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  1. Good. Now they changed from Waterworks to Funeral Homes.
  2. Well, since they added a new Weapons tier (that even if it's named "pipe" is actually "scrap") I just thought the corresponding tools were missing. That's all. The argument that pipe weapons are "Stone Age" is kind of counterintuitive, there's no Stone Age for firearms.
  3. I don't know, but I've been playing several mods where they added the additional "Scrap Tools" tier and honestly seems to work rather well all in all. I'm just saying this because I instinctively associated the "Scrap Metal" tier with the pipe weapons...
  4. I just now realized that in A20 we'll have "only" the new pipe weapons... but what about "pipe tools"? Are there any plans to add (e.g.) pipe shovel, pipe pickaxe and pipe axe, as a new "step-age" between stone and iron? It's just that it sounds like the logical next step to the addition of the new pipe weapons...
  5. Because, you know, even TFP sometimes need a summer vacation...
  6. Yes. If you specialize in "blunt" weapons you may have a chance.
  7. Looting won't feel the same at all AFAIK, since they've started adding tiered biomes and tiered loot.
  8. No, but I found this nice video which shows a resume of the currently known A20 features:
  9. I think TFP "coders" should have a look at this topic on Steam. Almost all players there are reporting they never had a crash while playing 7D2D! I think y'all should be proud of how stable an unfinished game is!
  10. I think you meant a peek... unless you want to see the biggest mountains from the new RWG!
  11. @Roland We need a "surprised" reaction!
  12. I'm not against it. Also, as you said, other games do this.
  13. LOL! You really never heard about UMA, don't you?
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