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  1. Thank You .. But it would be nice if he kept this site up to date also .... Since is part of TFP and where most player check it out for the first time ... but I've played it off and on since he launched it.
  2. I Know these are trying times in everyone's Life .. But could you Please Update your First PAGE to Current version of game or have you just given up on the mod?? Thank You and Lets hope 2021 is a better year The Marble Blocks is a Vanilla Bug and many have the same issue even in just a vanilla game ............. to get rid of the bug I've used in the command window using ~ key type ... pois ... and hit enter ........ it will get rid of the marble blocks .. but sometimes will cause other issues, nothing major but can.
  3. Good Day KhaineGB A quick question in reference to your Mod .. Spawns & Claims .. Will that mess up the Romero Mod .. why I ask is I like the idea of addition claim block on the map ( I have it set to 3 ) and Max the Zombies _ animals at 50 .. But the zombies do not seem to be showing up at 5X per JaxTeller mod. So .. I was just wondering if it messes with Romero Mod and should I remove it. Hoping you have a Good New Years and hoping 2021 is better for everyone. Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer ..
  4. Good day all .. I was wondering if this random issue will be fixed or at least being worked on by the time A20 comes out .. you can start in one part of the map and by the time you go another .. most of the building look like Marble factories. Like I said this has been going on for A very long time now .. but I have noticed it More in A19 than before in any of the other games and everyone say's it is a Vanilla bug. Thank You and Have A Great New Years PS: I had a whole city block like this and Most were worst.
  5. I just tried the Link and it is working .. FINE .. for me also. I'm just hoping Damocles .. comes back and does an Update on this great mod .. it sure could use one, with all the changes that TFP have done lately. Hope all had a good Christmas or the Best you could in these times .. Lets Hope for a Better New Year.
  6. Madmole .. hoping you have a great holiday Also .. when A20 drop .. is there a chance that .. 2) Random Generation Update .. could have something like what Nitrogen gives us to work with maps making .. Just a thought. Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. Have a safe Holiday
  7. Good Day Riles Just thought I would stop by and Wish you and everyone in the family a wonderful Holiday and a .. Hopefully a Great New Years. Take Care and Be Safe .. Thank you the Mods .. the Old Gamer ...
  8. AND Once Downloaded ........ YOU Need Java64 .......... Not the Standard _ It is a Manual download for 64
  9. Damn .. I sure Hope he comes back to it .. But, that is typical of a Mod maker .. (they come and they go) .. I would really hate to have that happen to a Great Mod as this one is and So Very Much Needed for the Game .. with Nitrogen _ I can make a really Nice 10-12K map in about 5 minutes and TFP RWG take over a 1/2 hour for a crappy 8K. Please Damocles .. keep up this Great Mod Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer ..
  10. Good Day .. Damocles Hoping you are well and family is also. Just wondering if we will have an update coming soon .. OR .. if you are waiting on A20 to come out. As so many others are starting to have issues with map making including myself .. I'm not one that does alot of custom style maps .. basically 10-12k ones without the radiation and wastelands with a trader in every town. Anyway .. I was just wondering and I know you have been on and off checking things out I guest. Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer ..
  11. What ever that Last update you did .. it screwed up the game totally ........ all I got Null reference code on the screen and had to uninstall .. checked you mod folder and it had a bunch of War3zuk 160BBPM zip files in it. .. Not sure what happened .. this was on the Mod Launcher
  12. If you use Riles Fixes v1.06 standard or war3zuk version .. As I have posted on here and Riles site ... That some of the special block shapes when upgrading to Titanium ..will revert back to a solid square block .. Use a hammer on the last stage and you can catch it sometimes before it changes ........ Arch will almost always convert back .. So just watch what you upgrading .. some do and some do not ... depends on what was Vanilla .. Stainless has No Issue Just a heads up ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  13. Well .. as of yesterday .. I'm on day 8 and my first Horde will happen sometime today or tomorrow .. Like I said .. I'm running Hordes on every 9 days .. I have had a couple small wandering hordes, but NO screamer horde as of yet .. I should say (I don't think I have anyway .. have had a couple screamers _ but No horde per say) Left game last night on day 8 in the pm ... My level was 52 and my GS was 141 .. So when I go back in .. I will be getting ready for the day 9 horde. I took out Kaines Spawn and Claim mod last night after leaving game .. Thinking it might be mes
  14. No that is fine .. I finally started to get them on the day 5, which is OK .. the wandering hordes were a bit small compared to what I'm use to (only 7-9 z's) and I normally have wandering horde sizes around 25-30 .. But we will see how it goes ... day 5 and my GS was already something like 122+ .. So I should be good .. or .. I can always add the x4 Modlet by Jax. I already use the Modlet .. Spawn and Claim by Kaines of DF Thank you .. Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 PS: I was wondering .. is there anyway to Add "Hollow Point ammo" to the trader as a
  15. Good day _ killerbunny264 Ok .. I've been playing for a couple game days now and working on a horde base .. But NOT seeing any more than normal amount of Z's .. but have seen the night special ones. I was wondering at what point should I expect more Z's .. would it be after first horde night?? Which I run my Horde nights on a 9 day cycle, when I can .. gives time to build something .......... If the Z's don't increase .. I was thinking of adding JaxTeller x4 Modlet to the game, which has always increase the Z count if no issues come up. Thank you and so fa
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