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  1. by range, what MechanincalLens means is that it can happen randomly within a set number of days later. Essentially, if you take blood moon range for example, you can have blood moon frequency set to 7 days, and have a blood moon range set to 3 days therefore making the blood moon happen on day 7, 8, 9, or 10.
  2. Steam Name: SuperNinja55 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198249997010 Hours Played: 451 Started on Alpha: 13 Discord Name: SuperNinja55#1857 Native Language: English A quick side note... If we're using discord to post bugs and such, I'd rather keep it to DM's than speak in a VC. So... no voice chat for me please.
  3. It should be kinda like the skyrim lockpicking tbh...
  4. i'd want vibrant dyes back in the game.
  5. that's how wires irl work. some stuff is lost over time.
  6. that was what I was meaning, i'm sure pretty nobody would want to peel off the clothes from a rotting carcass. of course some zombie clothes exist already. the shirt and pants from Darlene, the military armor, the hazmat armor, ect. what I was thinking was Moe's clothes or cop clothes, something unique to specific zombies that the player can find in poi's and wear.
  7. what if we had the clothing for all zombies, available for players to equip? shouldn't be too hard to add. but this was just a random idea that might go nowhere. Should it happen?
  8. what if we just had the option to have both? best of both worlds I say.
  9. sorry but you lost me at... ADD A ROCKET RUNWAY!?!??!
  10. Have you ever tried to dye a weapon or armor, only to find that it looks very dull? I know right? You probably would like some dyed armor that looks vibrant, rather than slightly brown looking. Honestly I think that vibrant dyes for weapons and armor could be a cool idea, but that's just my opinion. the dyes should be as vibrant as green dye btw
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