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  1. I noticed I had to sit and watch all the items being made for it to count them for the quest to make so many cooked items
  2. servivalest stage 3 quest for kill animals kill zombies causes a never ending red error to pop on my game. have to use control alt delet to get out of the game and close it.
  3. I am having same issue server has the big back pack mod but I have twice now lost anything above the 32 mark if I log out. love most of the mod so far tho.
  4. our server is running this mod with bbm. but I have a problem. Played yesterday Bag was working fine. loged off and logged on today and lost half my items and could not pick up anything to put into the bag. Makes me sad as this was a lot of stuff I picked up. Any recomendations on what I need to do to fix?
  5. using your mod . with it also on the server . When I open my quest log I get errors that lock up the game we re verified the files and re installed and it still does it.
  6. eeyy gads... another program to buy sigh . use to be zip was a free ware. now I have to pay for it. welp wait another month or two to try this one out too. (not your fault. school clothes and supplys come before game stuff.)
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