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  1. I ran across a Searchable tree just today. As I was chopping down trees for wood. never got to search it thou. chopped it down before it registered in my mind that it said "Search tree"
  2. know that .. I didnot place a bed roll in this poi.. But MAYbe because mine is across the street? I did increase the range of the bedroll. IE.. yes the bedroll I placed in poi across the street reached the edge of the farm12 poi. Removing my place bedroll solved the Problem.
  3. went thru the poi. found no bedrolls , guess I will try taking out the bed I found.
  4. First Trader Quest 2nd game day. Single player, on my windows 10 pc. Went to hit the bouncy ! and it tells me there is a bed roll place in the house.. no one else but me playing and well have not been in the house till then. called poi: farm_12
  5. Annnn tiiiiiisssss aaaaaa pppaaaaaa tioooooonn is making me wait!
  6. if SO I would hope its modable as I already hate the gloom in burn and wasteland. I prefure seeing what is about to eat me.
  7. With no replys on this I am guessing i will go with shrink and drop to below The floor of the map.
  8. I occasionally find some poi's that I just dont want in the city I am placing my custom prefabs in. I have been trying just to move them out of the way but some times I would rather just delete the poi that had been placed. I have tried selection with the z and using j for deleting the poi and then shrinking the boundry and moving way out but that just ended up with the poi being placed out anyway some times high in the sky.. ie I moved the boundry there. IS there a way to remove the poi? or is it I can only move them around. would take lots of moving if I wanted to send them to the edge of the world or even another city.
  9. Was getting the naked worlds with Trying for Random New Worlds with just the Using the World Editor. before touching the rwgmixer. but did find if I instead did a Random World new Game, I would get one filled with buildings. Including mine. Thou placement has a lot to be desired lol
  10. Every new Random Generated Map I make in the World Editor have no building no hills nothing just flat. I added my build to the rwgmixer.xml and wanted to see where it would spawn Am I missing something?
  11. With not being able to change landscapes road work in the World Editor, you have to change them in the Played Game. But is there a way to take this Played Game world, and bring it back to the World Editor for more work? ie: Placed prefab in world 01, but messed up the road with moving another poi that left a building on the road.. could not figure out how to get it grabbed to move again. So went to a new game with the world 01 map ,Hand removed miss laid build and fixed road. But now want to use the fixed map for more prefabs placing.
  12. thank you found it. sorry for being a bit of an air head..
  13. Where do the worlds I did edit in the WORLD EDITOR hide? The last one I did I would like to save.
  14. I made a mess of original installed world files.. pregen01 ,pregen02 ect. so I tried to do a reinstall by uninstalling and reinstalling now no pregen01 on the list at all. or the others. but the editor still shows the many that I messed up. want to go back to clean built worlds. not blanks. and make copys to mess with. what am I missing that I need deleting to get back to start with a new pregen worlds and generated worlds and games with cities built in? Got alot of the new worlds that were just land and trees. no towns.
  15. When placing a prefab in world editor, Does the xml setting get used? As in rotation, depth to place prefab? Or is it only used when you have the game place it when placing other poi's?
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