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  1. I didn’t read all of the comments, but you just need to rethink your base designs to accommodate the demolishers. With the exception of vultures, this base will literally take care of the whole blood moon for you. And it only uses 4 electric fence posts, 4 trip wires, and 8 dart traps. Day 130 Blood Moon: How to Build:
  2. I know it’s not built in, but some hardware companies (like Logitech) provide extra software where a macro can be programmed. I have Auto run, and stop, both programmed. It works awesome for vehicles, but even if you can’t sustain running, it still keeps you going without holding any buttons. Here is the macro I use: Run - Shift key Down - Delay (50 ms) - “W” key Down Stop - “W” key Up - Delay (50 ms) - Shift key Up I have an MMO mouse with buttons on the thumb, but have these programmed to any two keys. They are each activated by 1 click.
  3. I stumbled across a glitch in how forges consume items, and I’ll use a car battery to explain. You put a battery in a forge to smelt into lead. When the forge countdown timer hits 1 second (or just after), the original item disappears. But, if you drop another of the same item into the same forge slot (like another battery) before the next second ticks, the forge will actually consume them both. This essentially allows you to instantly smelt an item. I’ve tested this several times, and found it to work every time. This is on A18.4.
  4. I have built and tested this setup, and I can confirm the darts will not damage the blade traps. As others noted, the only way to use the blade trap and trigger plate is if the blade trap is 2 blocks high. However, this setup does not work for demolishers, since the blade trap activates their detonation. From my experience, they do not mesh well in the current alpha. I did create a video of the setup I believe you’re thinking of, link below. You’ll quickly see the problem ?
  5. Thanks! It took me a while to get this one in action! It’s actually a 5 way. There are dart traps on top, controlled by trigger plates. It really is a chamber of death that piles up the zombies!
  6. If you want to build a base to beat them, you have to adjust to the challenges. First, never use blade traps, they do hit the button. Dart traps are fine though. For me, the goal is to never hit the button, but that’s just how my bases are designed. I feel like this is the easiest strategy to deal with them. I have a base I created on a multi-player server, link below. It worked very well for several blood moons with no issues. I have very few repairs to deal with. The main upkeep are darts, which is just iron & clay. Enjoy!
  7. I do that so I can efficiently mine without worry of zombies or animals attacking me. When I get an auger, I can fill my bag in only a few game hours, unload at the base, then repeat. I like doing this at night too, since it’s safe to stay there for hours. Just need a stack of repair kits, fuel, and food/water.
  8. First, I find a hill or surface area that is raised from the rest of the ground. I’m not sure if this matters, but I find I have more luck under hills than flat ground. Then, I dig a hole straight down until I get to elevation of 12-14. That’s deep enough that surface zombies won’t hear you. Then, I tunnel in each direction. I usually try to tunnel into the surface hills, if they are around. I go 30-40 blocks in one direction, if I don’t find anything, I will change directions and keep tunneling until I find something. Sometimes I find it right away, and it’s a jackpot of resources, other times I have to search for a bit. But it usually works really well.
  9. For the sake of this game, I consider those mostly “part of the engine”, since that detail doesn’t exist for anything else in the game. Vehicles, for example, have none of those details, nor require special vehicle parts. I would like to see more consistency in how the details are used. Either all or none.
  10. I also dislike the parts. IMO, it’s an unnecessary grind hurdle. If I can make steel, and I’m an expert craftsmen, it seems odd that I also need specific parts to make an auger, for example. And it really doesn’t make sense to deconstruct a chainsaw to get the parts for an auger. That’s what I’m trying to do, but if we’re going the path of logic, it doesn’t seem to fit. The only common part between the two is an engine, which you have to loot and provide. I can’t think of any other part of a chainsaw that could be used in an auger. I think they either need to make parts required for all tier levels, or none. If required for all, reduce the quantity needed on lower tiers, and increase their drop rate a bit.
  11. Think of it like an average person turning bodybuilder. The average person needs 2,000 calories a day to sustain themselves. If that person starts working out intensively to become a bodybuilder, and puts on 40 lbs of muscle, the same 2,000 calorie diet doesn’t work. They’ll be hungry and fatigued because they don’t have enough calories to sustain their mass. As you progress in this game, you’re also building up strength to live, which shows in your health and stamina bar increases. The amount of food you demand will naturally increase as your body adapts to the needs of survival. It doesn’t show up in a metabolism that demands more food per hour/day, but it does show up in the amount of food and water you must maintain to operate at full levels.
  12. Tbh, I actually like that it scales this way. In A17, it was tied to skill trees. It’s now a built in way to automatically increase food & water, which also ties to stamina and health, without investing skill points into it.
  13. I tried my first MP server last night, which was on day 102 when I logged in. I spawned in the snow biome, which is no problem. But around me were many air drops that nobody had grabbed. I grabbed a handful of them on my way south to the forest. This gave me a huge starting boost, more than I’ve ever had in any SP game. When I went into the first house to loot, I was shocked to find two radiated zombies on the 2nd floor. I was still level 1, GS 3. This was surprising to find. The second thing that really helped boost me was a farm house with partially looted boxes. Someone picked out what they wanted and left behind some steel armor pieces, steel sledgehammer, an SMG, a couple steel tools, some end game mods, etc. The loot was scaled to their level, but for a level 1 person like me, that stuff was a huge find. Thanks for the input thus far! I’ll keep giving MP a shot to see it goes.
  14. For each level you gain, your food and water max increase by 1. For example, if you’re now level 50, you should be maintaining 150 food and water, not 100.
  15. Thus far, I’ve only played single player, and have never joined a MP server. I’m interested in giving it a shot, but I’m not sure where to start. Part of my hold up is that I play somewhat inconsistently. Monday through Friday is limited to evenings only, and it’s not uncommon for me to go days without playing. Weekends are hit or miss. Some weekends I’ll game for many hours each day, while others I won’t have time at all. Does that type of inconsistent play work for MP servers? If so, it leads me to my next questions... How do you pick a server with so many out there? Is it trial and error? I’m only interested in PVE, and know how to find that, but how do I know if they are welcoming to randoms joining? Then come mods. I play vanilla with no mods. I’m not opposed to using them, just uncharted territory for me on 7D2D. If the server requires mods, is it always clear and noted? Any help or advice is much appreciated.
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