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  1. I like the random reassignment of crafting skill points for the Mostly Dead playstyle. Player still has perk points to assign to guide crafting skill book finds towards what they want, but are effectively a random generated character at that point.
  2. Well, if you wind up waiting too long and get interested in trying it out. This thread has everything you need to know in combination with what I told you. Xpath Modding Explanation Thread
  3. remove xpath="//recipe[@name=vehicleNameGoesHere]" same idea for loot and traders.xml files. Should do the trick without throwing an error, idk for sure though. do it and let us know if it works. Also, specific syntax above isn't correct, will probably want to fix that, it was more meant as an example to convey what/where a couple simple xpath lines could do the job.
  4. Yeah it's a leftover from the testing phase. Kinda handy for detecting underground fires or fires outside the poi you are in. Will probably turn that aspect into a perk called Danger Sense or something like that in Purgatory.
  5. Yeah, those are in the buffs.xml for this mod. Comment out lines 716 through 724.
  6. To be fair, those things are easier for you to understand in that order maybe, but some people can easily understand the covalent bonding math of chemistry while being utterly helpless in mechanical engineering. It all depends on your particular strengths and weaknesses in thinking habits IRL. That being said, the other questions are easier to answer. The desc_key is only providing a key name for the localization file line for said key, which is the text that pops up when you hover over the lock icon in the progression menu in game. Below is an example of some xpath i used in Trapped in Purgatory overhaul to adjust the costs of all attributes and perks to scale up as you went further into the tree. <!-- at this rate it costs 82 perk points to max one attribute. L2 1pts, L3 2pts, L4 3pts, L5 4pts, L6 6pts, L7 9pts, L8 12pts, L9 17pts, L10 23pts --> <!-- <set xpath="/progression/attributes/@max_level">100</set> --> <set xpath="/progression/attributes/@base_skill_point_cost">1</set> <set xpath="/progression/attributes/@cost_multiplier_per_level">1.37</set> <set xpath="/progression/perks/@base_skill_point_cost">1</set> <set xpath="/progression/perks/@cost_multiplier_per_level">1.81</set> <!-- at this rate it costs 63 perk points to max one 5 level perk. L1 2pts, L2 4pts, L3 8pts, L4 16pts, L5 33pts --> I'm pretty sure the math on that last comment is wrong, i probably changed the value and forgot to update the comment. But it gets the idea across. I used that to set things globally across all attributes and perks, but there is a better way from what you've described wanting to do. Now from there we can extrapolate that attribute i'm setting to get that to happen. cost_multiplier_per_level. That can be added to any progression to adjust that specific attribute or perk's cost as you level it up. Same thing for the base_skill_point_cost attribute. How that might look would be something like this: <attribute name="attPerception" name_key="attPerceptionName" desc_key="attPerceptionDesc" icon="ui_game_symbol_stealth" min_level="1" max_level="10" base_skill_point_cost="1" cost_multiplier_per_level="1.5"> Or for a perk: <perk name="perkTurrets" parent="skillIntellectCombat" name_key="perkTurretsName" desc_key="perkTurretsDesc" icon="ui_game_symbol_electric_turret" min_level="1" max_level="6" base_skill_point_cost="2" cost_multiplier_per_level="1.25"> I hope that's helpful.
  7. Yeah i stopped in to comment that i love this new addition and have had a lot of fun testing a new NPC poi since that change. This definitely altered the feel of some of the npc's i encounter. One thing i noticed was I had too many npc's of different factions spawning in the POI i was testing. I'm assuming i'd need to alter the sleeper groups used in the POI to pick one faction for the POI to get that problem resolved right? Clarification: Altered feel, so before i know that i setup a variant of barn02 to have goblins spawn and didn't realize the pathing cubes didn't work on the basic entities i was setting to spawn. So they would wander immediately on getting close to the poi, but now they actually hold their ground and make it hard to approach the quest start point. Such an excellent feature.
  8. Great work on these! I've been working on finding and creating magic items for my overhaul Trapped in Purgatory. Would you mind me including your mod as is into it, with any changes being made by xpathing them in from another modlet such as altering recipes or loot probabilities for them? Regardless of your answer, thanks for your work on this mod and for contributing it to the community.
  9. I believe gupFireMod default did leave the vomit setting fire initially but was disabled pretty quickly in testing. The cop exploding however should still set fire to blocks in range that aren't destroyed by the explosion damage. I haven't been able to create a condition locally to cause it to generate red errors on my end using only SCore, gupFireMod and my own Fire Proximity mod. Nor in Purgatory's 400 mod set did it cause me issues.
  10. Hmm, weird. I'll look at that and see what's up. I do not get those red errors on my end so I'd need an error log.
  11. The reaper mod is already released, just doesn't have an entitygroups file so mod developers can decide that for themselves.
  12. Speaking of, I know you made a pack for NPCmod right, but did you consider using that attachprefab technique in combination with the TintMaterial0-2 Properties to remix some of those styles of zombies/entities in the NPCmod packs. Sure it adds more dependencies, but you are very creative so I bet you could do some cool things like some of the snufkins bosses (i'm thinking about the scorcher and the banshee specifically) to add some new twists for peoples to play with. Like, imagine taking that deathknight and decorating him up. Could make an awesome quest boss type entity. Or one of the dragons.
  13. Pretty sure the baker default character that spawns is the nonhireable survivor type.
  14. I like that idea, definitely need a flying screamer in enZombies! I used the harpy from NPC mod as a flying screamer in Purgatory and I love it.
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