough to make that particular zombie a boss. either way, weather through mods or vanilla updates 7DaysToDie has needed some bosses for a long time.
  15. oh man i just had an idea for what your planned tanks can be good use for, check this out.https://7daystodiemods.com/return-of-the-behemoth/ if u haven't seen this mod yet the radiated one is tough as hell so the tanks once there ready would be good for taking these guys down.
  16. thats what i was referring to but if u know that rig in GTA5 with the ramp on the front that looks like the helmet pyramid head from silent hill wears. that truck can simply flip other cars out of its way obviously because of the different collision system but im not saying put the same collision in this mod although that would be cool. but then again if the harvesting for the digger ends up being successful which so far it looks promising i can see players driving into wrecked vehicles with the digger if the harvesting code will work on cars as well.
  17. hmmm that truck with what looks like a snow plow on the front could be good use for clearing the road of trashed vehicles but then we would need similar vehicle colisions to what GTA5 has and this game doesn't really need those kinds of physics. either way the vehicles look so cool i cant wait to see what else is in the works.
  18. I dont know if it'll work or not but I was thinking of giving the scorcher and motorhead the drone shutdown death so the two zombies explode when killed since they have flamethrowers and engines on them. What do u think
  19. yeah all true. thats also the problem with the vanilla quests the blitz defense quest for instance u only get 4 football zombies and only have to kill 2 of them to complete the quest. Also I was talking with arramus about this idea for boss zombies, he said he liked the idea but making new codes for this feature would make the mods no longer serverside uinless The Fun Pimps add a mechanic with this idea in vanilla we can base on it. the idea is enemy weak-spots which are common on large high level enemies and bosses in many different games. One example i mentioned that arramus liked was if we could shoot the scorchers gas barrels making them explode. what are your thoughts on that idea for boss zombies?
  20. Well I wouldn't be surprised if TFP ever add a tank or mining/harvesting vehicle. but I dont see them doing that for a while if not ever. now the only big vehicle changes coming in A20 are the ability to properly use dyes on vehicles as well as vehicle mods so I dont see that affecting this mod too much, but I could be wrong considering how unpredictable TFP are so its best we just keep an eye on whats coming as best we can.
  21. well I dont know any animals the giants would use in combat unless u count the mittens or paindeer (but then the snufkin's zombies addon will be required. I only mentioned aggressive animals because in vanilla they have a mechanic where they will temporally retreat when injured. considering the extreme fight this quest would have I think the quest reward should be a full stack of 20000 casino coins if not higher (i'll leave that up to u) and 1000000 XP as well as maybe high quality high tier weapons. now the quest focuses on the giants but the fight should include several ENzombies from the forest snow and wasteland biomes to increase the intensity and therefore the length of the fight. little side note i also like to edit the codes to give the wasteland giants much higher health than the other giants cause u know nuclear radiation often does that in other games. now all quests look like yellow sticky notes but since this one is more of a boss fight the note icon should be dark red or any other mean looking colors u choose. hopefully these details help u assemble the new quest. If u need more quest ideas especially for any other bosses u add in the future im a guy u can talk to.
  22. ErrorNull I got a new quest idea i want u to check out. I call it Titan clash (ill let u guess what thats a reference to) where ur task is to locate a group of titans (group of giants) and massacre them. Now this is obviously a late game quest so hopefully there wont be too many cocky players. when u open the quest to read it, it will say. "if you found and read this note then you would realize jack has finally been defeated (jack the giant killer reference) but not before causing heavy damage to the group of giants that killed him. If you the reader believe you have the balls to finish the job you may just be the one. (matrix reference) with that said gather your best weapons and equipment and finish the job jack started. now this quest idea may seem a little insane but i think it would be a good challenge for players who play at more extreme levels including myself. now the details are simple qhen the rally pint is activated it will spawn 3 forest and snow Giants and 2 wasteland Giants as the group leaders. now in the story of this quest jack viewed the 2 wasteland Giants as the king and queen of the group like a game of chess so he believed killing those two would make the other Giants retreat. so the quests objective is to kill the wasteland Giants now theres no retreat mechanic in the game at all except for aggressive animals but that wont matter since everyone who uses this mod would kill every giant they find as long as they have good weapons. but thats my new quest idea, let me know what u think.
  23. In their short show off video of the new POI spawning system coming in A20 i did see a few new POIs but I think I only saw a couple dozen when their forums say they have new POIs in the hundreds so some of the new POIs we haven't seen yet could be downed aircraft. Also since rivers are planned it would be nice to see river boat POIs
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