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  1. @hawkeye014 Bring it all out of your Mods folder and place the folder that is within the master folder back inside the Mods folder. That master folder sounds like an extra shell from Github. If you are unable to get it working here is a version in here with just a single folder to make it an easier installation. Electric_Buffs_A19.zip
  2. A server side only mod as well. Absolutely superb and time to share the good tidings.
  3. It was a real pleasure to watch it go through the creation and tweaking process and now we can enjoy it.
  4. A small update for the Community Pack Vehicles from oakraven; Hell Piggy Download here: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-CommunityPack-ServerSideVehicles-A19-2020Dec19 Hell Piggy is a ride-able Boar that performs like a 4x4 beyond its own quirks. Hogging the road. We were struck by a Drone.
  5. Here is a quality of life 'server side only' mod called 'Oak's Pet Animals, Guards, and Farm Jeep' by oak @oakraven with kind assistance from Dayhawk Mod. Thank you also to @Dre for giving it a good run through to check for functionality and potential issues. Download: https://github.com/arramus/Pet-Animals-and-Guards-A19-2021Jan01 (If your server has trouble with Github due to it creating an additional shell folder, here is a single layer version - Pet_Animals_and_Guards_A19_2021Jan01.zip) This mod provides: 1) 9 Pet Animals - These includ
  6. The location where this is stored on Github adds a 'shell' folder to the main Mod folder. Can you confirm that you brought the main Mod folder out of the shell folder first and that it is not a Mod folder within a folder?
  7. Excellent, and feel free to share your method as there probably plenty of other modders, myself included who are unfamiliar with a) the best or most suitable current extractor out there and b) how to locate/deduce the exact pathways they are looking for. This will open up a whole heap of modding potential. I was able to use the Unity software to find the model rigging for vehicles to allow attachments or hiding certain features but am still far from in the know for finding pathways for things like the Santa hat for bypassing the archetype settings. There are some great tutorials in here but th
  8. Hahahaha, sounds like a lot of difficult fun but something will be possible. Changing the vehicles.xml settings will change how it works. Best to compare the differences between motorcycle and gyroscope settings and combine the two.....somehow.
  9. It has been a few weeks now without any major issues being presented and here is a Stable version. https://github.com/arramus/SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS-A19-2020Dec17 For players who are having trouble with the Github version adding a shell layer to the zip, here is a simpler version. SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS_A19_2020Dec17.zip (Please try to utilise the Github version where possible to reduce load on the forum) Feedback that has been acted on: - Reduced the probability ratios from the default as this was a 'touch' on the high side for brand new
  10. Thank you. That will help a lot as well. Those that get shocked that don't show it and on the other extreme those that show it but don't take damage. Ruling these in or out will be allow for further tweaks.
  11. Hi supercioni. I checked a few of the Snufkin zombies from the original and some from the new Plus version to see what traps are triggering and what are not for a few of the entities. I am not going to go through every single zombie because it will be a long task. I hope this is something that the players you feel 'voice their concerns' are willing to do. Here are the limited findings. Wendigo and Undertaker are certainly impervious to electric shock. Scorcher is not and gets shocked. Cowhead and Siren do not get shocked. Ho
  12. I see. Tweaking other vehicle settings such as using 'gears' for the gyrocopter may offer a better solution. Another technique to hide the motorcycle when it is larger so you can ride and grab it is to replace the texture to an invisible one. This is something oakraven did for the Snufkin Plus zombies for the drones in the entityclasses.xml file and I could copy it for the Shark zombie. It was a very useful and stable way to hide the vultures but still use them. This technique is simple but extremely effective. e.g. adding to the entityclasses.xml area for your motorcyl
  13. Greetings. A good place to discuss these questions. In the vehicles.xml file, try changing the BathBlimp entry from: <property name="velocityMax" value="10, 18"/> to the vehicleGyrocoptergyroscope value of: <property name="velocityMax" value="9, 15"/> As for motorcycle bath, do you mean it will run on the ground just like a motorcycle except the player sits in the bath?
  14. Hi oxmo. Occasionally the skins don’t always appear properly for some characters, such as with the Cowhead character losing his helmet, but I haven’t seen it get any worse than that. As you get closer to the characters, their skins and attachments typically reappear as well. It sounds like you are getting it noticeably worse than that. Can you confirm that you can see any of the Snufkin characters at all? You would certainly see the flying characters who would stand out from the regular default characters. This is an odd one because I have never experienced it any of
  15. @Orphen There's also an update to the A19.3 b6 EXP. It's possible my client downloaded it without me noticing. I'll update the server and report back. Yes, both the client and server are now on A19.3 (b6) and I was able to join without issue. The 'incorrect header check' was the hint to check out the main updates thread.
  16. I am experiencing exactly the same issue on my regular server from my first attempt to join it from today. I appreciate the attempts you have made to find a workaround. I attempted to join another server running a default map as a new player and could join without issue.
  17. Fortunately, these types of mods are independent of whether the world has been made RWG or Nitro World Maker and/or contain customised buildings such as the Compo Pack 46 which is certainly something else to look into for the future. I would also recommend Stallionsden's invisible animal mod fixer as the animals tend to disappear over time either as they spread out over the World or take invisible form but get counted and reduce spawning opportunities for new ones. And of course, the Snufkin Community Pack vehicles and Xpansion Weapons and something to bump up backpack size and sta
  18. It is possible the mod folder is within an additional 'shell' folder that is made by Github. The solution is to bring the main mod folder out of the Github shell folder so there is only one main folder layer. Here is a copy without the Github shell layer for your convenience. Snufkin_CustomZombies_Plus_A19_2020Nov26Test.zip Here is also another small mod which has a starter kit for new players as they join your World. Just a few things to get them started in a more challenging environment. SnufkinPartyPlusStarterKit_A19.zip
  19. As a further follow up; 1. The main pictures were downloaded and put in a resources folder with replacement links such as: texture="@modfolder:Resources/fDGBB5k.png" This was to check if the external website pulls were the issue. They were certainly being connected to instead of the web link using that format but not to any noticeable degree. This website is well used and been around long enough to get things working well. This pull format was used in Bdub's vehicles for the prefabs and unity packs and could be applied here as well as it appears a general ca
  20. When you take pictures of about 25 of the same character you will hear a sound to recognise your achievement. This sound will continue to play for that character for any further photos taken. I believe this was to be traded in for a buff. Maybe the issue is where the images are uploaded to for some part, but not all. It will take time to download them all and possibly add them to the mod manually in a resource folder and relink to them from within the XUi files.
  21. I have only played around with it a little and here is what I found. - Each zombie can only have their photo taken once. It has a shutter sound and after that a small impact sound. - The research table shows nothing but occasionally this appears momentarily. If you tap around at the screen on the left side it seems to trigger the begin action and then the list of Snufkin Zombies appear. However, it doesn't matter how many Scarecrow characters I take pictures of or eliminate because the research bar isn't changing. It seems that some images
  22. Definitely all credit to doughphunghus on this as the base mod is so very well implemented. Catman is running it on their server and I dare not even throw a snowball from Hell for the damage it can do. However, he does have a safe house area which allows the zombies to get at you in BM but does no damage to any blocks because it is protected like a trader using the ‘tprotect add’ command. Now that is fair game for a Snowball fight.
  23. Here is another cosmetic update and this completes hand placement for the bus type vehicles. Download: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-CommunityPack-ServerSideVehicles-A19-2020Dec08 As it is purely cosmetic, updating has been shown to be trouble free. From escapologist: To... School Bus Driver This improvement also applies to the Battle Bus and Battle Bus Drone.
  24. Here is a small update. Download: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-CommunityPack-ServerSideVehicles-A19-2020Dec07 Hand placement for the cars was a little on the high side as this reflected the default values for the model that it replaced. Lowering the hand placement settings and shifting the player forwards very slightly created a better visual effect. This update is simply a small cosmetic change for all of the cars. From. To.
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