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  1. Thank you for the answer. I'm sorry if I pushed on too much, I won't do it again. I need to learn how to try and convince or just tell something without pushing
  2. Well I'm sorry about posting these collages, however I did say in the first one that I was probably going to receive hate, which I really did get. That's okay. Was making them with good intentions, though 😔, but apparently it got received very bad. Said multiple times that I wasn't hating on you guys, but you did hate on me for trying to raise awareness. Cool.
  3. ~60% of the comments on a youtube video "all alpha 21 update news", look it up if you dont believe me. Just saying, still no hate
  4. Thank you for your detailled answer. Of course it is difficult to comply to each and everyones wishes, I just hope that maybe some day an option or something is added whenever you create a world which you can choose from "build path: simple" or "build path: complex". The simple build path is what it is now since alpha 20, with 4 materials, and the complex build path is somewhat how it was in alpha 17 for example, with the 11 materials (including levels). Or even just an option "blocks requires frames: yes" or "blocks requires frames: no" (rebar, metal and wood frames how it was before). For sure 99% of people truly love the features like feral sense and the improved world generation in alpha 20 but as of now I think that on the other hand, quite some people, including me, are going to go to the "older version" options in steam and switch back to alpha 16, 17 or 18, (for the sake of building) it feeling more survivalish and actually like we are constructing something (rebar frames --> has to dry --> etc etc). Progression felt slower which was great (in my opinion). Thnx 4 reading
  5. I truly didn't say that ONLY things should be added and nothing ever has to be changed. I've said what I wanted to say to give all these reviews and people a voice.
  6. I agree that it is more important that most people like it, of course. Change itself isn't a bad thing, but I'm just stating that quite some people, including me, worry/dislike the fact that things are being removed. Most of these reviews are not saying that this game is bad, but they're leaving this review as they notice that so many things get removed/changed for the worse and this trend is still continuing. These reviews all state that they would think this game would be in a better state if an update would have felt like great content was not being removed. Now I know I have easy speaking as it must be difficult to comply to so many requests. However, I just hope that TFP are looking at these reviews/messages. I'm just certain that there would have been less negative and more positive reviews if things that weren't broken didn't got "fixed". These reviews are just, as it may be called, concerned people that feel like something they really liked is heading into a wrong direction. Just like you would see a good friend of you take a wrong turn in life that would be bad for his/her own health - you would worry.
  7. Yes, the user reviews are still very positive, but the newer reviews do include players that have not known this game as it was earlier. So, if I were to play 7 days to die knowing only 4 building materials, I wouldn't notice and I would give a positive review. It is however a difference if people were used to the 11 building materials (including different levels) which now have been reduced to 4. And again, not to hate, but comparitively speaking, jan2022-jan2023 has more negative reviews than jan2020-dec2021 (somewhere ~jan2022 alpha 20 released).
  8. No hate, but these are just parts of a lot of reviews I found of players who have the same concerns as me. I maybe will get hate due to this, heck, I may even get banned. (Each seperate image is from a seperate review)
  9. Hey does anyone know a mod that re-adds rebar frames and old materials? Yeah I know I mentioned "rebar frames" for the 7000th time now, I'm just pretty upset about it. Thnx 4 reading Btw I actually think I have some light form of autism (no joke), and I just cannot stand change in a way that REMOVES stuff that was just great to have and I "bonded" with
  10. You will get 300 million players online if they re-add rebar frames
  11. Alpha 21 is looking like a better update than a20 so far, just sad that you guys removed materials and rebar frames and aren't gonna add them back this update. I think it would be cool to ask your playerbase for a vote about this, maybe via Steam, 'cause I THINK that the majority liked the more materials we had back before alpha 20 more. Otherwise I'm just gonna play alpha 16 or 17. Btw no hate, just caring. Ps thnx 4 reading
  12. I know it of course is a lot harder than that small incorrect code I wrote, I know. It was a bad joke of me. But thank you faatal for reacting
  13. if cementMixer == enabled then animation.Rotate:Play() else animation.Rotate:Stop() (I know it's not that simple)
  14. I made a list with small things that could relatively easily be added (but I'm not a programmer so Idk): - With all the new high-quality models why does a cement mixer still not visually rotate when doing stuff? That would be such a very small thing that could add a lot of livability if that even is a word. - If gun racks or clothing racks are empty, remove the visual items (i.e. the clothing / guns) from the 3D-object. If the container is not empty, just make them visible again. - Have a very simple animation play when someone is looting or using a storage container such as a chest or a cupboard. The chest or cupboard opens when in use and closes when players go out of the inventory. Such as the drawbridge does but then on a cupboard. - For the electrical component - the alarm/speaker - make an option for different sounds to be used when activated. For example: "Alarm 1" that goes weewooweewoo and "Alarm 2" that goes waaweewaawee or "Air Raid Siren" that goes a lot slower and is more epic which for example can be used when something extremely dangerous is triggered. Or make an option for Volume of the alarm/speaker. - Not so easy to add but would be so cool and add variety: a quad vehicle
  15. Hi everyone I'm curious to see how this game will become. I just wanted to mention out one thing. Don't make the same mistake as a lot of devs do which is focussing on graphics and visuals instead of mechanics and (new) interactive features. We don't care if something VISUAL is in detail or hyperrealistic. Btw I actually hate visual hyperrealism. We rather have cool new gameplay mechanics! Thank you for reading
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