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  1. Good Day KhaineGB Just wanted to Thank You .. But it would have been easier If I REMEMBERED to turn on the debugmenu .. sometimes I wonder if I'm just getting OLD. Lol Have a great week and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 PS: what do the numbers mean next to them style or type of clothing ?? _ 1 - 5 ( first one I dropped onto some barbwire, she screamed a bit _ missed the mark you could say )
  2. Good Day KhaineGB I have a question .. Is there a way to Spawn a new Trader Guard into game .. I by accident killed one _ maybe 2 .. when upgrading a trader base that I will be using. Just wondering if there was or am I just out luck, Thank you .. Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 Jen makes me feel right at Home .. We both talk to ourselves .. Lol
  3. gpcstargate

    True Survival

    Good day Spider .... I'm not sure I understand the "Traits system" ... I tried the negative _ thinking I would get several more point to work with .. but I didn't get any additional point ... so I tried the positive and was only able to buy 2 Yes _ 2 separate games sitting on a log ...... AND ...... Boy are the zombies overpowered on the most part .. headshots seem to be only thing that works. Once I got done with the traits. Also .. I did use the cm before exiting the game and got the dev wrench "which is normally 1 shot anything _ but these guys took 3-4 hits before going down" .. Surprise=Surprise Could you maybe explain the traits again on the main page ... When you have time .. no hurry on that. Thank you for what looks to be an interesting game and New learning curve. Have a good one and be safe 😌 PS: When checking the load after in game with .. "F-1" .. I noticed alot of redlines .. is that the normal TFP stuff and not to worry about them.
  4. gpcstargate

    True Survival

    Thank you for that .. I prefer my own maps that I make with nitrogen using combo pack. Have a great weekend and be safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  5. To TFP crew ... just a thought and I'm seeing alot about Paint .. Well _ for one as a Builder in the game _ Love to paint, But do wish we had more to pick from .. a Nice Red barn metal roof and more flooring colors. Just some thoughts. Thank you ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 Looking forward to A-19
  6. That is Great News .. 😌 .. Looking forward to it.
  7. Good day .. You might want to check your mod under " F-1 " for Load issues .... I tried it and found many red errors on start and it crashed a couple times (just stopped running) ........ and I'm running a i7 9700 with 64 ram on a MSI z390 Gaming MB ... Now; I'm using a custom combo pack map 10k ... I tried that War3zuk and that is terrible. Just a few thoughts. Have a good week and Be safe
  8. Anyone that complains about how Long it is taking .. IS Being Disrespectful ........ Modders are .. People that Love a Game and want to make it Better in some way or improve the experience that other players get from a game. They are Not on the payroll of a mega company .. on the Most part they only get money from Patron's SO .. sit back and wait Like the rest of US .. it will get here .. When it gets here. Subquake wants the game Right and not a thrown together bunch of crap that doesn't work .. the Old Gamer .. 😌
  9. @Damocles I hope you continue to update this map make .. it is a Great Tool and does have a few minor issues. But mostly because of HOW us player try to use it and make some impossible map. 1) .. I would like to see the New Combo pack out be part of the maker .. I'm a bit older now and don't remember how all the stuff .. that needs to be done to make it work. 2) .. One of the biggest issues that this program has is making buildings and terrain work together ..if working on a smooth or better condition in smoothness. Anyway, thank you for a Great Tool ....... Have Fun and Enjoy .... and Be Safe. ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  10. It's on the first page .. ABOUT half way down, if you look. older A17 version: NitroGen for Alpha 17 (stable)
  11. Subquake Good day and I'm Hoping you are doing well, Or the Best that you can in this time of stress we are facing. Anyway .. I watched a video of the latest pre-release version for A18.4 and it is looking good .. But I was wondering if you thought about destroying trashbags and bird nest after Looting them .. it would help in cleaning up the screen or is there a need for them?? OR .. once game is released would I be able to drop a mod into game that gets rid of them .. Just wondering. From a old friend or stranger ... the Old Gamer .. Stay well and be safe in these trying times.
  12. Thank you Sphereii for the reply and I'll keep looking .. Take care and Be Well … the Old Gamer ..
  13. Good Day Sphereii .. it has been awhile and I hope all is Well with you and family. But, why Im writing is that you are getting Modlets being installed on the Launcher that have No info on them and I'm not able to find anything out about them .. new one today is .. ExcitusXtreme .. nothing on the forum about it ..... ThatOneGuild Overhaul .. I'm playing this one I really enjoy and that is, but again no info on the forums .. but would to chat with creator about a couple small issues .... Anyway .. is there a way to get ahold of these authors or do you have a link somewhere for them? Keep safe and Be Well ... as always, Have Fun and Enjoy ... the Old Gamer ..
  14. This is a normal issue with the Mod Launcher with this game and a couple others .. But if you just hit ESC and go back into game screen .. the game will run fine .. Should (SAY) it does for me and I've had it happen several times .. has to do with something in how windows reads the game .. I understand it can happen on a Linux system also.
  15. We have a orange and a green metal roof .. But I've always want to see a Red Barn metal roof .. and maybe a few more texture (they discontinued one of the nice bricks that I really like) .. still on the chart but no longer available.
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