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  1. I suffered motion sickness for about 2 1/2 months. It was so bad that even scrolling a page would make me sick. Turned out it was caused by my vitamin C supplement, which was not non-gmo. I can take the non-gmo supplement without problem.
  2. @Subquake Just a curiosity question, why does the carpenters bench require a 3 blocks high space?
  3. @stallionsden xcostum_house4(by_Curbolt) has a couple of cosmetic anomalies.
  4. How do I find what this means? Generating heightmap. Generating biomes. Generating cities. Traceback (most recent call last): File "crash_log.py", line 19, in handle_crash_log File "gui_generation.py", line 27, in generate File "ntime.py", line 11, in ntime File "world.py", line 1301, in run File "world.py", line 265, in generate File "world.py", line 540, in init_cities File "world.py", line 617, in gen_cities_from_mask File "world.py", line 582, in gen_hub_from_label File "hub_factory.py", line 32, in gen_random_town File "hub_factory.py", line 59, in gen_random_hub File "city.py", line 46, in __init__ File "city.py", line 61, in generate File "city.py", line 274, in populate_grid File "city.py", line 246, in try_place AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'rotate_to_face'
  5. Did you try with something other than MapName? Like "Home" Just to see if it worked.
  6. Any one have a copy of the last KingGen 11.x version, I could get? When I updated I did not keep a copy.
  7. Did you download the updated prefab list for CP47?
  8. Found what is causing it, The mailbox for some reason is 2 blocks high. therefore it sticks out beyond the walkway
  9. xcostum_kuldlargehouse(by_Kuldiin) has a row of air blocks that leaves a trench. I have tried adjusting the bounds in ingame prefab editor, but it won't save the change.
  10. This sounds good to me. I would rather have that than multiple versions of the same poi in same city.
  11. If I left click it opens a new tab and says server not found. If I right click and select open in new tab the download pops up. Am using Firefox.
  12. Incremental patch link says server not found. But I got to the site thru the tutorial link and was able to download the patch.
  13. @Subquake Scrap chest armor quality H says it repairs with cloth fragment, actually takes repair kit. Also shows as light armor. If I hover over the scrap gloves then it changes to medium/heavy and repair kit.
  14. Thanks Xyth and khzmusik, I understand it now.
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