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  1. It is, I've seen it work before. Will track that down after work. I set it to a heatmap strength of 33 and didn't see a single screamer after 15 minutes burn time.
  2. Ok so i tried to add it into my death by campfire mod and it took a couple tries but I got it working by appending the xpath rather than set xpath which is how i raised the heatmap for the campfire. Still didn't summon a screamer in though so idk if i'm really affecting the heatmap strength. Hitting f8 twice in dm isn't showing anything other than fps.
  3. so i took a look at Doughphungus' a19 update of Kheldon's Screamer Bears mod. After looking at it and the work you all and Snufkin did in the entitygroups xml. Decided to try out meeting your specific format to append the other entitygroups for the zombiesScouts. Added zombie banshee the same way you added the others, but took off the probability code because that just means 100% without it right? As it stands, this version of the code did not throw up that same error I got last time. And I could load into the server without any red flags. Decided to just go find an old a18 mod for reducing the heatmap from different blocks. Instead reversed that logic on the campfire and made that into my first mod, Death by Campfire. That should do the trick of screamers spawning more often that will summon a horde, and hopefully with this addition there will be equal chance it's a screamer or a banshee.
  4. See that's something i was thinking about, just raising the heatmap generation. I was wondering about a simple method of just increasing the heatmap generated by candles or campfires. Was leaning to campfires if I can figure out how to make them set you on fire for walking on them again too. Also if it was campfires it will make cooking more dangerous which will add an interesting level of challenge for food needs early game.
  5. yeah, i can't seem to cause them to actually summon wandering hordes, but they are definitely spawning in more often even in pois. Pretty sure the scream that summons is somewhere else in the code. Haven't been able to find it yet. Had considered just making the heatmap rise faster.
  6. Really Love this new skins for the zombies! Was this guy's skin supposed to be blue? Pretty cool either way.
  7. I added it in above the wandering horde section. I'm about to test and I'll get back with you. Seems that didn't work according to the server console.
  8. Ok i'm not sure how to check those things on the server as I'm using pingperfect to host it. i will look into it, i believe i can upgrade to it being hosted on a SSD though. My client is installed on SSD. I'm not too worried about the zombie, it honestly added variety to have them show up slightly different through out the night. Even saw one bomber without his barrel on his back. I just wasn't sure who that one was. He got me twice. This mod is really one of the best available for this game. Thank You to everyone responsible for it! On a side note, I'm curious if it's possible to make the banshee's scream capable of calling in a wandering horde like the screamer does? Should i just add her to my scout entity groups or is there a more elegant way?
  9. I'm assuming the different commented out levels of spawn rates are to make it easy for users to decide which level they want, or if they don't touch it then there's just that single line of added probability that's uncommented at the top of the xml?
  10. Curious who this strange bald zombie is. Was wondering if he's maybe the cowhead or juggernaut? You can see the scarecrow without his head on the left of the bald one, so figured maybe it was a similar issue of the server struggling to keep up with the 60 max zombies setting.
  11. can confirm I updated server to alpha 19.2 and still works without crashing. Thanks Again Slawa for that sounds.xml fix.
  12. Was worried I the spawn probabilities were too low. Installed this mod a whole 2 in game days before horde night. I'm gamestage 69. I was already worried I wasn't prepared enough for a normal horde. This was freaking awesome, especially that crawler that's invisible like the predator. Was definitely not prepared for the banshee to combo with the undertaker. Love this mod SO FREAKING MUCH! I lost count of how many times I died trying to take on a 60 max zombies horde night like this. Luckily i was streaming it to my twitch on youtube, gonna go back and count.
  13. That seems to have fixed it. I did see a three lines of red errors pop up after i got into the world, but they didn't seem to cause any harm to the server or client stability, was able to pull weapons from the creative menu and they seem fine. Will test more extensively as I get time. THANK YOU for your help with this one!! also, yeah, that other one is from bdubya's wasteland mod i think. it's been working fine for the last month though so I haven't worried about it.
  14. Was wanting to work on the weapons mod last night but dug deeper into this one instead. Noticed in the entitygroups.xml that the night spawns was missing the scarecrow. Added it in and tested it. Really love this weird little zombie and it's funny death animation wiggle. Thought about lowering the time it takes to despawn but it really is funny and decided to leave it alone.
  15. I really want this to work but I keep getting this red error in the console that locks up the client. I realize I have a few mods already running on the server and that could be my conflict but from what I see it's just an item with the same name. Pretty sure I can just rename it and that should fix that right? output_log__2020-10-16__11-37-06.txt
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