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  1. I suffered motion sickness for about 2 1/2 months. It was so bad that even scrolling a page would make me sick. Turned out it was caused by my vitamin C supplement, which was not non-gmo. I can take the non-gmo supplement without problem.
  2. @Subquake Just a curiosity question, why does the carpenters bench require a 3 blocks high space?
  3. @stallionsden xcostum_house4(by_Curbolt) has a couple of cosmetic anomalies.
  4. How do I find what this means? Generating heightmap. Generating biomes. Generating cities. Traceback (most recent call last): File "crash_log.py", line 19, in handle_crash_log File "gui_generation.py", line 27, in generate File "ntime.py", line 11, in ntime File "world.py", line 1301, in run File "world.py", line 265, in generate File "world.py", line 540, in init_cities File "world.py", line 617, in gen_cities_from_mask File "world.py", line 582, in gen_hub_from_label File "hub_factory.py", line 32, in gen_random_town File "hub_factory.py", line 59, in gen_random_hub File "city.py", line 46, in __init__ File "city.py", line 61, in generate File "city.py", line 274, in populate_grid File "city.py", line 246, in try_place AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'rotate_to_face'
  5. Did you try with something other than MapName? Like "Home" Just to see if it worked.
  6. Any one have a copy of the last KingGen 11.x version, I could get? When I updated I did not keep a copy.
  7. Did you download the updated prefab list for CP47?
  8. Found what is causing it, The mailbox for some reason is 2 blocks high. therefore it sticks out beyond the walkway
  9. xcostum_kuldlargehouse(by_Kuldiin) has a row of air blocks that leaves a trench. I have tried adjusting the bounds in ingame prefab editor, but it won't save the change.
  10. This sounds good to me. I would rather have that than multiple versions of the same poi in same city.
  11. If I left click it opens a new tab and says server not found. If I right click and select open in new tab the download pops up. Am using Firefox.
  12. Incremental patch link says server not found. But I got to the site thru the tutorial link and was able to download the patch.
  13. @Subquake Scrap chest armor quality H says it repairs with cloth fragment, actually takes repair kit. Also shows as light armor. If I hover over the scrap gloves then it changes to medium/heavy and repair kit.
  14. Thanks Xyth and khzmusik, I understand it now.
  15. Then what would be the purpose of having a probability = "1" setting? If "0" is no chance and "1" is a 100% percent chance, that indicates that "1" is guaranteed to spawn. So if you have 4 zeds listed and only one of them has the probability = "1" setting, which one will spawn if you only spawn one? I am not saying you are wrong, just trying to understand how it works.
  16. As far as I know no probability is a 50/50 chance whether it spawns or not.
  17. The only problem I can see is it adds a probability of 1 to zombies that don't have any probability. Which means you are always going to get the modded zeds and not vanilla zeds. <entitygroup name="wanderingHordeStageGS1"><entity name="zombieSkateboarder" /><entity name="zombieFemaleFat" /> <entity name="zombieFatMamaHDV1" prob="1"><!--Element inserted by: "HD_MumpfySkins1"--></entity> <entity name="zombieFatMamaHDV2" prob="1"><!--Element inserted by: "HD_MumpfySkins1"--></entity> <entity name="zombieFatMamaHDV3" prob="1"><!--Element inserted by: "HD_MumpfySkins1"--></entity> <entity name="zombieFatMamaHDV4" prob="1"><!--Element inserted by: "HD_MumpfySkins1"--></entity>
  18. Thank you, this is the first time I have been back in the game in over 7 months. Did not realize the editor causes this. Again thank you.
  19. Vanilla install, verified file integrity. No other maps in generated worlds folder. https://www.mediafire.com/file/1lrd13uv19yt5ps/resources.7z/file Map, screenshots, output log and csv file.
  20. Can someone tell me what is causing this?
  21. That is how it is supposed to work. There is a water pump you can build at some point. All water sources refill eventually.
  22. All of the mp_waste_bldg pois float like this. also theater_01. I added a layer of terrain filler under them to prevent this. It is listed as wip in the bug report forum, meaning it may be A20 before being fixed. Rotations may be off also. Attached are the ones I altered feel free to use them if you want. vanillaprefabs.7z
  23. Added the rest to my previous list. All are from CP44
  24. LOL There may be more, I only checked what I had in my prefab folder.
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