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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for your maintenance of the pack and all your work on this: you've been a rockstar. Although it hasn't become a popular mod, this has been in almost every stream and Let's Play I've done since it came out, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it.
  2. Tried this out on stream last night, and although it's fun, like a few above, I got MOBBED by a steady stream of never ending zombies. After I killed 200+ of them ... with brass knuckles no less ... they were STILL coming, and I had to stop the server and take it off. Definitely fun, but not even a tiny break to do anything ... no quests, no nothing.
  3. Mutation Season 2 We're back: bigger wanding hordes, bigger blood moons ... let's GO!
  4. Thanks for the feedback and kind words everyone. It's meant to be a community event, specifically to run on an MP server, although you should be able to run it on LAN with no issues. I have the POI itself in a world, then load the world, pause the AI, go through and place the specific loot in the level up chests, save the game, make a copy of the save, run the POI, make notes, adjust, ... rinse & repeat. We're putting together a small # of teams of 7DaystoDie content creators (streamers & YT) and doing an elimination bracket that we plan to try to record or stream. NOTE: A friend and I took our first run at this last night and got PUNISHED. Back at it today!
  5. Thanks for the input and encouragement! Am always down for more ideas! Here's the general idea. * Two people per team, * Interaction: The teams will (a) be on the same Discord Room/voice chat, and (b) the POI is actually 2 identical POIs side by side. Then, the one block wall BETWEEN the POIs is bulletproof glass blocks, so that the teams can occasionally catch sight or each other, or perhaps the other team's handiwork. * Time primarily, but there MAY perhaps be some death penalties * Loot is pre-balanced for the POI with very specific drops. There is a starting area where the teams get their levels, spend their skill points, and equip themselves with clothes ONLY and then head in the POI. 4-5 times per level, there is a hidden "level up" chest with specific weapons / ammo counts, candy, etc to provide just enough for a really good team to run it. So everything is self-contained. Any drops will help with wasted ammo, etc. We have several teams playtesting this for balance and are adjusting as we go. * There will be spots where frames will be helpful, but this is meant to be a fast pasted, balls-to-the-wall run through the POI * There is a "checkpoint" at the beginning of each level where you're provided a bedroll. Place it at the beginning of the level, or chance it for the closer spawns, and take it with you, and risk dying without it put down
  6. Still needs some playtesting, but I'm pretty satisfied with how this turned out. Challenge POI for 2 teams: Teams run identical POIs at the same time from a start room -- race to the end of the POI. Begin at level 50, spend your points in 2 min, and then enter naked and survive with the gear you find in level up chests scattered through the POI and zombie drops. The forum image compression is absolute garbage, so here's a link to full 4K screenshots: https://imgur.com/gallery/9brJkoh
  7. Have run every single experimental release of A19 up to, and including b180 with mods included: both a YT and a Twitch series, solid 60fps at 4K with an almost all urban Nitrogen map with Compopack43 on one and CompoPack44 on another. No world wipes, no character losses, no buggy play. Yep, your mileage may vary, but the game isn't broken by a long shot.
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