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  1. The critical injury system makes melee completely nonviable no matter what you're using. I got enough mitigation that zombies tickle me when they hit me but they all end up causing injuries that slowly reduce your max HP down to dangerously low levels. The system punishes you for getting hit and you will absolutely get hit as a melee. It's @%$*#!s and I hope they work on it someway.
  2. Your question suggests that only one skill tree should enjoy being able to play the game and not sit and stare at their screen for half the time they are mining or using tools. I'm not advocating for everyone to have infinite stamina, but I am saying that it's currently breaks immersion for too long and too often for anyone not spec'd into those skills. Without those skills, you will spend almost 50/50 on time you are actually using the tool and time that you're waiting for stamina to use the tool. That's way too much idle time.
  3. For me, it's not about the loot. It's about the tedium of a long drawn out POI. I know it's better loot/reward but spending too much time in one place is boring to me and my "fantasy" is looting houses and grocery stories, not factories and utility plants.
  4. Why is the game awarding you things you're not supposed to be using? When is one ready for steel tools? I've got two attribute trees at 10 and I still spend too much of my time standing around waiting for my stamina to return. I think your off here and I stand by my statement.
  5. Im beginning to think you don't have a case at all, tbh. There's nothing inconsistent with the things I've said. If you want to craft the best loot then you should have to put yourself at the same level of risk as where you'd find the best loot. Because not all loot is equal, you can find materials to craft in easy to survive environments so you shouldn't be able to craft the best loot. What's your case against that because it sounds like you understand and agree with my premise but you still want to disagree with me???
  6. You can rest your case there but the premise of your questioning and argument is still challenged by the remaining section of your quote. Not all looting is equal. That toilet in the burnt down house isn't giving you the same loot as the chest on top of Shamway.
  7. I think the real problem is that lock picks aren't exactly common and you can't craft them until you have 7/7 books for the Great Heist. Lock picks aren't terribly technical items and there's no reason it should require special knowledge to craft them, imo.
  8. Essentially, yes, but technically, no. All content requires looting, but the degree of rewards that you get scale with how difficult the content is that you're doing. You can find weapons/weapon parts in small house. You can do low level quests and loot boxes will have parts for things that you get for little risk to your characters life. There's certainly a difficulty gradient when it comes to locations you can loot that you're either ignoring or unaware of. That gradient is the basis of my argument. You can go into a town, clear all the little houses during the day (at little to no risk t
  9. My two biggest complaints with the game at the moment is that your character has to eat like a hog to survive and stamina drain, tool usage and sprinting, is completely out of control. Early game you can do literally nothing that doesn't reward you with food because otherwise you will starve. In higher game stages you start finding the good food in POIs and it's less of an issue but hunger is definitely not balanced for game play that feels good right now. And on the stamina note, there is just way too much "waiting" going on. You swing your axe 5-6 times and then sit there for 15 second
  10. Looting is the best way to go because it ties the reward to the higher risk. All the weapons in the game can be crafted with parts and materials that you get from the least challenging forms of content. If they were to make crafting yield the best items, they'd have to integrate materials that were obtained through challenging content.
  11. The loot is tied to your game stage because that's what governs how difficult a POI is. If you rush to a T5 POI with a T2 game stage, you shouldn't get T5 loot. That breaks the reward cycle.
  12. I agree with your first point, but I'm not sure that its necessarily a bad thing. With the way that it is, it makes more areas viable for basing on. That's good for server populations. Also, I don't think it's as bad as you make it out. You can deplete an area or make it much less worth doing than going somewhere new. On your second point, I couldn't disagree more. I think the perk system is as near to perfection as it ever has been. Your argument makes it sound like you want to be able to fully spec into one talent without committing to the tree and while I can understand that feeling I do
  13. For me personally, that is. I really wish the Trader would give you more options but it seems at a certain level/game stage (whatever governs this) you just get nothing but T5s and that's around the time I lose interest and stop playing. Is there no way to edit what quests are given?
  14. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post, I wasn't exactly sure where to put it. I find that once you get to T5 quests the game gets incredibly uninteresting to me as those POIs tend to be long and resource draining. I very much prefer the shorter POIs in T3 with an occasional T4. So my question is this: Is there a way, strictly through .xml changes, to change how the quest list is populated so that the trader will only ever offer ONE T5 at one time?
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