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  1. Agreed, MM did say they were looking at adding the option to choose your quest level. I would always do a lvl 4 over 5 for the reasons you stated.
  2. I highly suggest using Nitrogen. Here is a 4k mega city map I generated with it:
  3. I don't care what they are called, I do care that every single chest has the same shovel, axe and sledge for the first few days. There is virtually zero differentiation between what I find in a burned down house and a tier 5 POI. This to me is the biggest issue at the moment, every play through is exactly the same.
  4. 2038 hours all solo. Love looting until now, building bases.
  5. This alpha finally killed it for me. Since the static loot implementation every restart is almost exactly the same. Will wait and see where TFP go with this as I am sure they will make some adjustments.
  6. Someone made a no repetitive sound mod for the auger and chainsaw last alpha. I really hope they update it for this one.
  7. I have already stopped playing this alpha, its going to be like a17 was. I may go back to A16 modded until A20 comes out.
  8. Nitrogen is the way to go. Several minutes to gen big maps, 30 seconds or so for 4x4 maps.
  9. Agreed Laz, I have no problem with a wipe. The problem is the next run thru is going to be exactly the same as the last one with the static loot tables now. No joy from finding that shotgun or AK on day 1. No silencer for the pistol in the 1st week. This looks like the boring update. 17 was the skill rework. Just add the bandits and call it a day please.
  10. Yeah, might be best to wait until a stable release. I do not feel like grinding endless stone items again. I do not care that they are there, I do care that they are the only thing that drops until you hit a certain GS. Makes play thru's repetitive and boring imo.
  11. I encountered this yesterday as well. May just wait until 19 goes stable at this point.
  12. They have lengthened the beginning game, which is good, but I am afraid it is more to mask the lack of an endgame. We need bandits more than we need pretty graphics and car mods.
  13. I just find the loot progression boring. I came in at 12.5 and I miss the central hub that was crawling with baddies. Risk vs reward is currently off. No need to open safes or locked containers until you increase game stage a fair amount. I understand wanting to prolong the early game as that is the only time the game is challenging. I feel Roland's 0xp mod does that better than this iteration. I do enjoy the trader quests as that feels like the best way to progress currently. I will probably just rollback and play modded 18.4 for awhile. I wish TFP would focus more on content and less on graphics. Bandits would add a lot more than new shiny textures.
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