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  1. Oh I wrench so many things that I get a full inventory quite fast. I love doing the hospital, I can get it done in under an hour whilst wrenching the tvs, beds, and such, I don't both much with the lights since there's so many of them
  2. Well, we will have the Drone which will have an inventory that will follow us around, so there is that at least. As new items are introduced, it will mean more items that will take up slots. In my opinion, the pack mule perk is completely redundant since you can max out your inventory with pockets. By late game I need more and more storage boxes from all the loot runs I go on, having 15+ boxes for each type of category.
  3. I think our backpack should be 6x10. You start with 25-30 open slots. This will make pack mule a viable perk to take again to help max out your inventory when you conbine the pocket mods
  4. I have made a prefab and want a trader to be apart of my prefab, however I can't figure out how to choose which trader the spawner block spawn, by default it spawns Joel, I want to have Jen. Does anyone have any idea how to change it to Jen? Likely a world builder, QA tester or dev member will know.
  5. I think there should be a separate vending machine at the traders that are different to the ones in POIs. The ones at traders restock everyday, while the others never restock (but have more in them to begin with?)
  6. My opinion on farming, I enjoy getting a farm up and running, however with living off the land letting you get more yield per harvest makes food too plentiful. I now never invest any point into Living off the land or master chef and instead rely on finding recipes. Once I know how to make potato, corn and mushroom seeds and vegetable stew, I'm good for the rest of the game anyway. Vitamins are so easy to come by in a18, plus all those sham sandwiches, you don't even need a farm when you really think about it. We'll see what's changed in a19 I am all for a hardcore experience!
  7. Might be too much to ask, but they could add a toggle option to turn on or off food spoilage, and if on, the rate of spoilage. So then if people who aren't initially keen on spoilage, they can dip their toes into spoilage but with a low rate selected.
  8. Another spear that I've lost, I threw a spear and missed, hit a wall behind the zombie. I was overrun and ended up dying (I fell from the top of the construction site) When I came back to collect my spear, it was nowhere to be found.
  9. I tend to put the burning shalf mod on my spear to make it A LOT easier to see when thrown. Although a few times I've been watching a streamer and it even happened to me where the spear will be lost to the ground forever (probably falls through the world)
  10. You can short their reach in the XML. However in A18, making their reach shorter gives them the ability to push you around and I've been pushed INTO and THROUGH walls numerous times! A full month and 3 weeks, crazy. Would be a short year if there were only 8 months!
  11. Steam: (Frantic Dan) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198161352875/ Hours played: 3,292 Started playing: (PS4 in 2016) PC, about a week before Alpha 16 (Was on the dev team for Ravenhearst v3/v4) Discord: (Frantic Dan)#8747 Language: English OS: Windows 10
  12. I made a post a bit over a month ago. I plan on releasing the files when A19 reaches stable so others can enjoy it https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/-7-days-to-die-pc/images-and-videos/161394-resident-evil-remake-7-days-to-die-edition
  13. You can save your creation as a prefab (POI). In A16 I started building a mansion, ported it over to A17, updated it. Then ported it again to A18 and updated it further. I've poured in over 500 hours over the years. It's now a fully functional POI with plenty of loot and zombies to kill ^_^
  14. Slightly yes, however, their crosshair would take up the entire screen if we were to play as a zombie, they never miss.
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