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  1. They are former reddit users that were forced to move out of their parents basement.
  2. Honestly they could have gone gold with 16.4 with some vehicle upgrades and most of use would have been happy.
  3. I was a sneak archer in 5 completions of Skyrim, and damnit I am a sneak archer here too. Well except I use a silenced 9mm backed up be a silenced AK.
  4. Each alpha is a survival experience for sure. Went from 100+ day play throughs on A16 to taking A17 off (you know 17 was atrocious). 18 was ok and 19 is getting better.
  5. I agree wholeheartedly with the idea of finding bigger backpacks ala Project Zomboid.
  6. My new system just went into build after a 3 month wait on the graphics card. I usually build my own, but I had no shot of getting a card this year.
  7. We really need the hub city back btw. There was a real risk reward trial.
  8. I take it that some of y'all weren't around for the ninja z's we use to have. Insta spawning behind you and making no noise.
  9. Thanks. The shame of it is though that Nitrogen allowed me to set a bunch of different parameters like mega cities and terrain heights.
  10. Press U, search motorcycle....
  11. Nitrogen averages about 30 seconds to gen a 4k map, 90 seconds on a 8k map. http://crongame.com/nitrogen/NitroGen_WorldGenerator_v0501.zip
  12. Yeah but we would get LBD back though....
  13. Yeah drop bases are no longer 100% effective. I used to spend hours digging them as well.
  14. You are running W10 on just 4gb of system memory? That's impressive.
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