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  1. True, but it was an estimate, it wasn't written on rock. 7D2D roadmap has changed a lot of times based on what they find out and need while developing the game, it's not as simple as choosing a destination and going there.
  2. Bandits are probably the last thing they'll add to the game since they'll need to keep into account most of the stuff in the world around them. Imagine if they added bandits and after that reworked water... they'd need to change the way they deal with water afterwards (swimming, voiding it or using it in some way) and waste a lot of time.
  3. That would be the UMA technology introduced a few years ago in Unity... they tried using it both for players and zombies, but it was under-performant during BM nights, so they had to tear it down and change back to hand-modeled zombies (now in HD!). So unless Unity has HEAVILY optimized that engine part I don't think they'll risk using modular anything anymore...
  4. If that's your way to enjoy life you must be a walking dead lol
  5. They hold a knuckle rubs contest of course!
  6. @faatal is already watering down the next alpha...
  7. What can I say, I'm a simple man. 🙂
  8. Frankly I don't know why you guys don't take such suggestions seriously... is much more possible that they listen to these little changes/fixes that they can do in a measurable amount of time, than if you're asking to completely re-write an entire system. Removing Dart Trap ammo is also an example of how you can optimize the game a bit at a time. One less recipe in the Forge, one less item in loot (if any) or in the trader list, only used there, there's really no point in keeping this one. Also, @SnowDog1942 it's not like making "everything generic", since the ammo example you make is ludicrous. I suppose you're one of those guys that still want Bear Meat, Boar Meat, Deer Meat, Chicken Meat, Wolf Meat, Snake Meat and Rabbit Meat? (ok, I know some snarky sexual oriented comment is coming... crap! I've essentially shot my foot here) /serious Ok, your replies were fun actually!
  9. @madmole For the sake of "simplification", we should get rid of the dart trap ammo and just make it shoot nails. Dart ammo is only used there. Whatd'ya think?
  10. Let them work on the basics of the new system, there's always time for bugs/exploits later... 😉
  11. And that's why the climate is changing! Not that aliens can't be blamed at all... but, whatever, what were we talking 'bout? 😶
  12. That's fantastic news!! I hope you geniuses can tackle this bad beast. Good luck!
  13. Sand should also be used to crudely filter water. It can be used to doze off fire when you don't have water. They should also add sand "blocks" you can put on the ground to slow down zombies (or, in the future, bandits) to (i.e.) 30/50% speed. Imagine how cool it would be to be able to craft "quicksand" blocks you can place around your base! 🙂 I can see several more examples where sand could be expanded and better used in the game. Maybe mods will do it.
  14. I was looting a kitchen and a simple idea came to me... toasters should be lootable and have sometimes "old sham sandwiches" inside. :-]
  15. Sorry, but that's not entirely true... there weren't exactly "circuits" at that time, it was called a "memory node" and it was made of rings of copper wires. I know this bcause I had read some "computer encyclopedia" when I was a boy about the history of computers (not that it was useful afterwards lol). BTW: each node was probably the size of a coin or more!
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