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  1. i'll try that out and come back to this thread to see if it worked
  2. Alright so I was wanting to go back to A13 for nostalgia's sake, but I'm unable to launch 7DTD after going to properties and changing to A13 in steam. I can load A18.4 and up but anything below A18.3 cannot be launched. A message pops up when launching the game stating that "An error occurred while updating 7 Days to Die (missing executable) : C : \ Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\7dLauncher.exe I go to check the path that it says and sure enough it isn't there. Does anyone have an idea on what to do? I've done everything I can but to no avail. there is no 7dLauncher.exe file
  3. but not the casino! imagine raiding that place and finding stacks upon stacks of dukes!
  4. does anyone else hate the REEEEEEEEE sounds at night but like the crickets? i feel that the REEEEE noises break the immersion.
  5. when durability falls to 0, it won't break. check the item description. it states what you can use to repair it.
  6. yeah i'd have to agree with you there. I have absolutely no idea why they removed advanced customization. also i have to say, with the texture overhauls that they're doing it's a shame that in early alphas the textures for clothes were actually natural, and now in a19 it's low poly.
  7. i feel the same honestly. just something as simple as a new camera position would work. i agree with the offset at close quarters too.
  8. So what if there was a trait system. I'm talking a fully independent skill menu that you can only use with Trait points. What i mean by traits is, skills that give a negative and positive effect. Trait points are to be obtained every 30 levels or so, and you start the game with 2. This trait menu won't be based on a skill tree system, but will be based on just..., well how do i describe it, a pick whatever you want system. there won't be tiers to this, but you can choose what you want right off the bat. A few traits i'm thinking of are Four Eyes, Rapid Fire, Fury, and Run Forrest Run. Four Eyes will be where you gain +2 intellect and +1 perception but the screen is blurred 50% unless you're wearing glasses. The only thing not blurred is the UI Rapid Fire will increase the fire rate of firearms and archery weapons by 20% but make them 20% less powerful. Fury increases the attack speed of melee weapons by 25% but makes them 20% less powerful. Run Forrest Run increases run speed by 15% and max stamina 5, but max health is reduced 20. I've thought these through and figured that these could fit very well into the game and provide new ways to explore leveling but still have a similar balance and feel to it. Now obviously there would be more traits but these are just a few. I also kinda based some of these off of the Fallout NV trait system but some are my ideas. Perhaps we could elaborate on this idea and give more in the comments. that would be great too. And i hope you enjoy my idea in any sort of way. i designed a custom UI for it in paint
  9. what's kinda halfway between what was mentioned by you though is the wight. it's a little taller, hits harder, takes more dmg. but is not on the scale of the behemoth.
  10. Probably so, I've seen people get demonetized for literally no reason so yeah, I'm willing to bet that it's messed up too.
  11. They probably ended up in the wooden frame shapes.
  12. Ok so I was watching Jawoodle and apparently heard that one of the songs in the dynamic music can cause copyright issues on Youtube. Does anyone know exactly what song that is or what? Hopefully it can be identified and removed in a patch or something.
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