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  1. That would actually be great! I've always wished they'd add one or more pre-recorded radio stations. That would give us an incentive maybe to build our own radio to put in our own base.
  2. There are two things that I miss in 7D2D that are in SoD2: The need to sleep Morale If they added them, then you could have R&R quarters that would actually have a purpose and would not just be for aesthetics.
  3. I turned off blood moons and was trying to create a State of Decay 2 base, with areas dedicated to specific activities. For some reason I like to build something like that because in games like SoD 2 the "slots" are limited for each base, while in 7D2D we can do and build whatever we want. So I said to myself, why not pretend like I'm in SoD 2 (of which I like the ambience) and create my own base with dedicated slots? Well... it's still a work in progress, but this is the result:
  4. Wow! Now I feel like I'm the scum of society just because I use a K&M... I wish I was a fine controller person like you, but, whatever, I was born like this and I can't do much about it.
  5. I'm quite sure it was this guy who pushed it... it's one of the "new" moderators:
  6. Did anyone else notice that falling felled trees fail to fully complete the fall noise? Also: if you're sneaking and fell a tree, the sneak meter does not move at all. @faatal
  7. I feel you man... I was disappointed too when bandits were delayed yet another time. However, we need to understand that writing the bandits' AI in this specific game (fully destructible voxel world), will be an outstanding achievement. I'm not sure even our good @faatal will be able to pull it off! Such a complex AI (if done good) it's a huge can of worms!
  8. The problem here is that this is also a game that's supposed to be with "tower defense" elements in it. The AI was programmed like that so that on horde night you can do exactly what you don't like. A possible solution would be to have Blood Moon AI to be turned back to "dumb" and all other AI (during week-days) would be the current one. I would support this kind of change only if it was togglable in the options though.
  9. And even with the man power... look at what a mess they did! Maybe next time they should hire a staff of all women and see if girl power is better.
  10. It's a minor compromise for me. All it would change is that you'd have to climb a hill to get there instead of running/driving at the same level.
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