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may i make a suggestion that could increase our collective understanding?


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just a thought, but i see a lot of talk about how hard the game is or how easy the game is, and i cant see what people are banging on about as i am having a cruisy cruisey cruzey cruzy (new word - useless spell check) time playing a17.


how about we come up with a shorthand code that we post with balancing gripes that sets out the settings we use and the stage we are at. then we can post that with our comments and others can see, in relation to their own choices and stage, whether it seems balanced or not.


for example royale D posted recently about lots of radiated zds and using heaps of bullets. how far in was he and what are his settings? i would truly like to know. so i can compare his experience to mine, which on day8, daylength120, loot200, level45, mods0, adventurer, etc etc where i have not seen a screamer let alone radiated and have managed to survive a horde with ammo left over.


i max int asap. top priority.

got a tool and die set as z loot on horde night which really really made me happy btw... ammo shortage, nah

just got crucible so lvl6 pistol shotgun and now the hunt is for mods. bliss...


whaddaya rekkon?

(2 new words - ha!)

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For that we have the gamestage

My (related to the radiated in the post you spoke about) is 229


Just hit F1 and enter "Gamestage"


Can only speak for me, but you can allways ask for more context.


And if you are courious

I play my current game with

Default settings but since Day 28 Horde x64

With my Vanilla+ Mod + Faster vehicle mod (+Gyrocopter fuelx3)

and started my current game with my Startclass "14D Survivor"


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For me in my slowly-played run, pretty much every zombie is a rad -.- Which, I'm not complaining too much since I started it and never changed it off of Survivalist, but I admit the amount of rad zombies is getting tiresome lol. I don't have an issue with ammo, I did have a shortage of gunpowder but I hit up the canyon at the... umm.. whatchamacallit.. whatever that huge canyon tour building is, deep south of the map in Navs, and got restocked with a few thousand gunpowder. I'd prefer to have normal wights and lots of ferals/cops over just 9 out of 10 being a rad zombie, they don't feel special at this point hehe. No mods or anything, just standard settings with Survivalist difficulty, and 16 blood moon spawning. I think my gamestage is well over 300, day.... 38? I died a few times... 2 of them to bull♥♥♥♥ though. Started the game out in the open and was being attacked while loading...


Just hit F1 and enter "Gamestage"


Don't forget you can view that in the player list section in the Tab menu -- works in solo too.

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