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    I used to do normal business software design and now here I am working on an awesome game. Truly a dream come true for me. After many years and 1000's of games I can say that I see more potential in this game than most i have seen over my years of gaming.

    I tend to be quiet and shy as I don't like the spotlight; hence my avatar. :)
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    Playing games, from rpgs to fps and all in between. Game development. Physics. Algebra. For Science!

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  1. If a RWG map was generated, there is a known bug where it will artificially lower the quality of the textures. To remedy this, simply close out the game then continue on your RWG save game. We are looking into the cause of this.
  2. That makes sense. diff prefab, diff name but the code is there, well, parts of it anyway. Whoops.
  3. To someone that was asking about melee grazing hits a week or so ago, sorry, was very busy. Grazing hits will not hit the entity directly under the crosshair, they will only be hit by the direct hit. Grazing hits will give 10% of the damage of a normal direct hit. Grazing hits have their own events for buff proccing, etc. All of these values are adjustable via XML, mods, perks, etc. I want to at some point give you a full damage hit from the next glancing blow after dead center if dead center doesn't hit anything. This may come prior to or just after A18. I have to see how best to implement it without it being OP though.
  4. Bridges will be in A18 when needed to cross water and have a new more modern looking prefab. Not sure if, in that video, they used the prefab that is in A17 and placed them by hand or if I accidentally copied some stuff over when I was doing 17.4 fixes.
  5. That's the one. I even built a visualizer similar to that to test with.
  6. Not even close. Someone here was 100% dead on with a youtube video they showed. There's your clue.
  7. BAHAHAHAHA! What did you put there for my name? that's funny stuff.
  8. To those going on about RWG right now, have patience. I work on gameplay systems too so I can't just spend hours upon hours on RWG right now. It's functional, the biome generator is running from xml again, now I need the time to clean it up. It's not a matter of not knowing what to do or what would look best. It never is. It's a matter of having the time to do it. With the way RWG was created this release I'll be able to work on it without breaking worlds that players already have. With that though do realize, if there is a crafting bug, I have to work on it, not RWG. If there is a problem with buffs or effects or animations or progression, I have to work on those, not RWG. See where I'm going here? My time is at a premium and RWG will get it's love, just not right at this exact moment. There are bigger fish to fry than tweaking RWG to "perfection" right now. When it comes to RWG, have faith. I have things in the fire, I just don't have time to finish them up prior to the holidays so I put in what I had ready to go and put the biome stuff back to the old a16 version until I get the new cellular automata (self sorting) biome code in place. Then snow and desert will never touch and it's output looks very similar to that blobby image above that someone posted (already tested in a test project).
  9. Rest assured RWG will get back to it's previous glory. I own most of the gameplay systems so I've had to give that more attention. Don't worry, it'll get to a much better spot once I can get around to it. It's not a matter of ability it's a matter of time, try not to get those two things confused guys.
  10. no, they are not uniform aspect ratios. Some UMA toons have more than others and to save ram, if space is unused it crops it out. That said, the lowest UMA setting in video options should change that to a different number. If not then it's not resizing them like it should. I never tried resizing them using an image editor but that might work as well.
  11. They should be deleted first. it doesn't overwrite as it spins up a new one under the condition of the file not existing. It's odd that you're having that apply settings fix for ram issue. We had a similar problem on the dev end due to it not properly cleaning up rendertextures. But zombies SHOULD be using the baked texture from that directory (for non TFP stuff). Let me know if testing proves otherwise. could simply put a big red mark over the diffuse texture and see if it shows on the zombies it should, if not there is something with my modded archetype baking support that I'll need to look into. For what it's worth, those textures should bake for anyone, you don't HAVE to include them in the mod files, unless of course, you did some handy dandy art editing to the textures. It does cause a startup delay the first time if not already baked.
  12. I would like to say Kinyajuu that on behalf of the modders here on 7dtd i would like to thank you for involving yourself in the modding section and assisting with issues and playing active part here. For the end result we all have in common a great finished game with the ability to mod etc. So thankyou and hope to see this kind of involvement continue we appreciate your being here and replying and assisting Not a problem, I'm a huge fan of curiosity and discovery.
  13. It's an ongoing battle, the zombies are supposed to be baked. If you change the type in archetypes to "Zombie" or "Bandit" or "Survivor" it will use the internally baked textures ("Player" tells it to rebuild it from scratch every time), or, if named differently (and type is NOT "Player") it will bake the textures to Data/UMATextures. If not baked, or all of them are set as type="Player", showing a lot of them on screen will quickly eat memory. Be sure to set the type back to one of the non player types before pushing a bunch of them into the game. The UMA Texture resolution you have set in options affects the baked image size. The associated sizes are 4096, 2048, 1024, and finally 512 (think there are 4 options). If having lots of different zombies is killing your ram then as a client, simply turn that down. If making a mod, turn down the UMA Tex size to the desired image size, then start up the game with your new zombies in the archetypes.xml, you should then see 3 images in the /Data/UMATextures directory. So long as those are in there, the game will read from them. You can see if baking down the images helps. You can lower your UMA Texture setting in options, close the game, add the size to the end of the UMA Archetype names in archetypes.xml (only the non player types), change the archetype name pointer in entityclasses.xml, then restart the game. Should then have much smaller textures in memory instead of 4096x4096 * 3 for each type of uma zombie/npc/bandit Hope this was helpful
  14. Nice, someone found another one of the tools I built. Good work man! We're actually going to build something very similar for character customization once we round through the main menu system and clean it up.
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