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  1. That's because, according to Madmole, the Dire Wolf is actually an undead, in fact they're going to change the harvesting to give rotten meat.
  2. That's the famous "Tree in the Rock", if you can cut that tree you'll become The King Lumberjack! Amazing job! 🤯
  3. Foundations! Dig deep foundations into the hill and you will never have to worry about that again!
  4. What you paid for was an incomplete game that you did not know how it would be when final releases comes. Fact. Wrong. We actually had a very good general idea a long time ago how this game would pan out. Early Access is a Steam thing and has its rules, but The Fun Pimps took a "moral obligation" in the points they promised in the Original Kickstarter back in 2013. That has nothing to do with the Steam development and distribution. However they've been living up to their promises (and more) up to now and the only missing points are Bandits and the Story (which makes sense since it's the last thing you'd add to the game). As for the rest I disagree with Demadred1957 in that TFP are doing a great job listening to players... so much that they added the GameSpark (is that the name??) thing to have a better idea on what the players really like and (do most) and what they don't like (do less). As far as I'm concerned they rightly only listen to feedback that fits their own vision of the game, they're surely NOT going to change the core game vision based on feedback. @Demadred1957: ss for the "fun" part, I'm confident if they find something's not fun they'll change it in the next patch or before release, rest assured.
  5. I heard you once talking about something called "raycast" to check collisions? Can't you do that TOP + 360° around within 5 blocks from the player each time he places a block down? With TOP being a "must check" (roof) and the blocks around the player needing a minimum count maybe? But I see it mustn't be easy at all... I'm not a dev so I might have misunderstood completely, sorry.
  6. Not true... late game you're swimming in steroids or megacrush drinks and you only need full slots when you come back from a mission or looting. At that point you can easily gobble up one and you're golden. Not speaking of the fact late game you already have the best vehicles with plenty of storage. I accept my idea is not feasible from a technical standpoint as Madmole explained, but there's gotta be something to make PM the great perk it could be.
  7. Hey guys, today I had an idea back to the topic of A19/A20 Pack Mule we were talking some time ago. I was thinking PM should give a bonus to stacking instead of just adding more slots. That would make sense for two reasons: 1) you can carry more because you're stronger so you also stack more and 2) you are more expert at stacking things together so it's not just a question of strength but also of ability to pack. I think that PM as it still is in A19 lacks something and I'm not putting any points in it since I found out there's so many other ways to carry stuff with no penalty.
  8. I'm left-handed. Correct. The right hand has a chainsaw attached. Yeah! 😁
  9. That's a nice base, though personally I like more "compact" ones lol
  10. Really?? You must be young then... Edit: sorry, I misread what you wrote lol ... I thought you were talking about movies! 😆
  11. Earning that much money should not be possible at all IMO. They should add a "budget" for each trader like many other games did in the past: that way you can't earn more money than (i.e.) 10K dukes a day because that's what the trader has in his safe... until he can restock and make more money the next day.
  12. Problem is the same happened to the Behemoth and to Zip Lines or the Lockpicking minigame, we all saw a working demo, then they were delayed for a few alphas and then finally scrapped. I was asking Madmole if from a devs point of view the conditions for the Junk Drone look similar to those previous projects or if this feels more like just a "bump in the road".
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