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  1. The compound crossbow does not accepting the laser battery mod. Other weapons like compound bow and titanium crossbow accepts it, only the comp crossbow does not.
  2. I unlocked the future tech crafting at least. I found that the description of the perk says i can craft future technology items up to 30 levels. But i can craft only with one level lower tiers (pics in the spoiler). This is normal? Also found that titanium auger harvest less resources from one block (~250 per block) than the titanium pickaxe (~350 per block) with 5/5 miner 69'er. It is for balance purposes? Because in this case i dont find much worth using it, thanks for the wasting of harvested resources (i dont mind a bit slower harvesting with pickaxe) and especially the continuously spawning screamers. Sorry for keep bothering you with my posts, i just want to know the way the mod works Some things are not totally clear.
  3. Yes i know, i crafted them already and its much better now. I did some Recogs too just in case if @%$# hits the fan
  4. I saw one weapon mod that disabling the insane regeneration of demonic zombies, YAY! But requires unlocking of the technology crafting. I saw on the writing table that one book (the purple or red one) should unlock the whole thing? i saw it requires the red research paper. I have some from that but i dont remember where i got that. Maybe lab zombies? Where can i get more?
  5. Im around level 95, and demonic soldiers are total pain in the ass now. I cant manage to kill one with my purple quality 60 AK-47 fully modded with armor shredder, blessed metal, rad remover, extended mag mods and a scope. I just cant pump out enough dps with that weapon to kill them. The problem is, they started spawning in crowds during my quests, and now i cant finish any of my quests They have way too much base damage resist imo. My fully modded 2H hammer do like 20-30 dmg on their bodies with a left click attack, i even have some perk points on blunt weapons. I cant decide that my armor and weapon mods are working or not btw. For example, i have a watch mod applied to the hands armor. If i put another mod in that armor after the watch mod, it stops working until i re-apply that. Same with the Rad remover. If i modify my weapon, the green zombies regenerating constantly until i re-apply the rad remover mod in my weapons. I dont feel the armor shredder mod working on soldiers for example or not. When they attack me in crowds, i usually just get overwhelmed and killed, because they simply absorb most of my damage. Laborer class --> Advanced Engineering --> Blacksmith + Tinkerer perks should reduce craft times by 20% in forges and workbenches as i understand. I dont see that working too, i checked my crossbow crafting time what is 4:40 at this moment (craftable only in the workbench), after i applied the perk, the crafting time is the same as before. I dont know that these problems occurs only in server play or not, since i dont play offline mode. I just report problems here what i found
  6. I tried to gather info about the crop growing system, but still not clear. What is the purpose of the pump and irrigation tubes? They need only for indoor crop growing? If i do an outdoor "greenhouse" what is opened on the top, then i still need to build the irrigation system, or i just need to put water blocks / rain catchers on every few blocks that hydrates the sorrounding farming plots in a 3-4 block circle?
  7. Just saw this note and i realized that it does not work like this at least on the server where i play. I did 2-3 more quests to the first trader, and the Tier II quests started appearing at all of the traders, even before i got to the second opening trader routes quest. I checked multiple traders, they all have T2 quests now, regardless that i did the quests only for the first trader.
  8. Personally i prefer longer days too, like 90 or 120 minutes. I found the default 60 min days are way too short for non-stressful questing -travels are time consuming mechanics-. Especially in this mod 2 bugs (?) I found so far: Healing other players are not working in the mod. Its not fixed already in the latest 19.1(b8) vanilla game? Also the physician perk seems work strangely. I have the perk on 5/5 (miracle worker), but applying a first aid bandage, in half of the cases they apply the non-modified amount of healing. Btw i really like this mod. You did a great job about the difficulty. Im around level 50, and i encountered with some radiated biker zombies in POI-s, they have like ~1000 HP, and hitting like a truck. They keep one shot me if i let them too close. I felt the vanilla game become too easy too soon (only vanilla a17 have comparable difficulty with this mod). But not in this mod, i never feel myself safe here.
  9. How? The trader now does not have anything under the conversation "Do you have any other work?" where the quest originally is. Maybe i try do more quest to him again? Or i should try other traders?
  10. Having a big trouble... 😕 Playing on a DF server. I accidentally dropped my first "opening trade routes" quest, and the trader does not have this quest now. Is there any way to re-aquire this quest? I think if i not complete this, i cant get Tier II quests from the traders... 😕
  11. Happened to me recently on a Darkness Falls server. IDK this bug related to the vanilla 7 days to die or the mod, but i died during a quest, and i respawned on a random people's bedroll like 4km away from my own base. Poor fella just looked at me how i got there... He didnt know that im confused as hell too.
  12. I go with Sham Chowder when going questing, raiding POI-s etc. gives a good amount of food, i bring some Yucca Juice Smoothie for water, it gives some food tho, so they balance each other pretty well. And not least, it heals you like 80HP when you eat it. Its not expensive, need only on Can of Sham, 2x potato, 2x corn and a bottle of water for each one to create.
  13. Yea. If you play for example Darkness Falls mod, your words are true. In that mod, you need to consider chasing the chicken or not, risking aggroing 8-10 zombies at once. But in vanilla? No way... Zombies are almost completely gone from the outside areas. You barely can see a single walker here and there. I remember that many times i roaming back and forth to traders on a vanilla A19 server with the 4x4, and i not encountered with a single zombie on the road. Just completely empty areas everywhere. Cities are way too safe to moving in this version. Around A16 Cities are full with dogs, cops and other walkers and feral wights. Yea i know sometimes a roaming horde still spawning in with like 5-6 zombies, but thats still nowhere compared to A16 zombie counts.
  14. Found this pit on DFalls-Xlarge1 map on a top of a hill, just north from the desert biome. Kinda scary I almost fell in it... These maps are generated with Nitrogen? I found strange how hills and mountains are generated on these maps, they usually not smoothed like in vanilla RWG, they just like built from dirt stairs
  15. Exactly what i need to download for that fix?
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