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  1. IT is working at the moment .. not sure while it stopped before .. Just another day on the wonderful World of OZ ..
  2. I just Update the info, I missed that part before. Thank you
  3. Just did .. hopefully it can be fixed soon.
  4. Their are several other people on Steam that are having the same issue with "R" when trying to Loot All .. So something has happened to cause this ... Tried on Old and New Game .. same issue. I did validate files .. 1 was missing per Steam .. it reacquired it .. BUT Still having the issue. Everything else is working Fine .. except Loot all
  5. This is the error message, every time I hit "R to loot) .. and have no mods on this game ... yet. Hope this helps. And this is on a New Game w b177. using in-game .. RandomGen map maker. Edit .. Copied from my post on Steam .. Both on Old and New Game .. Just Re-Validated .. Steam said 1 missing and reacquired it.Will go back into game See if it still does it.EDIT .. STILL DOING IT .. everything else is working fine .. Just when I try to loot with "R" to Loot All.
  6. Good Day all and you to Madmole. I Just posted this on Steam: A Heads Up .. b177 broke Something. I keep getting an Error message every time I try to use ( "R" take-all ) when looting and it stops the existing game I don't know if it will break a New Game or Not. ... AND .. I'm getting ready to start a New to See. It might just Be my game and I'm going try a new one, but just wanted to let you know. Thank you a great and fun loving game .. Take care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer ..😌
  7. Good Day JaxTeller718 I'm thinking todays update to A19 _ b 173 might have broken .... Increased Wandering Horde Sizes .. I'm day 3 going to day 4 and I haven't even seen a wandering horde, which isn't normal for my games. I started a new one and I play Survivalist. You might want to check it. Thank you .. Have Fun and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  8. Good Day stallionsden Thank you so much .. changing up the sound looks like it took care of the problem .. True, it just sounds like a regular nailgun now .. But _ I can live with that. Take care and Be Safe, enjoy the rest of the week the best you can ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  9. Good Day stallionsden I was using it to the shock spikes .. and after several right-click .. it would just stay running .. and it has done it also with the fire spikes .. once it starts the only way to get it to stop is to exit the game .. I've takin it off the toolbar and put it away and the sound just get keeps on run .. even went into the CM thinking _ just maybe a different one would work, but after a few shot, the same thing. The only reason I use it is ...... it will not over repair the shock spikes like the nailgun does and turn them into regular reinforced spikes. I found this line in the .. under gunTrapNailgun #14 ( item.xml <property name="SoundJammed" value="weapon_jam"/> ) would that have anything to do with it .. I play with the xml's if I know what it means .. or .. Have someone to confirm what I think.
  10. Good Day stallionsden I hoping you can help, knowing it did not make originally .. But the Repair Trap Gun has a bug .. (it is in The Extended Traps) When you use it in the game and right click it .. there is an Air Compressor sound that comes on and Gets stuck On and will not cut off unless you exit game and come back in and can drive a person up a wall. or let me know file needs to edited and how .. Thank you .. Take Care and Be Safe
  11. Good Day KhaineGB Hoping you are well and being Safe. I thought I would put a couple of pictures for ideals on Trader base Upgrading .. This my Trader Jen Post or fortress you might say .. So far it is doing well .. Not sure if it would work as well in A19 because of the pathing Now in the game has changed. Hoping you don't mind .. if so let me know. Many months of Building and it turn out well. .... But .... Not Done yet. Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  12. Good Day Damocles Well .. thought I would go back in to check on The poor Trader Joel and everything went back to the way it was .. Everything ON that side of the Map is Boxed shape today .. windows have fillers and the marble texture is everywhere .. "even inside of building" .. good thing is _ in most cases you can walk through it. Yes .. These are .. 8k .. Maps to the one that Didn't read it in yesterdays post. I have deleted all said maps and will wait for Stable to come out .. Still love Nitrogen .. can't wait for everything to get back to normal.
  13. Have a issue with Trader .. some are as they should be and other take to the Square of everything .. Have tried it on a copy different maps .. Trader setting is 1 per city and town. Most other settings are default with mostly flat and green. This one is Trader Jen: In another game Trader Joel .. same issue .. but I decided to log out at the Traders .. When Logged back in it reset as it would normally look .. BUT .. When I returned to my Base .. IT was ALL Squared up .. like the traders were. Just some weird stuff and Thought I should give you a heads up on it. I know it still EA for A19 .. but the Vanilla game this has not happened yet. .. At the moment running 2 of your maps, which only took 1 1/2 minutes to make and 1 RGM which took 31 minutes to make. ALL 8k Edit .. This is using 0.501 exp for A 19
  14. Good day Madmole Ok .. you didn't like my comment about the arch with glass and blinds .. Could we get the Black business glass Paint put back into game .. It was there before and has been removed. Thank you ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  15. KhaineGB Having a major issue with the A 19 modlet pack: " Does Not Contain a Modinfo.xml " and I downloaded it directly from this site. My Stupid Mistake .. I didn't remove the folder from the download folder .. Sorry .. just getting old
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