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  1. Even Humblebundle keys are often region locked. This is to prevent people getting around regional pricing. Generally developers offer games at lower prices to low earning countries (like South Africa where I live) because they would rather make some money, than none, which is what would happen if the price was too high. Minimum wage is 21 ZAR ($1.44), so we get games at lower prices usually, with some exceptions like Battlefield 2042 which was significantly more expensive for South Africans for some reason. Devs are being kind to us by letting us buy the games at a lower rate but we shouldn't abuse that by buying games for American and European friends at a fraction of the price, when they can afford full price. Assuming that is not what you're trying to do, and you're just being kind to a friend - you could just send your friend a Steam voucher for whatever it's going to cost on their side.
  2. @faatal long pathing is the biggest issue for me. Last time I played (few months ago), I saw a wolf coming at me so I popped a block on the side of a building and hopped onto it (with my parkour skills) to shoot at it from safety. Instead of trying to break stuff down beneath me, it ran around to the other side of the building, broke through the door, ran up stairs and into the room behind me and started breaking through the block of the wall directly behind me. I could expect that cleverness from a construction worker zombie, not a normal zombie, and certainly not an animal. I really love how stupid the average zombie is in Dying Light. It makes it so that you can easily lure them into traps and then have a good laugh. I'd love that same fun in 7 Days to Die where we have access to even more traps. For me, the danger of a zombie apocalypse should always be the sheer number of zombies rather than their intelligence. I understand some people have different ideas, but why not both? Super dumb average zombies, and clever specialized ones? Just editing to add on to the above... You could take away the jump ability from the zombies who used to be sedentary in their previous lives (like the business man etc) and give the jump ability to those that were active like the stripper, the skateboard zombie, and dogs. That might make horde night less predictable, or less easy to find a meta if different zombies are different in their physical abilities.
  3. 7DtD + Terraria/Minecraft (for more fun mining)
  4. In a real life zombie apocalypse flies would lay eggs on them and maggots would eat all the connective tissue, so all the zombies would be reduced to a pile of stationary bones within a few days ... unless ... unless the flies turned into zombies! Ermagerd. Then you'd find me crying in a cupboard rocking back and forth in the foetal position. lol
  5. Oh c'mon, It took like 30 seconds, and was fun. I've since found a mod that removes the yellow bags that the zombies poop out, and instead makes them all lootable, with specific loot (like bandages on the nurses etc), just like how it used to be...and honestly I think it increased the fun factor in the game by 75%.
  6. As I understand it, the pimps are working towards having better loot in more dangerous areas? That makes more sense to me than tying it to game stage. In A20 are we still going to find stone and wood weapons and tools in locked gun safes? That for me was absurd. Total waste of lockpicks.
  7. The stripper zombies are still in the game. They're just not topless anymore. They're now in tiny tight dresses and stiletto heals. I actually quite like them. I think they've been modeled, textured, and animated really well. Also really comical to see them hobbling around in the heals.
  8. As a woman, the stripper zombie and stripper POI don't offend me. I do think there needs to be a male stripper zombie though. If I saw a buff zombie wearing nothing but a dollar wadded silver thong, I would find that hilarious. If anything would offend me as a women it would be trader Jen's shirt. That's not the shirt a doctor and business women would typically wear. It's something I'd expect to see on an attention-seeking high school girl. Still, not enough to get me upset though, just an observation. I do appreciate your point of view and sensitivity towards women though. I just think it's a slight over reaction.
  9. I'd love it if they gave us a new positive-sounding level up sound. The current one sounds too much like the sound that played when your wellness went down a point in A16, so it feels like I'm being punished when I hear it. Path of Exile has the best level up sound (angels singing).
  10. Hopefully she's earned enough money at Traitor Joels by now that she can afford a full shirt. That looks so uncomfortable
  11. The quests are fun, but not really a solution because you can't choose what building you're going to get. Also you can be in the middle of the building and some knob decides to nerd pole up to the roof and grabs the loot while you're fighting your way through.
  12. Feedback on Loot spots I apologize if this has already been addressed in A20, but just wanted to give some feedback on what it's like playing with selfish, lazy people...which I'm sure will happen to most of us at some point. So, I was playing on a server where these 2 guys built ladders on the sides of all the major buildings and would have a 'daily' of going to each building to collect all the rooftop loot. Of course that spoils it for anyone else who decides "Hey I'm going to do the crackabook tower today, or the shamway factory" or whatever because they fight their way through the whole building only to be faced with empty crates at the top. Bit of anti climax. So I was thinking of two possible ways to prevent this kind of behaviour: 1) Change the main loot location to a random location within the building. or 2) Make the roof top crates indestructible, and unpickable, and have the key to open them on a random zombie within the building. Personally, I prefer the second option, but maybe there are other ways to address it. Anyway, keep up the great work Pimps. Those POIs are so awesomely designed, it's a shame that some people skip them just for the prize at the end.
  13. I also use that mod. It's great, except, I would like it more if you could adjust the number of roaming zombies to be a lot higher around towns and cities and sparse in wilderness. That was how it was in A15 when they had the hub cities. Made it very, very exciting going to loot in the city.
  14. I wonder if the game will ever have seasons and a battlepass type progression mechanics like Fallout 76 Online and Red Dead Redemption? I know it's not end game content, but I find it does keep me coming back for more. I want earn all those nice aesthetics, so find myself logging in to do dailies and challenges.
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