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  1. Thought I'd throw my 2 cents in; I've run a Discord community for survivalist gamers (Minecraft, 7D2D, etc) for a few years. Our servers are always heavily modded, and especially in the Minecraft community, modding is extremely prevalent. That said, if it's beyond browsing for a Modpack on the Twitch client, hitting install, and logging in ... we know we're going to have issues. Tasks like getting an older version of the modpack, or retrieving a specific version of an extra plugin and dropping it in your mod directory, that modders might consider simple, either confuse people, or they don't want to bother. Never mind debugging a problematic modding issue. Projects like the 7D2D Mod Loader have made modding exponentially easier, but to the AVERAGE gamer, it's still an arcane and problematic process. I have a friend who has played 7D2D since A15, is computer literate, and had never used mods: felt it was too difficult, didn't know how to do it, and just didn't have the interest, I guess, to learn. I showed him the Mod Launcher, and now he only plays modded. This is obviously my opinion, but I thought it might be an interesting viewpoint to throw in. This isn't a knock on people who don't use mods: I mod because I enjoy it; you do what makes the game enjoyable to YOU. PS: Posted a modified version of the poll on my Discord this morning (just said "any game") and everyone was like "MODS FOR LIFE! FREEDOM!" *facepalm* Bill Burr is a madman
  2. Day 2 of Necropolis: City of the Dead (Wasteland City)
  3. New series. All wasteland, all city, 5x zombie spawns and Snufkin's Server Side Zombies. It's gonna be a wild ride.
  4. This is quite specific for a new YouTube series I'm doing, but I've seen some requests for a "city map" ... Nitrogen will, with some tweaks, allow you to do an entire wasteland map that's almost one entire city. Here's a map I'm not using if anyone's interested. This is using CompoPack43. Currently, I'm running this on nightmare, with x10 zombie spawns. One of the more dangerous series I've played. NecroPublic.zip
  5. Just wanted to say thanks for this. Have been using JaxTeller's wonderful ZombieHandAdustment, but this seems to work better for our MP server. It's just little community tips like this that make me smile. Thanks.
  6. Usually, I'll set my bedroll to around 61. This will hold a decently sized base, while allowing the occasional wandering zombie / horde to spawn outside the zone and wander in. You may need to play with your bedroll size until you find something that works for you. I'm not interested in living in a bubble, but I do hate being interrupted constantly.
  7. Streaming every Mon, Wed, Fri at 7PM EST with the occasional bonus stream on the weekend. Tonight is Darkness Falls, Day 10. Chill music, chatting about growing your community, hardware, and more! https://twitch.tv/crainbramp
  8. On the first day, I usually find me a parking lot, build a small 5x5x3 flagstone room w/bars for windows, plop a claim block down, build a campfire, and work on whatever I have from the day's lootings. If I've got extra time, I might do some clay gathering (since it's mind-numbing). I'm usually not doing night POIs ... unless I get really lucky with loot, until day 4-5.
  9. When that last leg on the pose got hit, the dog's like "Yep, she's coming for me ..."
  10. Steam name: https://steamcommunity.com/id/crainbramp/ Hours played: 1,051 Started on Alpha: A15 Discord name: Crainbramp#1111 Native language: English
  11. And underground tree farm? Yeah, I can see me doing it if I could.
  12. New series: Escape the POI. Send us your hardest POIs to clear / escape from!
  13. Still chasing that Random Blood Moon! [video=youtube;kGdRo-0RH3I]
  14. Another raised hand for Nitrogen Map Generator https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?114207-Tool-NITROGEN-a-random-world-generator-for-7DtD It's MUCH quicker (3-4 min vs. vanilla's ~30 min @ 100% CPU), the POI density/placement is pretty sweet and the variability with the options is amazing. This has become our community's go-to for all maps.
  15. Started playing in A14, and kind of lost interest. Picked it back up in A16 and found Undead Legacy ... fell down a rabbit hole, and have been at the bottom, digging for bedrock ever since.
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