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  1. "have fun living in the past" such a philosophical reply for some one who simply prefer a previous version of a game hahaha its not like i didn't knew at first what the game was gonna be about, yes i've been charmed about what would have been if the game didn't change so many things that in my eyes were more like premises than a wobbly chair. I always thought of 7d2d like a survival zombie game with a big variaty of genere in it, from a bit of FPS to GDR to sanbox and so on, but everytime i get a look to the progress it seems much less of a big playground and more like a tunnel.
  2. Cause i actually liked the game back then and the overall idea behind it, genius.
  3. At this point i might actually believe it as the game is getting closer to a @%$#ty reiteration of minecraft + fallout while gradually losing pieces.
  4. Its just theyr way to do things which almost every one tend to agree that suck, removing depth from the game and calling it "optimizations" as been a trend since the @%$#ty a17 patch, worst thing is that sometimes nothing is re-added after "improving" the thing, only cutting out elements of gameplay that people appreciate. "confusing to upgrade your base with the insane current block upgrade path" yeah i imagine what of an overload of mental struggle it goes on with such high numbers of blocks upgrades, hopefully modders are gonna be able to fix what devs itself screw up.
  5. Ye i'm playing on the same machine that is hosting, i'm gonna test it but my suspects are on fire barrels and blade and turret traps
  6. Hi everyone, i recently started playing the game again with a friend of mine and everything was fine but now ( at 66 days actually) blood moons seems to cause a very intense drop in performance both for me and my friend ( 12 zombies for player, almost same drops as 16 which is weird) its been a long time since my last time playing the game and i can't remember if it was the same in a18, i have some mods installed but most of them are just veichles and old deleted elements re-added to the game, could the reason that i'm hosting localy the server we are playing on ? also does anyone know if the
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