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  1. Now that you know, you can surely speedrun the challenge and succeed in your next attempt!
  2. I'll respond to your original post, if you aren't seeing those options then you haven't got all of the files, at the very least the localization file. This mod doesn't work well on dedicated servers, but it's fine on privately hosted games. The doors bug out on servers, breaking the whole progression of the challenge. Single player is the intended experience.
  3. Version 1.13 Fixed - some crawlers got stuck in doorways. Fixed - Leather armour pieces can now be scrapped. Removed - Mega crush from vending machine. Added - Mega crush recipe. Added - Newbie coat provides a 10% less stamina drain and boosts Armour by 10 until level 6. Added - Botany book now teaches you how to craft first aid bandages, takes 15 minutes to research. Changed - Rebalanced mega crush buff and duration. Changed - Top row of inventory is a copy of the toolbelt, newly obtained items will NOT go into your toolbelt, unfortunately. Changed - Nerfed bears Health, dam
  4. you need 12 repair kits for each, you are given 25 repair kits in the final room.
  5. V1.12 (**Requires a new game**) Added Assault Shotgun Added crawler variety Stumps always give honey now Lowered health of dead animals by half Increased gamestage needed for iron age to 20 Buffed heavy armour perk to 10% per rank Removed 34% and 67% loot abundance Gave flashlight extra dismember chance +1% normal and +2% power Increased combat knife block damage by 50% Removed starting with lockpick, food and drink Moved lockpick, food and drink to the east safe room Lowered ammo stack size to 5 reloads worth (7.62 stacks to 60) Lowered ammo bulk crafting size to
  6. V1.11e Content Creator Edition Added - Book of knowledge: Gives 3 points in both Advanced Engineering and Grease Monkey, lowering the minimum level required to win to Level 14. Changed - Glue and Oil are 20% cheaper to craft Changed - Battery requires 1 less Acid to craft Changed - Forest ground has less HP and dirt gives more clay Changed - Crucible, Gyrocopter Chassis and Gyrocopter Accessories are approximately 10% cheaper to craft.
  7. V1.11 (**Requires a new game**) Added - Red Herbs and Blue herbs and all Herb mixing recipes. Added - Anti-venom First Aid Bandage. Added - Poisoned debuff. Snakes and Spider Zombies inflict poison. Added - New enemies. You can find out what they are for yourself. Removed - Infiltrator and Hardcore Parkour perks. Removed - 2 Grenades and 1 Rocket ammo. Removed - Nightvision goggles Changed - Wrench now benefits from Miner 69'er. Changed - Healing items heal a little more. Changed - Lowered the stack sizes of medical items. Changed - Lowered the stack sizes of Throwables a
  8. V1.10 Does not require a new game: - More Japanese translations. - You can now pick up your traps and electrical blocks with a wrench. - Handgun and Combat Knife are now black by default. - Removed schematic unlock listing on gyrocopter parts to remove false hope of finding the schematic. Requires a new game - Made it more clear on where to place the ladder in the library. - Reduced HP on non-gamestaged shipping crates to 75HP for easier access. - Workbench must be repaired with a claw hammer and 25 repair kits, repair kits are dropped by Tyrant.
  9. It sounds like you deleted the Data folder and pasted the modded Data folder? You have to overwrite the existing Data folder, so all of the files that are modded will overwrite the vanilla files, while leaving the files that are untouched intact. The worlds folder within the Mods folder stays in the Mods folder, no need to put it in the GeneratedWorlds folder. In short, a simple copy/paste/confirm overwrite.
  10. V1.09Reduced food and water drain when you are level 1 through 5 to almost zero.Translated new text to Japanese.Fixed the possibility of the second last quest to bug out and become impossible to complete.Moved the World and Prefabs into the mod folder, for easier installation. (Thanks Chikorina) **You must update**Added two new rules: Loot abundance above 134% and XP above 125% also loses the challenge.
  11. V1.08 (**Requires a new game**) Added a guaranteed Engine. Lowered XP needed to level. Harvesting materials gives triple XP. Learning Elixir is unlocked and uses oil instead of acid to craft. Reduced craft time of Steel, Crucible, Gyrocopter parts and Can of Sham. Crucible needs less clay and stone to craft. Oil is cheaper and faster to craft. Advanced Engineering Rank 5 now needs Intellect 9 instead of 10. Collecting full Gyrocopter gives you forgetting elixir. Tyrant drops learning elixir and blessed metal mod. Tyrant no longer inflicts critical injuri
  12. V1.06 (You DO NOT need a new game, you can continue existing playthroughs) Lowered Bird Nest respawn time to 7 real hours (Was 15). Shipping crates give more loot. Broken glass can no longer be eaten. Some cooked meals are cheaper to craft. Seeds are cheaper to craft. Fixed the flooding leaking into the back of the kitchen. (Hopefully) Playing a game with day time is now dangerous (Set your game to always be night, change daylight length between -1 and 0 a couple of times) Added a death penalty to reinforce that dying loses the challenge. Crucible can now be scrapped for
  13. V1.05 Changed - Japanese sign now have Japanese characters. Added - Super Goggles. All attributes except strength +1, Loot bonus +10, XP +30%, Craft time -20%. (dropped by Tyrant) Changed - Increased Wrench speed by 50% and lowered stamina cost by 33%. Changed - Increased chance to harvest acid from barrels and medical cabinets after reading the wasteland treasure book.
  14. The only file everyone will need is the localization for the modified descriptions, as long as the server has the mod files. The quest is still lost if you die. Also, Tier 6 quests CAN be shared but only the owner of the quest will get rewarded.
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