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  1. It is in Experimental if you must, on the Mod Launcher. (EXPERIMENTAL) saw it yesterday ... But I would give it some time to cook. Just a Suggestion.
  2. IT's a Shame some people just can't or are to Just lazy to Write the Notes. πŸ˜’ The OldGamer 😌
  3. Good day KhaineGB I was just wondering if the new Update is working with A21.1 b16 as it should be ... I know a couple of mods that got broken by the update. Just wanted to check. Thank You and Have a Great week. The OldGamer 😌
  4. Just wondering can they be upgrade to tier 6 if you are able. ? Thank you, The OldGamer 😌
  5. To TFP, good day. For the life of me I have no idea why I'm getting these warnings when loading game ... I have No extra containers in the world other than at My base that I'm Building. Thought I might share it with you guys and maybe you can figure it out. But ... since they are yellow warnings at this time, I'm not to concern about it. Thank you for a great game and have a good week. The OldGamer😌
  6. Good day TFP's Question ... I keep getting this warning message when checking "F1" for issues and it just started after starting to build a base .. at first I thought it might have something to Do with old POI that I was using ... But have removed all containers. Just wondering if it is a bug, as a yellow alert no biggie. Just wonderingπŸ€” Thank You and have a Great week. The OldGamer 😌 New copy posted on 8/09/23
  7. It Is NOT A BUG ... just incomplete design of working parts in game ... If Blocks are turned 1 way - they paint one direction and if you turn that same block, it will paint a different direction ... This has Been going on for years and nothing has been done about it. ... I know it is just a Game, but it should work as designed and we have been missing blocks parts as in outside and inside corners for some shapes for so long is another thing ... (To be Honest, I think we are missing More Outside Corners for many of the shapes than inside corners) Building is one of the things That makes the game enjoyable for many players and at nearly 8000 hours of game play, it is one of my enjoyments of the game. Thank You and Have a Great Day ... The OldGamer 😌
  8. Good Day TFP's When are we going to get other issues fix as Missing shape and Color running in the Proper direction. When Using 2 different Wedge ... Wedge 60 and Wedge Narrow this is What you get when Painting. Love the game ... But just getting a little tired of trying get make things work. It's Been too Long since we have had any build issues fixed. Thank You for a Great Game ... The OldGamer 😌
  9. Good Day KhaineGB, Are you adding this to the Mod Launcher in the near future, Just wondering. PS: I'm still using The Legendary Mod Launcher "Old Version" ... still works for me for Most games without all the Bugs the newer has. Edit 7/24 ... Have updated to V5 Now since Sphereii got the modlets working as they should. And all seems to be working correctly. Thank You ... The OldGamer 😌
  10. It is the way the ".xml.modinfo" is written now. I think there are example on the internet that you can look up ... it has to be worded a certain way. Just a Pain. and I will check again about master blocks but didn't notice any right off hand.
  11. Give Stallionsden time. ... There is alot to do in making the A21 changes ... The .xml have changed and the ".xml.modinfo" has a new set-up that needs to be completely redone pretty much and That is for each Mod. Have a Great Day ... The OldGamer 😌
  12. THANK You so much for the Updates. The OldGamer 😌 Now I can sleep again in real life. Lol Edit ... Sleeping is working Fine ... But Decor, I don't think is working as it should. Could not find any of the Old Stuff that was in the older version. Plus ... A21 isn't happy about the .xml label. (Just a Thought on that)
  13. Well, I fixed that problem for Jen in 1 of the 4 different games that I playing ... In this game Poor Jen is unprotected except by me ... Had them try a couple time to get in ... but me and my trusty gun took care of that problem. Everyone Have a Great even or Day depending on where you are. The OldGamer 😌 Even cleaned up her compound for her.
  14. GOOD, I don't mind them climbing the walls ... it keeps it interesting ... Just wasn't sure if you all knew or not. Only other thing; does anyone know if we will be getting the missing shapes anytime soon? Thank You and Have a Great Week. πŸ€—
  15. Don't Know if this is intended to be ... but there is an issue zombie's getting over the Trader Walls ... has happen in 3 different game I have been playing so far ... and ... I don't know if anyone else has this issue or has reported it. I'm thinking since they climb now ... You need to raise the walls to 4 high and then add barbwire.
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