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  1. The random setting would weight the terrain stamper to randomly select between plains, hills, mountains, rather than using the set weight.
  2. I live in Oklahoma. The outskirts of Tulsa and OKC are like this. Lots of farm land too valuable to turn into housing. So business try to set up where they can buy land and get it zoned. Afterwards, it ends up looking like this. Heck, there is a huge ranch in South Tulsa. The art bits aren't really an RWG based thing. The roads may get a grunge pass at some point just not at the moment. The level guys had to churn out a ton of POIs this round.
  3. Yes, but you can add as many new stamps as you want. It will also blend them together, so you might see some things that look kind of familiar but when you're on the ground it doesn't look at all the same and I've ran many many many seeds. Also, modders can add to the terrain stamps using png files, there is a base height level (r:32 g:32 b:32) and anything darker will dig down, anything higher will build up. Once I go over how to use our r16 format you'll even be able to define lakes at certain heights IN a stamp. It's really nifty. a20 (gold) RWG has a LOT more content driven design than any iteration before it. I'm very confident people will be happy with how it generates and modders will be thrilled at having a fairly easy way to build customized random maps. (looking at you, total conversion modders ;)) Anyway, I'm trying to avoid talking about the details too much on here. I'm super excited to show off / talk about everything and have a whole list of stuff that I'll be going over on the dev stream on October 13th (this week is the other programmers).
  4. Wait for tonight's stream. The level designers will be talking about new prefabs, tools, and such.
  5. I am going to drop a tiny bit of info since towns a tiles are being asked about. Custom townships are possible now, not just city, town, and country. We made an "oldwest" township that has street tiles that match that theme. In my dev stream in a couple weeks I will explain how that works and how modders can make custom towns using their own set of tiles.
  6. Even if what was asked isn't possible in the WAY they asked, what IS possible will likely be something they wanted and will give similar results. I will go into depth when I do the dev stream. I don't want to give away too much too soon.
  7. Nope, the towns are laid out in general tiles first, then the connections are built. It doesn't have any other function other than filtering out some prefabs based on rules in rwgmixer.xml. Now, you could abuse the rules to make sure that only certain ones spawn, but not on a per township basis.
  8. I don't want to say it was aliens but it was ALIENS
  9. 1. I leave a couple of the outer tiles with road exits with no tile beside them and then connect the highway to that for now. Later I'm hoping to do some kind of highway off ramp tile to make it look more natural. 2. With the exception of the above, yes, all roads will connect to other tiles.
  10. 1. We have a tagging system now for all prefabs so we're working on making sure two things of the same theme don't spawn close together. 2. So long as you make sure the exits line up like the roads do, yes. You would have to make sure you used all custom street tiles with the sewers built in though. 3. Basic options were given for the UI but in rwg mixer xml you can set the min and max tile count, that will control the overall size. 4. Nope, it has to fit in the tile in a POI Marker. 5. Yes.
  11. 1. You are correct. 2. Yes, new districts can be defined in rwgmixer xml and you can also define what townships they go in.
  12. haha, asking the potent questions, technically yes. the number is just a simple way for us to define them. You can add _whatever to the end and it'll still go in the list.
  13. A group is just a string you enter to have multiple markers related in some way. Making them different colors just helps differentiate between groups visually and makes for a nice look overall. 1. Yes, wilderness. anything above 100 probably won't fit the largest and the hard rule is nothing bigger than the poi marker size. The code for smaller Prefabs to get centered when a smaller one is chosen is already in place, it's simply turned off while we get things finished up as we don't want non standards popping up in test generations. 2. It isn't planned as there is one more size type for POI Markers, Custom. It'll allow you to simply define a size on a tile and it'll use that as the max constraint. 3. It's a trick of the eye, they are square. Custom sizes are supported but our team is using standard sizes only for various reasons.
  14. Each group gets a different color. It's mostly for visualization.
  15. 1. Yes, each district has a set of tiles in Prefabs/RWGTiles/, they can be overwritten or simply add a number to the end and you can have any number of variants. They can be any height (meaning you can add sewers and other things underground) and must be 150x150 in size. 2. Yes, there are 4 way intersection, 3 way intersection, striaght, corner, and dead end type tiles. 3. Yes, we have several tiles where the streets veer off and dead end, alleyways, etc. within the tile. only the edges have to match up 4. We are just calling them POI spawn markers as we also have something called Part spawn markers. 5. All town/city district tiles use an exact size, the rural edges of a town will take anything that can fit in the space (down to the next POI marker size). I will be adding an option to allow the same on the district tiles via the rwg mixer. 6. Yes, Extra Small = 25x25, Small = 42x42, Medium = 60x60, Large = 100x100 7. They can be directly next to each other as the POI will always fit in the dimensions 8. They are all at the same level, doing multi height tech will be a large undertaking and not something we'll be doing for a20 for certain. 9. Yes, parcels are 2d, no height requirement as we had no need for that with the current system 10. It's better to leave out anything that isn't part of a real world lot, sidewalk from the house to the edge is fine, but you wouldn't want to put a frontage on there (at least on residential) I've seen some downtowns with front sidewalks that blended well with the downtown tiles. 11. Yes, zoning is associated with the tile. The definition of a tile to be a zone type is in it's name. 12. Yes they will, we have city, town, country town, and another I'll leave as a surprise. 13. Nothing was planned as of yet as this tech is still new. We'll be fleshing it out after initial release as per usual.
  16. Lol no real reason. Just busy busy.
  17. BAHAHAHAHA! What did you put there for my name? that's funny stuff.
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