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  1. Who said it would be like that? I mean, good job coming up with a hypothetical situation which would prove your point if it ever happened. On the other hand, it is just as likely that you close the distance to the supermarket, hop inside, and just as you start looting, you hear zombies banging on the back door. D’oh! You forgot to check the backside of the store! Also, what kind of nonsense is it to say “there is predictability in an unpredictable world” in response to “there are things you can’t predict in the apocalypse”? Well, duh! Your statement doesn’t undercut my point. I mean, I basically said, “Murphy’s Law still applies in the apocalypse,” and you said, “I can outsmart Murphy’s Law.” That’s idiotic.
  2. Either way, seed is getting put in them. - - - Updated - - - Cause, you know, the apocalypse is so predictable...
  3. You mean like "basebuilding is pointless," but when you ask them to elaborate they can't? *eye roll*
  4. To those who promote this, the problem is that, in a typical zombie apocalypse, you avoid the big groups. I know there needs to be some challenge some times (especially if, say, you are in desperate need of meds and the pharmacy is surrounded), but not all the time. The encounter system definitely seems like a better option. Now, the only problem with "random" is that sometimes the dice will keep rolling against you (or constantly not roll anything interesting). I mean, I say "problem" because people will complain. RNG is RNG, and I don't mind. I'm just prepared for the backlash. I always point back to season 2 of TWD. Why did all of those zombies show up on the farm in the middle of nowhere? The helicopter originally led them in that direction, and it happened to lead them to the farm. It's pretty creative and shows the unpredictability of the zombie apocalypse.
  5. For sure. It isn't as though I would craft the bellows until I could immediately make the forge.
  6. TFP are finally working on backstory for the game. Most zombies have agoraphobia, so they don't really exist out in the wilderness. Horde night is when they are driven insane by the player coming into their buildings and flushing them out or killing them. That's the real reason.
  7. It's hilarious when y'all impute motives to changes. I heard they got rid of the raw iron because the icon looked like Joel's old pet rock, and he didn't want other people to have it.
  8. I don't suppose any of you people complaining about 7dtd becoming a looter/shooter are the same people asking for more zombies. If so, the irony would be staggering. I still get wandering hordes that will barge into a T4-5 POI that I'm clearing. Unfortunately, they take the easily navigated path which I made so that I could run back to my dump container. Surprise!!
  9. But it clearly wasn't a dilemma. I like dilemmas, and I think there are plenty of them in this game. This wasn't a dilemma. (Most inventory management in this game is not a dilemma.)
  10. You do recognize that these are subjective, right? I doubt it. You just said it yourself, "All I can do is smelt it." If there is a material which has exactly one purpose or one recipe, it isn't worth keeping. Because you totally would have an iron mine and be forging metal to make a brand new pick axe in the zombie apocalypse. I wonder why that isn't in zombie movies...
  11. You brought up the fact that it is a cost/benefit thing, specifically against Laz Man's delineation and against my claims of lack of internal motivation. You seemed to want to justify yourself against those claims, disliking either of those characterizations. I'm just waiting for you to do it.
  12. So which of the costs outweigh the benefits?
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