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  1. Okay, here's what I came up with. Tested on 19.3 and can confirm works and is both lootable and craftable. Renamed the item mod to OakravenEPS and OakravenEPSv2. Added localization as well modeled after how the hat mods were done in the snuffkins weapons expansion mod. Really liked how the weaker model worked, well sometimes and other times less well but still better than not having them on. I will have to add in the zombie buffs that affect vision from mikepewpew's server side zombies as well to this one for my server but I figured I'd show you this framework before I add that in. txN
  2. works perfectly against the banshee. I'll probably just add in a loot and recipe xml for it. Thinking about making two grades of it though, one that has the full 1 value in buff resistance and the other having .5 and make the lower quality one lootable in junk containers. Will share when i get it balanced for my server. Thanks for your help with this oakraven, you are awesome!
  3. That would be awesome, both for being such a useful item when using entities like the banshee, and for seeing how something like that would work.
  4. How hard would it be to make a helmet mod that was called hearing protection or something like that and it made you immune to or greatly reduced the intensity of the banshee scream effect? Just a musing because I've had similar issues from players on my server.
  5. Yes I was going to try your new one on my server tonight and see if it will work. These remix zombies really thin out the boss zombies snuffkins zombies adds to the spawn list. And all the players have really enjoyed reading the dead zombies names as they move towards them to loot their bodies. I also wanted to mention as part of a conversation with @Aramus on the snufkins zombies thread they adapted the rabbit of caerbannog to be server side safe using the rabbit model and making it player size, and a snowball for the holy hand grenade. I love the model you made, but my challen
  6. Yes I was using both the animals ones as well, still am. And my modified version that has a little over 400 zeds. Really love the added variety. I imagine seeing the name after they die is a lot like checking their wallet for their ID. As for the lootable zombies showing the name mod. I found that one on Nexus Mods. Idk if it's against the rules to post links like that but it is called A16 Style Zombie Loot for A19.1 by PerpetualHappiness. I wonder if it would be possible to apply names via localization to the vanilla zombies as well? As a server host, I was thinking it wouldn't be
  7. I had issues with the 4920 zeds one. Mostly that I could load it locally just fine, but on my server it would run into a memory exception and get stuck in a loop while downloading configs trying to load in to the world. I went through and cut it down to a little over 400 and it works on the server just fine. Really love the zombie names, but my players didn't want health bars. Luckily since I'm also running a mod that makes the dead zombies lootable it shows the names then.
  8. Tested on my server and it works like a charm. The rabbit is so mean. It's perfect. That snowball ain't nothing to mess with, so much damage. LMAO, that should be reserved for a qroup of snuffkins zombies on hordenight.
  9. I love that one. If I weren't trying to use serverside only mods to make an overhaul experience on my server with new quests to try and tie up the different bits and pieces of story, I'd just use that one. I already have it, plan on using it for my navezgane meets fallout map playthrough. I'll look at how it works and see what I learn. You're the best arramus.
  10. Which I don't mind doing at all. A little copypasta-fu and it's done. Those drones are pretty wicked too! Oh yeah, how hard would a large as a dog almost rabbit with a bleeding attack that moves really fast be? I think that would be terrifying. If it could change scale from normal rabbit to dog size when it aggros that would be even cooler but sounds like a pipedream to me.
  11. I commented it out and everything worked fine after that. I did grab the new version though to keep up to date. I just have to add in my edit to the end that causes the banshee to have a chance to spawn any time a screamer would spawn. I really like not knowing whether that scream is going to come with vision issues. I also really love the Hell series of entities, and the Paindeer. Really great additions!
  12. I'm still using the .8 probability version on my server and sp, and not seeing them too frequently, but still seeing a couple every day that i get out and explore or trigger a screamer. But that's likely because the spawning pool is so much larger since i've got dough's randomized entities and mikepewpew's server side zombies working at the same time, in addition to iceburgs baby animals. I see the paindeer and the hellbear most out of this mod set, but i'm seeing all of them from this set. I know i'd see them more frequently if i took out dough's randomized entities. But my players lik
  13. I mean you're not wrong. Curiosity killed the cat as they say. It's in the items.xml lines 10-16. I commented them out and have had no problems on server or sp with it since. It's been in every version i've downloaded. I wouldn't worry about it, like oakraven said it's not connected to anything else in the mod so as long as someone isn't using the creative menu and spawning it into an inventory, then it will never come up in gameplay anyways. I just felt it only responsible to let far better modders than me know it was there and may be unnecessary. That
  14. I wound up just commenting out those specific lines for now and I'm still seeing baby animals spawn in the server so it doesn't seem to have hurt anything.
  15. Was doing some testing of new server side mods and had updated to this version. Going the the cm and filtering for items to see what icons still needed fixed when i noticed one called pettest. Curious i took a stack. When I clicked on the item in my inventory though, game locked up in NRE red text and I had to hard close the game client. Had to delete that save as I couldn't remove the item from my inventory. Is it going to break anything to comment this item out?
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