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  1. I guess I should clarify my design goal. So I was hoping that I could make a mod where Leather Knuckles (or any fist weapon) would create an explosion on Power Attack (explosion meaning like Explosive Arrow's explosion, the FX and the area damage, where damage effects enemies and blocks). It is probably possible to add a bit more to the current code to make AoE damage effect both enemies and blocks. I was also thinking of making the fist weapon have a hidden ammo slot with the ammo used being Explosive Arrow ammo, but trying to make it so with 0 arrows it still shoots an explosive
  2. Thanks guys! I've made the update from "onSelfAttackedOther" to "onSelfSecondaryActionRayHit", and it works properly (normal attack doesn't proc the AoE stuff now) Also, yeah I was looking at buffShocked earlier and did pretty much what you said, so now the custom buff looks like: <append xpath="/buffs"> <buff name="buffApplyAoEDamage" name_key="buffApplyAoEDamage"> <stack_type value="effect"/> <duration value="1"/> <effect_group> <!-- Apply Damage --> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="ModifyStats"
  3. Thank you! I was able to get it to somewhat work, here is what I did: Item: Leather Knuckles <melee_explosion_test> <append xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeWpnKnucklesT0LeatherKnuckles']/effect_group[@name='Power Attack']"> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfAttackedOther" action="AddBuff" target="selfAOE" range="14" target_tags="zombie,animal" buff="buffApplyAoEDamage"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfSecondaryActionRayHit" action="PlaySound" sound="explosion2"/> </append> </melee_explosion_test> New Buff: <mele
  4. So I tried a few things and im at a wall. I even tried looking at "zombieDemolition" in the entityclasses.xml to see how it handles explosion, and my conclusion is that while I am seeing this line of code: <property name="Explosion.ParticleIndex" value="11"/> <property name="Explosion.RadiusBlocks" value="3"/> <property name="Explosion.RadiusEntities" value="4"/> <property name="Explosion.DamageBonus.stone" value=".3"/> <property name="Explosion.DamageBonus.metal" value=".1"/> <property name="Explosion.DamageBonus.earth" value="0"/> <property
  5. Hey guys, I'm trying to get into modding and I'm at a task that I cant figure out. So my goal with this task is to see if I can make a melee attack cause an explosion. I'm experimenting with the leather knuckles to see if I could pull this off. I'm able to get a sound effect to play on hit, but the explosion part isnt working (the FX isnt working either but that parts just a quick experiment i pasted in). I'm using ammoArrowExplosive, ammoRocketFrag, and thrownAmmoPipeBomb as a reference for explosions. I'm also taking a look at Bow items and Rocketlauncher items to see how th
  6. Thank you! I tried that before, and it didnt seem to work. perhaps I forgot to actually save the TXT file, because I just now tried again and it works. I'm also watching Flexible Game's "7 Days to Die Tutorial: Making A Mod" video to learn how to access data without modifying the default files. I made a new mod folder (7 Days To Die\mods\test\Config) and using this to access and change the Archery Rank 1's long description: <test> <set xpath="/progression/perks/perk[@name='perkArchery']/effect_group/effect_description[@level='1']/@long_desc_key">Hel
  7. Hey there, I am trying to edit the text that is displayed on perks. For example, I want to change Archery Rank 1's long description. In "progression.xml" I see the line: <effect_description level="1" desc_key="perkArcheryRank1Desc" long_desc_key="perkArcheryRank1LongDesc"/> If i change "long_desc_key="perkArcheryRank1LongDesc"/>" to something like "long_desc_key="Hello World"/>", that will display "Hello World" if you hover over that perk. But what I'm trying to find is where exactly "perkArcheryRank1LongDesc" is set at. Thanks!
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