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  1. One more to sneak in before A20... New Zombies I finally got around to messing with Unity and some character model creators, and managed to make a bunch of new zombies: a new burnt zombie an older businessman zombie an older businesswoman zombie a skinny cowgirl zombie a generic, skinny, female zombie a female lumberjack zombie a female office worker zombie a female stripper zombie, similar to the original TFP designs (Warning! Nudity) a male firefighter zombie a generic, but skinny, male zombie a short but stocky police woman zombie They should all spawn with the appropriate vanilla zombies. This modlet is dependent upon 0-CreaturePackZombies. It has custom assets, so it is not server-side safe. However, it does not have custom C# code, so you can just copy it into the Mods folder, and you do not need to disable EAC. https://gitlab.com/karlgiesing/7d2d-a19-modlets/-/tree/master/1-CreaturePackZombies_khzmusik Screenshots are attached. Hope you all enjoy them!
  2. I was imagining that the particle board would replace the wood frames, but you'd still have to go through an upgrade path (which will be far simpler in A20). So no going straight from particle board to steel, but particle board -> wood -> cobblestone (I think? one of them is still there) -> concrete -> steel. Something like that anyway.
  3. Will it be possible for quests to target POIs by name, or by part of its name? Alternatively, will it be possible to mod in new quest types that POIs support? (Example: "this POI supports a 'murder the bandits' quest.")
  4. That looks correct, but there's an easier way to do it. XPath comes with a "starts-with" function that you can use in your selectors. So that code could be rewritten like this: <config> <setattribute xpath="lootcontainers/lootgroup/item[starts-with(@name, 'armorCloth')]" name="count">3,6</setattribute> <set xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup/item[starts-with(@name, 'armorCloth')]/@name">resourceCloth</set> </config>
  5. Have you tried looking at this modlet? It's doing something similar: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/18680-proper-repair-kits EDIT: Though, it looks like they couldn't figure out vehicles either.
  6. At one point, the game developers (I think maybe Joel himself) gave a rough outline of what they wanted the game's plot to be. The idea is that there are two competing factions, one led by the Duke, the other by Noah from Whiteriver. During the game the player decides to side with one or the other. The end game would be a boss fight between the player, and either the Duke or Noah. I don't know if that is going to make it into the game at this point. Bandits aren't part of the Duke's faction (his soldiers are called Cassadores), and it looks like bandits are the primary focus for human NPCs. If you don't want to wait for TFP, I have a series of modlets that do something like this. They use the NPCs from Xyth, and add a couple more factions (whisperers and vault dwellers), but the idea is the same. You do quests for each faction (or murder that faction's enemies) to build reputation, and eventually you're asked by one faction to wipe out the others. If you're interested, this is the topic where I post my modlets - go to the latest post for details about the NPC specific ones.
  7. That is an excellent question. Usually it's determined in items.xml by the item's "RepairTools" property. That property is inherited if you use the "Extends" property. But that does not seem to be how the vehicles work. They all extend "vehicleMinibikePlaceable", which itself extends nothing, and it does not have a "RepairTools" property. So there are a number of possibilities for where it gets the repair item: If there is no "RepairTools" property, the game defaults to a repair kit. They might use the "RepairTools" value of the engine (the "smallEngine" item). This wouldn't make sense for the bicycle, but it does for the minibike, and the bicycle extends that. Their parts extend from "partsMaster" and all those are also repaired with repair kits, so maybe they use the value of their parts? Those are in order of most to least likely, in my opinion. You could test this by adding a "RepairTools" property the the minibike item, and set it to be a small stone (or whatever). Then damage a vehicle a little bit, try to repair it, and see what happens.
  8. Oh, that is interesting. I did not know that. I am very surprised that TFP allow that. So, I did some research. I looked at the modlet you linked, then decompiled the code to see where it was actually loading the image. If you're curious, the class in the code that does this is called "XUiV_Texture". It holds a reference to a Unity "WWW" object that it uses to download the texture. As the name suggests, it's not used anywhere except in the various XUi classes. So, I'm almost positive that you can only do this for the XUi textures. Those are defined by the XML in the "XUi" folder, and specify how the various window elements look in the UI (like the color of the player backpack window). I don't see any indication that you can use a URL anywhere else. But, obviously, I've been wrong before.
  9. I discovered that I can edit the first post again. Yay! And it's a good thing, too. Just in time for the weekend, I finally finished the human NPC modlets that I've been working on for months. If you want a fully-featured human NPC experience in 7D2D, then grab all these modlets: Adjustments to 1-NPCPackHumans Human Factions and Prefabs NPCPack Humans for Human Factions and Prefabs Quests for Human Factions and Prefabs Trader Lore Trader lore, factions, prefabs, and quests integration Also, make sure you install these modlets from other modders, the above modlets are dependent upon them: 0-SphereIICore - MUST be the latest version! 0-CreaturePackHumans 1-NPCPackHumans SphereII NPC Dialog Windows If you don't, or can't, use DMT, then you can use this collection of modlets instead: 0-CreaturePackHumans Human Factions and Prefabs CreaturePack Humans for Human Factions and Prefabs Trader Lore (optional, but IMHO nice to have) Unfortunately, the quests require DMT (in the SphereII Core module), so you won't have those. Also, due to vanilla limitations, sleepers won't wake up at all unless the player is considered an enemy - so, all other humans are enemies in this combination of modlets. (Neither limitation is present in the DMT collection.) Want to help? Here's how: We need more human POIs. If you are a prefab designer, you only need the Human Factions and Prefabs modlet. That contains the code for the human sleeper volumes. See the design README for details and suggestions. This is an initial release, so there may be a couple of bugs, and there almost certainly will be balancing issues. The bugs I can hopefully fix, but the balancing issues might have to wait until this is all ported over to A20 (which is not too far away now). I really hope you all enjoy this. EDIT: I should also mention - the bulk of the NPC quests are designed for mid-to-late game. Most are Tier 2 or above, and you won't get certain quests (like the "murder" quests) until Tier 4 or 5.
  10. What you have written is definitely not possible in the game right now. Furthermore, I would be surprised if TFP ever implemented that as an option. It would mean the game would have to open an unsecured HTTP request, to some website outside its control, to download a binary file that may or may not actually be an image file. For now, "server-side" mods have to only include: assets that the game pushes from its own directories on the server, to its own directories in the client (XML, the world map) assets that are shipped with the game, so everyone already has them (this is how Snufkin's server-side modlets work, for example) Hopefully some day TFP will add the ability to push other relatively small assets, like image files, to clients. Until that happens, you either have to live with the assets that are in the game now, or require clients to install their own copies of custom assets.
  11. XPath selects a collection of XML elements. It doesn't stop when it finds a match. (It's why people use selectors in the first place.) For example, you could do this: <set xpath="//triggered_effect[@stat='Health']/@value">0</set> That will select all triggered_effect nodes with the "stat" attribute value of "health", and set all their "value" attribute values to zero, for all XML nodes in the file. The double-slash means "any descendent of the currently selected element which matches, no matter how deep." (In this case it's the root node of the XML document.) It's useful for matching nodes that might or might not be a direct child of a node that you know how to target. For example: <set xpath="//buff[@name='buffDrugPainkillers']//triggered_effect[@stat='Health']/@value">0</set> You might not know if the triggered effect is a descendent of a requirement node, or of an effect_group node, but it doesn't matter. It's something to keep in mind for forwards compatibility. It obviously doesn't guarantee it will still work if TFP update the XML, but it helps.
  12. The burning shaft mod adds the "buffBurningElement" buff to entities you attack. It's the same buff given by the torch, when you attack entities with it. A simple tweak would be to increase the "HealthChangeOT" property to something like 3 or 4 (its current value is 1.5). That would affect anything that gives that buff. If you want to make a new item, like you said, you'd make a new item modifier, and have it add a new buff. Both the new item and the new buff could be copies of the vanilla item and buff, but with their names changed, and the new buff would have the new "HealthChangeOT" value. That isn't difficult, but you'd also have to consider its recipe, whether or how that recipe is locked, whether the item is found in loot, and if so which loot, and so forth. None of it is difficult but it's not a trivial amount of work.
  13. To anyone at TFP: With the new dynamic imposter feature, will worlds with custom POIs be server-side only? Specifically: You install custom POIs on a server, and generate a world with them. Will clients need to install those custom POIs in order to connect to that world? Right now, the answer is yes. But I think that's only because they need the imposter information, and the rest is baked into the world. Am I wrong? (that's entirely possible, I'm not a MP guy.)
  14. You could try these. I haven't tried them myself, but they seem to be what you're looking for:
  15. Finished or not, this already looks a million times better than what's in the game right now. That's really great, the plant textures were probably my biggest pet peeve about the game. Justin deserves a raise.
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