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  1. I used it for my deep mining shafts to bedrock. So much easier to get back up with a hatchevator than to climb a long ladder. The faster ladder speeds are an improvement, but not the same. An elevator replacement would be nice, but if not, I will get over it.
  2. You're not playing A18 yet, I guess. That mod is awesome.
  3. I'm sold. Gonna recommend that gun to my non-melee partner.
  4. Last time I claimed a milestone, Roland removed a bunch of posts and made my claim look stupid. I couldn’t stand to be disappointed a second time.
  5. And Roland will mess this over later...
  6. My buddy and I just finished the Shamway Factory. It was a lot of fun.
  7. Yeah, that's bugging the hell out of me right now. I'm pretty sure you can circumvent it, but to do that requires too much extra work.
  8. How did you know it would be me? You know what, I'm not even mad; and I retroactively have decided to agree with everything you said.
  9. I just finished a horde night with loads of rads. Not bad, but my buddy's and my strategy of playing in a killing field is not viable anymore. Gonna have to build a real base now. Still fun popping zeds in the POIs with my flaming sledge. I think unholy joe would be very surprised to discover that there is a royal him. He might also want to get some of that royal riches.
  10. I think you would have to have an opportunity for catastrophic failure, but then people would complain about ♥♥♥♥ RNG wiping out their food. (I mean, I think that sort of catastrophic event would be neat since the apocalypse is unpredictable, but I can see that many of the players would not.)
  11. A radio of some kind would be really cool. I already love the ideas being bounced around.
  12. I like the look that they give, but it might be nice if they started as lootable and some had a chance to change to the "open" state when looted. Regarding gameplay, this would only affect those with loot respawn, but for everybody it would add to the aesthetic without taking away from the looting experience. Yup. Gave my friend quite a fright after he fell into the POI and didn't yet know the way out. Meanwhile, I stayed up top and shot arrows down.
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