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  1. Oh c'mon, It took like 30 seconds, and was fun. I've since found a mod that removes the yellow bags that the zombies poop out, and instead makes them all lootable, with specific loot (like bandages on the nurses etc), just like how it used to be...and honestly I think it increased the fun factor in the game by 75%.
  2. As I understand it, the pimps are working towards having better loot in more dangerous areas? That makes more sense to me than tying it to game stage. In A20 are we still going to find stone and wood weapons and tools in locked gun safes? That for me was absurd. Total waste of lockpicks.
  3. The stripper zombies are still in the game. They're just not topless anymore. They're now in tiny tight dresses and stiletto heals. I actually quite like them. I think they've been modeled, textured, and animated really well. Also really comical to see them hobbling around in the heals.
  4. As a woman, the stripper zombie and stripper POI don't offend me. I do think there needs to be a male stripper zombie though. If I saw a buff zombie wearing nothing but a dollar wadded silver thong, I would find that hilarious. If anything would offend me as a women it would be trader Jen's shirt. That's not the shirt a doctor and business women would typically wear. It's something I'd expect to see on an attention-seeking high school girl. Still, not enough to get me upset though, just an observation. I do appreciate your point of view and sensitivity towards women though. I just think it's a slight over reaction.
  5. I'd love it if they gave us a new positive-sounding level up sound. The current one sounds too much like the sound that played when your wellness went down a point in A16, so it feels like I'm being punished when I hear it. Path of Exile has the best level up sound (angels singing).
  6. Hopefully she's earned enough money at Traitor Joels by now that she can afford a full shirt. That looks so uncomfortable
  7. The quests are fun, but not really a solution because you can't choose what building you're going to get. Also you can be in the middle of the building and some knob decides to nerd pole up to the roof and grabs the loot while you're fighting your way through.
  8. Feedback on Loot spots I apologize if this has already been addressed in A20, but just wanted to give some feedback on what it's like playing with selfish, lazy people...which I'm sure will happen to most of us at some point. So, I was playing on a server where these 2 guys built ladders on the sides of all the major buildings and would have a 'daily' of going to each building to collect all the rooftop loot. Of course that spoils it for anyone else who decides "Hey I'm going to do the crackabook tower today, or the shamway factory" or whatever because they fight their way through the whole building only to be faced with empty crates at the top. Bit of anti climax. So I was thinking of two possible ways to prevent this kind of behaviour: 1) Change the main loot location to a random location within the building. or 2) Make the roof top crates indestructible, and unpickable, and have the key to open them on a random zombie within the building. Personally, I prefer the second option, but maybe there are other ways to address it. Anyway, keep up the great work Pimps. Those POIs are so awesomely designed, it's a shame that some people skip them just for the prize at the end.
  9. I also use that mod. It's great, except, I would like it more if you could adjust the number of roaming zombies to be a lot higher around towns and cities and sparse in wilderness. That was how it was in A15 when they had the hub cities. Made it very, very exciting going to loot in the city.
  10. I wonder if the game will ever have seasons and a battlepass type progression mechanics like Fallout 76 Online and Red Dead Redemption? I know it's not end game content, but I find it does keep me coming back for more. I want earn all those nice aesthetics, so find myself logging in to do dailies and challenges.
  11. I don't care one way or the other myself, but there are so many people (my husband is one of them) who get upset with how the zombies swiss cheese the ground and make a big mess. As you say, it gets brought up often, so I think it would be nice to be able to turn it off for those that think it's an issue. It definitely adds gameplay. I can't argue with that, but for me it's an immersion thing. I don't think they should be clever enough for that. The bandits on the other hand could totally do that, and it would make sense.
  12. A lot of the things mentioned in A20 sound awesome, but I would still like to see the following: Lootable Zombies Memba when you could loot all zombies, and how they had specific loot (like nurses had bandages, farmers had hoes, cops had ammo etc), and then A17 came and stole all the fun? Fortunately I found an awesome mod that adds this back in beautifully. Even so, I still wish it were back in the base game. Minigame for lockpicking Like they have in Dying Light. This would replace the randomness with skill. So, lockpicking perks would make the locks easier to pick. Swamp biome DLC With zombie alligators and voodoo style zombies. I think this would need to be a DLC because it probably wouldn't fit in with the current theme. More zombies Not more hiding in cupboards and rafters. lol. More wandering zombies. A lot more. Line of sight pathing At present you can stand on a block placed on the outside wall of a building, and instead of going into rage mode below you, a dog will run around the back of the building, break through the door, traverse all the passages and rooms in the house until it is directly behind you and starts breaking the wall to get to you. This is the intelligence one would expect from a bandit, not a dumb zombie or animal. Survivor villages with rentable rooms I would love to see the trader reworked into a village with NPCs where you can pay dukes to spend the night there, and make it very expensive for horde night. Option to turn off diggers Default would be set to on, but having an option to turn them off would be great. Option for headshot-only kills Make it so that you can only kill a zombie with a headshot and a headshot always kills. You can still pop arms and legs off, but it will keep coming at you until you brain it. That would also make helmeted zombies more of a threat.
  13. I couldn't disagree more. In my opinion Valheim's food system is the worst I've seen in any survival game. Not only is it silly to me that you have to eat 3 different foods, but there comes a point where your health and stamina bar have shrunk quite a bit, but you can do nothing about it because your 3 foods aren't flashing yet. Really don't know what they were thinking, and you're the first person I've heard that enjoys it. Everyone I've spoken to thought it was ridiculous. I'm not saying you're a freak. We all like different things. It just still surprises me some times that the thing I absolutely detest is something someone else could love. I don't envy the devs trying to choose the best system. Personally I still think 7 Days to Die's old wellness system was the best. It gave an incentive not to die, and to cook the best tier meals. My circle of friends enjoyed it and were surprised when the Pimps swapped it out. The new system is just ok. I can live with it. I think I would have been more accepting of it, if I hadn't experienced the old system first.
  14. Thank you, that's very kind We absolutely share the same sense of humour :D
  15. No, food at the base is safe, thankfully. Only the food in the streamer's inventory and the inventory of anyone in their party spoils. So if you tend to carry a lot of food on you, you need to rethink that strategy or turn off the command.
  16. Hello cheebsco Thanks for this. By the way it's me Siren, from Mr_W4rpath's stream. I'm not sure about the circumstances of point 2. One of his viewers pointed it out. We can test on Monday, and I'll let you know. Great to know about the xml's being modifiable.
  17. They've been enjoying spawning bears paired with the effect that disables ranged. lol. One of the guys used the spoil just to check what it was and then everybody felt so sorry for him losing all his sham chowders, they just started spawning food supply crates.
  18. I understand this was a side project from Lathan/Fubar Prime, so firstly just want to thank him for making such a cool system. It works beautifully, and my husband's community is thoroughly enjoying trying to murder him. Just some feedback: In my opinion #spoil (spoils all the food in the inventory of the streamer and party) should be the most expensive command. Food is already a big grind in the game, so this command is by far the meanest. It seems if a viewer uses a command that is still under cooldown, their points are still subtracted. It would be nice if their points were only subtracted if the command was successful. Is there a possibility of the system remembering what commands the streamer turned off in the previous session? At present if the streamer logs out for a coffee break and then logs back in, he has to remember to switch off the commands he doesn't want again. Would be awesome if the streamer could decide how many points each command is worth. Thanks again.
  19. A while ago I painted Karen Zombie. Now it's extended to include a businessman zombie (as the manager she's chasing) and two survivors. If you like watching art videos, you can also watch the whole process here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niOsbhmxz18
  20. I know my husband would love that. He loves mining so marks off all the resources on his map.
  21. What are the chances of getting some different map icons for the different shops? Like a book icon we can use to mark off crackabook, pistol icon for shotgun messiah, hammer icon for working stiff tools. We already have the tower icon to mark off the skyscrapers, so would be nice to have the others.
  22. Dear devs. Just a minor issue...I don't even know if this belongs here, but I notice that the Quick marker (red flag) that we place on the map hides behind all the other icons on the compass. Surely this should be in front? Should I submit a bug report or is this working as intended? Also what are the chances of getting some different map icons more appropriate for the different shops? Like a book icon we can use to mark off crackabook, pistol icon for shotgun messiah, hammer icon for working stiff tools. We already have the tower icon to mark off the skyscrapers, so would be nice to have the others.
  23. Really looking forward to seeing these wandering sleepers. I miss the constant moving zombies from A15. A16's combo of sleepers and movers was great too, but right now the world seems too quiet and lonely with all the zombies sleeping in cupboards and rafters.
  24. Aah the Troll Pimps. It was early in the game and my man and I had been searching every house for a pot. he finally found what he thought was a pot, but it ended up being a land mine that ripped him a new one. Fortunately one of his viewers clipped it, so we got to laugh at it all over again: https://www.twitch.tv/mr_w4rpath/clip/SilkyZanyBorkPermaSmug-9HlnNLs1UbKLgIje
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