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  1. I was enjoying the new food balance, for once I was struggling and I was enjoying it, granted I wasn't going to new areas of the map so animals stopped spawning. I also didn't have any points in any of the food related perks except for living off the land, I had just started getting a small farm running. I have a stock pile of canned food which I am saving up for later so it's not like I didn't have any food. The food game felt great for me personally, it was perfect (for SP at least) Then I played b163 and in only 2 hours, I got more meat than I had managed to find in the previous 13 hours. Now food is a non-issue again and all food related perks are redundant again, I can live off charred meat and boiled water without any risk.
  2. Since there has been new animations added for the player characters, will 3rd person be a toggle option on the fly without the need for debug mode? Also I'd love to drive around in 1st person!
  3. I'm unsure of the reasoning, but chickens NEVER spawn in the forest, a biome you would definitely find chickens running around, especially with all those birds nests. Edit: Also, I think it'll be cool if chickens gave an egg, or at least a high chance of one, when harvested with a bladed weapon/tool
  4. Since A16, I've wanted a 2-angled plate for making thin walls so I didn't have to use the 2m arch for corners
  5. So far from what I've seen, the only nit pick I have for A19 is the unnecessary sprite that shows the position of the trader when there's no quest to turn in.
  6. I think the rad variant zombies should have a subtle difference, just like the ferals do. Green glowing eyes and green veins/wounds. It would make them harder to see when it's pitch black too and you'd struggle to notice the subtle green glow when you're using the night vision goggles.
  7. We've all been there, had a full inventory and throwing away so much junk we don't want to have, like broken glass for example. It'll be a QoL addition if we could place items into a separate section of our inventory within the backpack screen (on the right?) This 'unwanted' pickup list could be say, 7 columns 3 rows, spaced out a bit horizontally to make room for a 'lock-in'/'remove' button. When you get an item in your inventory, you place it in one of the 'unwanted' slots, then click the 'lock-in' button below it. By clicking the button you confirm the item you wish to never pick up while looting/harvesting. You'll also not be able to move the item back into your in main inventory. Clicking on the 'remove' button, you destroy the item and free up that slot again. This way you can use this as additional inventory space. Example: You don't want glass jars in your inventory. With an empty jar in one of the slots, whenever you use an item that would give you an empty jar back, that jar will not go into your inventory and be removed from the world (not dropped as a bag like it would if you throw it out manually) When looting and there's empty jars in a loot container as well as other items, pressing R will allow you to take all except the jars and will close the loot inventory screen (unlike when your inventory is full and the loot inventory stays open) Going back to the broken glass example, the only way you can have an item go into your inventory is if you scrap at item, as the game sees this as crafting. So you can still get broken glass which is needed to make scopes, by scrapping items that give you broken glass. Also if you craft broken glass in the forge, you can still get it placed in your inventory if you place it manually (or any loot container, if you manually place an unwanted item into your inventory, it won't be deleted) Hopefully I have explained this mechanic clearly and there's no confusion with how it would work.
  8. Oh I wrench so many things that I get a full inventory quite fast. I love doing the hospital, I can get it done in under an hour whilst wrenching the tvs, beds, and such, I don't both much with the lights since there's so many of them
  9. Well, we will have the Drone which will have an inventory that will follow us around, so there is that at least. As new items are introduced, it will mean more items that will take up slots. In my opinion, the pack mule perk is completely redundant since you can max out your inventory with pockets. By late game I need more and more storage boxes from all the loot runs I go on, having 15+ boxes for each type of category.
  10. I think our backpack should be 6x10. You start with 25-30 open slots. This will make pack mule a viable perk to take again to help max out your inventory when you conbine the pocket mods
  11. Thanks Pille! That worked perfectly.
  12. I have made a prefab and want a trader to be apart of my prefab, however I can't figure out how to choose which trader the spawner block spawn, by default it spawns Joel, I want to have Jen. Does anyone have any idea how to change it to Jen? Likely a world builder, QA tester or dev member will know.
  13. I think there should be a separate vending machine at the traders that are different to the ones in POIs. The ones at traders restock everyday, while the others never restock (but have more in them to begin with?)
  14. My opinion on farming, I enjoy getting a farm up and running, however with living off the land letting you get more yield per harvest makes food too plentiful. I now never invest any point into Living off the land or master chef and instead rely on finding recipes. Once I know how to make potato, corn and mushroom seeds and vegetable stew, I'm good for the rest of the game anyway. Vitamins are so easy to come by in a18, plus all those sham sandwiches, you don't even need a farm when you really think about it. We'll see what's changed in a19 I am all for a hardcore experience!
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