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  1. Mods that implement such a mechanic do not work in alpha 19. Therefore, I decided to deal with the issue myself and implement a working version.
  2. Thanks for the options I will try and wait, of course, alpha 20 But in general, it would be great if an administrator object was added to the creative, which, by action on the container, updated it to its initial state and updated the loot in it). Is it just interesting to actually do this yourself?
  3. Good day to all In the process of creating the mod, I ran into the following problem: In the file with the description of the loot, I added presets for various containers where you can find them. Of course, he indicated the chance of dropping out. For a balanced drop, I would like to test how this works in-game. The most logical approach in my opinion is to put 20 containers> search them> and understand how many (or few) items the player will receive in a real situation. And what will he get in the end when he finds 20 such containers. However, when adding containers from a creative, they are all set empty and it is impossible to check the chance of being issued. To solve this problem, I added items to the airdrop boxes. Then, using the "spawnsupplycrate" command in the game console, I called 20 airdrops and checked the chance of items falling out. However, I did not get the general picture with the loot of specific containers. Question: How can you test this case (without running around the world in search of you need boxes in the right amount)? How to manually update the loot on the server? If anyone has come across such a case, I will be glad to any experience. Thank you in advance
  4. If I understand correctly, you can use MovementFactor (what is the final name of the property MovementFactor or MovementFactorMiltyplayer) as a material property to solve my problem. But then it will not be possible to give a description for the player of what is happening to him (description of a buff or debuff) Or use buff WalkSpeed and RunSpeed effects. To do this, you need to run this buff as the BuffsWhenWalkedOn property for the desired block. Tried both options and nothing happens. What could be the problem? (except me of course :))
  5. I added a buff <append xpath="/buffs"> <buff name="MovieSpeedBuff" name_key="MovieSpeedBuff" description_key="MovieSpeedBuffDesc" tooltip_key="MovieSpeedBuff" icon="ui_game_symbol_agility" icon_color="240,100,100"> <effect_group> <passive_effect name="WalkSpeed" operation="perk_add" value="0.5"/> <passive_effect name="RunSpeed" operation="perk_add" value="0.5"/> </effect_group> </buff> </append> Added a property to the block <append xpath="/blocks/block[@name='terrConcrete']"> <property name="BuffsWhenWalkedOn" value="MovieSpeedBuff"/> </append> But when I step on a block, nothing happens in the game. Where did I go wrong?
  6. Good day to all. I want to share my first full-fledged mod. For a long time I could not find use for collapsible parts in the game. In addition, I think it is not logical that the player can repair complex firearms at the love stage of the game. On many servers, I met a mechanic with a change in repair - but not all mods were clear and convenient for me. And finally, I myself began to deal with writing mods and am ready to offer my vision of all this mechanics. ATTENTION! This mod significantly complicates the overall gameplay of the player - not everyone may like it! In any case, I will be glad to hear your opinion on the work done! P.S. I apologize for any inaccurate wording. I am using google translator to write this post The full version of the mod can be downloaded here: https://github.com/BlackRabbitMsk/Repairing_items_BlackRabbit The mod only uses server side materials. Useful for online servers. Available localization: English, Russian Description of changes: Resources for repairs have been changed: Cloth Armor - required resource: Cloth Scrap Armor - required resource: Scrap Leather Armor - required resource: Leather Rocket Launcher, Steel Club, Steel Sledgehammer, Steel Knuckles, Steel Spear, Machete, StunBaton - required resource: details when parsing Added 4 new recipe books and 10 new repair kits to the game: Mining Master book unlocks: Steel Tool Repair Kit (unlocked: Miner69r - rank1) - repairs: Ratchet, Steel Shovel, Steel Pickaxe, Steel Axe; Motor Tool Repair Kit (unlocked: Miner69r - rank3) - repairs: Impact Driver, Auger, Chainsaw. Battleship book unlocks: Heavy Armor Repair Kit (unlocked: Heavy Armor - rank1) - repairs: Steel Armor Set, Swat Helmet; Light Armor Repair Kit (unlocked: Light Armor - rank1) - repairs: Military Armor Set. Firearm book unlocks: Pistol Repair Kit (unlocked: Gunslinger - rank1) - repairs: Pistol, Magnum44, SMG5, DesertVulture; Shotgun Repair Kit (unlocked: Boomstick - rank1) - repairs: DoubleBarrel, PumpShotgun, AutoShotgun; Automatic Weapon Repair Kit (unlocked: Machine Gunner - rank1) - repairs: AK47, Tactical Assult Rifle, M60; Rifle Repair Kit (unlocked: Dead Eye - rank1) - repairs: Hunting Rifle, Marksman Rifle, Sniper Rifle; Bow & Crossbow Repair Kit (unlocked: Archery - rank1) - repairs: Wooden Bow, Compound Bow, Iron Crossbow, Compound Crossbow. Mechanics and Electrical book unlocks: Turrets Repair Kit (unlocked: Turrets - rank1) - repairs: Junk Turret, JunkS ledge; (in the next version!) Vehicle Repair Kit (unlocked: Grease Monkey - rank1) - repairs: any Vehicles Also added gameplay changes: - Changed the number of parts when disassembling any items (which are disassembled into parts); - Increased the initial cost of all parts obtained by dismantling. The cost differs depending on the frequency of use of the parts. - Increased the initial cost of all items that require collapsible parts to craft. Changing the cost according to the formula: cost of 1 part * number of parts for crafting. (P.S. The cost of other resources for crafting is not taken into account) - Changed the distribution of loot. All types of repair kit and recipes can be found in the game world - All new kits have been added to the sale at traders. Except books (they can only be found in the world) When developing the mod, the following materials were used: https://github.com/Iceburg71/Iceburg-Proper-Repair-Kits Many thanks to the author! I will very much ask your opinion on fashion. Write all your wishes or questions in the comments. I am happy to answer everyone.
  7. I tried the following options: <set xpath="/items/item[@name='smallEngine']/property[@name='RepairTools']/@value">resourceVehiclesRepairKit</set> <set xpath="/items/item[@name='partsMaster']/property[@name='RepairTools']/@value">resourceVehiclesRepairKit</set> <insertAfter xpath="/items/item[@name='vehicleMinibikePlaceable']/property[@name='EconomicValue']"> <property name="RepairTools" value="resourceVehiclesRepairKit"/> </insertAfter> Uses the regular repair kit anyway (
  8. Good day to all! Tell me where you can configure the resource that is consumed when repairing vehicles?
  9. Reworked the file with icons. Now I used materials from the source: http://smuggerstech.com/7DTD/Assets/Sprites/ - many thanks to the author of the resource Added new icons and numbered catalog. Looks better now: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UtNnpz6UOwO_EQK_ezUq76RTlFqf745v/view?usp=sharing a little later I will add marking by tags (where they are used) for ease of search
  10. Yes, everything worked out, thank you very much
  11. Good day to all. In my mod for opening a recipe, I want to indicate the requirement for a skill. To do this, I write the following in the progression.xml file: <set xpath="/perks/perk[@name='perkGreaseMonkey']/passive_effect[@name='RecipeTagUnlocked' and @level='1,5']/@tags">vehicleWheels,vehicleBicycleChassis,vehicleBicycleHandlebars,resourceVehiclesRepairKit</set> However, the server says it does not apply the changes. Tell me what is the error?
  12. Good day to all. I started to figure out how to write my own mods for the server and faced the following problem: I could not find resources where I can view the icons that I can use for buffs in the form of pictures. As a result, I decided to make the following material: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uXd1wqO2qusEI5ZTJ_OBKBEASjZHNYQ1/view?usp=sharing Perhaps someone will find it useful too. If there are such resources (but I just did not find them). I will be glad if you share the link. Here is a link to materials in Figma: https://www.figma.com/file/8QhttFOyp4ma0VX33xxW1V/7DTD-PREVIEW-ICONS?node-id=0%3A1
  13. Good afternoon everyone. I want to add a mod to change the player's movement speed depending on the type of surface. From solutions in earlier versions I could find only this: For the BLOCK file, the following was written <append xpath = "/ blocks / block [@ name = 'terrConcrete']"> <property name = "MovementFactorMultiplier" value = "1.2" /> </append> >>> in the end it still didn't work (changed MovementFactor to MovementFactorMultiplier) The idea of the release is that I want to set up a buff that creeps in when the player starts moving on the surface. From the description of the buff itself, everything seems to be clear: <append xpath = "/ buffs"> <buff name = "buffAsphaltMS" name_key = "buffAsphaltMS" description_key = "buffAsphaltMS" tooltip_key = "buffAsphaltMS" icon = "ui_game_symbol_speed" icon_color = "140,75,220"> <stack_type value = "ignore" /> <passive_effect name = "MovementFactorMultiplier" operation = "perc_add" value = ". 5" /> </buff> </append> The question is how to configure the correct trigger for this buff? Which file? If there are links to working mods with such mechanics, I will be glad to help. Thank you all in advance.
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