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  1. Fortunately, these types of mods are independent of whether the world has been made RWG or Nitro World Maker and/or contain customised buildings such as the Compo Pack 46 which is certainly something else to look into for the future. I would also recommend Stallionsden's invisible animal mod fixer as the animals tend to disappear over time either as they spread out over the World or take invisible form but get counted and reduce spawning opportunities for new ones. And of course, the Snufkin Community Pack vehicles and Xpansion Weapons and something to bump up backpack size and sta
  2. It is possible the mod folder is within an additional 'shell' folder that is made by Github. The solution is to bring the main mod folder out of the Github shell folder so there is only one main folder layer. Here is a copy without the Github shell layer for your convenience. Snufkin_CustomZombies_Plus_A19_2020Nov26Test.zip Here is also another small mod which has a starter kit for new players as they join your World. Just a few things to get them started in a more challenging environment. SnufkinPartyPlusStarterKit_A19.zip
  3. As a further follow up; 1. The main pictures were downloaded and put in a resources folder with replacement links such as: texture="@modfolder:Resources/fDGBB5k.png" This was to check if the external website pulls were the issue. They were certainly being connected to instead of the web link using that format but not to any noticeable degree. This website is well used and been around long enough to get things working well. This pull format was used in Bdub's vehicles for the prefabs and unity packs and could be applied here as well as it appears a general ca
  4. When you take pictures of about 25 of the same character you will hear a sound to recognise your achievement. This sound will continue to play for that character for any further photos taken. I believe this was to be traded in for a buff. Maybe the issue is where the images are uploaded to for some part, but not all. It will take time to download them all and possibly add them to the mod manually in a resource folder and relink to them from within the XUi files.
  5. I have only played around with it a little and here is what I found. - Each zombie can only have their photo taken once. It has a shutter sound and after that a small impact sound. - The research table shows nothing but occasionally this appears momentarily. If you tap around at the screen on the left side it seems to trigger the begin action and then the list of Snufkin Zombies appear. However, it doesn't matter how many Scarecrow characters I take pictures of or eliminate because the research bar isn't changing. It seems that some images
  6. Definitely all credit to doughphunghus on this as the base mod is so very well implemented. Catman is running it on their server and I dare not even throw a snowball from Hell for the damage it can do. However, he does have a safe house area which allows the zombies to get at you in BM but does no damage to any blocks because it is protected like a trader using the ‘tprotect add’ command. Now that is fair game for a Snowball fight.
  7. Here is another cosmetic update and this completes hand placement for the bus type vehicles. Download: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-CommunityPack-ServerSideVehicles-A19-2020Dec08 As it is purely cosmetic, updating has been shown to be trouble free. From escapologist: To... School Bus Driver This improvement also applies to the Battle Bus and Battle Bus Drone.
  8. Here is a small update. Download: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-CommunityPack-ServerSideVehicles-A19-2020Dec07 Hand placement for the cars was a little on the high side as this reflected the default values for the model that it replaced. Lowering the hand placement settings and shifting the player forwards very slightly created a better visual effect. This update is simply a small cosmetic change for all of the cars. From. To.
  9. @RomanjiThat’s correct. If you installed the Snufkin Zombies, vehicles, and weapons, they are all server side only.
  10. @Romanji That should have done the job. If not, there is another single shell version linked to from the first post to the restored A19 version. The default spawning setup is a nice introduction to the Snufkin zombies and is based on careful consideration to character and biome. Should you want to increase the challenge at a latter stage as game stage and level increase, the same post also contains an alternative ‘Snufkin Party’ file for greater spawning and BM challenge.
  11. @Romanji Before looking at your setup, can you confirm that you also removed the mod from an extra ‘shell’ folder that Github adds on top of the mod folder before you placed it inside your server Mod folder?
  12. Here is an update with some important changes: Download: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-CommunityPack-ServerSideVehicles-A19-2020Dec05 1. Removal of custom containers. Containers 950, 951, and 952 have been removed. The primary issue with this mod has been ID conflict for these containers which gave certain vehicles a custom storage size. All vehicles have now reverted back to default values as follows: Parachute and Jet have bicycle storage. Sled, Bath, and Shark have mini bike storage. Bikes and Whirligig have motorcycle storage. Buses,
  13. Here is an update for the Snufkin Community Pack Server Side Vehicles. Download - https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-CommunityPack-ServerSideVehicles-A19-2020Dec04 Three new vehicles join the pack from oakraven, and this was a good opportunity to remove 3 experimental vehicles from the code (Airship, Hover Bike, and Hover Car) which may cause issue if brought into play through 'cm'. From left to right: Green Max, Psyren Ride, and Red Max
  14. @TomGun42 There is a lot of fun going on with the Demon Flaming Head and Demon Vampire. There is an update to the opening post as follows for submissions just in the same way as with the vehicles. Future Additions Please consider a few pointers if you have your own offerings to add to the community pack to ensure a smooth transition and ease of compilation before posting to this thread: 1. Has the entity been successfully tested in the background within the existing pack? 2. Is your entity for all areas or only in specific biomes for day/night. The Plus pack o
  15. Interesting, send your creation via PM or post about it here to show how it complements the collective. This Plus version is still in test mode and certainly needs a few tweaks for HP and biome probability but it's getting there. These new 10 took some time to consider as follows: Snufkins base 15 all have their own unique traits with 2 airborne, a leaping class, and many foot bosses with a mix of speed and buffs. The additional 10 offered more airborne and leeping class to the mix to attempt to ensure a BM and regular game play had a balance from all angles.
  16. Excellent. You could find an initial common denominator. Stage II: 1. Launch only Snufkin Weapons and Snufkin Vehicles on a new World to see if the issue persists.. 2. If they launch well together without issue, start to add in an extra mod beginning with your Server Management mods as they will always be fundamental and see if and when a break appears. The reason for testing this way is two fold: a) The mods launch in alphabetical order and something coming before these two mods may take ID slots. b) In the recent update post there is an entr
  17. Here are the steps I would take in your position. 1. Remove all mods except this vehicle mod. Check that it functions on its own in a new World without any NRE warnings. 2. Add in your server management mods and test again. 3. Continue this process one by one until you hit the NRE and report back with the details.
  18. I hear ya, and some actions are governed by different processes like the crafting. I'd go with adding one by one in a new World until you hit issues.
  19. @AndrewDeMethill Looks like a Linux setup which is something I cannot emulate to match the exact conditions. I could however join you in a server on a separate map and go through a process of addition and elimination until we spot any conflicting pairings. If we get to that stage, it may be possible to manually change any IDs/attributes which are not working well together. The vehicles use a container ID 950, 951, 952 I believe and that has caused conflict issues in the past.
  20. @AndrewDeMethill Hello, and this is unfortunate because getting to the source of these issues can require a little detective work. Could you share know more about which version of 7D2D you are running and any mods that are installed on your server? This will help consider if there are any mismatches or conflicts.
  21. See what you make of this server side version. Doughs-RabbitOfCaerbannog-A19-ServerSideTest.zip Doughphunghus is very generous with the license arrangement and basically allows us to do anything we like with this mod. Naturally, Doughphunghus is credited throughout as the XML is full of Doughphunghus tweaks. This modder clearly loved working on this. It can be released as a public server side version if it passes your tests. 3.5 scale. I am about 6 meters up and it sure can jump. Snow ball replacement with molotov audio as it sha
  22. I see, just the serversides is understandable. In that case, the settings with just the default rabbit model and changing the grenade icon/model to something else may circumvent the custom bits. Such a cool rabbit for sure; nibbles one toe off at a time, lol.
  23. The entitygroups.xml continues to undergo a few tweaks while in test phase to find the best balance. In summary: The base probability for most Snufkin Plus entities is 0.5. The base entities are easy to avoid for low level players. However, aggressive flyers like the Shark and Drones (Hell Flyer and Hell Scorcher) which actively target you have been reduced to 0.2. A few individual entities like the Wrestler and Wendigo have also been reduced to 0.2 outside of their own biomes. However, Wrestler probability goes up again in the Desert and Wendigo increases in
  24. Oh yes, that's correct! Your banshee/screamer tag team combination. I forgot about that and how you'll need to update that with each new build.
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