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  1. Same, and very satisfying when its head pops like a grape. Yes, clubs are part of the strength attribute.
  2. As a woman myself, I would never wear a shirt like Jen's. It would be irritating as hell - I'd want to pull it down constantly. It doesn't really seem like a shirt that a grown @%$*#! woman would wear to be honest. Isn't it usually 11/12 year olds who like to show their bellies off? I don't know. Maybe it's where I live. Trader Rekt is hilarious though. I love his insults.
  3. The gamestaged loot is a bit aggressive, but I'm sure they will balance it with all the feedback they've gotten. Your statement brings up another oint though - lockpicks are pretty expensive. If you spec in to that perk so that you can craft them, it takes 1 steel ingot and 1 mechanical part to create just 1 lockpick. I'm no cat burglar, but I can't imagine why you would need a mechanical part for a lock pick - isn't it just a fancy bobby pin? Probably made out of a cheap metal as well. I would think it more reasonable to use scrap metal as an ingredient for ingots, rather than steel. Then to stop them being produced prolifically early game, maybe you need some expensive attachment (tool and dye kit?) for the forge to be able to make them. My 2 cents anyway. I'm just glad we have them at all.
  4. I thought the stamina drain was a bit much, but I've found that after adding a bigger backpack and bigger stacks mod, I'm suffering a lot less. I think my issue was that I was always overburdened with all my loot and having to run back to base after looting each house. All that running back and forth, made my character seem like it had emphysema. Now I can loot a few before I go back to base, so less running around required. Mods for the win. I still wouldn't bother mining/digging for treasure without coffee though. That would be torture.
  5. They've really outdone themselves on the POIs I must say. Loving the quests, and just general exploring. The cathedral is particularly awesome.
  6. I've probably missed the memo somewhere, but I can't find/make these in game. So I've been wanting to try out the drones that are mentioned on the first page of the dev diary, and also missing junk turrets. In A18, I was swimming in junk turrets from loot, so never bothered to learn how to make one. I haven't found any this playthrough, but can't figure out which perk to get to learn it. I did a search in the perks and can't find anything with the name 'junk turrret', or 'junk drone'. Can we learn these items?
  7. I see what you did there. haha. I actually cringe a bit at the name I chose. When I joined the forum, my usual gamer tag (Siren) was taken, and I guess I was in a silly mood that day, but it's given a few people a chuckle, so I guess that's ok. 😄
  8. I so agree with this. All the perks I want are from perception, but I don't want to use a javelin. I want to use a club. So If I build my player how I want to, I'm always going to be underpowered compared to those who are happy to be pidgeonholed into one of the 5 builds. It's unfair. I really don't see why they need to have weapons linked to attribute points. LBD for weapons would be perfect.
  9. Great thread OP, and I agree with your points. I would love: - Hub Cities. A hub city biome teaming with 500% more zombies than normal biomes and 500% better loot, and dangerous zombies guarding the best loot. This would give people incentive to build their characters to survive that. - Single player/co op 'Save the World' Mode A mode where neither loot, nor zombies respawn, so you can go from town to town clearing the z problem, and renovating buildings. NPC's could move in to safe towns. - Bayou biome A swamp biome with zombie alligators and voodoo style zombies. - Stuff they removed from A16 added back. i.e LBD, wellness system, zombie loot, harvestable zombie corpses - A Non-survival mode I remember seeing that Skyrim got a survival mode option. I would love the opposite for 7 Days to Die so that it's more like an RPG. Alternatively, be able to adjust things like food and stamina drain in the config (like Ark & Conan allow), to customise it for your playstyle. - More storage by default More storage space, for backpacks and storage units and bigger stacks. I currently use mods.
  10. I'm with Lorca on this one. The only person spamming their opinion is Liezel. She's been arguing the same thing with each person who has brought up the issue in this thread. And you have been a vocal advocate of more difficult survival aspects from since before you were a mod, so I think you might have a little conflict of interest here. Both of you keeping harping on about how realism isn't a factor, but we all know that is is to a point. A game with zombies requires imagination, and of course, some aspects must be gamified to make it less tedious, but we are still on earth and nobody eats that much food in one sitting. Well, I won't say nobody. There's those people who eat a table full of burgers at eating competitions, and maybe Michael Phelps, but the average Joe certainly doesn't. It is not fun at all. It is stupid in fact. And the minute I find someone who will make a mod to reduce food drainage, I'm on it. But I'm done with this thread now. Sorry Lorca, it's up to you now.
  11. Accurate. I've come to realise it's a bit of waste of time posting in general because there's always some random willing to argue longer than you, even if they just keep repeating themselves. It is a pity we have to resort to stalking dev profiles to find out what is going on when a diary is the perfect place for it. This is not a diary. It's a forum all on its own, just harder to find stuff. That sounds pretty awesome.
  12. I've been playing since A12, and also have literally thousands of hours in Ark, so this isn't my first rodeo, thank you. I'm not saying those perks need to be eliminated. It's good they are there, but I shouldn't be forced to perk into them just to get by. Perking into them should make already manageable survival easy, not unmanageable survival manageable. Food drainage needs to be toned down. This isn't JUST a survival game. It's also crafting, shooting and looting...tower defense in a way. It has lots of aspects which right now are being dominated by the survival angle. Balance is what I'm asking for.
  13. Yes, very similar to how Skyrim did it.
  14. I have to disagree with you there. I Ioved the lock pick mini games in Return to Krondor, Oblivion, Skyrim, and Dying Light. I'm just glad that we have lock picks at all. We fought hard to get them.
  15. You've missed the point a little bit there. My statement doesn't negate anything. I don't want to feel forced into putting points into certain areas of the the skill tree. I'm sure that's not what the Fun Pimps want either. They want a variety of builds. if everyone has to spec into survival parts of the game, then why have an open skill tree at all? The food drainage needs balancing in my opinion. Clearly not for you. You're loving it, and loving arguing with everyone that doesn't. Which brings me to the point that if I was the only one complaining, you could maybe pull the "playing the game wrong" card, but with so many people complaining, it's clearly a balance issue. Nobody owes you a video or squat for that matter. You're not on the dev team, and you're not the overseer of how people should play. Maybe just let people give feedback on balancing issues so the devs can make their own call. You can give your own feedback to the contrary without hassling each person on the thread.
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