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  1. It's an issue with that map sadly. I need to make some new ones, as i didnt test the new ones as much as the ones from the first two versions. That map doesn't have enough traders near the player spawn locations. I'd recommend either use the rwg to generate a new map. Or i could work on a new one, i have another update almost ready but was trying to wait for a20 before updating again.
  2. Yeah, so, commenting out the key items will cause all kinds of red errors. Commenting them out is not the way to stop red errors. Figuring out what you added or removed which is causing the conflict is the first step. To do that, post your output log. Logic would dictate you removed the purgatory core file, and the other files which depend on it's pieces are throwing up red errors as the pieces it adds are missing. Which would create all kinds of problems for you when trying to play the mod, as without the key items and blocks and other changes made in the core, many aspects of the mod will either be inaccessible or nonfunctional.
  3. I do not think it's going to be likely i'm sorry to say. I wanted to achieve safety for saves, but it was not possible at my current skill level at least for everything that needed to be done. In order to fix a few issues and correct some that i hadn't noticed until i was working on this update, i had to move some blocks and items around in the load orders, which changes their id number used by the save to call on each item correctly. I do think the changes are worth it, and you can always try the update after backing up your save to another folder first. That way if it does break it, you can always revert version and replace your copied save back into the saves folder to bring the save back safely. I did remove the old worlds in this update though so i could save space for the upload. I would overwrite rather than delete the old version first that way you still have those worlds if your save was using one of them.
  4. There is a trick to not losing health with the bedroll. But you could far easier overcome it by crafting or salvaging a bed rather than a bedroll. Which will most likely work with your /bed command as the bed is classed exactly the same as a bedroll but does not have the safe space buff from standing on it. Idk what you mean by the word depub. You can't remove the mod that causes the destroy on degrade, as that's a part of purgatory itself. Use the combiner if you don't have repair kits, and watch the health of your items.
  5. Ok that particular one can come from network lag. As that one was created by this genius modder named snufkin who figured out how to use a webhosted image in an asset without the player having to download it. the drawback is occasionally that error comes up. I imagine it crashes your client? Usually reloading makes it work. Let me know if it keeps giving you trouble.
  6. This is a fantastic mod with lots of fun inside. Thanks for taking the time to make it! I added some shapes to the available blocks and made craftable multiblocks out of the different blocks but otherwise have no suggestions for additions.
  7. Version 1.0.1 b1 is available via the gdrive link below and nexus. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1b5z4ytupW_ec2OLwAxPDTStKrAwWzjG8?usp=sharing While primarily a QoL update fixing missing descriptions and item stats, as well as correcting unlocks for various items and new workstations. Also includes performance tweaks and spawning adjustments to better suite the gamestages intended for lategame. Loot rebalanced, as well as tweaks to the classes. The military boots speed has been adjusted to the intended effect instead of the superspeed it had been. Too many other minor tweaks to properly list.
  8. Server has been updated to the latest version 1.0.1 b1 which is primarily a QoL update, but also introduces more late stage bosses and performance tweaks. It is also available to download via the link above or nexus.
  9. I think it really depends on the adaptability of the players involved and what aspects of the game you find enjoyable as to whether players will enjoy it. As for dieing a lot early game, especially day one is pretty common. I changed the spawning rates, frequencies, and times to directly challenge the normal patterns from vanilla play and allow for greater flexibility in the randomness of those values. There is however still a pattern to it, and you can find it given time played. DrkstarDragon is right though on both tips, they will make the early game a lot easier. As well, get yourself a wrench and hunt down ovens til you salvage a working one, that will make cooking safe. Cooking in the campfire summons screamers and bosses. Cities are very dangerous due to the number of potential pois you could approach that have fire based light sources, which will make the heatmap rise as you get near them. Always pickup candles, torches, and burning barrels to stop the screamer traps they create. As well, build 7 is available in the link below now, updated and running with alpha 19.6 without issues so far. It should not require a new save, but you should make a backup just in case. The install instructions have changed and are inside the download. This change will alter all traders to be unprotected, but in a save where you have already encountered a trader that is protected it will remain protected and therefore always be a screamer trap when you get near it. You can delete that region to reset it to unprotected after updating to build 7. Additional changes include, all zombies magic attacks (their debuffs on hit) have been removed from automatic and added to the critical hit system instead. In addition the new models for the duke's lieutenants have been added as a series of TheDuke entities in build 7. Their names and stories are being added for the next major update which will include the showdown with the duke finale to the story. alpha 19.6 Purgatory v1.0.0b7 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1b5z4ytupW_ec2OLwAxPDTStKrAwWzjG8?usp=sharing
  10. I would definitely say this mod increases the difficulty of the game. I couldn't easily change that at all if i were motivated to do so at this point. The idea for this mod was to both introduce story options to pursue, increase building options, and challenge habits of play to promote player ability to improve their skills in the game by adding layered challenges to overcome. I think you could set the game difficulty to easy and that would help mitigate the difficulty some, but idk how much it would help if people don't adapt to the number of new zombies and their different behaviors and abilities.
  11. Yeah, that can happen sometimes if you accidentally select one of the archetype zombies in the profiles menu before entering a game. Or if the game doesn't have access to that folder for some reason. As for the map falling through, i've seen that from server lag or lack of sufficient ram. I would suggest trying one of the smaller maps. Also, i'm positive this setting will be an issue that will produce unrelenting spawning lag. The hordes in purgatory already will not stop all night long. Trying to add more will normally lag most computers out. As well the max wandering hordes can be upwards of 120 in size. And screamer hordes can reach 200. The concerning part of the output log to me is there's a variety of failed loot entries and that tells me there's something wrong with the mod load. Because those don't come up on any version i've seen running. Did you alter the mods or add any other mods? I've got to get to bed now, work calls in but a few short hours, but i'll check back in tomorrow after work.
  12. When was your last attempt and to which server? I'm looking at the logs and i have only one listed entry of a player i don't know already logging into one of the servers in the last week. The servers were reset around the 6th or so for the final build playtest and have been running since then. Or did you mean on your own server? If this is what you meant, do you have the server output logs?
  13. Sorry for the short answer earlier, was getting ready for work. Now for the zombies, this mod adds a lot. You should really try vanilla settings, especially the max zombies settings. Otherwise you will likely lag out before too long. Vanilla settings on a server can see 200 zombies spawn into the world in 5 minutes flat if you turn a campfire on for that long.
  14. Well there's your problem. I spent the better part of the last year figuring out how each of those work and building dependencies between most of the mods. It's not a pick and choose set of mods. You removed things the mod requires. And it looks like you ignored the don't try adding other mods note in the readme as well. Thats also creating issues.
  15. Looks like you are running additional mods if i were to guess. That's the only time i see those red errors. The yellow warnings are expected and cause no problems. Can you post your output log. It's in the game install folder then into the 7DaysToDie_Data folder.
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