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  1. New Update V1.02 Fixed - An oversight where the Sword Key gave you the Handgun instead. Changed - Wolf and Zombie Dog speed lowered so Knife Only playthroughs are more manageable. Added - Japanese Translation
  2. I'd be happy to. I can change it and give you the quest file in a message if you need it?
  3. Updated to v1.01 Fixed - Playing with 34% and 67% loot abundance made it very likely impossible to get the Pump Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Magnum Revolver, Grenades and Rocket Launcher ammo. Changed - Lowered Scrap Iron cost for crafting Scrap Armour pieces from 60 to 40.
  4. That would be wonderful if you did that for me, the only file I think would be fair to edit is the localization since it is purely text only.
  5. I'll answer the reasoning behind the "no trader" text. By default, the game will send you to the closest trader in the forest (and maybe burnt forest) However, if the closest trader is in one of the other biomes, or is greater than 3km away, then you'll get the 'no trader' text. If you disable the forest only part of the quest, then you can get sent to traders that are in other biomes <objective type="Goto" id="trader" value="5" phase="3"> <!-- <property name="biome_filter_type" value="OnlyBiome" /> --> <!-- <property name="bi
  6. I am wanting to have specific text in a quest description that calls for statistics from a play session. I'm not even sure if it's possible. Example text: Congratulations, (playername) on finishing. Here's your stats. Difficulty: (game difficulty setting) Night Speed: (zombie night speed setting) Loot Abundance: (loot abundance setting) 24 Hour Cycle: (24hour time setting) Kills: (zombie kills counter) Deaths: (deaths counter)
  7. Looks like it's been solved, I had a strong feeling it was the quest marker
  8. I've never personally lost a world when updating to the next .x make a copy of your save to be safe C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves
  9. In steam properties, selects betas and opt into experimental
  10. Is this a questable POI by chance? I know that blocks can't be placed where the quest marker is.
  11. Are you a Resident Evil fan? Are you up for a challenge? Welcome to Resident Evil, where it all began! For nearly 3 and a half years, I've been working on this passion project of mine. I am very pleased with the final build and would love to share it with the 7 Days to Die community, so that you may all enjoy a very unique 7 Days experience. This is a replica of the Spencer Mansion as close to a 1:1 scale within the limitations of the game, using only vanilla assets. The goal of the challenge is to build a Gyrocopter and use it to fly to the trader, talk
  12. That's my mod, I also have a harder version called Just Die Already. Both on the mod launcher.
  13. Are you referring to the never ending horde night modlet, or my 7 years to die survivor overhaul? In my modlet, it's impossible to kill all 15,000 zombies before morning. If people avoid the horde then they are missing out of lots of xp and loot drops since loot chance is increased during horde nights. May as well turn them off if they are going to avoid it.
  14. Sounds like a mod. Make it always night time by adding a 0 day light length option, horde every night and then apply my endless horde modlet. In theory that'll work.
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