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  1. This might help you. You can make an infinite water supply within your base in a very small area. https://youtu.be/KYDyjwhJuXo
  2. When I tested, they were the most effective at forcing the zombies in the hole. However, that was early A18. I’m sure others would work as well, but I haven’t tested all blocks.
  3. I have a tested & confirmed way to still drop zombies, if that's your style. I have a picture showing the design (4 ramp blocks & 4 pyramid blocks). The 5 minute video gives a quick walk-through on how to build it (along with a special visit by a zombie bear, lol), and it also shows a completely safe passive base design. It's a design I've had for quite a while & still works in A19.
  4. I shoot out of boredom. It’s more fun that way. If I had bigger hordes, I’d just make it wider.
  5. I did not watch them either, but got the gist of it from a MP server I play on, from people that do watch. I’m simply offering a solution that seems to fit within the devs vision of the game. I don’t disagree pressing E is much easier (I play Darkness Falls and like it there). But, knowing their position on the matter, this seems to be a solution that fits their visions.
  6. But it’s clear the devs aren’t doing this, or even considering it, hence my first statement. It’s come up in the A19 streams, which I’m guessing you aren’t aware of.
  7. You can make a much stronger base than this, using a lot less dart traps. I use only 8 dart traps and it shreds everything in vanilla. Blood Moon: if you want to know how to build this, here you go:
  8. You don’t actually need to use wedge tips. You can use a ramp in 4 corners, in place of the wedge tips. I know I’ve shared this design before, but it utilizes ramp blocks, in combination with the pyramid block, to get the same effect. You don’t have to “Bury the Zombies Alive” but you can replace the ramp and pyramid in whatever base design you use. https://youtu.be/s_u4ve6Iok8
  9. I hear that there is no intent to remove punching crops to harvest them. I’ve come somewhat used to it, but like many others, it still drives me mad when I pick up a seed rather than harvest the crop in my crosshairs. So, I have a solution that I think makes almost everyone happy. Require use of a shovel to remove a seed. Make punching only damage the dirt, and if you punch the dirt enough to destroy the dirt block, the seed is lost. However, the only way to actually harvest a seed is with a shovel. This solves the issue of accidentally harvesting a seed, follows the
  10. I didn’t read all of the comments, but you just need to rethink your base designs to accommodate the demolishers. With the exception of vultures, this base will literally take care of the whole blood moon for you. And it only uses 4 electric fence posts, 4 trip wires, and 8 dart traps. Day 130 Blood Moon: How to Build:
  11. I know it’s not built in, but some hardware companies (like Logitech) provide extra software where a macro can be programmed. I have Auto run, and stop, both programmed. It works awesome for vehicles, but even if you can’t sustain running, it still keeps you going without holding any buttons. Here is the macro I use: Run - Shift key Down - Delay (50 ms) - “W” key Down Stop - “W” key Up - Delay (50 ms) - Shift key Up I have an MMO mouse with buttons on the thumb, but have these programmed to any two keys. They are ea
  12. It’s a similar setup to my Automated Killing Tunnel design. At some point, that pathway will become too narrow, especially if you ever do a horde larger than 8. If the zombies stack up and can’t go forward, they’ll begin attacking the walls, which is no good for this design. They only question for harder hordes is if you can keep up killing them with bullets & arrows. BM zombies run faster and come in larger quantities than screamers. Once you get to a later game stage and see many radiated zombies at a time, I think you may need extra help.
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