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    Been producing seemingly random videos on YouTube, simply for my own entertainment, and to increase my video editing skills for over 10 years now.
    Never became successful, but I crack myself up watching my own vids, and that's mostly what matters to me.
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    Gaming and editing videos!

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  1. Just an update, my friend is still unable to play. It's the same information as before.
  2. Thank you, SylenThunder, I will pass this along and update the thread with any news. [Edit] This solution did not work supposedly. I will try to gather more information.
  3. Hello, everyone, I'm making this thread on behalf of a friend of mine. Their game crashes on startup, and it was working just fine before A19 experimental dropped, and continues into the B157 unstable update. If anyone has any ideas, please reply here! Additional information: "It could be that the copy of EAC that is installed with A19 doesn't cooperate"
  4. I thought I was creating a new thread. I guess this board doesn't work like all the others? It somehow posted it as a reply in some general discussion thread. I kind of give up, nobody other than you has bothered to address it, and it makes sense considering the method of posting. Oh well, ideas come and go.
  5. Tips for optimizing for stream? 1234
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