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  1. @faatal Regarding the changes to the weather system that you're doing... Are these changes NFRs or will there be functional updates to the code? Specifically - will there be any way to get rid of the weather grace period, or to have the global temperature not be clamped at 70 and 101 degrees?
  2. For the record, I am 100% against this, in fact I think you should go in the opposite direction. The cities aren't large enough as it is. ...Of course, the fact that two players disagree, is a good reason to make this a RWG setting.
  3. Oh, duh, of course. I was thinking of land mines, but that makes sense because that's trap damage. I'm not sure why the added explosion damage means you aren't getting XP on a melee weapon. Also, I thought that you wanted the explosions to apply for each of the 3 targets. If you want the explosion particle effect to only be triggered on the enemy you hit, but the explosion damage to be applied to an AOE, that's doable but a bit trickier. I'm not sure you should do this though - you probably want the explosion effect as a visual indicator that the explosion did damage to particular
  4. Oh, I didn't even consider a default of 500. That makes sense. Thanks!
  5. 1. Actually you don't have it set to Power Attack. Look at the trigger - it's "onSelfAttackedOther" not "onSelfSecondaryActionRayHit". So you're triggering the effect whenever you attack an "other". 2. That's tricky, since explosion damage in general doesn't grant you XP. (I don't think so anyway...) 3. I'd look at "buffShocked" - the buff applied to the stun baton - as an example. No idea what the "explosion" particle effect is, but you could probably just copy-and-paste the stun baton and replace the particle effect, at least as a starting point. Also: For most weapons
  6. OK, I imagine this is a stupid question, but I'm stumped. Where are the stack sizes specified for things like wood frames or rebar frames? I looked in items.xml and in blocks.xml but I can't find them anywhere. For most things (like small stones) it's in items.xml and the relevant items have a "Stacknumber" property. But I can't find any items that refer to frames, and the blocks (like the "woodFrameBlockVariantHelper" block) don't have this property. Neither do the "master" blocks (like "woodFrameMaster"). I must be overlooking something incredibly trivial.
  7. Specific to UMA zombies - you might want to check out the old Bad Company thread on these forums: It has lots of information about the various UMA slots and items that are available. But be forewarned: this was for A16 so the information may be out of date. But when I was creating my own UMA zombies, I found it very informative.
  8. And halfway decent text editor will be able to edit XML files. Most people use Notepad++. I personally use Visual Studio Code (it also handles C#), and have used Atom extensively in the past. All of these are very good, and also free (open source), so try one to see what you like. Just don't use Word.
  9. Seconded, but I have a specific question. I know there will be a lot more options in the new RWG. Will one of those options be POI density in cities/towns? By which I mean the physical space between POIs. If you go to a large city, there is almost no space between buildings. I live in a residential neighborhood just outside of Boston, and there is probably less than six feet separating my house from my neighbor's house. If you go to a commercial neighborhood, usually entire city blocks have buildings with no space at all between them. I've never seen anythin
  10. My guess is to look in dmscontent.xml - that's the XML that configures the dynamic music system. Pay special attention to the configurations. It's possible that you could just make the "suspense" and "combat" sections empty to get rid of the music in those situations. Or, if you have your own asset bundle, have those sound nodes point to it, and not to the vanilla game assets. But I have done exactly nothing with that XML, so that's about all the info I could give you.
  11. The biome placement example might not be a good one. I believe that biome placements in RWG aren't actually random. At least an alpha or two ago, they were the same biome pattern all the time, except perhaps rotated. I don't know if that's still true, but it might be, or they might have just added a few more pre-determined biome maps to choose from. I personally agree that the issue is not randomness but perceived randomness. I think of it as the "playlist shuffle" problem. Many music apps shuffle a playlist by just choosing a random song in the playlist. But that means it's a near
  12. Not sure if this is the right thread to ask, but couldn't find a better one... Is there any kind of tutorial about creating new trader POIs? There are a lot of things that aren't immediately obvious, like what values you should have in the IndexBlockOffsets values in the POI's XML file.
  13. Very odd. The only change should have been to the attribute, it shouldn't have added any XML tags. Maybe that "append" tag was nested inside another "append" node in your items.xml file? If so, it would have been considered data, and just inserted as is. What is the content of your items.xml file? What do you see when you look in the game's items.xml file if you do exportcurrentconfigs?
  14. From the comment in the code, it looks like the append tag was added to the game's XML files. That's not what you're supposed to do. You need to put the append tag in your modlet's items.xml file. That tag also needs to be just below the root node (the configs tag), it can't be nested. ...Maybe it would help if you thought about it this way. The XML that you put in your modlet's files, is not the same kind of XML that is in the game's files. The XML in the game's files represents static content that the game uses for configuration. But the XML th
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