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  1. All of the mp_waste_bldg pois float like this. also theater_01. I added a layer of terrain filler under them to prevent this. It is listed as wip in the bug report forum, meaning it may be A20 before being fixed. Rotations may be off also. Attached are the ones I altered feel free to use them if you want. vanillaprefabs.7z
  2. Added the rest to my previous list. All are from CP44
  3. LOL There may be more, I only checked what I had in my prefab folder.
  4. All of these have no sleepers xcostum_3BlockStores(by_Leo_Liuos) xcostum_burialshrine(by_snake0567) xcostum_Cell_Tower(by_LuckyStar) xcostum_CityPark(by_Spider) xcostum_Coronado_farm_lake(by_Slaan) (farm) (no Sleepers - no quest) xcostum_Coronado_farmedField(by_Slaan) (farm) (no Sleepers - no quest) xcostum_CrashedAirplane(by_LazMan) xcostum_CurlingCenter(by_magoli) xcostum_Dark_Mausoleum32(by_LuckyStar) xcostum_Farm(by_BigC90210) xcostum_Firehouse(by_Warsaken) xcostum_GasnWash32(by_LuckyStar) xcostum_Haulier_md(by_Limodor) xcostum_house2(by_Curbo
  5. It is not about how many lights. It is about washing out all the textures around the light. Look at the right wall near the wood door and the sofa in the pictures I posted. There is too much glare from the light.
  6. @madmoleWould it be possible to make player crafted lights have a dimmer switch built in, so players can set the brightness of the light? This way you can make each rooms lighting unique. Top pic is default 3.0 Bottom pic is 2.5 lighting is better at lower intensity Another example
  7. It is an actual prefab. xcostum_3BlockStores(by_Leo_Liuos) has no sleepers either.
  8. Thanks Pille, Looking forward to the update. Can I set them with your editor manually?
  9. Yes it only happened a couple of times. I figure it was something I did. Currently all lights are at a default of intensity 3.0 in ingame editor. I would like to change them to all to 2.5, so that they are not washing out the textures around them. With the adjustLight command what setting should I use? Top pic is 3.0 bottom is 2.5 Notice the difference in color richness on couch and wood wall on the right? house is xcostum_House_AF02P(17x16)(by_Nodabba)
  10. Is there a way to go in and adjust the light brightness after the prefabs have been converted? I tried to readjust the light a second time and POI becomes all air blocks.
  11. Thanks Gouki, I am trying to figure out the vanilla RWG zones and townships and how they determine placement of POIs.
  12. So you were not a cowpuncher, like in the old west?😁
  13. Does anyone know how the zoning works? Such as is downtown a zone by itself or does it have sub zones in it?
  14. It is the placeholder block not disappearing. And yes you have restart the game to fix it.
  15. @madmole Shouldn't there be a third bookcase helper that decides good or poor? like this: <placeholder name="cntBookcaseRandomLootHelper"> <block name="cntBookcaseGoodRandomLootHelper" prob=".6" <block name="cntBookcasePoorRandomLootHelper" prob=".4"/> </placeholder> This way there is no guarantee which one is spawned
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