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  1. I'm looking forward to alpha 20 a lot - probably the most out of all updates I love the new POI's and the RWG looks amazing from the few screenshots we've seen. The feral sense option is really nice, vehicle paint (finally!!!), the new shapes, gamestage balance, that's all amazing But I am personally sad about 1 thing, which is no hate, but I just wanted to say it: the simplifying of the build path... For me that's just a loss of variation, creativity (and sometimes even strategy) for a base. It's also sad that wet concrete is being removed, as that gave players a tiny little challenge to think about: if it will be dry in time if necessary. The rebar frames allowed you to pick it up and actually also made it look cooler like progress was being made if you saw some frames not being filled with concrete yet, like in real life, like a new building that is being made - in the beginning you mostly see frames and bars. 7 Days to Die is my favourite game, but personally, simplifying doesn't feel well to do for this game. Same goes with the player armor which will be heavily simplified in alpha 21. Simplifying means less variation, more repeating, and thus: playthroughs feeling a little bit less unique.
  2. Not to be annoying in any way, just curious, but does "soon" (for the dev stream) mean this month, or... later..?
  3. The Walking Dead!!! Yes, the city's from there would fit epicly in the 7 Days to Die world
  4. Do you mean that current trader rewards are too strong? Because that's what I definitely feel, oof. We get 20 pipe bombs from clearing out 6 zombies!!! 😮 I think that's way too much. 4/5 pipe bombs would've been way more balanced. But the XP and money rewards are balanced I think
  5. 7 Days to Die little review. Unique and/or nice things in this game: - The variety of different buildings (especially with the new ones we’ve seen coming in a20) - An entirely destructible open world - The possibility to choose from a default made map or a randomly generated world - The Random World Generation itself. I think it’s pretty good - Zombie/NPC AI. I think that’s actually pretty well scripted - The wide choice of building materials and blocks. (Altough I am a little sad that the upgrade path will be simplified in a20) - Schematics and books - The clothing system (a wide choice of unique outfits you can create with all of the clothing/armor) - Stripper zombie boob physics Things that, in my opinion, could be improved: - First and third-person player animations. - The lack of variety on certain visual aspects in the game, especially zombie variety. - Certain gameplay logic - For example, when looting a weapons bag, if it’s storage is entirely empty, the weapons are still physically in there. It would add immersion if the physical ‘lootable’ parts of a container wouldn’t be visible if the storage is empty. Detailed explenation: - First and third-person player animations sometimes look a little off and weird. I also think we should have a different animation on wether a melee attack hits or when it misses. Other details to animations which would be cool are player swim animations, ladder climbing animations or a short little animation that plays when you pick up a rock. - Zombie variety could be improved, as you will see a lot of clones of zombies in the game, quite often even in the same building or hordes. I think variety would be improved a lot if zombies could have a random hairstyle, hair color, skin color, and maybe even clothing color or a random chance that a zombie will wear a hat. The new zombie models look very great in my opinion, and they are an improvement. But I think that with these new models, every zombie will look more unique and especially because they look so unique from each other, clones will be noticed even easier. Because the old models looked closer to each other, clones weren’t noticed from far away that easy as they will be now. Apart from zombie variety, I also think that, for example, some more vehicles could be added. Both the static environmental vehicles as well as some new rideable vehicles. An idea I had was that we can build a 4x4 with an open backside part of the vehicle as well as a jeep with a closed backside part of the vehicle. The closed jeep being a little slower than the open 4x4, but having more storage. Another idea is to have 2 bicycle types, a BMX and the bicycle we have already. But it’s nice that vehicle paint will be added in alpha 20, tho. Also, why is every food a piece of meat? Lol. - Certain gameplay logic doesn’t make much sense. For example: aiming a weapon costing stamina, cooking 5 raw meat turning into 1 cooked meat, an entire building respawning once its quest marker is activated, etc. But these examples are a small little thingy (not important). - When looting certain containers, for example a weapons bag, even if the storage is empty, you can still see the weapons in the physical container (the actual 3D-model). It would be more immersive if the 3D-models (of in this case the weapons) would be disabled/made invisible once the storage is empty. Same goes for example for a refridgerator, a clothing rack, and some other lootable containers. Special note: I really really like this game and it truly is unique from other games, in a great way. Personally what I love is how realism/graphics aren’t a higher priority than gameplay. I think that it’s okay that the player model doesn’t look super high quality, that some textures aren’t full HD, or that in some models you can easily see the vertices. A game doesn’t have to look amazing in order to be amazing. Gameplay is more important than visuals, right? And that’s what TFP are doing really great: keeping gameplay as a higher priority than graphics/visuals/realism, although some visual aspects of course are great if improved, but that’s less important :). Also, don’t mind the people saying ‘wow I hate it that this game has been in alpha for such a long time’. That’s totally okay. You guys are making a great game, with a relatively small team. In my opinion, TFP is doing better than Wildcard or Bethesda. Thank you for reading.
  6. Niceee!!! That sounds epic, thank you for answering
  7. Good day, I have a little question, @faatal, do you maybe know if (as noted in the dev diary) the 'animation improvements' also mean like: updated or new zombie/player animations?
  8. Thanks for your reply Take your time, guys, it sounds like amazing work so far. I love this game. I'm the most excited for the RWG with the downtown districts and like the actual sidewalks and stuff.
  9. Sadly not But @faatal, is there any news on a next dev stream? We haven't gotten these in a LONG time
  10. Finally the first post is updated a little bit!!! :DDDDDD Thank you so much
  11. Hey Roland, Amazing stories I'm sooooo excited for alpha 20. But I am of course willing to wait until it's ready for experimental. Last tuesday (a week ago) you said that you will update the alpha 20 dev diary's first post that week. So I got super excited for some news. When were you planning to do this?
  12. @Roland wil you be updating the dev diary's first post today as you said last tuesday? I'm just super duper curious and excited for some news 😛 If not, then that's ofcourse OK too.
  13. Do you mean these kind of electrical logic gates? That indeed is really cool. Could add a lot of features to electrical systems indeed.
  14. Wow, okay, then I was completely wrong. Thank you for your answer, it's really nice that it hasn't been removed then.
  15. Wait, are there? I can't remember them after a16 was the last time? Maybe I'm completely wrong, then my bad
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