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  1. August....... Nooooooooo🥺 I'll check out Z2, was unaware of it's existence until you mentioned it, looks pretty cool. If anyone else was like me and went Z Wha ??? 🙂 The thread is here
  2. C'mon man, you're killin' me here. Standard UI is awful. 😜
  3. Works well.... but. As soon as I put this new version on both my dedicated server and my local client, when I exit the game I get pages of errors as shown in screenshot. Everything had been fine until I installed this new version. I then have to end the game via task manager. Cheers
  4. There was no mods folder in the client directory, so I copied it there and now it works fine. I wasn't actually aware that it needed to be there as well as on the dedicated server, I thought it all came from the server. Might want to make a slight amendment to your installation instructions on the first page so people are aware it's needed there as well. Cheers mate
  5. Hi Sirillion The 14.8 server is also in a custom directory C:\7DTD Dedicated Server\ etc etc Your SMX mod works fine in that one, was there a substantial change between the two versions? The custom path/location has no effect on the old version. Cheers
  6. Hi Sirillion I neglected to mention this is installed on a dedicated server. I have the dedicated server files in a custom location as I'm still running a 14.8 server. My path is actually C:\Experimental\Mods\SMX\ItemIcons My 14.8 server is also in the root of C: (they are there because C: is a fast SSD), also running SMX and it's fine. As it's on a dedi server, pulling up the console on my local PC show no mention of SMX. Thoughts ? Cheers Edit: Server log shows this, so seems to be loading ok. 2016-09-29T11:57:36 0.644 INF [MODS] Trying to load from SMX 2016-09-29T11:57:36 0.645 INF [MODS] Loaded Mod: SMX (15b88r06e) 2016-09-29T11:57:36 0.645 INF [MODS] Loading done
  7. I have exactly the same issue. The Mods folder goes in the root of game folder right, because that where mine is. I'm running at 2560x1440 by the way. Also, should quest tracker background/smudge thingy be visible if there is no information in it ?
  8. Tried 209, was still there. Went to 205 and the line disappeared, couldn't be bothered trying 206 - 208 At this point, I think your UI is great, short of being able to add the 7 day notification/warning can't see that much needs to change/be tweaked.
  9. Working perfectly here, I run the game at 2560 x 1440. I do get a black line in the bottom right corner as you can see in the screenshot.
  10. Ummm good question, I think the only things missing from the old UI mod is height and player rank/level. What would be REALLY cool, is an indicator that the current day is going to be a red moon night. Also did your old mod show the mini bikes on the map, noticed today that it doesn't anymore. I thought my bike had disappeared like it used to when the bike was bugged, took me 15 minutes to find it in the long grass Cheers
  11. All working fine here. 14.7 running on Windows 10 x64 server 2 Windows clients connecting and no problems whatsoever, no errors on logging off/disconnecting. Now add more cool stuff!
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