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  1. For SnowDog the "turning point" is 69.
  2. So what? It's not like they're delaying the release just to @%$# you off, you know? There are still bugs to be squashed (MFs) and last minute balancing to be done maybe.
  3. They could add skeletons to the church/cemetery POI...
  4. We don't need Hitler, we already have the average Steam hater dudes out there...
  5. I finally watched last Dev Stream and I must say the new Random World Generation is great! Congrats to TFP for the great job and, as I understand it, for the great team work between the programmers and the POI designers and artists. I can't wait to try the new RWG myself, it'll feel like a brand-new adventure each time I restart. I dare say that 7D2D RWG stands on-par and in some instances is even better than the one they use in No Man's Sky!
  6. That's because your PC can't keep up with the chunks loading, has nothing to do with normal gameplay. When the game will be optimized better, this won't happen anymore (I hope).
  7. @faatal someone on Steam said that the Raft could be added in A20 since it's basically already working well. Is this true/probable?
  8. I suppose the map seed is your PIN, right?
  9. I guess that would be a question @faatal could answer.
  10. I remember the dev who programmed the drone said it WILL affect stealth detection. But as Roland said, it won't affect combat or zombies at all. I doubt it'll ever be possible (unless they limit the range) since you could send it to points on the map where the chunks have been unloaded because you're too far away. The drone should be a mid/end-game thing, so it'd be fair to have it give a little more protection and bonuses. IMO, it's all a question of balancing (as always). You already have rocks that are much more efficient and already work. Yeah, someone already mentioned something along the lines, but IMO there are two main problems: 1) You need A LOT of additional ORIGINAL music scores added to the game or... 2) You need to provide a way to have custom music added to the game (e.g.: MP3/AVI playlist in a folder).
  11. I agree. That makes sense... I didn't even think about it until you brought it up, honestly. I don't think Joel identifies with a Teddy bear... They could actually add mods you can find with different voices (male / female / robot / trader Rekt lol). That would be great, IMO!
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