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  1. It was an easy fix. All you have to do is add the "HoldingItemHasTags" requirement to the effect_group that triggers the buff, so that it only fires if you're actually holding gasoline (or technically, an item with the "gasoline" tag). I already pushed the changes to the repo. The modlet version is now 1.0.1. It should eventually show up in the Mod Launcher. If you want to make it so the user is "huffing gas" (just a low-grade visual effect) that actually sounds kind of cool too. I'm sure you could also trigger some kind of player sound that sounds a bit like "huffing,"
  2. One other thing you might find useful. If you want an icon that's not available in vanilla, you can create your own. You just have to name it with the correct prefix. I didn't know this myself. It was figured out here: EDIT: if you do this, of course both clients and servers will need to install the modlet to pick up the icons.
  3. Oh, that's interesting, I actually didn't know about that requirement or that tag. If it's just a matter of adding that requirement then I should be able to push it soon (basically as soon as I have time). Thank you very much for the help!
  4. Just an FYI, that is also true of anything with custom assets, like new item icons. Servers only push the contents of the Configs directory (since that's all plain text and doesn't consume a lot of bandwidth). But it's a lot easier to install modlets that don't have custom C# code - you just put the modlet into the Mods directory, no compiling or messing around with the game files.
  5. DMT mods will work on dedicated servers, but you will need to compile the mod on both the server and any clients that connect to it. I'm not a MP guy so I don't really have the details about how to mod a server. It also depends upon how you are able to access the server, e.g. if it's your personal machine, a hosted machine that you can RDP into, or a hosted machine where you can only upload files via FTP or similar. Anyone who has done a server install of a mod with extra code (like Darkness Falls) should be able to help you out a bit more.
  6. Thanks! I'm glad you like it. I don't even know how much that would be noticed (I mean, who puts themselves out with gasoline?) but I thought it would be funny. Regarding power tools - no, that was definitely not intended. I didn't even consider that possibility when testing. I'll have to take another look at that, if there is no way to avoid "using" the gasoline when you refuel something, then I might have to take it out, unfortunately. (Hopefully not.) ...It might be a bit for me to do though, I just got a new gaming laptop and I want to play with it. :)
  7. I assume you mean a list of values that you can use in the "ItemTypeIcon" property of an item or block? If so - there is a list of .tga icons, which can be used with buffs, in XML.txt (starting on line 1793). However, not all of them can be used for the value of "ItemTypeIcon". You need the ones that start with "ui_game_symbol". That prefix is added in controls.xml and windows.xml, so don't include the prefix in the "ItemTypeIcon" value. But, long as that list is, it isn't complete. So, you could also search the code for other "ItemTypeIcon" values that TFP use, and inc
  8. Nice catch. I actually did not change the Snowberry blocks. I looked at the "plantedSnowberry3HarvestPlayer" XML and it is correct, it downgrades to the plant. What I did not check was to make sure "plantedSnowberry2" grew into this block. It didn't, it grew into the one that is used in POIs. It was an easy fix, and so I already fixed it. (EDIT: I also tested it to make sure it worked.) It's pushed to the master branch for that modlet. You can download the new version directly (it's now v1.0.1). If you're using the Mod Launcher, it will show up t
  9. You're very welcome, always glad when I actually have enough knowledge to help. Everyone seems to use dnSpy: https://github.com/dnSpy/dnSpy I also use that. It does make navigating the code easier, and has a bunch of features that people like. But there are a few things I don't like about it - the lack of code folding is killing me. I've been trying to find something better but haven't found it yet. But also, you can look in the code produced by other modders. I don't know if that would have helped in this case, but since this deals with entity attack code,
  10. I'm pretty sure the "RangedAttackTarget" AITask accepts "minRange" and "maxRange" values. Try putting them at the end of the "data" attribute value, e.g. "itemType=1;cooldown=4;duration=5;minRange=10;maxRange=100" EDIT: here's the cop code with those values added: <property name="AITask-2" value="RangedAttackTarget" data="itemType=1;cooldown=4;duration=5;minRange=10;maxRange=100"/>
  11. Thanks, but the journal tip was just an example. Really what I'd like to do is trigger one of SphereII's custom MinEvent actions. The actions that you can put in the quest's <action> tag are not the same kind of actions. The only (vanilla) quest actions available are "ShowTip", "SpawnEnemy", "TrackQuest", and "TreasureChest". You could not use, say, the vanilla "AddBuff", "ModifyCVar", "ModifyScreenEffect", or "PlaySound" actions like you can for a triggered_effect. Though, I did look at your quest mod, and it actually helped with another quest idea I had (a "towe
  12. ...I've been thinking about this some more, and I think I can do what I want without needing to remove the item upon quest completion. But I'm going to leave this question open because others might find it useful. So if anyone out there does have a solution, let's hear it. (EDIT: I realized that I'd have to do something different when I thought about the player not turning the quest in. What if they died? What if they failed the quest? etc.)
  13. You don't actually need the first quest in order to reward the player with items. If you specify that the items are given in the "start" phase, the player will have them in their inventory as soon as they accept the quest. Here's an example. The player gets a plant fiber shirt when the quest starts. They are required to put it on and kill two zombies while wearing it. <quest id="quest_KillZombiesInAPlantFiberShirt"> <!-- ...the usual quest stuff omitted... --> <!-- This objective will automatically complete since we gave the player the shirt as a startin
  14. Well, it sounds like I'll need to write some C# code to do what I want. Oh, well. I was hoping to avoid that, but c'est la vie. But - the talk of Quest A/B did remind me of another riddle I've been trying to solve, and you might have alluded to a solution (if I understand right). When you said "it gets put into the players inventory... and then removed" what was the "it" you were talking about? The item itself, or the buff? I ask because I would like to create a quest that has a requirement that the player be wearing a specific item of clothing, and that clo
  15. Well I was hoping to keep it a secret. Oh well. I'm planning to do some quests that target different NPC factions. One thing I'd like to do is a "fetch" quest that targets the different faction POIs. For example, if the trader is sympathetic to Whiteriver, he'd say something like "the Duke stole something and we want it back" and send you on a fetch quest to a Duke POI. Other than the lore around it, the quest would still be a basic fetch quest. The catch is that maybe the Duke's clan don't mind the player so much. So the player can just go in, search around the POI un
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