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  1. 17 was atrocious, imo. 18 was a step up but 16.4 is still the best version that I played unmodded. I can see the direction they are going but I hope they get the current loot lock sorted.
  2. Nitro with Compo pack. Come on TFP just write someone a check and make this a core part of the game please.
  3. Axe tires, school chairs and trash bags. Empty box pallets are a good source as well.
  4. I do play with the no traders mod on occasion. That is all you really need to extend the early game vs the current loot progression. I remember spending 40 days to find the minibikes for idiots book before.
  5. As much as I use the trader I would still argue the game was better without them. I would rather traders sell bulk materials than actual armor/weapons.
  6. One of the first mods I install. I can gather enough in the 1st few days of running back and forth to last 100 days.
  7. Back in the day the central hub city was like this.. and I miss it. It was actually dangerous to adventure into it early.
  8. Agreed, MM did say they were looking at adding the option to choose your quest level. I would always do a lvl 4 over 5 for the reasons you stated.
  9. I highly suggest using Nitrogen. Here is a 4k mega city map I generated with it:
  10. I don't care what they are called, I do care that every single chest has the same shovel, axe and sledge for the first few days. There is virtually zero differentiation between what I find in a burned down house and a tier 5 POI. This to me is the biggest issue at the moment, every play through is exactly the same.
  11. 2038 hours all solo. Love looting until now, building bases.
  12. This alpha finally killed it for me. Since the static loot implementation every restart is almost exactly the same. Will wait and see where TFP go with this as I am sure they will make some adjustments.
  13. Someone made a no repetitive sound mod for the auger and chainsaw last alpha. I really hope they update it for this one.
  14. I have already stopped playing this alpha, its going to be like a17 was. I may go back to A16 modded until A20 comes out.
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