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  1. Thanks Pille, Looking forward to the update. Can I set them with your editor manually?
  2. Yes it only happened a couple of times. I figure it was something I did. Currently all lights are at a default of intensity 3.0 in ingame editor. I would like to change them to all to 2.5, so that they are not washing out the textures around them. With the adjustLight command what setting should I use? Top pic is 3.0 bottom is 2.5 Notice the difference in color richness on couch and wood wall on the right? house is xcostum_House_AF02P(17x16)(by_Nodabba)
  3. Is there a way to go in and adjust the light brightness after the prefabs have been converted? I tried to readjust the light a second time and POI becomes all air blocks.
  4. Thanks Jax, appreciate the work you do.
  5. OK, thank you for the help.
  6. This conversion mod goes into the actual game mods folder or somewhere else? I was going to convert the compopack prefabs for my game. I know the sphinx prefab has a lot of flashing missing blocks.
  7. In the A17 to A18 Conversion guide The Installing-Modlet-Step-by-Step (By TopMinder) link no longer works.
  8. Link does not work. Just goes to error page.
  9. Subquake, The bucket says it requires Blacksmithing level 2 to unlock. But it does not unlock til Blacksmithing level 3.
  10. That would be fine. Most of the time if I need to repair any gear I end up scrapping another just to get the fiber.
  11. Subquake, Would you think about increasing the availability of military fiber found in loot? Currently seems to be a severe shortage compared to the amount of gear you find.
  12. Subquake, The hunting knife book is not locking steel and titanium recipes. <item id="912" name="huntingKnifeBook"> <property name="Extends" value="schematicMaster"/> <property class="Action1"> <property name="Recipes_to_learn" value="huntingKnife,ulmHuntingKnifeSteel,ulmHuntingKnifeTitanium"/> <!-- <property name="Skills_to_gain" value="craftSkillWeapons"/> --> </property> Should be: <item id="912" name="huntingKnifeBook"> <property name="Extends" value="schematicMaster"/> <property class="Action1"> <property name="Recipes_to_learn" value="huntingKnife,ulmKnifeSteel,ulmKnifeTitanium"/> <!-- <property name="Skills_to_gain" value="craftSkillWeapons"/> --> </property> The word "hunting" is not used in the steel and titanium knife name.
  13. Jax I made an icon for the stone pickaxe if you want to use it.
  14. You have to "scrap" the bones to make bone powder.
  15. Is this a bug? I can make a steel hunting knife without finding the hunting knife book. All hunting knives should be locked behind the book or move the iron hunting knife recipe to blacksmithing like the others.This my opinion only, not saying you have to do it this way.
  16. Subquake, Is there a way I can install the Bigger Backpack Version without Xtrakickings texture overhaul?
  17. How do I get the launcher to install Undead Legacy biggerbackpack80 without Xtrakickings texture overhaul?
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