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  1. khzmusik

    khzmusik's Modlets

    Well, the modlets here are XML only, no DMT (custom code). Most of what you requested is impossible without DMT. Having said that - Khaine made a DMT modlet that does some of what you want: I contributed the C# code that clears the player's map. He contributed the rest, including setting skill points to zero, destroying all player-owned vehicles, removing land claim blocks, etc. I was going to see if I could make some code changes to that modlet, such that it's a little more flexible in what it does, and player could customize/remove features they weren't happy with. But then A19 dropped and it didn't happen. Here are some thoughts about specific feature requests: – Reset perks only (not books) then remove 20% of total perk points My modlet just triggers the TFP code for the "forgettin' elixir." It is possible to not remove books read, just change reset_books="true" to reset_books="false" in my modlet's XML. I'm pretty sure removing perk points requires C# code. That's how Khaine did it (his modlet doesn't remove 20%, it removes all of them). It might be worth it to ask Khaine to allow the amount retained to be specified in the XML (retained is mathematically easier than removed). If he'll still let me collaborate with him on the modlet, I'll see if he's open to me doing it. – Clear the map (like when you first start a character) It requires C# code, but it's not only possible, I've done it, and it's in Khaine's modlet. – Clear the respawn location so that the character will spawn randomly somewhere else, even if they build a bed at their base. There isn't really a "respawn location" as such. The game just looks for the last player-owned block with a "bedroll" attribute. Cernwn wanted something similar to your request (see above), and at the time I didn't think it could be done. I'm not so sure about that any more. It might be sufficient to remove that "bedroll" attribute in the XML, and they'd be craftable but would not serve as spawn points. They probably would not block zombie spawning either. I can experiment with that to see what happens.
  2. Are those sizes for GPU RAM or system RAM? If lowering the texture quality is supposed to lower the amount of system RAM used, then I don't think it's working.
  3. I played A19 for a couple hours last night (which... so much for paying attention in my morning meeting). And generally speaking, I've been getting as good or better performance as I did under A18, while looking much better. But there is a big issue: A19 eats up a huge amount of RAM. Like, nearly twice the amount of RAM that A18 did. I have 12G of memory and between 7D2D, Steam, and the OS, I'm nearly out of memory. I'm guessing this is due to the higher-resolution textures but that's just a guess. My questions: Has anyone else noticed this? If not, is it a bug caused by my setup? Either way - does anyone know of any ways to bring the memory footprint down? (If not, I'm afraid I won't be able to play any mods until I buy a new 'puter.)
  4. Yeah, I guess that's what happens when I respond to comments that are over an hour old.
  5. It's a callback function whose invocation can be substituted for its return value inside another function. Thunks are commonly used to simulate call-by-value semantics, or to implement continuations. ...Or in this case "who'd a thunk it" is just a joke.
  6. Being a former (unpopular) musician, I'm a bit of an IP wonk... and almost none of this is accurate. This would not involve copyright law at all. It would involve trademark law. That's the one that doesn't come from the Constitution, has a "use-it-or-lose-it" provision (unlike copyrights or patents), and whose primary purpose is to avoid consumer confusion about a product's origin. Trademark fair use is very different, parody isn't even considered. So, Amazon would have to take TFP to court to show that their use of the "arrow smile" had a good chance of causing the average consumer to be confused, and that the junk sledge was somehow coming from Amazon in real life. Amazon would have a case if they sold branded video game assets, and argued that this was intended to falsely show that the junk sledge asset came from Amazon. Otherwise they'd have no case. One thing is absolutely correct though: both TFP and Amazon have better things to do than worry about this.
  7. More about music... How does the music system "know" to play the combat music? Is it when zombies see you, when they get within a specific range, when you're hit? Or is it only played for specific events (like zombies spawning in after you gather buried treasure)? I ask because it could be immersion-breaking if the music starts playing before the player is even aware of any threat (e.g. going through a POI and a zombie sneaks up on you, the music would signal to the player that something's attacking before the zombie could get a hit in).
  8. Non-coding questions... With the new RWG, is there any ability to place POIs according to generated world biome transitions? Examples: ability to place "water" POIs on the banks between ground and water; or the ability to place a POI on the edge of a cliff (like the Canyon Mine POI). (Related: Please show of RWG. Especially if roads are fixed, because that would be a huge improvement.) How long until those of us with minimal musical talent will be able to mod in our own, inferior, dynamic music? (And will it be necessary to package our musical abominations into a Unity asset package, or will there be any ability to load them from e.g. .OGG files in a ./Mods directory?)
  9. Lots of opportunities to answer questions from fellow coding wonks... Here are mine: Can you tell us if there are any fundamental changes to AI for enemies that are not just zombies? Examples (these are off the top of my head, not demanding them or anything): Flock behavior with zombie hordes NPC squad behavior (squad wake, leaders, etc.) NPC cover system, where enemy NPCs take cover behind obstacles (admittedly very difficult in a destructible world) Different AI goals for melee vs. ranged attackers And of course, mod support questions, since I'm pretty sure you'll be asked eventually by over-enthusiastic folks like me... What is the future with UMA in the game? (UMA bandits/NPCs are broken and probably won't be fixed, is UMA in the future only going to be used for players? Not even that?) How much of the fundamental game mechanics do you plan to move to XML (to avoid C#)? Plans to add native Harmony support? Plans to add support for pre-compiled DLLs (so that modders could create e.g. new classes that extend vanilla TFP classes and have the game load them without breaking EAC)? Any other C# SDK support (e.g. for Steam Workshop)? And a generic question: What advances in the Unity game engine are you paying attention to, with the idea of exploiting to their fullest in future alpha versions? (Vulkan support? Incremental garbage collection?)
  10. Maybe we're talking about the same thing? My idea (which is just a slight tweak of something TFP said) is to have different "colors" of key cards, a la Doom, and those key cards are destructible (once they open up one door/chest/whatever of that color, they're gone). The situation where you would have a chest that is impossible to break into - would only happen if you don't have that specific "color" of card. When would this happen? If you lost that card (e.g. due to being killed) or if you got that colored key but voluntarily used it somewhere else. In those situations, yes, you would have a chest (or POI area...) that's impossible to access. But where's the problem? It seems entirely consistent, gameplay-wise. It's also newbie-friendly, since colored key cards have been around for, what, forty years now? If you're such a newbie that you can't grasp the concept of colored keys, you probably can't even do WASD movement.
  11. Personally I agree with this. I mean, right now, if you get killed when trying to finish a quest, you fail that quest. How would this be any different in terms of gameplay?
  12. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what TFP were talking about with keys/key cards. (I just went to past streams to find where this discussion occurred... but I'd have to pretty much watch all of them to find the specific answer to this. I'm not that dedicated, sorry about that.)
  13. I remember, but his solutions had nothing to do with anti-nerd-poling. He specifically mentioned one-way doors and randomly-spawning keys. (EDIT: Or maybe it was Nathan that mentioned them. I'm ancient and my memory is shot.) Those are the exact solutions that I think are better than anti-nerd-poling. And, for the record, I didn't think of them, though I wish I had.
  14. Well, that was really my only point. It's a solution to a problem that is, in reality, unrelated to nerd-poling. TFP have already talked about other ways to solve this problem that have nothing to do with nerd-poling. Their solutions are, again IMHO, not only better at solving the problem - they also open up a whole world of other possibilities. (As an aside... I know we're not supposed to mention the M-word here. But you can already modify the game to eliminate nerd-poling by requiring players to have their feet on the ground when placing blocks. Just do a search in the relevant forum section. I've actually played with those modifications - and found them to be nothing but frustrating and pointless. So when I say TFP solutions are better, I'm speaking from my own experience.)
  15. (Again, possibly appended to my previous comment) So, inside the anti-nerd-poling areas, you can still place ladders? Or place wooden frames in a stair-step pattern against walls? If so, you've solved nothing, since both of those techniques are just as effective as nerd-poling to get to loot rooms. If not - then you basically can't build inside those areas.
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