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  1. Does reinforced iron - or even wood - get any kind of buff? I made a base in a small iron-walled caravan and thought to upgrade the walls, but reinforced iron has the same 1000 hitpoints of regular iron. I know I can turn it into concrete, but is there any benefit to reinforced iron - or even wood - by themselves? Or is it just a stepping stone to the next upgrade?
  2. I persevered with the level 2 of the Animal Tracker skill and have noticed it tends to occur near to the Fog of War - that's the greyed off area which you haven't explored yet. The paws turn green but no animal appears on the hud. Until you let the tracker count down expire then the tracker will not reset and will remain green. I think the perk will continue to register an animal in the area until you explore out the nearby Fog of War and then the animal will no longer be detected. In my own game I have hunted most local animals around the base and town, meaning I go into newer areas to hunt fresh game - meaning more Fog of War. Anyone who might try to recreate the bug in a creative mode will have more local animals throwing off the tracker.
  3. Further to this issue, I jumped into creative and did some testing. I killed off a few animals and then backed away from some surviving chickens until the icons disappeared off my compass. The paws remained green and behaved as if I was tracking an animal - stand back up, get the countdown, duck back down and it resets to 20 - but nothing was showing on the compass. If I let the countdown expire and then ducked back down, I couldn't detect any animals until I went close to the chickens again. Turning 360, paws are green but no animal icons. *This occurred whilst using level 2 of the perk, forgot to check level 1 but I've not had issues with level 1.
  4. Just an update regarding this issue, I perked back into level 2 of Animal Tracker without glasses. I picked up a wolf that was outside the hospital we were looting. I thought the issue was resolved, but when I tried to use my hunting ability to go and hunt outside I encountered the same problem - paws were turning green but there was no icon on the compass to tell me what or where it was. I'm wondering, just off the top of my head, if there's maybe some animal icon missing somewhere in the game data...? Rabbit, Chicken and Wolf show up.
  5. @SylenThunder That might be it! I was wearing such glasses. I discarded them at the same time I reset using the elixir because I decided I didn't like the virtual stat upgrade. At the next opportunity I will perk back into Level 2 and check it out.
  6. I use the animal tracker perk and find the first level quite good: Hunker down, if there's an animal within 20 to 30 meters the paws will turn green, follow the indicator on your compass and kill the animal. If there's not an animal within range it will say you don't spot any tracks. A newly added on-screen icon helps you spot the little critter in the tall grass. This perk has found chickens and rabbits in relative abundance that I would have blithely walked right past, and has contributed to a reliable stockpile of meat in our base. Then I tried level 2 - supposedly allowing me to detect larger animals - and the thing seemed to bug out. The paws were turning green all the time but no compass indicator was showing up at all. It wouldn't even show me nearby rabbits and chickens, which I had to spot the old fashioned way ... such as when a chicken tried to cross the road. I spent extended time wandering in and out of range trying to zero in on the animals I was detecting before turning to the elixir that allowed me to reset to level 1, which works well enough. I have been given the impression that not a lot of players use the animal tracker perk, or are under the impression that it is broken. The first level is reliable enough. Does anyone have experience of the higher ranks of this perk working? Is there some special technique or something I'm missing? Level 2 seems bugged to me.
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