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  1. Dear Fun Pimps, Please make a new game called 7 Days to Die Snowflake Edition. Please remove anything that might be remotely sensitive to anyone that you could possibly think of, examples of such being, remove all blood, all gore, please ensure there is either an equal or greater amount of female zombies on screen at one time. We probably also need some gender neutral zombies as well, as well as some openly homosexual and lesbian zombies (not sure, how you'll achieve that, maybe give the lumberjack zombie a Karen haircut?). I also hope that you will not show animals in cages or even pens, that could be offensive to animal rights activists. Maybe the option to be vegan as well, so no animal by products in any of the foods represented in game. I also think any electricity in game be sourced from only renewable resources, so you better swap all vehicles for EV variants. And the last thing, maybe a non violent option to stop the zombies, maybe talk them out of hoarding on your base. I also want to complain about the Strip Clubs too, it looks like male strippers are horribly under represented in this game, and this needs to rectified immediately, I'm all for equal objectification! That's all, thanks.
  2. August....... Nooooooooo🥺 I'll check out Z2, was unaware of it's existence until you mentioned it, looks pretty cool. If anyone else was like me and went Z Wha ??? 🙂 The thread is here
  3. C'mon man, you're killin' me here. Standard UI is awful. 😜
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