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  1. They should still function in A20 - with some minor bugs. There isn't any place to put the Twitch-related icon, so you probably won't see one. There might also be some animations that were added in A20 that weren't in A19, but I don't know of any offhand. The only thing that will be truly "broken" is that you won't see the zombie cowgirl, and you'll see yellow warnings in the console about that. I was spawning her with the "zombie old timer" (cowboy), and that zombie was removed from the game. On that subject - in general, that's how I set my zombies to spawn: find a vanilla zombie of the same "theme" and put them in the same entity group, with a lower chance of spawning. This doesn't affect the spawn rates, or the number of zombies spawned at one time, it just adds my zombies to the "pool" that will be considered. I was planning to update them to A20 anyway. I now have the tools to merge meshes, which means a) I can support vanilla flame particles now, and b) they will have to draw fewer things on the screen, so will have better performance. I can fix their spawning when I do that. I've just been extremely busy helping with NPC Core, so I haven't had time.
  2. Yes, thankfully. I've confirmed it myself. I'm in the process of creating a simple A20 "Quality of Life" modlet that includes it, and some other small features which I think are not controversial. (Dyes stack, vehicles are sellable, brass takes less time to scrap, ammo bundles are craftable from loose ammo.) But I've been pretty busy doing other stuff. If you didn't notice yet, the A20 NPC Core modlet dropped today, and I've been helping everyone with that pretty much 24/7 for the past month. So, please be patient. I'll get to stuff, I promise!
  3. Just FYI, that mod will definitely not work for A20. It uses a vanilla C# method that existed in A19 but was removed altogether in A20. I looked into updating that mod - briefly (I'm working on other things first) - and it's going to be difficult to do. Significantly, the A20 weather system does not seem to pay attention to the global temperature much, if at all. There is probably another way to do it, but I haven't found it yet.
  4. Is it supposed to work outside of a restore power quest?
  5. I haven't seen that. Maybe it's because I have "mark airdrops" turned on? What I see is just the box itself. I've watched other folks' streams with airdrops turned off (mainly Jawoodle's), and it seems like the "re-appearing" is actually a bug where the smoke plume is active when the chunk loads but is immediately turned off when the code "catches up." Given how few of the airdrops are in the world, I'd be surprised if they caused a performance issue, but I always try to hunt down airdrops, so maybe it's just something I haven't encountered.
  6. A request: Can you bring back the A18 smoke plumes for the supply crates? Not only did it make them easier to find (if airdrops aren't marked on the map), but they also looked friggin' cool. I'm also a bit sad that snowberries aren't in the game any more, but I guess the writing was on the wall for them anyway. EDIT: I don't want to sound ungrateful, so I also want to point out some stuff that really adds to the game that I don't think gets enough love. Obviously RWG. It's so much better, and everyone has said as much, that I don't feel I need to add anything. One of the small things I really like is how the new weather system interacts with the environment. When it rains/storms, the grass and other vegetation sways in the wind. That's very cool, adds a lot to immersion. I also like how you can get the previous tier's quests from a trader, so you don't have to do things like decline the "opening trade routes" quest if you don't want to move to the next quest level. I'm sure I'll come up with more things to like, but those are off the top of my head.
  7. Not for nothing, but this happened to me when A20e went to a new build - meaning, I was on a world generated in A20b214 and it happened when I updated to A20b238. At least I think it's the same issue. Existing blocks suddenly appear as cubes with weird textures (in my case it's the "black marble" texture). Changing the block in any way - say, by damaging it slightly - fixes the issue. It doesn't happen often and usually goes away once I exit the game and restart.
  8. I honestly don't understand your reply. Of course there is a difference between having materials in the forge or in a chest: you can't craft items (like shells) if the materials are in your chest. If you put down a forge at the place you're looting, that forge will only have the materials that are smelted into it. So if you smelt down all the brass, you still have to get all of that brass out of the forge in order to take it to your "main" forge that has the other stuff you need (like clay). Sure you could do that, but it's a PITA, which is why I've never done it, or seen anyone else do it, ever. If anything that is an argument for smelting. Without smelting, you can a forge down, and immediately turn brass items into raw brass. There's no gameplay there. You might as well get rid of forges and just craft everything in your backpack. ...BTW, I'm beating this dead horse only because you can influence the game development, and I really really hope smelting isn't removed from the game. If that's not on the roadmap then I'll drop it.
  9. I disagree. Since scrapping items (made out of brass or lead) always leads to fewer materials, it adds a trade-off between inventory space and the need for more resources. Not much of an issue with lead (since it's 100x easier to mine than to loot) but is kind of a big deal with brass. The scrap time for brass, on the other hand...
  10. I agree that TFP should leave in the mechanic where you have to smelt items into the forge to get materials. I disagree that it's supposed to be confusing. Complex game mechanics can, and should, be presented so that novice players can understand them. For example, hover tooltips - when you hover over an area in the forge window, something pops up that says "add fuel here" or "add items to smelt here," and the output window could say "here are the raw materials smelted into the forge, use these to craft items" or similar. The game mechanics would be exactly the same, but new players would be less likely to look at the forge window and not know what the hell they're supposed to do. That's what 7D2D should be doing IMHO - not making things simpler, but making things easier to understand.
  11. Yes, it's difficult. The A20 NPCs are totally different beasts. We're using an entirely separate AI system (Utility AI) that we're almost, but not quite, having to build from scratch. I'm lucky enough to be involved in the "ground floor" of this, though I'm not a major player, just helping out. And that is just the NPCs themselves, it's not even counting the changes that will be required due to RWG. It is a ton of work. It won't be done until A20 is stable, at the earliest. But once it's done it will be much more fantastic. There will be major improvements to pretty much everything. You just have to be patient. Very patient. Until then, just try to enjoy vanilla A20. That should tide you over.
  12. This was suggested in Discord: https://github.com/ds5678/AssetRipper You will need to import ripped assets into Unity to edit them.
  13. Just FYI, I have pushed some changes to the A19 modlets. These are almost certainly the last changes I will push for A19. My focus from here on out will be A20 modlets. Changed: Preserved foods: Decreased the perk levels to create canned or preserved foods by one. This made them consistent with the other things you get from the perks, and IMHO is better balanced. Auto Mechanic Traders got several improvements. Fixed: POI bugs that included a one-block-hole that players could get trapped in; fences are now higher so zombies will not get stuck in between fences and walls, and be unkillable; trader now has a secret stash; balanced/nerfed the amount of goods sold at the trader in all cases. The new versions are in master and should show up in the Mod Launcher soon. The fixes to the Auto Mechanic Trader POI won't show up in saved games, though the fixes to its goods and secret stash probably will show up the next time the trader restocks. If you're happy with the current state of things, then current game saves are OK, but if you really want the latest hotness, you should start a new world. If that's not something you want to do with A20E dropping tomorrow, I won't blame you. These fixes were mainly done so that I have a good starting point when the modlets are ported to A20 (if possible).
  14. Not quite, because there's a 50% chance to get seeds back. If you don't then you will need to use 5 "produce" (or "fruits") to create another seed. In the worst case scenario, where RNG gives you no seeds: 10 farm plots with LotL1 gives you 40 produce - 50 produce to make replacement seeds = net loss of 10 produce. Meaning, you will use all 40 produce to make 8 seeds, have no produce, and 2 of your plots will be empty. But that's the extreme situation. Assuming exactly 50% of the harvest gives you seeds, it's as you said: 10 farm plots with LotL1 gives you 40 produce + 5 seeds - 25 produce to make replacement seeds = net gain of 15 produce Not terrible, but an average chance of 1.5 produce per plot is still far less than the guaranteed 2 you would get in A19. ...Still not criticizing the change, just explaining peoples' concerns.
  15. I don't think the issue was that food drainage was worse when driving, it was that driving drained food at all. At least, that's what I remember. Also, it was possible to mod in food spoilage in A19 (I have a mod that does it), and hopefully it will be possible in A20 as well. But it should be possible to balance food without resorting to modding in food spoilage. IMHO the farming changes are a step in that direction. Regardless, even without food spoilage, I'm pretty sure modders can change the farming just through XML. I'm sure we'll have a dozen mods that do it by the time A20 is stable. (And that is a complement to 7D2D, I don't think most people comprehend how much work it takes for a game to be this easy to mod.)
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