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  1. Induction Coil Trap (plate) Would burn zombies from underneath. Basically a hot plate. - Won't cost much to make. - Drains little power. Induction Coil Trap (Cylinder) Outside the trap would slowly burn zombies, taking 1 HP away per second. Inside the trap would quickly burn zombies, and also melt any armor they have on. - Very expensive to make. - Drains tons of power. Bear Trap Basically what it says. Can be deployed like a junk turret and has 1 use before you must pick it back up and reload it. Flamethrower Trap Shoots gasoline in an a
  2. I'd have to agree with this post. The character models are all low-poly and not HD.
  3. i believe darkness falls has npcs within the trader bases. they don't really do much though.
  4. I personally feel very disappointed that the auto shotgun speed is 70 rounds/minute avg. Would it be too much to ask that the speed would be increased but dmg is nerfed? Something similar to the auto shotgun from Wolfenstein: The New Order would be a great alternative. Example https://youtu.be/bKUvp13bu7M
  5. I'd say this is a great base. It's not a cheese base either. Definitely going to build this, and definitely worth a sub to your channel!
  6. they removed the wall barbed wire because people would make 2 wide killing corridors that would slow the zombies down but not damage the barbed wire because they weren't touching the barbed wire but were within the hitbox so they would be slowed down. it'd be great if they changed it so the zombies would only be slowed when touching the barbed wire itself rather than being in the hitbox.
  7. no it's not the dynamic music, it's the ambient REEEEEE sound that kinda has an echo that plays at night. idk how to describe it.
  8. i don't have the launcher to start with though. i tried this.
  9. i'll try that out and come back to this thread to see if it worked
  10. Alright so I was wanting to go back to A13 for nostalgia's sake, but I'm unable to launch 7DTD after going to properties and changing to A13 in steam. I can load A18.4 and up but anything below A18.3 cannot be launched. A message pops up when launching the game stating that "An error occurred while updating 7 Days to Die (missing executable) : C : \ Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\7dLauncher.exe I go to check the path that it says and sure enough it isn't there. Does anyone have an idea on what to do? I've done everything I can but to no avail. there i
  11. but not the casino! imagine raiding that place and finding stacks upon stacks of dukes!
  12. does anyone else hate the REEEEEEEEE sounds at night but like the crickets? i feel that the REEEEE noises break the immersion.
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