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  1. I never actually thought about it. I never use the steroids because I always have a motorcycle first. You are correct sir! I agree.
  2. Happy Birthday Adam, I hope you get whatever you want out of your day. Cheers
  3. Tell us what you like about Alpha 19. Tell us what you dislike about alpha 19. Loving the new HD models. The new POI's are awesome. Loving the new lighting too. Not so crazy about the fatigue that you can only cure with vitamins. Maybe give us the option to sleep in our bedrolls to cure it as well.
  4. Developers stream #2 is still not up on you tube. Well over 24 hours now. Still waiting to watch it. Sigh.
  5. Richard mentioned ressurectors during the stream when he started talking about special types. Not my Idea. They would make clearing a POI quite the process until you found them protecting the boss chest.
  6. Why? Is there going to be a spanking? A spanking! A spanking!
  7. I love the idea of a ressurector type Zombie. Bringing back to life the zombies you just killed would be awesome. headless zombies should be exempt though.
  8. I think it would be cool if we could build a small fish trap on the edge of the large bodies of water. It could introduce fish as a food source without any kind of fishing mini games or new animations. You could just open it like any box and have a percentile chance of there being a fish in it. Bait could be used to attract the fish. Fish could be scaled in the recipes, grilled, battered and fried with chips, chowder.
  9. I may be showing my age here but what exactly is a min/max'er? I am old and can't keep up with you kids and all your fancy terms. Adam, some of us are getting worried. Do you need to talk about it? Cutting is an obvious sign of anxiety. We are here to help.
  10. I am really looking forward to ALL of the changes. Everything I am hearing is just going to add to all of the stages of the game. Early, mid and late stages are going to be a lot more interesting. I'm looking forward to new strategies for all of it. Great work gang. Cheers
  11. Just wondering if the pixel looking glass thing is because I'm laying them down wrong or is this something that is being fixed in future versions. My latest build used a lot of bullet proof glass blocks.
  12. Yes that is what I mean. That would be most appreciated. Muscle memory thing, I open and hit 'R'. Thanks for responding. Love the game.
  13. Big Bertha and the Spider is my guess. I truly hate the spiders. Fracking ankle breakers!
  14. Are we ever going to be able to use 'R' to empty the output in a forge, mixer, workbench or chem station? I can't count the number of times I open one and hit the 'R' key.
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