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  1. I haven't had the glitch since the last update. I did however hit a z so hard with a sledge today that he disappeared through the ground, lol.
  2. If anyone played the original DayZ mod for Arma 2 they may remember the random military/bandit camps. 10-20 well armed men around a central tent. Best loot in the game if you could take them out. These would pop up randomly and last for several days or until they were killed.
  3. Or the corn seeds in the toilet.
  4. Once planted I wish seeds would remain. Let LoTL affect yield but remove the replanting. LoTL 1 = 2 yield, 2=3, 3=5 with a chance of an extra seed.
  5. Old fat @%$#....that used to own a gun store. As long as I don't have to leave the porch I am golden.
  6. It is there mea culpa for borking the new farming scheme. Don't roast me Roland, pretty please.
  7. I think most of us are just waiting for Gold so we can get modding it to our liking. Luckily there are some really good mods every alpha.
  8. A20 is the first alpha in awhile that I have bought every work station before actually finding any of the schematics for them. Prior you could find them reliably in destroyed stations not so much with this alpha. However this alpha is a huge step up it terms of the gridding cities.
  9. Static as in the loot is determined at the start of the game and does not change with loot score. It will drop the same loot at level 1 and level 100.
  10. Along those lines are some chests static? I can be well above loot level 100 and still find stone tools.
  11. I run a bigger backpack mod. I am a hoarder. I know I have a problem when I have to edit the contents of a 96 space backpack during daily runs. I also use the E for plant pickup mod.
  12. I am hoping that Kingen gets updated so I can create more megacities.
  13. About the only glitch I see is my ride teleporting around. It is inconvenient to run out of a building chased by irradiated hordes and discover my bike has moved 3 city blocks over.
  14. Loving it so far. I will like it better if I did not have to dig my bike up every few days when it glitches out.
  15. Funny on my current world that I have restarted 3 times now I get the semi auto mod schematic everytime out of the 1st trashbag.
  16. I have noticed a few times too. I just assumed I missed but body shots do seem to miss more than usual.
  17. Mega-city One boyz. Spanning all biomes.
  18. I have run stealth builds in every alpha since 12. I gave up on it this time around for a fort run and gun build. I can clear twice as fast with less risk. The downside is ammo usage but its not that big a deal. Too many POI's where all the z's are framed into the ceiling and walls.
  19. They never make it to the door. The few that get past the turrets and don't fall down get hung up on the 1st wedge block. Easy shots then. Have to have 10 into Int though. The turrets are taking more damage so I will upgrade the base to be able to get to the turrets to repair.
  20. I have gone from a stealth pistol/bow build to a straight up Fortitude build with an AK. I can do twice as many POI's now with my run and gun vs stealth builds. Speed was always the balancing factor with stealth.
  21. Base design now, especially solo, is all about the cheese. I liked it better when the Z's didn't esp path to the weakest point.
  22. Oh I always do on new alpha's. Then my ADD kicks in and I need a few QoL adds. The 109gb were about 15 different modded games.
  23. Just deleted my A19 modded file. Is 109GB of modded games too much?
  24. High Int does make endgame horde defense easier though. Early game not so much.
  25. They come back as congressmen or Senators.
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