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  1. If I am using "hwmonitor" and verify that some 2 cores go to 100% when the server is running for a long time. It is certain that if I use a map with vanilla prefabs I will not have this problem, they are rendered and do not exceed blocks and zombies objects. So I verified another problem is that if players enter, then they disconnect and re-enter subsequently, it overloads faster, the server does not eliminate the junk data that the players load and many things. I don't know if the same thing happens to someone with a better host.
  2. ok I understand. the ssd is 240gb and has 160gb available. The host is only used for the dedicated server 7 days. you don't have anything else installed until you discard the antivirus to see if that was the problem. But I found that I am overreaching the host with the custom 8k map and prefabs. Now I am dedicated to removing oversized prefabs and I see some improvement in performance. For the next one I will use nitrogen to create a 6k one since a pity that on 7 days you cannot create 6k maps, The default map of the game is navezgane is 6k; S. But hey as you say the processor is old I need to
  3. Hello, I have several doubts that are driving me crazy. I have a dedicated server with Win 7 ultimate 64 bits, fx3850, ssd, 16 gb gs skill ddr3 2133 mhz. Previously I used a 6k map with 18, COMPOPACK A19 CP47 players and new zombie mods, Server tools,Botman,Rat. and had no problem working without lag. Now I decided to make an 8k map made by the game since before it used nitrogen but I did not like how it placed the prefabs. The problem is that when the server is online for 3 hours it begins to have a lot of lag and the ping goes up when the zombies load. I've been deleting some prefabs that we
  4. Exactly, I previously spoke with my provider and they cannot do anything since my connection is residential. My router's firewall has anti ddos and much more works fine in not responding to these bogus packets. But as you say it floods my download bandwidth, it can still flood it for 5 min with a free account. The only hope is that the one who bothers gets tired and reflects or when I have a little money I will call my provider and put 1000 mbps to test if it works because another solution does not exist. I do not want to give so much information about that service because it is very harmful f
  5. no, delete these codes in loot.xml trader.xml <item name = "qt_taylor" count = "1" prob = "0.2" /> <item name = "qt_nickole" count = "1" prob = "0.2" /> <item name = "qt_stephan" count = "1" prob = "0.2" /> <item name = "qt_jennifer" count = "1" prob = "0.2" /> <item name = "qt_claude" count = "1" prob = "0.2" /> <item name = "qt_sarah" count = "1" prob = "0.2" /> <item name = "qt_raphael" count = "1" prob = "0.2" /> and bye problem.
  6. Server protection! hi, how can i protect a server? I only have ports 26900 ~ 26902 UDP enabled, which firewall do you recommend? Why do rats enter the server to lagear.
  7. Hello I wanted to know if you can change a texture of a "box" x example "signPosterMovieLoneWolf". Will I be able to enter servers? So if it works, I understand that I am only going to see the changed texture, or does the server need to have the modified file too?
  8. Yes, I solved it by deleting the treasure missions in the xml.
  9. I see a very serious error that I do not know if it only happens to me, it usually happens with all the electrical installation, Sirens, Generator bank, everything related to the installation. It is a bug that happens over the time of the server when the players do all the electrical installation, maybe it does not fail at first but over time the console gives the "Physx" error to the clients, this lowers the fps performance of the server and client generating a lag of terror.
  10. I was testing the "AI" of the zombies, did you want to know what they are for? <property name = "AITask-2" value = "DestroyArea" /> <property name = "AITask-3" value = "Territorial" /> I deleted them and did not notice anything in the zombies. Does anyone know what it does?
  11. I have a similar server with an old pc, I also constantly restart that helps a lot, I put it every 4 hours an auto-restart. In this version of alpha19 the players when they enter they leave continuously in a long period of time the server is overloaded which in alpha 18 did not happen to me. But hey, auto-restart solves it. Did you notice when a player leaves the game there is a mini lag?
  12. Hello, I wanted to know what version of linux you recommend to host a dedicated server. I am using Win 7 pro 64 bits, with a maximum of 16 players and 64 zombies without lag with a fx 8350, 16gb ram, Ssd. But they told me that with linux it might work even better. My goal is to put 20 players or 18. Would it be worth it?
  13. Some tips that I was thinking, Retexturing the Skin Uma of the players because they look like texture from games of the year 2000, Being able to use weapons on top of the vehicles, Option of the Zombie AI that focus only on windows and doors would make the game more realistic maybe more fps will be gained.
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