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  1. Ah, now there is some data I can present the server owner with! Thank you for taking the time to lay it out, and I appreciate everyone else that contributed to this as well.
  2. Ahhhh, I 100% get it now! That makes a lot of sense, thank you for elaborating on that, and I apologize for being dense lol, I'd say the loot container portion of this thread is concluded, but I'd still be curious to know more about the tree farms, and exactly how, or why, they impact performance. Thank you both for the replies, really!
  3. What is the benefit of stopping the timer? I'm probably not seeing the forest for the trees here, maybe it's very obvious, but I don't see the benefit of that? Stopping the timer would delay the respawn of loot?
  4. Interesting, as I said before, on the server I play, it's not uncommon to see tree farms sprawling on and on for hundreds of trees at a time. Right, I just mean I'm curious about the exact amount of time which needs to pass before the loot containers refresh when someone leaves something in them, the multiplier would be attached to the loot refresh set by the server owners.
  5. I know that historically, trees weren't optimized, maybe it's just an old issue that was fixed, yet server owners still enforce the rule? Have you made any tree farms lately that you noticed issues within? Also, again, thank you for this information. I plan on passing the tree information to the server owner because some of the farms are absolutely insane, consisting of literal hundreds of trees at a time. I'd almost began to wonder if the rule was imposed [ on other servers ] due to difficulty navigating through them for land based vehicles, but so far, everyone seems to agree that there
  6. That's also a valid point. I wonder what is it based on the base multiplier rather then lol
  7. Interesting, thank you both for the replies. The tree thing seems vague. 'causes lag' 'server overhead' is any of this confirmed? I guess I'd like to know a more technical answer, but I'm happy to get that much honestly. Regarding the containers, that's interesting. You both confirmed my suspicions that it was some kind of bug/exploit... I do wonder exactly how much time has to pass before the container resets... Very interesting stuff, thanks again.
  8. Hi everybody, I've been playing for years and years, and I've never felt the urge to understand certain things, but I'm going to take a minute now to ask them. Why do most online servers limit the number of trees players can put down? There seems to be a heavy emphasis on anti-tree farms commonly. Why do players leave items in containers? I've seen it time and time again, and I don't mean carelessly leaving contents behind, but intentionally placing items in the container. I can only theorize that it's some exploit that refreshes their contents sooner? Anywa
  9. Just an update, my friend is still unable to play. It's the same information as before.
  10. Yep, thanks for summarizing that.
  11. How interesting! Well, I guess we figured it out kinda? I also noticed Prime found a single book in his A19 stream, so I suppose it must be the 200% loot causing double recipes/books. I'd always thought it simply meant abundance of loot rather than a literal doubling of select loot. Very interesting stuff.
  12. I do. I like things to move a bit faster during experimental simply because I know the world will be destroyed much sooner than stable due to new versions etc, however, I do not recall this ever happening before in any other version. I don't find duplicates of guns, or armor, just books and recipes. [edit] I included a screenshot I took a moment ago while playing A18, same exact settings, but now I can find 1 book at a time.
  13. Hello, I have noticed that I have never found a single book or recipe. They all come two at a time. Maybe this is known, maybe it isn't, but I figured I'd do my due diligence and post it here. I wasn't able to find a place for bug reports, or unstable alpha feedback, so I'm posting it here. Feel free to move it into an appropriate spot if this isn't it.
  14. Thank you, SylenThunder, I will pass this along and update the thread with any news. [Edit] This solution did not work supposedly. I will try to gather more information.
  15. Hello, everyone, I'm making this thread on behalf of a friend of mine. Their game crashes on startup, and it was working just fine before A19 experimental dropped, and continues into the B157 unstable update. If anyone has any ideas, please reply here! Additional information: "It could be that the copy of EAC that is installed with A19 doesn't cooperate"
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