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  1. They'll surely explain everything to your children... after they grow up. (*old man's voice*) I remember playing Alpha One on my Commodore 64 back then, they were very different times ya know? *cough, cough* Now, let me tell you the story of how this game was born...
  2. @mstdv inc & @bachgaman Please stop spamming the Dev Diary with this futile banter. Open your own topic in the general discussions to sort it out. Thanks.
  3. @SnowDog1942 A forum virgin! SnowDog? It's all yours!
  4. Thanks Adam! I'll post this on Steam!
  5. I don't know about Roland, but I personally am under the impression that you lightly throw words at people you don't know, assuming they, even if we are "on the internet", will be able to read your "inside tone" and not be offended by intrinsically offensive words. I'll give you some free advice: since you very well know you're on the internet like you said, remember to add more "context words" to convey not only what you mean, but also the tone with which you'd like to convey what you want to say. That'll help you avoid situations like this in the future.
  6. I know, it's 128x128, a bit oversized... but I know you're "crafty", aren't you? As an alternative we could give 'em some gingerbread instead...
  7. Sounds like a cookie-cutter speech to me... Jokes aside, I sent a PM with a similar request to Roland some time ago, but my reason was that flowers feel too "feminine" as a reaction, if you know what I mean... I'd rather have (e.g.) a fist/hand on heart icon or something. But as Adam said... not life and death lol
  8. It's just "nerd talk" in my eyes... just play the game as it is and be done.
  9. What part of "he's not the music guy" did you not understand?
  10. Sorry, what does GDR stand for?
  11. I've got a leaked video where TFP are experimenting ways to reach a bigger game audience. This is a speed reflexes test of the new DDFS (Dumbed Down Fighting System): just press random buttons very quickly and your character will fight for you without further input! Basically, with this smart commercial move, TFP will easily acquire all pet owners across the game market.
  12. I'd rather have a system in place similar to how they did it in the game Chernobyl. TFP could randomly add "radiation packets" to the Wasteland biome where you'd need special PPE to get in and not get radiation poisoning.
  13. Nice! Stealing that for Steam!
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