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  1. The same thing happens to me, the sign does not appear or it appears underground without working. In several maps I have tried and it happens until one created by the game.
  2. I return to the post hehe, my friends informed me that when a player who owns the claim disconnects for several days exceeding 3 days it is like some players cannot break their claim, it remains infinite forever. Only new ones can break! <property name = "LandClaimExpiryTime" value = "3" /> it seems to work when it wants.
  3. Hello, I have my server and the claim is configured like this. <property name = "LandClaimCount" value = "2" /> <property name = "LandClaimSize" value = "60" /> <property name = "LandClaimDeadZone" value = "30" /> <property name = "LandClaimExpiryTime" value = "3" /> <property name = "LandClaimDecayMode" value = "2" /> <property name = "LandClaimOnlineDurabilityModifier" value = "50" /> <property name = "LandClaimOfflineDurabilityModifier" value = "0" /> <property name = "LandClaimOfflineDelay" value = "30" /> When the owner of the claim disconnects, it should be 30 minutes before the claim of 50 x becomes infinite. it works sometimes but not always, it's like "LandClaimOfflineDelay" won't work. What am I doing wrong?. The logs do not say anything. Edit: Sorry, the claim delay is wrongly configured!
  4. If I used the "gfx dt" command but when it is a dedicated server, it gets complicated. My idea is that players can use all the "gfx" commands, and block only the "gfx pp enable 0" command which is responsible for removing the fog. But it can not be done. in serveradmin.xml I tried it like this <permission cmd = "gfx pp enable 0" permission_level = "0" />. it only lets "gfx" block in general and players can no longer use any command.
  5. haha that about the fog I think I had said it in the forum, I remember that in the operation flashpoint an old game had a mission editor. when creating a heavy mission I would set the fog 100 meters just to gain fps performance and compensate for it. In 7 days it is seen that everything is still seen to the horizon of the map and the fog is an ornament does not help anything, it would be good if you can choose the fog distance and help in fps as you say. Also from what I see the players' models drop a lot the fps when they are all together and disappear from 100 meters as if the work of the "LOD" would be done all in half and with most of the trees. Oak pines that did not retexturing on the alpha 19 consume too much fps. Pines like "treeFirLrg01", "treeMountainPine31m" I can put thousands that do not lower the fps! If they would render all the trees it would help a lot in terms of fps! and for me it would be a dream to build a biome with a dark forest full of oaks! haha. Examples:
  6. If in the last version I had tried the operation of the pve with a friend, I already reported the error that it has, for that reason I continue using the old version. This is what is happening. svtools: 19.6.3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpTOcUgiY2c
  7. On the "servertools" what made me freeze the server were the options. "Gimme", "Protected_Spaces", "StartingItems" in the version. 19.5.2, I already reported it to the creator and he told me to update to the latest version since it has updated harmony. But I have not tried it since in that version the PVE mode does not work well (my server is mixed). I am using 19.5.2 with those options disabled. Another problem that I corrected on my dedicated server is that when creating my map with KingGen I purposely deleted the "water_info" file. since it consumed more ram both to the server and client and the game was very stuck. But when a player went to the edge of the map the server would freeze! giving error out of range something like this. I discovered this yesterday but it was my mistake. At 7 days to die he did not like to see that file deleted and he wanted to generate trees outside the map with which it froze. The solution was to delete the file "decoration.7dt" and the corrupted regions.
  8. It is strange, I always use it with udp ports never use both and years I have the dedicated server. Now I opened both as you said and the dedicated one did not give that error anymore. But on my pc the error continues when I create a 1 player game. I do this to create mods or download and test it well on my pc and then pass it to the dedicated one and not break it. I removed all the mods from my pc where I play as said mr. star69 and it does not give the error but if I put any mod that I use in the dedicated one on my pc the error continues. The strange thing that does not always happen and the dedicated server there are people playing for now and they have no problem. Ah I tried opening the ports of my pc in which I use to test and it still continues. But well I'll keep testing I need more info for now I'm disoriented on this issue, the important thing is the dedicated server works correctly for now. PD: this started to happen 3 days ago and I haven't touched anything on my pc for a long time or on the dedicated one. Only some server tools options that I am testing right now because it is not 100% functional, some options that it has can crash the server. It has already happened to me. Thank you very much for the response, if I find something about this error, I will report it.
  9. HELLO, I have this message that the console is telling me. even creating a new world. what does it mean. ERR Received invalid country code: Connection failed: Too many connections. It usually happens in the dedicated one as well and sometimes the server hangs but you can execute commands. When someone wants to enter, they are left with "starting the game ." But that I think is for another post I doubt it is because of this error. https://pastebin.com/WLi6npQP
  10. there you have a girl, if they take out the prefabs !. give us a doll system!
  11. because it is expensive here in Argentina, could see me stretched to 500 gb. Yes my mistake :(. But hey the system is clean and it is only dedicated to 7 days to die. ah and a 1tb hdd for the backup.
  12. That's why I said that it was unnecessary now it will be filled with insults with some 1000 pages ... haha
  13. ok, thanks for the answers I already bought a Samsung 980 evo nvme (250gb). The ssd I have I think is coming to an end.
  14. by the way the zombieStandardStripper was removed for such a case ?. Did they delete the model? by the way, I didn't care. But my two sisters who are fans of this game complained.
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