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  1. Hello devs. Have you looked at what mods people are using (assuming telemetry data shows this)? And if, so would you consider making changes based on that? For example, if a lot of people are using bigger backpack / bigger stack size mods, is that something you would consider tweaking?
  2. I think it's the narrow FOV that's giving the stretched look on the sides. I believe he said he had it on 70. Though even at 85, I'm sure it will be a bit stretched on the sides. I'm no game dev, so not sure how the Pimps would go about optimising the experience for ultrawide. I imagine that is more of a beta concern if anything though.
  3. A dear friend of mine just bought himself the humongous Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor. Just for interest's sake, this is how 7 Days to Die looks on it:
  4. I've seen a few similar comments, and don't really understand. You didn't need to clean up the gore blocks - they despawned quicker than you could chop them up most of the time.
  5. I like the FOV slider (would be better it it went to 90 though) I dislike the gamestaged loot. I dislike gamestaged anything actually.
  6. Toggle run is something I've been asking for for years too. Same reason - my pinkie finger cramps up. They could keep left shift as a hold to run and make right shift a toggle. I think that is how Ark does it if I recall correctly.
  7. Lol, thanks - just Google Karen meme and you will soon know. Very kind of you to say, thank you. I'm actually a designer by day, but I love digital art, so when I'm not gaming, I'm usually drawing/painting.
  8. I notice if they catch fire from the mod, and the fire ends them before you can get the final swing in, you don't get the XP for the kill. I love the mod, but that is a bit of a shame.
  9. I was going through the character creator, and I noticed a distinct 'Can I speak to your manager' haircut... It got me thinking, how hilarious would it be if we had a Karen Zombie. So I spent the last couple of evenings working on some concept art, just for lols *. Behold, The Karen Zombie: When it's the apocalypse, but you still want to chew the manager out. What do you guys think? How would you end her? I'm going with blunt force trauma
  10. Same, and very satisfying when its head pops like a grape. Yes, clubs are part of the strength attribute.
  11. As a woman myself, I would never wear a shirt like Jen's. It would be irritating as hell - I'd want to pull it down constantly. It doesn't really seem like a shirt that a grown @%$*#! woman would wear to be honest. Isn't it usually 11/12 year olds who like to show their bellies off? I don't know. Maybe it's where I live. Trader Rekt is hilarious though. I love his insults.
  12. The gamestaged loot is a bit aggressive, but I'm sure they will balance it with all the feedback they've gotten. Your statement brings up another oint though - lockpicks are pretty expensive. If you spec in to that perk so that you can craft them, it takes 1 steel ingot and 1 mechanical part to create just 1 lockpick. I'm no cat burglar, but I can't imagine why you would need a mechanical part for a lock pick - isn't it just a fancy bobby pin? Probably made out of a cheap metal as well. I would think it more reasonable to use scrap metal as an ingredient for ingots, rather than steel. T
  13. I thought the stamina drain was a bit much, but I've found that after adding a bigger backpack and bigger stacks mod, I'm suffering a lot less. I think my issue was that I was always overburdened with all my loot and having to run back to base after looting each house. All that running back and forth, made my character seem like it had emphysema. Now I can loot a few before I go back to base, so less running around required. Mods for the win. I still wouldn't bother mining/digging for treasure without coffee though. That would be torture.
  14. They've really outdone themselves on the POIs I must say. Loving the quests, and just general exploring. The cathedral is particularly awesome.
  15. I've probably missed the memo somewhere, but I can't find/make these in game. So I've been wanting to try out the drones that are mentioned on the first page of the dev diary, and also missing junk turrets. In A18, I was swimming in junk turrets from loot, so never bothered to learn how to make one. I haven't found any this playthrough, but can't figure out which perk to get to learn it. I did a search in the perks and can't find anything with the name 'junk turrret', or 'junk drone'. Can we learn these items?
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