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  1. With the games I've played so far, I am quite enjoying myself with the slower progression. In a normal game I usually have everything I'd ever need by day ~50. I nerfed oil shale by approximately 87% when combined with the mining harvest and the amount of oil and gas you get when crafting from the shale you mine. So it'll take about 8 times longer to get that huge amount of oil and gas. With farming, I increased the rotting flesh cost of the farm plots, and the farming perk doesn't increase your crop yield anymore, also crops take twice as long to grow. So you won't have endless food by the end of week 2, it's a more gradual progression now slowly expanding your farm size. I also rebalanced the recipe costs and resources from animals, so you won't have rows of raw meat sitting in storage. The latest change I've made was reduce the quantity of resources and ammo the traders sell, why harvest, mine and craft your own things when you can just buy it. (This change isn't public yet) Will be changing repairs next since I got that idea now. All in all, I feel my mod is great for those who enjoy vanilla but find that everything is handed to them on a silver platter. Now you have to actually work for your resources.
  2. I'm still playing on a 19.a generated world. Are those insane walls of terrain caused my POIs location spawns fixed?
  3. I've made a mod that addresses many progression issues and balancing. Food, Ammo, Loot quantity, Mining, Economy, Slower leveling and Gamestage increase. Even repair kits are harder to craft, requiring oil and mechanical part. It doesn't address finding a gun earlier (unless you're lucky with the trader) but it helps balance everything else in line with finding a gun and helps stop you from becoming a powerhouse by the day 14 horde. You'll work hard towards getting your farm up and running to progress from canned food age to high tier cooked meal age. Grinding base building resources and mining are slowed down by 2/3s. No more mining oil shale for a single night and having all the gas and oil you'll need for weeks to come. I'll still tweaking and adding things as I play, I like the idea of needing items parts for repairing specific gear!
  4. I actually figured it out a few days after I commented. You are correct, the default is 5, I changed it to 4 which is perfect for my liking.
  5. I've been play testing with 100% loot, I'd imagine you'll be hurting for food early game with less than 100% since for example the food piles have a chance of giving you nothing. Perhaps try 75% and see how that goes?
  6. The 25% antibiotic are rarer than vanilla. They do drop though, searching mirrors and purses can drop them too. All rare medical items are rarer. Backpacks have a chance of herbal antibiotics.
  7. Urgent patch. I made a last minute change before release which affects horde nights. I've updated the download. Fixed: - Horde night Gamestage was tripled displayed gamestage.
  8. Yes, if you look in the progression.xml, you can see there's a line that reduces XP by a significate amount. Same applies with salvage operations.
  9. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think, I'd like some feedback.
  10. You die incredibly slowly from starvation, it's actually a joke. All that starving does is slow your mobility by 10%, stops healing factor from working and you take maybe 1 point of dmg per minute. (And a max stamina hit of course)
  11. Do you find vanilla to be a cake walk with resources being abundant? But you love vanilla and don't want to heavily mod your game that removes that vanilla experience? Then this hardcore vanilla experience mod is for you. Food is a real threat and hard to come by, progression is slowed down a notch, there's a real death penalty, grinding is actually a grind and there's an economy rebalance. Designed for worlds lasting 100+ days and for you to have a challenging time of survival during early and mid-game. Background story: It's the year 2041, 7 years since the zombie outbreak began. You used to belong to a thriving community of survivors. You fell in love with the person of your dreams and they also fell in love with you. But unfortunately, someone got jealous of your new found relationship. And so they set you up and you were found guilty to a serious crime, one which you never committed. And you've been sentenced to 365 days of exile and left for dead in a far-out land, mostly deserted. Luckily for you though, your love interest managed to sneak in some supplies in your backpack before you were knocked out and dumped. The love you have helps you to keep fighting to live another day, someday you hope to see them again and start a new life together once you've served your punishment. You secretly seek revenge on the person who framed you. I play tested on Survivalist difficulty with zombies running during the day, sprint at night, no airdrops, 24 zombies alive during horde night. Unsure how a multiplayer world will play out. List of changes: - Require 25% more XP to level. - Living Off The Land only unlocks seed crafting and makes farm plots cheaper to craft. - You can craft Snowberry seeds (without perk), can be planted on most ground types. Yields 2 berries per harvest. - Lowered ranks of Salvage Operations, Miner 69'er, Motherlode, and Pack Mule to 4 ranks. Huntsman to 2 ranks. - Removed XP penalty when increasing ranks in salvage operations, motherlode and buffs that increase yield. - Adjusted Salvage Operations, increased attack speed and lowered stamina drain. - Removed Hackers Candy. (Harvesting an engine and getting 2 engines made no sense). - Increased wild zombie spawns. Twice the spawns, Triple the respawn rate. - Zombies give 25% less XP. - Animals give ~60%-75% less resources. - You now start with Mineral Water, Steak & Potato, First Aid Bandage, Painkiller, Herbal Antibiotics and a Flashlight. - Dying gives a 40% XP debt and you retain your food level. Gamestage lowers by 5 instead of 2. - You retain all debuffs when dying, including infection. Dying from infection will cure you of infection. - Very hungry and starving has a penalty to stamina regen and movement speed, starving also reduces attributes by one. - Stages of hunger and thirst now increase at 60%, 30% and 10%. - Traders sell price 500%, buy price 10%. Vending machines 150%. - Traders no longer sell Tier 3 weapons, tools and armour. - Barter items: Cigar, Sugar Butts and Awesome Sauce give half their bonus. - Traders restock every 7 days instead of 3. Vending machines restock every 7 days. - Vending machines hold more items to compensate restock frequency. - Harvesting and salvaging gives 60%-75% less resources. - Mining ores resources reduced by 68%, trees by 60%. - Hitting a loose stone gives you 2 stones instead of 1. - Trees take 50% longer and crops take twice as long to grow. - Upgrading blocks cost 20% more. - Increased prices for electrical traps. - Reduced chance to harvest engines and batteries. - Spike traps are cheaper to craft, repair and upgrade. - Rebalanced resources from salvaging safes. - 67% less ammo in loot. - 60%-75% less quantity in loot. - Quest reward ammo and explosives reduced by 40%. - Removed boiled water and fresh food from loot, 5% chance of dysentery from boiled water. - Food piles less likely to give drinks. - Less medical items in loot, rare even rarer. - Common recipes cost more (Usually 1-3 ingredients affected). - Rebalanced Gunpowder crafting. 750 Coal+Nitrate now crafts 500/750/1000 Gunpowder by Hand/Chemistry/Stack. - Rebalanced Gas and Oil crafting to be less abundant. - Repair Kits also require Oil and Mechanical Part to craft. - Contact grenades has the same recipe as regular grenades. - Added gunpowder to junk turret ammo (batch of 5). - Padded and Scrap armour uses Duct Tape for repairs. - Yucca smoothie keeps you cool in the heat. Sounds logical! - Chainsaw base entity damage doubled from 6 to 12. Did someone say Doomguy? - Balanced canned food prices and food value. - Balanced medical items prices. - Engine and Nailgun scrap for 15 mechanical parts. - Clothing scraps for less cloth and leather. - Reading books and schematics now give XP relative to their economic value. - Lowered Gamestage multiplier from 1.2 to 1.0. How to install: Extract files from the zip and overwrite the files located in C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config To uninstall: 1) In steam, right-click 7 Days to Die and go to properties. 2) Click the 'Local Files' tab then click 'Verify Integrity of Game Files...' 7 Years to DIE Survivor v1.01.rar
  12. Thank you very much! This works, I removed a buff in the entityclasses regarding the food and drink, respawning retains your food, though water still gets refilled (confusing!) but I'm ok with that since water is literally everywhere anyway. As for infection, I have it so if you die from it you respawn without any infection.
  13. doesn't work unfortunately (I tried with scrap brass)
  14. Death should have a more serious penalty. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to keep all debuffs when dying, and if dying from infection to respawn back with 75% infection. Also spawning back with 50% food and water. I've been looking in the xml but it's a little mind boggling for me.
  15. In my experience, I usually get all the gas and oil I'll need just from wrenching cars. Since they buffed molotovs I've been finding that mining shale is now something I need to do, but I've found that a single night of mining shale can set me up for the rest of my game world.
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