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  1. Honestly, I'd be perfectly happy with "infinite" water that didn't decrease when you e.g. dipped a glass jar in it. As long as it looks at least somewhat realistic. Also, I'd be absolutely ecstatic if it were possible to have waterfalls in the game (POI placed would be good, but even better would be random gen waterfalls). That's probably asking too much though.
  2. I don't remember adjusting the FOV, but if I did, it would be a while ago, so maybe I just forgot. I'll try messing with it to see if it solves anything - worth a shot. Thanks! EDIT: Also this is the first time I've personally seen it, though it's certainly possible it's an artifact of using the same game world.
  3. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, there's a lot of traffic in this thread... Has anyone had any issues with disappearing trees since updating to the latest experimental build? It's a weird bug - trees disappear when looking directly at them, but appear when you're not looking directly at them. I did not start a new game world since updating the build, so I don't think I can create a bug report. And, everything else seems to be working fine for me, so if it's a choice between starting a new game or living with the bug, I can live with the bug.
  4. As an addendum to the last post - TFP seem to be moving in this general direction anyway. The whole notion of "trade route" quests is a major step in the right direction IMHO. They do enough things like this, and even if they don't implement things to their fullest potential, it opens up a whole lot of crazy stuff that modders can sink their teeth into. (A few already have started, though there's not yet enough time between stable updates for them to really take off.) So I have faith that a lot of this stuff will happen, if not immediately, then not long after the game goes gold.
  5. This is an excellent question, and one that I have been thinking about quite a bit, ever since I got to some astronomical level in A16. (In that playthrough I just kept playing and focused on building bigger structures - like, I had a base where I dug down to bedrock for probably 1000 square blocks and created a garden at the bottom, and dug underground tunnels between cities and traders the size of highways, stuff like that.) Since the goal (in general) is survival, once you get good at surviving, then you basically feel like you've "won" - but there isn't much of a payoff. You get good enough to be able to kill whatever comes at you, and they become an annoyance while you go about whatever "business" you decided you should be doing. On the other hand, I don't think a "win" condition is necessarily the answer. The other games you mentioned (like Subnautica) are a good example. They're great games, and I've actually played them multiple times, but I haven't sunk even a tenth of the time into them that I've sunk into 7D2D. What I personally would like to see are game stages. I don't just mean thinks like the "stone age" vs. the "iron age." I mean things that would fundamentally change the game loop. For instance, one "stage" would be about the current stuff - finding a home, building a horde base, doing tower defence during horde night. But the next "stage" might be about exploration - the encouraged goal would be to go find all the different locations and POIs in the game that you haven't explored yet. When we get NPCs, another "stage" might be community building. In this stage your goal would be to gather other survivors into some sort of camp or compound, keep them healthy, and protect them from the horde nights. There would be some goal (explicit or implicit) that couldn't realistically be accomplished without becoming the leader of a community of survivors - like, until this point, neither faction would even pay attention to you. Or perhaps after you "win" and fight one or the other faction, then the game changes such that your enemy is the new military faction, which has decided to take over and subjugate both the survivors and the bandits. (Think of the final season of Deadwood.) It's also why I like the idea of seasons - you start in the summer, but eventually get into winter, where all your hard earned work (like starting farms) becomes far less valuable and things get harder again. The key thing is that you need to continuously have some sort of feeling of accomplishment, but once that accomplishment happens, the game's goal changes, and you have to start a new kind of game loop in order to keep going. There are lots of ways to do this, many of which extend the life of a playthrough, and if done properly an end game might not even be needed at all. Mods, of course, can help tremendously with this, but it's easier to implement if TFP already have this kind of stuff in mind. ...Of course even if the game broke tomorrow, I've already got close to 3K hours of enjoyment out of it, so I can't really complain.
  6. I just did that with the POI that is a "haunted house" with the lab down below (the one where you can just break the porch to immediately get to the main loot). I don't have anything in From The Shadows (or maybe just one point? can't remember). But I put a few points into Hidden Strike and it's pretty powerful. With the compound bow or crossbow and iron ammo, you can one-shot cops. (EDIT: and most radiated zombies.) Cleared out the entire downstairs section without waking up anyone except the zombie inside the glass chamber (since you can't get to him without breaking the glass). To me, putting a point into each is a must-have early game. Clearing out a POI when you have next to nothing is pretty risky business, I go stealth as much as possible at that point.
  7. I don't know if it's just me, but I also noticed that the compound bow sights seem to be broken in this update. You don't see any arrow being slotted, and when you zoom you just see the bow model without any arrow model. Then again I'm playing a save game from the previous build, so maybe that's just one of those things that breaks if you don't start a new save each build.
  8. Not really, these are questions like "where do I put the wood?" The streamer I was watching today tried to put raw iron into the output slot. Sure it's pure noob stuff but so are most of the hints on the loading screen. EDIT: It also seems like most new players can't grasp the concept. They're looking at the forge the same way they look at the workbench - you just need it to open up recipes. It doesn't occur to them that they have to smelt stuff *into* the forge.
  9. @madmole or anyone else at TFP: As a minor feature request, for the loading screen tips - can you add one that explains to new players how to use the forge? I mean something idiot-proof like "Put resources in the Smelting slots, fuel in the Fuel slots, turn the forge on, and wait for the resources to smelt into the forge. Once the forge contains enough smelted resources, select the item you want to craft in the crafting menu on the left." Every time I watch a group of streamers play the game for the first time, they are always confused about how it works.
  10. khzmusik

    khzmusik's Modlets

    Bad news for anyone wanting UMA zombies in A19... The controller that UMA zombies use is broken in A19. I don't just mean that the zombies themselves don't work. If you try to include them in your game, they'll break the game. They produce so many null reference errors that the game itself won't function properly. Oh, well, it was nice while it lasted.
  11. khzmusik

    khzmusik's Modlets

    Quick update. My plans for A19 and the repo, do not really go well with the Mod Launcher. So, I'm going to create an entirely new repo for the A19 modlets. This has the beneficial side effect that the A18 versions will always be available in the Mod Launcher. I will update the first post once things are close to stable.
  12. khzmusik

    khzmusik's Modlets

    I should warn you, I did not test this with A19 yet. I can't imagine it wouldn't work though. EDIT: Since we're on the subject, here's what I plan to do for A19: I am using Git Flow for my projects. For now, the develop branch will be updates for A19, and the master branch will remain A18. However, once A19 is officially out of experimental, I will create an A18 branch, and then merge develop to master. At that point master will be A19. But - this means that A18 modlets will not be available in the mod launcher. You'll have to download them yourself from the A18 branch on the repo. (This is because the Mod Launcher does not support different Git branches for different alpha versions of modlets, and I don't know if support for that will ever be added - it's not trivial.) Another edit: By this I mean, A18 versions of the modlets that were updated for A19 would not be available in the Mod Launcher for A18. They would be available in the Mod Launcher for A19 only. This doesn't apply to modlets that can't be updated to A19 (if there are any). I would probably put those in the "deprecated" section of the original forum post, but they'd still be available, for A18, in the Mod Launcher. Does anyone have a problem with this? I didn't think anyone would, since most players who use mods would be playing on A19 anyway.
  13. khzmusik

    khzmusik's Modlets

    To @Purple Yam Jam, and @Cernwn: I updated the No Bedrolls modlet. Now beds and bedrolls do not act as player spawn points, and do not protect against zombie respawns. But they are once again craftable (they are just ornamental now). I thought this would make you guys happy, hope it does
  14. Question about the dynamic music. Is it possible to tweak when the "action music" starts? The issue is, the music starts whenever you're in danger - whether you realize it or not. It has the effect of "telegraphing" the action, and removes a lot of the surprise about suddenly being surrounded by a horde. The effect is a bit like this: EDIT: This should not be read as a criticism of the music itself, which is generally top-notch. I also don't have an issue with any other time the music decides to play.
  15. khzmusik

    khzmusik's Modlets

    Well, the modlets here are XML only, no DMT (custom code). Most of what you requested is impossible without DMT. Having said that - Khaine made a DMT modlet that does some of what you want: I contributed the C# code that clears the player's map. He contributed the rest, including setting skill points to zero, destroying all player-owned vehicles, removing land claim blocks, etc. I was going to see if I could make some code changes to that modlet, such that it's a little more flexible in what it does, and player could customize/remove features they weren't happy with. But then A19 dropped and it didn't happen. Here are some thoughts about specific feature requests: – Reset perks only (not books) then remove 20% of total perk points My modlet just triggers the TFP code for the "forgettin' elixir." It is possible to not remove books read, just change reset_books="true" to reset_books="false" in my modlet's XML. I'm pretty sure removing perk points requires C# code. That's how Khaine did it (his modlet doesn't remove 20%, it removes all of them). It might be worth it to ask Khaine to allow the amount retained to be specified in the XML (retained is mathematically easier than removed). If he'll still let me collaborate with him on the modlet, I'll see if he's open to me doing it. – Clear the map (like when you first start a character) It requires C# code, but it's not only possible, I've done it, and it's in Khaine's modlet. – Clear the respawn location so that the character will spawn randomly somewhere else, even if they build a bed at their base. There isn't really a "respawn location" as such. The game just looks for the last player-owned block with a "bedroll" attribute. Cernwn wanted something similar to your request (see above), and at the time I didn't think it could be done. I'm not so sure about that any more. It might be sufficient to remove that "bedroll" attribute in the XML, and they'd be craftable but would not serve as spawn points. They probably would not block zombie spawning either. I can experiment with that to see what happens.
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