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  1. I've been saying for ages that they should have different attribute skill trees for SP and MP. This would solve once and for all the balancing problem we have now. Also, would solve the "Charismatic Nature" hole issue for SP.
  2. Uninstall, then completely clear the 7D2D folder, and only then reinstall from scratch. I know, it's a lot of work, but it'll solve your problem.
  3. Even if you removed the mod, you should still try to verify the game cache from Steam.
  4. My gosh! All this nerd talk has given me a headache! Oh well, I'll get some painkillers, antibiotics and vitamins...
  5. I know, I'm not a beginner on this game lol, my reasoning is that you have to study/know a lot of things about vitamins, stimulants and so on to get the benefits from that skill, so it's more about INT to me. I mean, if I move Salvage Operations to FOR I have to give one skill back to PER, and IMO The Hunter is ok there (for the reasons I have described previously). Hmm... hadn't considered that. But if, like I said, you put The Hunter under PER and Salvage Operations under FOR, the net sum is still the same, both PER and FOR would still have some harvesting skills. Farming IMO is more of a long term skill, so I don't consider it a harvesting skill per se. Well, I gave just one possible example of how they could adapt CN to SP remaining faithful to the meaning of the skill. They can come up with something better, for sure. The point is, currently in SP that skill is like a "black hole" inside the INT skill tree.
  6. The other day I was looking at the skill tree and I thought there were some skills that IMO could work better if assigned to a different attribute. Examples: Salvage Operations should be under the Fortitude attribute, since dismantling something (I've had some non-professional experience there) is not much about perception, since you basically get whatever parts you need after you disassemble everything, but is much more about stamina, since it's a lot of sweat and work to strip down something. Instead, The Hunter is much more appropriate IMO under Perception, since you need to look at the good cuts and then notice what parts of the animal are good or bad to extract. I think also that Charismatic Nature, which is now an MP only skill, should have a use also in single player. An example of a possible way to use CN in SP is to have it affect how animals react to you. Example (in SP): "You are an inspiration to your allies, increasing their combat prowess. Your charisma also extends to animals. Small animals perceive you less a threat, and some predators will instead be more careful as you project an Alpha vibe on them." Lvl.1 Small animals like chickens and rabbits will let you get closer before running away. Lvl.2 Coyotes and snakes will not attack you unless you get much closer to them. Lvl.3 Wolves will perceive you as an Alpha pack leader, will only attack when much closer than "normal". Lvl.4 You can behave so that Mountain Lions don't easily see you as prey anymore... until you get closer! Lvl.5 You understand how to "respect" Bears to not easily upset them, you get a lesser chance to be attacked. Now, about the other two skills that I think should be switched... Grease Monkey, should move under Fortitude since doing the mechanic is hard work, and you need a lot of stamina to wrench, dismantle and assemble stuff. At the same time, Healing Factor should go under Intellect because knowing the right things to take (either food or medicine) to get a healing boost is about having a good knowledge and understanding of how the body works, so you need to be smart and knowledgeable. That's it! Hope you guys give me some feedback on my view, and hopefully it makes sense to you too. Thanks
  7. Yes, a few. But my current map was generated in A20 b238. Dunno if they fixed anything in A20.1 Exp.
  8. Honestly, I had to search for "retcon", but good joke. I'm starting to think that if Roland wanted to insult me, he could find a way with words so that I wouldn't even know...
  9. Fauci couldn't explain it better! Wow! You already searched all that stuff?? Your searching ability is beyond anything I could imagine!
  10. That's something I wouldn't want, honestly. They already did that in A18/19? (can't remember, but it was weird to see some random animations applied to a zombie which is completely "out of character" for that specific one. The way to go IMO is exactly the opposite: fat zombies should walk more like "fat people" while thin and agile ones can have nervous/quick animations, and so on...
  11. They already said this in one of the dev streams. They found a way to probably (they need to experiment a bit) give many variations with colors to zombies. As for other special zombies, IIRC they said they're not done yet.
  12. Define "realism". I mean, you're already out of whack here, since zombies don't exist! Can you tell me if you consider my current A20 base cheesy please? I'm asking because I don't think my base is like that, since I actually fight and kill zeds and my gate CAN be broken.
  13. Then it must be about the way we play. Maybe if you do some things instead of others the AI "bug" can be experienced, but again, I don't experience some of the behaviors you describe at all and only sometimes I see zeds getting stuck in destroy mode. My horde base is laid out in a way they almost never get stuck into destroy mode.
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