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A19 EXP Announcement -updated to b180


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Hello Zombie Food!


We all hope you will have a blast with A19’s experimental phase.


This is how you access the A19 build:

1. right click on the game in steam 

2. click on properties

3. click the "betas" tab

4. the drop down menu will have latest_experimental available   ← you want THAT

5. select that and wait for the game to download.


Possibly coming up, if the game somehow is not completely closed:

6. If you can't get the dropdown menu, use arrow keys, hold the arrow down key until it is selected and click okay.

7. close your game and it should schedule an update shortly.


Changelog is here!


Here’s what changed since b152 (streamer weekend):


Campfire and forge tools have a small icon to show that they belong to a workstation 

Ammo drops are less abundant in the early game, blunderbuss ammo and iron arrows can be more common

Unify use of coordinates ingame

Placed red mesa and hospital in PREGEN01



TAC Rifle can no longer shoot before it is on screen

p2p host - party sprites turn red when player leaves.

p2p client - party color persists after leaving the party.


Bug Report Database!

Before reporting bugs: 

Read through the Known Issues and search for your issue (CTRL+F) to see if it was reported already. Use multiple keywords that might be related.

Tips for bug research:

  • What block is it?

    • Activate dm in console (admin on server or host in SP/P2P game)

    • Hit F3

    • Hold shift and look at the block you want to investigate

    • “Focused Block” tab will show block name rotation (r=x)

  • Which POI am I looking at?

    • Activate dm in console (admin on server or host in SP/P2P game)

    • Hit F3

    • Enter POI bounds

    • “Player” tab 3rd line biome will also show POI name (can ignore .xyz after name)

    • Now you can look at the POI in the editor

  • How do I find a POI in my game?

    • Search the prefabs.xml for the name and teleport to coordinates

    • NEW: tppoi in console

      • Search for POI in searchfield

      • Click on entry

  • What does, is, how, why zombie?

    • Activate dm in console (admin on server or host in SP/P2P game)

    • Hit numpad 0 (heavy FPS impact, if many zombies on screen)

    • You will now see the zombie’s AI tasks and health

  • Do buffs/debuffs work?

    • Activate dm in console (admin on server or host in SP/P2P game)

    • Hit F3

    • Open inventory

    • Toggle 2 row 5 option on the left side (Ply)

    • This will open a window on the right

      • If you can not move, the search field is active, backspace everything in the searchfield and hit LMB

    • Now you can see active buffs/debuffs and cvars on yourself

    • Hold shift to view stats of your current target

  • Freeze AI

    • With dm enabled as host hit * on numpad

      • This allows for easier buff or damage tests






Your output log files are in C:/steamLibrary/steamapps/common/7Daystodie/7daystodiedata/ you will find a list of logs, the last one being the most recent.



If your output logs are too large, you might need to use paste bin:

Pastebin how to video




Pastebin link



Please use the following for all screenshots:

Press F1 to open the console, then type dbs.

This will open a panel in game for you to type the bug in.

Once done click OK.

There will then be a SCREENSHOTS folder in the main 7 days folder containing the screenshot.

There will also be a .CSV file that has all of your perks, books, and schematics listed and needed for testing purposes.



If you generated your own RWG world, please provide the generationinfo.txt and map_info.xml from their generated world folder, so we can reproduce this C:\Users\You\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds\<your world>\GenerationInfo.txt




Please use this form to report bugs. Testers will then respond. If the form is not used, we will assume you are just chatting to each other.





Summary: (a short description of the bug)


Game Version: (A18 b155 / A18.1 bxxx / etc)

Platform: (PC / Mac)

OS/Version: (Windows / Linux / Mac)

CPU Model: (Intel i5 9600K / AMD Ryzen 7 1800x / etc)

System Memory: (4 GB / 8 GB / 16 GB / etc)

GPU Model and VRAM: (nVidia GTX 1060 4 GB / AMD RX 580 8 GB / etc)

Screen Resolution: (width and height)

Video Settings: (Low / Medium / High / Ultra / Custom (Custom has many combinations, so just list the settings you think are relevant to the bug if any))

Game mode: (MP host / MP client / SP / Client on dedi, RWG or NAV)


Did you wipe old saves? (Yes/No)

Did you start a new game? (Yes/No)

Did you validate your files? (Yes/No)

Are you using any mods? (Yes/No)

EAC on or off?


Status: NEW


Bug Description:


Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:






Actual result: (description of what is occurring)


Expected result: (what you expect to occur)

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  • Hated changed the title to A19 EXP Announcement

Changelog for b155, b156 and b157:



  • Added GameSparks opt-out option to game launcher



  • Demoted exception to error (no console popup) when country can not be retrieved 
  • Barrels are containers. 
  • Neon "Open" sign emits light now 
  • Loot probability templates normalised to 1 to make them usable in more situations 
  • White River Citizen quest  now shows "No Trader", if no trader is in the world
  • Added Item Type Icon to workstation tools. 


  • Blade and turret traps no longer cause standing AI for the client owners
  • Wrong lootlist on Medicine cabinet with faucet 
  • Missing paint block in Skyscraper 02 
  • Collapsing shower curtains in modern_06 
  • Voxel blocks clipping through business_old_02 
  • Tree helpers placed in ranch02,04,09, gambrel03 and tudor01 
  • Infiltator 3 now allows landmine pickup again 
  • Removed 2m deep buried quest satchel from army camp 03 
  • Blocked player movement in remnant_burnt_01 
  • Paint issues in vic_09 
  • Paint issue in treasure room of modular_06 
  • Removed a dirt stripe in grocery_02 
  • Corner cupboard incorrectly deleting faces 
  • Several inconsistencies with visible shotgun attachments 
  • Gamepad doesn't index trader inventory pages using right joystick 
  • Disabled K menu when not in world or POI editor 
  • Backpack loot bypasses the progression scaling 
  • Player's own turrets will shoot player's own robotic drone 
  • Junk turrets fall through stairs and any solid blocks below them when placed from a distance 
  • Business_old_08 upside down bookshelves.
  • Prevent players from loading existing RWG worlds as they will be broken for A19 due to missing traders 
  • Business_old_05 upside down bookshelves. 
  • Corner cupboard culling faces incorrectly 
  • Prevent server DDoS 
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  • Hated changed the title to A19 EXP Announcement -updated to b157
  • Hated unlocked and locked this topic

Changelog for b158-b163



  • Writable Storage Box 
  • American Flag Version Flagpole 
  • Chair versions of plaid and leather sectional couches. 
  • Player stats UI shows values using tags if set 
  • Night is darker when the moon is not full 
  • Add POI name to dbs command screenshots 
  • Boars, coyotes, dogs, mountain lions and wolves can attack while moving forward 


  • Items that cure a condition show 100% instead of an unspecified amount 
  • Updating steel club icon to match mesh changes 
  • Zombie bears drop testosterone extract 
  • Yucca juice recipe no longer needs water but is boiled in a cooking pot 
  • The stamina buff from cooked food does not count down while your food bar is full. 
  • Put a small weapon bag in survivor_site_02 
  • Bullet casings now partially visible in iron sight aim 
  • Reworked laser attachment effect for desert vulture 
  • Boiled water does not cause dysentery 
  • Reduced excessive food value on super corn 
  • Merged heavy/light armor, all melee weapon and all ranged weapon loot groups for better performance due to fewer probability table lookups 
  • Schematics scaled in loot. Early on you will find more immediately useful ones like for a forge, basic recipes, seeds or medical bandages. 
  • Deployed sledge hit distance to be entity MaxDistance and aiming will start 1m earlier 
  • Physics push to not angle down and if not on a ragdoll use x5 force 
  • Traders sell tech 3 weapons in the higher secret stash inventories
  • Robo sledge YawRange changed to 170°, making it easier to place in tight quarters. 
  • Reduced entity damage on robo sledge. Increased block damage and perkTurrets affects it. 
  • Loot abundance to effect each item in the container instead of the master count 
  • Tech 2/3 guns are not autounlocked by the weapon perk. Go find yourself a schematic. 
  • Chainsaw and auger are not unlocked by perkAdvancedEngineering 
  • Localization updated to support language to new blocks 
  • Slower recovery of the dynamic crit resistance that occurs when taking multiple hits from zombies 
  • Added more friendly animals to all biomes 
  • Enemy animals can spawn during the day in forests 
  • Chickens can spawn in forests now 
  • All animals respawn much faster than before 
  • 10% less resistance against stun and bleeding 
  • Blade trap hits don't prime the demolition zombie 
  • Food max stamina buffs will not overwrite if an existing higher value buff is above half duration. 
  • Stone block destruction doesn't fire heat events like wood or iron blocks 
  • Auto shotgun cannot use scopes for now 
  • Increased dog, dire wolf and mountain lion pain resistance 
  • Improved sleeper volume noise response 
  • Temporarily disabled reflex sight as a visible attachment on the auto shotgun


  • PerkHealingFactor works while player is supposed to die from hunger or thirst 
  • Pyramid_05: Removed the locked lootchest at the end 
  • Repulsor mod is not working 
  • Steroids add 50% run speed instead of the stated 10% 
  • Regression from: Both random desk helpers are solid only on one side 
  • Missing documentation for how the "soft cap" on overeating works. 
  • Wrong oven paint in apartment_brick_6_flr 
  • Falling window pieces in modular_03 
  • Replaced faucet with showerheads in fire_station_02 
  • BuffElementCold, buffElementFreezing, drinkJarRedTea, perkSlowMetabolism have no effect on food. 
  • Put proper shelving support in vic_13 
  • Removed windowsidings from vacant_lot_05 
  • PerkTreasureHunter and/or Lucky Goggles are not speeding up treasure radius reduction 
  • 4x scope on AK47 placement issue 
  • Barbed wire mod not causing bleed buff 
  • New auto shotgun scope had no material 
  • Mannequin colliders shapes don't match mesh 
  • Stone axe fire anim moved up. 
  • Super Corn is now unlocked by rank 2 of living off the land 
  • Collapsing candle on bookpile in book_01 was changed 
  • Armor not resisting bleed buffs 
  • Factual and grammar errors in the Dysentery and Survival journals 
  • Wrong ingredient count on ammoBundleBlunderbuss 
  • Not allowed to access triangles/indices on mesh while in prefab editor 
  • Blocks have a model for 3rd person viewers 
  • Ragdoll Force parameter does not work for a deployed junk sledge 
  • Both robotic turrets/sledges jitter while aiming at their targets 
  • Deployed sledge fire delay not decreasing when no target and target could not be seen at certain angles 
  • Trader setups have nonfunctional item quality parameters 
  • Robo sledge displays an ammo counter 
  • Several items state wrong recipe unlocks. 
  • Molotov not applying burning when entering the flames 
  • Fast Food 2 has suitcase poke through bathroom hiding spot 
  • Added missing bock to cemetery_02's surface building's ceiling 
  • The new store freezers are cutting thru fog 
  • Pure mineral water cures dysentery? 
  • Transparent building mats not fogging correctly 
  • Candle light not illuminating surfaces when standing too close to them 
  • Another shelf in vic_13 was updated 
  • Cobwebs bright in fog 
  • Flagpoles did not have any harvest resources 
  • Wood texture seams on frames when upgraded are not lining up properly 
  • Better Barter 5 incorrect description 
  • Ranged weapons playing a second start sound on the last round 
  • False Max Stamina Buff from Healing Items 
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  • Hated changed the title to A19 EXP Announcement -updated to b163


There is a chance that character progression will be reset, if you continue a savegame from b163, due to a change.

As always we recommend starting over with a new savegame during experimental..


Changelog for b164-b169



  • Option to change size of FPS display 
  • Old Wild West Coffins 
  • Tough Guy Sunglasses that boost your fortitude. Found in loot and for sale at traders 
  • Allow XUi list ComboBoxes to be initialised with ints/floats from XML 
  • Allow enabling/disabling XUi SimpleButtons from XML/bindings 
  • Allow XUi controllers to react to binding changes at runtime 
  • Mem obj and mem objs console commands to list and shrink the object pool 
  • HD Biker Zombie  
  • Chainsaw/auger flesh impacts for melee & harvest.
  • Added hits/grazes to all 3 tiers knuckles. 
  • Visual clue for text orientation on player storage crate 
  • Radiated vulture vomit attack sfx. 
  • Gfx st discard console command 
  • Janitor Zombie (final fixes in b170)



  • Increased amount of small animals spawning in the forests and decreased larger animals. 
  • All small game (rabbits and chickens) and large game (boars, and deer) spawn every day or night at any time. Small game has a high chance to spawn, large game has a low chance to spawn.
  • Enemy respawn time is reduced in the wasteland. At night, Zombies will respawn immediately, making the wasteland harder to survive at night 
  • Shotgun damage and auto shotgun rate of fire reduced. 
  • Added floats so spawning of zombies and predators are less predictable. 
  • Reduced stamina cost on iron harvesting tools 
  • Bandolier mod increases reload speed by 15% 
  • Removed candy tins, hub caps and air filter items from the game. 
  • Land mines no longer use candy tins, hub caps or air filters in their recipes. Land mines now need duct tape to craft. Candy tin mine can now be crafted in a backpack. Hub cap mine uses a nail instead of a spring 
  • Deprecated candy tins and other redundant items 
  • Cooking pot mine is also crafted from basic resources 
  • Normal entities load their prefabs and meshes on demand instead of during world load 
  • Reduced distance to backpack after death if no respawn point is set 
  • Block entities to load on demand using the object pool 
  • The object pool large pools to active pools which will fully remove pool objects and non active prefabs over time 
  • Added various scales to zombies so they are different heights 
  • Texture streaming to only use the main camera 
  • Store_autoparts_01 updated to commercial standards. 
  • Updated lots of oldwest POIs with new art 
  • Art and new block update for house_old_abandoned_07 
  • Large Predator animals such as bears and dire wolves only spawn at night in the forests. Wolves have a very small chance to spawn in forests during the day


  • Underground airpocket in Ranch03 
  • Collapsing railing in fire_station_01 
  • Z fighting with trimblocks and paint issue in modern_07 
  • Applied paint to block behind comfy chair in modular_05 
  • Adjustment to zombie footstep sound playback 
  • Knuckles harvest too quickly ( use attack speed ) 
  • Breaching rounds do not work on the Shamway safe 
  • Ratchet, ImpactDriver, SteelClub must now be crafted at a workbench 
  • Steel spear shows proper unlock info 
  • Scope mods are now visible on tactical assault rifle 
  • Robosledge does not display a ammo count anymore
  • Beer sign does not have a white line on texture 
  • Chest in funeral_home_01 now has loot 
  • Create world feature is functional again
  • Can now place blocks around all lockers 
  • Identical look for XP bar and food/water bars 
  • Shovel hold animation is no longer used for all weapons and tools
  • Upside down door frame in apartment_adobe_red_5_flr 
  • Bar_sm_01 no longer has false cabinets 
  • Animals can not die from infection anymore
  • Weighted head mod is not compatible with blade mods on machete. 
  • Food does not heal after you eat broken glass. Also, please reconsider your diet. 
  • Fixed chainsaw and auger reload sound playback. 
  • Some farm plots cannot be planted due to stability 
  • Crate_storePrefab renderer was in TerrainCollision layer 
  • Gas_station5 billboard SI issue. 
  • Carlot_01 has beams that block entities 
  • Replaced deprecated Freezers with its new replacement 
  • Torch is now burning in roof area of house_burnt_02 
  • Pathing issue with door of basement in Mansard_02 
  • Wrong bookcase rotation in modern_04 
  • Daring Adventurer level 2 and 3 now work again with T1 quests 
  • False cabinets in park_basketball 
  • Bungalow_05: Block behind boxes was painted and  the shelf support replaced 
  • Not allowed to access triangles/indices on mesh while in prefab editor 
  • Disabled spider zombie looking at player 
  • Particle System is trying to spawn on player mesh with zero surface area, aka console spam when player is on fire
  • Robotic sledge / repulsor mod ragdoll is extreme on players 
  • ActionRagdoll not using a consistent force 
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  • Hated changed the title to A19 EXP Announcement -updated to b173

Due to changes to sleeper volumes it is recommended to start over.

If you do not, you may experience a POI flagged as clear before you cleared all volumes.


b170-b173 Changelog:



  • Localization updated for destroyed concrete material 
  • Setup xml, localization, and icons for Gas Pump Remake 
  • Updated localization for Wild West Coffin helper 
  • Setup xml and localization for Bleachers Set 
  • Destroyed concrete material 
  • "gfx graph tex mem" and "gfx graph tex stream" console commands 
  • "gfx st reduction" console command 
  • "gfx st" b/d/f/r console command abbreviations 
  • WoodCross3x1, rustyIronCrossCtr3x1, and scrapIronCross3x1 3,1,1, multiblock variants for towers (solves issues with SI or not falling on collapse) 
  • Tppoi window can be opened from ESC menu, also autofocuses search box now 
  • HD Office Chair xml, localization, and icon setup. 
  • Object pool block entity preloading 
  • Bombshelter_01 A19 update. 


  • Increased push up motion when player is stuck 
  • Increased chance of getting criticals on the 2nd hit 
  • Nerfed water cooler loot to drop 1 to 2 pure waters instead of 1 to 4. 
  • Player shader name to Game/UMA and removed 10 unused properties 
  • Increased chicken and rabbit run speed 
  • Command "killall alive" no longer kills turrets 
  • Biome generation now allows biomes other than pine forest to be in center 
  • Optimized Arlene texture sizes 
  • Optimized Big Momma texture sizes 
  • Optimized Biker texture sizes 
  • Renamed Arlene emissive to proper name and readded missing texture 
  • Blade trap repair cost reduced to not be more than its crafted cost 
  • Optimized Boe texture sizes 
  • Optimized Crawler texture sizes 
  • Optimized Darlene texture sizes 
  • Optimized Fat texture sizes 
  • Optimized player hand texture sizes (AO only) and fixed filtering 
  • Optimized Joe texture sizes 
  • Optimized Marlene texture sizes 
  • Optimized Mechanic texture sizes 
  • Optimized Moe texture sizes 
  • Optimized Steve texture sizes 
  • Optimized Yo texture sizes 
  • Optimized ammo piles texture sizes 
  • Optimized dropped backpack texture sizes 
  • Optimized Brute trash can texture sizes 
  • Updated xml to auto replace old officeChair01 (new icon WIP due to issues) 
  • Implemented Localization update from MOGI 07/21 
  • Enabled new Loading screens, since localization came back 
  • Zombies falling 5m+ have a chance to stumble and rage 
  • Updated cave_01 with new art and to support fetch. 
  • Assigned broken concrete texture as default to appropriate concreteDestroyed block faces. 


  • Graph value updating on non repaint events 
  • First person weapon brightness values don't match third person 
  • Player hands brightness adjustment due to auto exposure fix 
  • Back side of both flags have an alpha issue 
  • Prefab editor Ctrl modifier shortcuts overlap with other shortcuts 
  • "Path node otherHeight bad" warnings by allowing a small overlap 
  • RWG only generating 1/4 maps on dedi 
  • Tree poking through in vic_03 
  • Coal container no longer has winow frames blocking coal harvest 
  • Fastfood_04 is missing rally marker 
  • Shoe piles destroy after looting 
  • Missing backfaces on blueberry plant 
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  • 2 weeks later...

A19 b177 will come to EXP soon.

Here is what to expect:





  • Office chair update
  • Writable Storage Box Insecure to match textures when Writable Storage Box is downgraded 
  • New gun fire effects for weapons that had been sharing with others 
  • Missing tooltip for buffArmSplintedTooltip 
  • Added new icons for new inventory management buttons 
  • Create digging animation for crawlers 
  • Rusted Metal Roof Material 
  • "gfx texlimit" console command 
  • Move items buttons for containers<>inventory 
  • Added remnant_house_13 


  • Optimized loot container texture sizes 
  • Optimized vehicle texture sizes 
  • Optimized non HD zombie textures 
  • Optimized animal texture sizes 
  • Optimized appliances texture sizes 
  • Optimized commercial texture sizes 
  • Optimized crafting texture sizes 
  • Optimized decor texture sizes 
  • Optimized door texture sizes 
  • Optimized electrical texture sizes 
  • Optimized furniture texture sizes 
  • Optimized gore texture sizes 
  • Optimized industrial texture sizes 
  • Optimized outdoor decor texture sizes 
  • Optimized plants texture sizes 
  • Optimized plumbing texture sizes 
  • Optimized resources texture sizes 
  • Optimized remaining entity texture sizes 
  • Optimized UMA texture sizes 
  • Updated existing weapon effects 
  • Light from gunfire now has smooth fade in\out rather than abrupt click on\off 
  • Gun fire light adjusted for the new brighter first person lighting 
  • Removed Suitcase from RandomLootHelpers
  • Sleepers always ragdoll on death 
  • Block ExcludeWalkType uses a name 
  • Increased duration of the Charismatic Nature buff 
  • Improved sky fog sun punch through and to work with dark fog colors 
  • Console command "weather fogcolor" to use red for green and blue if those params not given 
  • "gfx st budget" to disable streaming before setting budget 
  • Separated sort button on inventory/containers from the window icon 
  • "Water Particles" video quality option to "Particles", which now also decreases world particle count 
  • Deleted chunk water depth object creation, mat and shader 
  • Updated POIs with new broken concrete texture  
  • Enabled visual reflex sight for auto shotgun 


  • SI issue with entertainment center in house_old_ranch_01 
  • Removed the cabinet texture from the backside of the wall oven 
  • House_pyrimid_05 has si issue with loot crate in garage 
  • House_old_modular_08 has an SI issue with trim around the farm plots 
  • House_old_modular_08 kitchen cabinet helper blocks facing wrong way 
  • Chair clipping in medium junkyard 
  • House_old_victorian_03 chandelier is floating  
  • Si issue house_old_bungalow_02 attic furnace loot cover 
  • Salvage operations harvest amount does not scale as stated. (removed salvage harvest if the same resource is also on general harvest) 
  • NRE when trash and car share the same space 
  • Missing loot timer on store freezers 
  • Prefab Editor: able to place blocks above workbench helper block 
  • Marksman and Sniper aim to idle transition fixed. 
  • Spear attack updated to prevent screen artifacts. 
  • Timed Charge goes to unholster anim if ammo is available. 
  • Prefab editor update imposter function causing NRE when prefab is loaded from mods folder 
  • Crits trigger differently for clients and hosts 
  • Misspelled credit fixed
  • Change right side header text info color to white. 
  • Backpack should no longer disappear
  • Ratchet localization says wrong scrap material given 
  • Adjusted meshes on trim01.fbx for woodHalfPlate painting issues 
  • Molotovs no longer explode when dropped. 
  • Particle System is trying to spawn on player mesh with zero surface area (player arms) 
  • The description for Lucky Looter Volume 5 is very unclear,  
  • Remove magnification wording from reflex site 
  • Localization wrong for inventory on fill (middle choice) button 
  • CntStoreShelfElectronicsDoubleBottomGoods04 is not lootable and has no hitbox (missing TBlock Tag) 
  • Building floating base on rockResource block 
  • All 3 bows polished reload anims, blend times and weapon/player is in sync. 
  • Sniper, Tactical, .44, Desert Eagle, Pistol and M60 with fixed blends from ADS to reload. 
  • Crossbows default to a "no ammo" idle after fire. 
  • Particles in snow and desert cause major FPS drops 
  • Bombshelter_01 rwgmixer.xml update 
  • It is not possible to scrap yucca drink and coffee 
  • Copy sleeper volume' misspelled in Prefab Editor Menu 
  • Concrete paint and shelving support in salon 
  • Zfighting in modular 7
  • Utility_celltower_01 SI issue 
  • Fixed Watertower_02 being 1 block too low in Navezgane 
  • Autoshotgun's holosight 
  • Texture Quality below Full having blurry streamed textures 
  • Fire only appears on Janitor Zombie's feet 
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  • Hated changed the title to A19 EXP Announcement -updated to b177

Hey guys!
For this weekend we have A19 b178 for you!

We here at TFP wish you a great and enjoyable weekend!


A19 b178 Changelog


  • High quality water depth transparency and improved edge transparency, edge foam, waves and undulations 


  • Changed: Improved Low quality water transparency, waves and smoothness 


  • Container buttons on vehicle in different order than loot container / backpack 
  • Spear no longer flys slowly
  • Low quality water was drawn too high in the world 
  • burntWoodBlock4 unpaintable 
  • Iron and Steel Knuckle reach reinstated 
  • Running, reloading or changing weapons would not zoom back in while holding the aim button 
  • Aiming while running would briefly try to aim 
  • Missing sign backface on street barricade 
  • Put resourceMetalPipe back in the salvage harvest of cars and other vehicles 
  • NRE on entity unload entity projectile 
  • Spears that hit a block and the player at the same time can’t be picked up 
  • Spears visual glitch between players 
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  • Hated changed the title to A19 EXP Announcement -updated to b178

As always we suggest you start over with this new build.

Have fun with this one!



Changelog for A19 b179 + b180



  • Utility_celltower_02 
  • Allow the freezing of AI animations within the game (ctrl-num* toggles) 
  • Add chunk boundary markers (shift-num+ toggles) 


  • Worlds' splat maps support PNG again to reduce world sizes 
  • Replaced collider and shadow caster on car parts ramp 
  • 40 prefab materials to use the crossfade shader 
  • 100 block entities to consistent LOD culling heights 
  • Top tier foods sell for more dukes, and no longer have economic bundles of 5 but 1, so single meals can be sold 
  • Wine kegs are not lootable 


  • Client view distance setting ignored for player render distance 
  • Blocks with simple rotation enabled cannot be reversed with R key 
  • Prefab editor client does not render terrain sometimes 
  • Z fighting and missing block in modern_01 
  • Zfighting in modular 7 
  • Clipping tree in cabin_15 
  • Zfighting on house_burnt_02 
  • Loot containers and store shelves aim\target fighting 
  • Zombies "popup" after knockdown stun while electrified 
  • Zombie electrocution anim starting late 
  • Zombie electrocution anim playing too long 
  • UpdateNPCStatsOverTime not playing damage effects (electrocution) if total health change was positive from regen 
  • POI Diner_01 shelving collider interrupts loot container 
  • Biker cannot fit under chain link pole in utility_waterworks_01 
  • Cigar on Hotbar Adds Extra Str and Bartering 
  • Blunderbuss animates a flare from the muzzle when equipped 
  • Hands invisible when wearing Military Gloves 
  • Sticky projectiles prevent hitting blocks/zombies 
  • Perks that increase fire rate do not work until modification screen is opened and closed 
  • Steel armor parts are using same description as weapons and tool parts 
  • Journal updated for Treasure Map Journal Entry 
  • Arrows and bolts are not showing in weapons and not sticking to zombies properly 
  • Spears do not follow the entities they are stuck in 
  • 3 zombies can't go through cabin_11's doorway 
  • Zombies get stuck on trapSpikesNew 
  • Take all pulling items from containers in wrong order 
  • Replaced a misplaced destroyed concrete texture with the proper brick texture in business_burnt_02 
  • Updated destroyed concrete textures in store_autoparts_01 
  • Floating chandelier in vic_01 
  • Skyscraper_04 has strange destroyed concrete textures 
  • Kinematic body only supports Speculative Continuous collision detection 
  • Zombies get stuck between 50 pillars 
  • Wrenching animations not working on POI radiators 
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  • Hated changed the title to A19 EXP Announcement -updated to b180
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