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  1. Good day Riles I tried to modify that file as per discussion with magejosh .. But I kept getting a "RED Error message, mod failed to load" and everything I did would not get rid of it .. So to Make Life easy on me .. Sorry to say .. I just delete the "entityclasses xml" and everything is working just Fine again and I have other mod in game to keep loot bags around for a while. Just wanted to let you know and Thank you a great mod Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 PS: I did take a screen shot if you would like to see it. ( not one of my better ones, but
  2. Good day magejosh So What you are saying _ is add this Line after Corpse .......... CorpseBlockChance/property[@name='TimeStayAfterDeath']/@value">300</set> ............ Should look like this and for each One in the list. Using the way Riles did the file quote. I will wait and see if this is correct before commenting .. Lol. Thank You and Have a good one as always Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  3. Good day magejosh Can you point me to the timer file .. I looked, but I must have missed it. I would like to change mine also. Thank you ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  4. Good Day to .. TFP I sure hope everyone is Well and and in good health. But it seem strange that the Main page of ( 7 Days to Die The Survival Horde Crafting Game ) hasn't been updated yet with the new Stable version. Just a thought 😉 Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  5. Good day Riles .. I'm not a programmer or designer in any way ... What I think "magejosh" is saying .. TFP removed gore block awhile back because of performance and memory issues and put them them on a short timer .. the more the game has in it with some items becomes a problem after a while .. so lets say you have several hundred gore blocks laying around and just not the ones you kill, but are killed by animals or other things, then you are adding something that memory does really need and does slow things down. But if you put a timer on them .. lets say 6 hours .. then the memor
  6. Hi Riles and Good Day To be honest I was thinking more in line with the old repeater .. holds 3 and shots singles .. but then on the other other hand .. what you did makes since because of the higher damage. Maybe a repeater would be great .. Holds 3 bolts and shots single with just a bit less damage or same damage with an higher grade bolt. Just a couple of thoughts. (PS: There was a 5 shot repeater on Nexus, but never got updated .. so I stopped using it) .. something you might want to check out when you have time. 😊 Thank you and as always .. Take Care and
  7. Good day Riles Question .. on the Master crossbow .. is it suppose to shoot 3 arrows at a time and not be auto load .. just wondering Thank you and Take Care ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  8. Okie-Dokie Riles .. Now I know 😊 Now I will add my other mods back into game .. Thank you for the reply. As Always .. Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 PS: I think you might want to put a time limit on zombies or we could be over run with body parts .. Just a thought
  9. Good day Riles Have a simple question ... with your new version .. Did you add skeletons to the zombie bodies?? What I mean _ when you kill one, it turns into a skeleton instead of disappearing .. at first I thought Pimps added it back into the game with A19.4, but I did a plan Vanilla game with No mods and the body and all vanishes. The only new Mod is yours, so I'm thinking you added them back into the game and if so, How long does the body stay around and will it go away on it's own in time?? (Like maybe 1 game day or less) Thank You ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  10. Thank you, I went ahead and downloaded yesterday .. So I will update my games with this Newer version. Take Care and Enjoy ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 EDIT with PS: .. Just a suggestion on the *Warning Note* on the first page .. No problem with me, I kinda laugh about it .. but thought something would happen. Anyway .. Add something like .. (DO NOT change from old version or earlier version to New Version _ Without Starting a New Game, You Will have many different changes to old items) or something like that. The reason I say this all my steel bars changed to wha
  11. Good Day Riles Can I say .. WOW .. on the New Main page .. I like the new design. Just stopping by to check if any new updates or fixes and wanted to say Hi. PS: This is still version 1.06 which is the last version I downloaded? Didn't see it listed that way on first page. Thank you a Great mod and Take Care ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  12. killerbunny264 Good day and Hoping it is going well Just wondering if you have a thought on next update time frame .. So I can plan on a New Game. After my trader issues, I stopped playing and uninstalled game .. But looking forward to a new start. Thank you and Take Care ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  13. Good Day KhaineGB I don't Know if anyone has report this error yet or not .. But there is an Exception error (Red) when the DF load. I went hunting for it and it is in the O-DarknessFalls Core folder under Config .. Lines 4522 - 4549 issue .. has to do with "ModRadiationReady" items. (But the game or mod does put them into the CM inventory .. last page, bottom) Thought you should know if not reported yet .. Have a good week and as Always Take Care ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 PS: Edit .. It does it with your maps and my maps .. I checked it with both
  14. Quest is Completed ... ( it can be a buried treasure or any of the other quest_ it doesn't matter ) .. I go to the Trader _ To get reward and as SOON as I click on trader to get reward the message will come up and I can not do anything else. This is something new .. Never happened before and have tried several other traders after it happening the first time and I get the same error. This is on A19.3 latest stable version
  15. Thank You KhaineGB .. That did the trick and this time .. I stuck to the computer desk, so I won't lose it again. As Always .. Take Care and Be Safe .. 😌
  16. Ok Thank You .. I will give it try and Take Care as always
  17. Good Day KhaineGB Now .. I have a question I know about .. F1 and F6 when using DM .. the question is .. HOW Do I keep the NPC in the game when I turn Off debug mode or exit game. There is a way and I have forgotten it being a 74 yr old gamer (I'm playing DF and I killed a couple guards at the trader and trying to replace them, but can not seem to keep them in the game after exiting) . Thank you and Take Care ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 PS: You told me once awhile back, but I lost the notes and can not find the page again.
  18. JUST AN Update 2/18/21@12:06 EST .. It is happening on ALL the traders that I have tried ... Quest can Not be completed .. getting same error message on all.
  19. killerbunny264 I've been playing the mod off and On and the last several quest from traders, I'm Not able to Complete .. As soon as I open dialog with trader when I get back, I to get an Error and don't know why .. I have to close it manually to be able to get into their inventory to sale the loot and just to be able to finish .. BUT, I have had to delete them (the quest) to keep playing .. I took a screenshot of error message: Not sure what is causing it and thought maybe you knew. Thank You and Take Care ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 Edit .. This is on A 1
  20. @Jodo .. if we are still talking about marble texture block issue here .. Yes it is a Vanilla bug and TFP are aware .. But seems to happen more in Nitrogen Now than it used to .. Unfortunately nitrogen has gotten out dated by all TFP updates and has some real problems .. Like most of us .. We are hoping that TFP do use some of the Features in up coming version of game. My main reason to use nitrogen is the landscaping value .. I don't like Wasteland and Burnt forest Have a good one and Take Care ... the Old Gamer .. 😌
  21. Try here if having issues: War3zuk Mods All in One | 7 Days to Die Mods
  22. He hasn't been on this since Last Oct as far as I know, no responses anyway to question.
  23. Thank You .. But it would be nice if he kept this site up to date also .... Since is part of TFP and where most player check it out for the first time ... but I've played it off and on since he launched it.
  24. I Know these are trying times in everyone's Life .. But could you Please Update your First PAGE to Current version of game or have you just given up on the mod?? Thank You and Lets hope 2021 is a better year The Marble Blocks is a Vanilla Bug and many have the same issue even in just a vanilla game ............. to get rid of the bug I've used in the command window using ~ key type ... pois ... and hit enter ........ it will get rid of the marble blocks .. but sometimes will cause other issues, nothing major but can.
  25. Good Day KhaineGB A quick question in reference to your Mod .. Spawns & Claims .. Will that mess up the Romero Mod .. why I ask is I like the idea of addition claim block on the map ( I have it set to 3 ) and Max the Zombies _ animals at 50 .. But the zombies do not seem to be showing up at 5X per JaxTeller mod. So .. I was just wondering if it messes with Romero Mod and should I remove it. Hoping you have a Good New Years and hoping 2021 is better for everyone. Take Care and Be Safe ... the Old Gamer ..
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