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  1. Honestly, the fuel type isn't the hard part. The hard part is figuring out how to calculate food spoilage differently, depending upon whether the fridge (or any container) is "on" or "off." The current Core code simply won't allow that... and with good reason. The calculations for a container are "saved up" for the next time a player opens that container. Imagine how complicated it would get if you had to calculate how much of that time was spent "on" or "off." Especially if the player isn't even in the same chunk as the container. One possibility is to make the "freeze
  2. In case anyone else wants to make a food spoilage mode using Core: I made one myself. The Core code is very powerful, but the documentation leaves much to be desired. (You can tell SphereII is a dev and not a TPM. ) I wrote up a lengthy explanation of how it all works, in my modlet's README file: https://gitlab.com/karlgiesing/7d2d-a19-modlets/-/blob/master/1-SphereIICore_khzmusik_Food_Spoilage/README.md Hopefully others will find it useful. And, about my own modlet - feel free to use it, learn from it, steal the code, and in general do whatever
  3. @Zagan As it turns out, it's not a bad file at all. It's served over HTTP, not HTTPS, so Chrome is blocking it. EDIT: Here are the details, straight from Google: https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/77421860?hl=en Here's a non-Google link: https://www.ghacks.net/2020/10/08/chrome-is-blocking-downloads-here-is-why/ As it says in the article - and I've confirmed it - the work-around is to right click on the link and select "Save file as..." @SylenThunder Is it possible for you to change the link so it uses https rather than http? That will prob
  4. I'm in the U.S. and if I left-click the link it won't download for me either. I'm using Chrome. But if I right-click on the link and select "Save link as..." it downloads just fine. Maybe it's some kind of security feature in recent Chrome versions, to protect people from being tricked into downloading viruses?
  5. I'm guessing "under ground" means "where there is no light?" If so, look at the commented-out code in blocks.xml for "cropsGrowingMaster": <property name="PlantGrowing.LightLevelGrow" value="8"/> default, light required for growing up <property name="PlantGrowing.LightLevelStay" value="0"/> default, light required for not dieing off I think you should be able to set both values to "0" and it should do what you want. EDIT: Look at "plantedMushroom1" for an example.
  6. I'm pretty sure that's the increase in enemy penetration, not blocks. One would think you need to modify the "BlockDamage" property. The catch is that "perkPenetrator" doesn't have this property, so in theory it shouldn't increase block damage at all. (Other perks do, though.) So, I think what you want is "BlockPenetrationFactor". From the comments in buffs.xml: "This many block hit points reduce EntityPenetrationCount by 1. 251 is just enough to penetrate 1 wood block or door." This property is set on the ammo itself, and I don't see any buff that affects it.
  7. Yeah, there is no way to use multiple currencies either. The game's entire monetary system assumes only one type of currency. If you know programming: the name of the item to use as currency is kept in a static class variable. That same variable is used whenever any monetary transaction is made. A transaction involves creating a stack of items (Dukes in this case), and when that stack is created, it is created using the item name. So if you have any string in there that doesn't match the name of a single item, a stack can't be created, and errors ensue. That process happens through
  8. Hm... I was wrong about the SphereII Core "ObjectiveGotoPOISDX" type. The example XML in the class only shows one POI/prefab value, but looking in the code, it will allow you to also set a list of POIs. Having a predefined list of POIs is certainly better than nothing. But, I was hoping that POIs could be dynamically chosen according to what POIs were available/installed - so other people (who are better at making POIs than I am) could add more of these kinds of POIs. I still have no idea if this is possible. So, even though I'm not totally blocked, I'd stil
  9. Hi, all. I'm wondering if the following is possible. I'd like to introduce a new kind of quest. It would basically be a "clear" quest, but the quest would only send you to a specific kind of POI. For example, you could create a quest to clear out a POI full of bandits - but only those POIs, not POIs with zombies. Obviously this would need custom POIs to be added to the game, but I know how to create a new POI. I looked in the C# code, and it can't be done simply by adding a new value to the POI XML "QuestTags" property. TFP code only recognizes t
  10. I just looked in the code. It does not look like this is possible, unfortunately. All "traders" (including vending machines) use the same currency.
  11. Yeah, I was doing the copy-all-rename method. But it's a huget PITA, I was hoping there was some kind of hidden "save as..." feature in the POI editor. Oh well. Thanks for answering though, appreciate it. (EDIT: The thanks goes to you too, stallionsden.)
  12. How would you save a copy of an existing POI? Specifically, a copy of a vanilla POI that you want to use as a "starter" for your own POI?
  13. Thanks! (Or, if you go with Khaine's, then I guess thanks from him.) I just re-read your post, and I did notice that you don't want the books or schematics to be reset. Neither of our modlets do this by default, but there is an easy way to set it. Instructions are in my README.md file, but here's the short version. Look in configs/buffs.xml (in the modlet) for this: <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="ResetProgression" reset_books="true"/> Just change "true" to "false". Happy hunting!
  14. Just so you know, I am only modifying the excellent work done by Xyth and company. I did ask Xyth about the NPC rate of fire, and how it could be modified. He did not know. Apparently that code is from vanilla 7D2D, and it works in mysterious ways.
  15. It would be very easy to mod in notes that can be found in zombie loot drops. Each now could be related to what the zombie was when alive, or possibly related to someone they killed. I'm planning to do that myself.
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