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  1. yes yes I forgot to apologize about this in my post. The know-how for appropriate stat calibration is not my forte. I went for the crude double/triple/half in favor of putting my pitch forth.
  2. Everyone, over at the "Game feels like its punishing me for levelling up" thread, discussion has been ferocious. In the midst of it, last friday (26th), brainstorming about how the game could implement more diverse rewarding POI loot, it came to my mind the way Team Fortress 2 brings weapon diversity to the table. You see, in TF2, players are rewarded by play time, receiving, and among other things, a reward weapon. Say for example, the Brass Beast, a variant of the Minigun (the original Heavy class weapon). It does more damage than the Minigun at the cost of moving slower when firing. I
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