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  1. How much the forums have grown in a years absence! 

    Just finished catching up on the first Dev Stream episode, anyone else get goosebumps seeing the new city tiles!?!?   🤯

  2. Cheers for keeping this going, been my first real look through since 17 and it's impressive to see the way it's grown and there are some real beauties in there now. Especially happy to see those farm prefabs from 4 years ago and thumbs up to whoever updated them, but you have my permission to chop those abominations 😁 and holy cow, Hernans mall 🤪
  3. Slaan

    Airport Terminal

    Everything apart from that blocky runway is spot on, decent size too. My pack in the project slaanhatten thread has some pretty simple runway sections you could use to good effect in minutes to give it an easy facelift. This could defo be the starting point for a reasonably sized airport with a couple of hangars and decorations, might have to yoink it 🙄
  4. New download links on OP. Fixed the bridges/highway sucking up terrain (don't worry they still collapse) All new prefabs added New Project Slaanhatten world included will be where the new style city will be built. Base layout of the new streets and sewers included but it is very WIP atm.
  5. On a separate note as I try and direct people here from my streams for comments and ideas- I have a fairly stable set of streets and base cityblocks in the pack now, more variants are probably the main thing needed. The sewer system measurements are pretty much established and Im working on finishing the 'base' set required to finish the system of, again variants will be the main thing that expand this. So I'm at a crossroads now of what 'system' to tackle next - so basically a new themed set of prefabs designed to be placed in the world editor in the same style as the streets/sewers, with inter-connecting parts if required. For those of you who've played current and especially previous versions (all the way back to A12) what should be the next thing I work on? and what do you miss the most? Some personal misses- The A12 cityblocks with the subway system - could be broken down to work along side a sewer system or replace it in certain areas. We never had a way to put zombies down there back then and with the current state of prefabbing/world editing there's a lot of potential here for a fairly decent set. Highway - I love it, it's clunky as hell and could use a re-visit, I'm keen to experiment a bit with nitrogen here too to see if I can work with the system they have for laying theirs down, could save a lot of time getting the first few big stretched pre-generated with your map. The Open Sewer - It was a big solid mess of concrete but worked well with the sewer system and is still something I'd like in there, think the truck/motorbike chase from the Terminator 2 movie or even the similar area on GTA-V. Probably handled with custom streets and done cityblock style would give the freedom to make it as big or small as you wanted.
  6. I'm not sure I ever really used the properties to do block replacements and as I've never really made much other than 'bits' of things since A16 so in terms of maintaining the stuff in the pack, the workload has generally been much kinder keeping things up to date, prefabbing in general is in a pretty good place now. Im holding off building a Slaanhatten 2.0 while I still mess around with ideas but I think it'll end up a mix of all the different methods I've used in the past from around A12 onwards, just designed better and a hell of a lot more user friendly when people want to build their own layout. We'll be playing Sim City in the world editor eventually 😁
  7. It's not a bad way to familiarise yourself with the editor and how it works and as mentioned by someone else, more variety is always welcome. Whether you re-plan a dungeon crawl or simply want to create non-dungeon/quest versions for filling out hubs, there will always be a use for more prefabs and you'll probably find your own style/preference along the way.
  8. Certainly is, the original post and download links have been updated this morning.
  9. Another tutorial video specifically with the world editor prefab pack in mind. You wanna contribute? then this is most certainly the video for you. All custom prefabs are welcome whether it's a secy looking lamp post or a walking dead prison, whether or not you can save someone else 5 mins or 5 days it's all good.
  10. OP has been updated to include V4 of the prefab pack. It now includes all required prefabs to make the maps work in a single download, special thanks to the authors. Check the version text in the folder for a list of contents and links. This is the prefab files only, i have not included the original configs/modlets for generating new maps but it's now quite ideal for use in the world editor.
  11. I never got as far as tweaking the biomes, i don't think there are any large areas of actual wasteland. Still to really delve into the biomes and how best to use them, but there are some guides around and it shouldn't be too hard to modify the biomes file from the project folder to suit your needs. I am proud of what I put together and I suppose it is "playable" but it's still better thought of as my testing playground rather than a refined and finished "thing"
  12. This is still me toying with ideas mainly, slowly building the prefab pack up. Gotta remember everything used on the map with few exceptions can be recycled or used again as the starting point for something new. If people really wanna help out, get building those prefabs... thats what takes so long, having to build pretty much most of the props from scratch before being able to place them. I'd challange people to go back through their creations and tear them down into re-useable pieces, pretty much every custom prefab I've seen on this forum has some cool little props contained within and it's having access to a library of these that really speeds up fleshing out a themed area within a map. I pushed further with this map than I expected, but it's still mainly a whole bunch of unfished ideas, you think you could do the streets better... give it a go, want to expand on the sewer prefabs... go for it, you've got a maps worth of experimenting to look at and learn from
  13. OP has been updated with new links. Project Slaanhatten - new cusom map, treat this as WIP and hopefully learn from some of my mistakes it's not all bad and there's some brillant stuff to see but... you'll know what I mean Prefab Pack v3 - Theres around 200+ random prefabs to throw around your map via the world editor The plan was to hold onto this till 18 but as we still have some time yet and I've made huge amounts of progress I thought it probably better to see 17 out with a bang and use the feedback to roll with some new ideas in 18. Feedback whether it's good, bad or ugly is not just welcome but strongly encouraged I'd have liked to do a feature release video but that will have to wait for the time being.
  14. Gotta say some of those pics look amazing, can't wait to see the rest.
  15. The basic controls are more or less the same as the older versions of the built in editor we could get the hacky DLL for if you ever used some of the early versions of that , othrwise just press escape and check the help menu there for the basics. Got a bunch of videos on the editor itself, outside of the map edits i do in paint.net im pretty much 100% in game now the way it should be, it's so much better these days. The selection box is all - it's the Prefab masters lightsaber, probably the only thing to really practise with otherwise the rest of the editor now is just easy to use where it used to be an absolute ♥♥♥♥ around to have to learn a third party editor, it's features and especially having to rely on other people to carry work between versions... im sure im gonna run into a wall headfirst at some point but so far there have been no barriers, a few bugs and wonky bit here and there, but i pretty much build what I want how I want to now and it couldn't be better. - - - Updated - - - Speaking of the editor, How to shamelessly steal someones work to save time, use it as a starting point and end up with something totally differnt, enjoying the best of both.
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