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  1. Good day KingSlayerGM I'm guessing there will be some major changes to this once A20 drops .. or .. will it stay pretty much the same.? Just wondering, Thank you
  2. Good day Sir KhaineGB ARE you Ready for A20 ?? .. Looks to be Major update to game at the moment. Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  3. Good day Sir Killerbunny264 ARE YOU READY ?? .. For A20 .. or .. IS it going to be a nightmare of coding ....... I will say it does look interesting at the least. Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 A couple screenshots of my current build at Jen the Trader: ....... But still being worked on.
  4. First off, he will need a Better picture than that .. I can not even read the errors that are being produced .. Do a zoom in and close up around the errors which can be done in windows picture using "Photo" which there is a standard version that comes with windows, I use it all the time .. when there is an issue. Also .. DO You have any other Mods being installed with this mod?? Just a couple of thoughts .. if you want Help. EDIT .. Check page 2 , Feb 17 for how it needs to look, so he can read it.
  5. I'm just saying .. I'm Not guaranteeing it .. I know it works, if you do the work. Have a good one.
  6. The Only thing that would be a "BIT Different, might be the prefab list" and most likely you might have to add OR replace with the War3zuk list to the Vanilla list. But, with saying that .. no guarantee that it would work .. Because KingGen has to use it own combo list .. which does have some War3zuk in it, but not all. Wait for A20 to drop and see how Bad War3zuk will be.
  7. Good day Jax, Quick question .. will you updating the Mod Pack for A20 when it drops .. so many great mod added to make a fun game even better. Thank You .. Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  8. Good day Sir Killerbunny264 Just a Heads Up .. on Survivalist I was getting about 4.34 per level, but also had the XP modifier set at 200% .. which is bad I think .. because my GS is over 408 and have turned it back to normal 100% .. the 200% was a costly mistake in the long run. Lol (but still playing it) Started a new game with better setting and GS is doing much better now. Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  9. Just a heads up and others have reported on the Crash issue while making maps .. I just tried to do a couple 10k and both crashed, nothing other the hill to speak of and both had the latest combo-pack. Small deserts are still too large compared to earlier version on a couple maps that did make it .. you need to add extra small or splat size with quantity needed .. without going out and making my own custom .. quick and easy. I did not keep info, so don't ask ... This is just a friendly reminder, that something has or is going amiss with the map maker. Thank you
  10. Good day Sir Killerbunny264 I think I pushed to much building up front .. My game stage is already 358, Level 87 .. and my daily hordes are trying to destroy my main base and not my battle base, Lol. Only good thing is .. That I turned OFF bloodmoon .. because at the rate I get roaming hordes, I don't need it. But, I'm having fun so far and Haven't died yet .. Close "but not Dead" Love the M60 turrets and the hordes hate them, to bad they don't use AP ammo. 🤣 Thank goodness I added the "Valmar Expanded Trap mod", which does help alot. But they have blown a few holes in the out defenses .. Need harder Ground. Lol You Done Good with the Mod 😉 Take Care and Have a good week ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  11. I would say; You for sure need to increase your Grid Size to Large and that will help with the closeness of buildings.
  12. Good day Sir Killerbunny264 Have a question .. installed new mod from Mod Launcher and everything is fine so far .. But How do you upgrade to titanium block .. used every hammer in game and nail gun (even brought a couple high speed ones in, but they won't work stainless even 😊) .. I have titanium in inventory, but it keeps asking for it. So what I'm thinking it is locked behind a level somewhere .. at the moment I'm level 37. Thank you and Take Care ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  13. Good day Subquake Question .. when using the Mod Launcher for your game .. does your mod auto "Pre-Sync" when just hitting Play mod .. The reason I ask is it take about 5-6 minutes for the launcher to get the game loaded just the game screen and then another 3 minutes to get into game after hitting continue at the game load screen ...... and .. I just reloaded everything I had for the launcher on a SSD, thinking that would help .. but it takes just as long as when I had it on a HD. Or is it just the nature of the beast (mod) for long loads .. Just wondering 🤔 Have a good weekend and Take Care ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  14. Good day KingSlayerGM I Have a Request .. can you add a smaller area under small when using the advance setting for biomes .. even since version 10 .. now when using small ( the areas are larger than they used to be ) they are about the size of medium was now. I clean the folder after each use, so there is no carry over to the next map. I trashed 7 maps yesterday, because the deserts were larger than I wanted " don't know it is combined together somehow as smalls becoming bigger or what. This old guy would appreciate it, if at all possible. Thank You ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  15. Thank you and I just Love the way you changed upped the Traders, makes them look so much better and I Love the added feature to JEN "my main hug and hang out"🥰 Take Care ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  16. Good Day Subquake Quick question .. Can I use a map that I made with KingGen .. with all vanilla poi's .. it has no wastelands or burnt forest or should I make a random one only using the undead version. I know you have made some changes to the poi's, but wasn't sure if it will work with mine Thank you ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 .. just turned 75 Take Care and Be Safe
  17. Good day .. KingSlayerGM I think we have an issue .. First picture should be settings and second picture is what I got .. world fold was put into Gen folder .. but I don't want to try and run it in Game. Until I get the all clear .. First time I ran KingGen .. all I got was error report ( so I uninstalled and re-installed, thinking maybe bad download)
  18. Sorry guys .. There is one more option on the marbling block I Forgot to say .. Hit F1, brings up the command window and type .... ( pois ) .... without the ( ) and hit enter .. that will also get ready of those blocks, but it also will mess up the distance viewing. Just after thought. Take Care and be safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  19. It's is easier to catch her on her Discord channel .. https://discord.gg/efKm2JgS22 .. Just a thought 😌
  20. I Can confirm .. That is an Old Vanilla Issue and I used to get it all the time .. I was talking with Roland of TFP and he said to turn OFF the " Occlusion " in the game video setting and it did work for me as a work around. This was mainly for the popping in and out on items and container effect after setting turrets (SMG and Shotgun) ... BUT it also has helped with the marbling effect of blocks. .."SO Far"
  21. I was able to get an 8k to load on here .... this one shows the NE corner not connected by road to the rest of map (top area North down along the East side to desert) Hope that helps. ........ I also was able to make 1 map that was void of Traders for the most part of the center to the lower half of the map as in a upside down cone and had about 5 cities in it boundaries. ...... And even this one is pretty lacking in Traders with setting at increased. "setting for desert, snow and burnt were on small" Thank again for your time ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 ........................................... pj 75 in Aug, does that help .. LOl 😊
  22. There is one or the other the way I read it .. not .. "1 in both a city and town at the same time" .. basically you would be doubling the traders. The upload was only 40.6 mb so it should have gone .. even tried one with just the map as a separate load and still won't. What I thought might work with raising height map from 60 to 61 was a disaster, won't do that again .. most every place that had buildings on it .. looked like this .. Lol. I'll watch your video's on " How To " and see it might help or this old brain takes it in ... Thank again and I will be back ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  23. I tried several times to upload a 10k map, that I just made today from KingGen v10 ... which 10k and larger are the ones that seem to have most issues .. but they keep getting error message "error 200" ..... The 8k don't seem to have an issue with roads. Cities and Towns may have 1 trader each ..... or ..... 1 trader per city and town
  24. Placing a wood frame does work on one side only .. Walls you can do both, but that a pain and when doing building, well the funny thing is I did 1 bldg once and it fell down shouldn't have, but did. Haven't had a chance to SEE what going from 60 to 61 will do yet .. but I will sometime today I hope.
  25. Good day KingslayerGM A couple of question .. How would I go about connecting all the cities with at least 1 roadway in and out .. in simple terms for this 74yr old gamer. Because it seems that every map I make at least 50% are not connect .. other than overland express. (or maybe a option to do so) Also .. you've done a great job with increased Traders .. but could you add "cities and towns" as an option .. OK, I admit it .. I like traders in a game, maybe more Jen's would be nice, Lol. .. Also I was thinking maybe a option for "unprotected traders" if that is even possible in the future. Thank you for adding a simple height adjustment, because some of cities are having issues with roads being lower than the buildings and you get that float effect as in the picture .. So I was thinking if I raise the height map by 1 .. it would help, so in my latest map I set it to 61 and hope that will work. Anyway .. I do enjoy your mod system. Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 This is the wall of the Nuclear powerplant from CP47 for your mod .. but I get it with vanilla poi's also.
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