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  1. I agree entirely Sadly I couldn't react with a like because my reaction thing is bugged it says "There was a problem with adding this reaction" or something
  2. Thank you for addressing this. I think The Fun Pimps are making some mistakes regarding simplification. The old build path was perfect, and now it feels meh. Also because it doesn't make sense for some blocks to be a wood or cobblestone variant. In the past there were wood, iron and steel ladders and wood and iron catwalks and now we can have cobblestone ladders, cobblestone planks, or cobblestone railings. It was perfect before. Only thing I would have changed with the old building was the ADDING of new materials, not removing. Also fear this will be the case indeed for the simplification of the clothing system for a21. Currently I'm playing with friends and everyone of us has a different outfit, which is a lot of fun to make ourselves. I'm pretty sure that will change to people wearing the same outfits (less variety etc) when the simplification hits, with maybe the exception of some dyes, but that's it. @madmole, yes, 99% of us love the new RWG and the new POI's as well as for example feral sense, but on the other hand we are losing great mechanics. I'm sure most of us also like the new building shapes, but I personally think that these should specifically be BUILDING shapes, not for example ladders or catwalks. Catwalks and ladders should be a seperate 'block', like it was before, with a seperate upgrade path. I just hope that some old features will come back (for example concrete drying, etc) and there won't be any more simplification, because it makes things more boring 😕 Sorry for maybe this negativity but it's how I feel. Thank you very much for reading.
  3. But that's why it's great that there is an option to disable airdrops. Personally I like airdrops every 3 days because when you hear the airplane flying over I'm instantly like 'airdrop!!!!' And I find it fun to then go there and I'm happy that airdrops don't have a very OP reward but I agree that traders give too much away, especially ammo, in their quest rewards
  5. What?!?! Nooooooooo... please keep it in. And btw, the reason for you saying this is probably not "to eliminate confusion for new players"... Not everything has to become 'easier' or faster, I think that thought sucks. Having to discover how things work as a new player with a little confusion is a good thing (well, personally I didn't understand how a forge worked in the very beginning but that would make things interesting to discover HOW they then would work, adding mysterious things which is very fun if you then discover it). Not everything has to be easy to understand in the beginning, because it would be boring if you would understand everything when you first boot up the game. When I just discovered Minecraft like 6 years ago I didn't even know how to craft a pickaxe. But that doesn't mean it made me quit the game, it made me especially more excited to play the game to want to discover how it worked Omg exactly!!! Thank you
  6. It's not like the devs sit there using Unity and click a checkmark saying 'enable Ray tracing for this game' and boom. In my opinion the graphics already look amazing and even better than I would ask from a game and if they add ray tracing I think that's something for gold. Edit: didn't read faatal's reaction yet. Glad that they won't add it tbh Sounds weird but it's just unnecessary and I can imagine that it's a LOT of work to rewrite the graphics system.
  7. I understand TFP perspective by nerfing the HP, because the block has less space occupation, meaning that it should probably have less HP. But, indeed, it costs the same amount of for example concrete mix, which isn't entirely fair. I always thought to myself: okay well these blocks take up less space but have the same amount of HP and cost the same amount of concrete mix, that means that it's probably just a higher density (more of the concrete stuff compacted in a smaller area, making it the same HP as full blocks).
  8. Found a pretty scary visual little bug, probably because the crawler doesn't have a swim animation, so he just floats above the water without animations towards us. Was very scary
  9. I think the design is good because you must do something before getting the workbench. If you would be able to have a workbench very early game that would be OP
  10. This was also a concern of mine, yep. A little sad about wet and reinforced concrete being gone, as well as reinforced wood. But there truly are a lot of other epic features added, which makes this update good again (personally). I hope that they will add more building blocks to choose from in the future in general. Buildings in cities have a lot of variety when it comes to materials they are made from, while we players always will have bases made from the same materials. There don't have to be as many materials players can choose from as, for example, in Minecraft, but one or two more materials for shapes we can build ourselves would definitely be amazing. Just for example, a new material is added: titanium, which has the highest corrosion resistance and thus is the most resistant against acid that Fat Cops and Mutant zombies spit/emit, but has less HP than steel. It can be used to make a mod for the vault doors (adding the acid resistance to the door), or can be made into a block that can be placed higher up in a base (resisting against the shooting acid/puke), but isn't designed to be directly in the hordenight base room (in late game), as it has less HP. I know that this titanium was an unrealistic example, but just... yeah... to be an example But, after all, very cool that they added some more mechanical blocks, such as the shutters. This adds a lot of variety
  11. I was maybe wrong about the ammo spawns being WAY too high. I played a20 with a friend yesterday and honestly it was super epic. Although I changed the ammo in zombie loot bags to be the medium ammo spawn group instead of large ammo spawn group (in the loot.xml), and lowered the amount of ammo we would get from trader rewards, it was very balanced this way. Played on loot abundance 100%, and we had a constant struggle of not starving the first 4 days but we finally got some food and crops going now (it is cool to have that survival aspect of finding food). Also, I thought the pipe guns would be OP to have so early in game, but I LOVE that they are definitely weaker than their real gun counterparts. For example the reloading taking longer, and a lower clip capacity, which is a great way to balance it It was a VERY big mistake to try to run outside in the middle of the night with feral sense set to nighttime; we thought we could make it to another building by sprinting over there, well... that went wrong LOL. Overall, amazing update, just like everyone else has said already. But I do think that there needs to be a little nerf in some ammo in loot, but not as much as I thought earlier
  12. Same, which is sad. Too much ammo in loot and too much ammo we get from trader rewards. Throwing a pipe bomb isn't special anymore compared to a16 or a17 as you would get 20 (!), now still 10 from just doing a simple tier 1 quest. From clearing a simple POI with say 10 zombies (which may already have ammo in the loot already, or zombies dropping loot bags with a lot of ammo), you can still get 100 9mm rounds from the trader from such a simple quest. Am gonna make a mod again just like I made for alpha 19 that'll drastically lower ammo you'll receive from traders. In a19 divided by 5 (200 9mm --> 40 9mm and 20 pipe bombs --> 4 pipe bombs), but now still divided by 2.5 (as the rewards are already halved). Also lowering the chance of zombies dropping loot bags and the amount of ammo in these loot bags. I can't just set Loot Abundance to 50% to lower loot as the food/medical items are balanced at 100% Loot Abundance now. I sounded a little negative right here, but this is my ONLY real complaint / feature I wish was changed & balanced for everyone for a20. Love the rest of it, even the farm changes
  13. I remember my first playthrough in alpha 16 (I was like 14 years old back then), we were playing with friends and one of us got infected and thought we would turn into a zombie at 100% xD
  14. Thank you for also adressing this, well, kinda gamebreaking issue because it removes the fun if we have so much ammo. It may even be a bug, or someone accidentally wrote some 0's too much behind the ammo reward value
  15. No, you aren't the only one. I adressed the same issue. Some might find it cool because, well, guns ARE cool, but I think that we shouldn't be able to spray around all the time and get so much ammo back. In my opinion ammo should be used only when necessary because it's scarce, for example when a horde is coming running to you and not just to spray into a random POI just because we have so much ammo. I think it makes it even more fun to use a gun when we don't have much ammo, because this makes us think about it and use it in special accasions like 'holy crap, there is a horde with some ferals coming to us, I hope I have enough ammo'. This makes it more of a challenge, instead of just powpowpowpow and you kill the entire horde because you have stacks and stacks of ammo, even in the early stage of the game. In the Discord there are also multiple people saying the same thing as you, that there spawns too much ammo. So, no, you aren't the only one. I'm happy that other people think this too
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